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New Projects / [RMXV ACE] Lost Nostalgia
July 10, 2013, 03:03:27 am
Hello everyone,

     I used to come to this site and post the things I had created with rpg maker xp (which wasn't a lot...). I thought it only natural to come back to this site where I first got my beginnings with the rpg maker series for the pc. This time however, I will be using RMVX ACE.

As you can see the Title of this game is Lost Nostalgia. (the font I'm using makes the lower G look like a C...)

The story revolves around a single character that you play as throughout the whole game. He has lost all memory of who he is, was, and where he came from. You will
follow Jiro on his journey to discover the answers of his lost memories and, ultimately, help him discover who he is to become. Our memory is what drives us all in our lives and, with
your help, Jiro will better understand the predicaments he must go through. Something is on the horizon for our hero.
Is it his past? Or is it his future?

I will be using RTP and a few other graphics/fonts/music I have found throughout the web to make the game more appealing.
This is NOT meant to be a big project because I have learned over the years to start small and learn through your journey.


Age: Approx. 20
Height: 5'8"
Weapons: Twin Katanas
Description: A young man without a memory. Though he likes the name Jiro, it is not his real name. (His name will be later revealed in the game and a scene will
also show how he obtained the name Jiro.) He was taken in by an Ex-Navy Captain of the Guard, Malek, and his wife, Kianna, after saving their daughter, Laeha, from
a dragon that had plagued the small desert town of Gon Giga for many years.

Here I will provide some sample screenshots from the Demo:

Spoiler: ShowHide

There is much more but for the sake of my fingers I will leave the rest to be discovered through the demo.
The demo will not be long. If you do all events, it should be about 30-40 mins TOPS. If its longer you let me know...:D


I apologize for the large file (195.92 MB) for only a short demo.

So tell me what you think! I know most people HATE rmvx ace and honestly, its not the same as RPG Maker XP but I don't mind it. Just try out the game and tell me what's up!

Please let me know if the download is working or not.
You know I've noticed over the course of many years, I have slowly gotten better with my art work. I know I still have a long way but I have improved so much. I am so happy. To everyone out there, no matter what you do keep it up! you'll get better!

Spoiler: ShowHide
This is the best one I've ever done I believe:

These are my latest two. If you wanna see more just go to my DeviantART:
Express your Creativity / latest pic lol
July 26, 2009, 06:37:17 pm
Ben: ShowHide

Some of you might remember an RMXP project I was working on a few years back (one that I gave up on) called Light: The Rising Dawn. I actually wrote that story 5 years ago so I continually update the story and the way the characters look lol. This is Ben! lol
General Discussion / Rain Effect and the like
March 09, 2009, 12:48:40 pm
hey guess I was wondering you know how some games have rain falling down while you play it? I'm pretty sure someone could make and event/script like that but What made me think about that was When i thought about those trees in the Japanese movies and stuff with pink leaves and how the leaves are always gliding around the place. I hope ya'll understand what I'm saying lol. I was just wondering if that was possible or not?
Express your Creativity / MY SHIZ!
February 13, 2009, 01:30:26 pm
Hey everyone, I'll just be posting up my things like artwork, writings, etc. Well Here is some of my artwork I've doe lately:

Here is a book I was working on:
lost dreams: ShowHide
Prologue - Photograph

   My lord, I feel like I'm going crazy! Brent Michaels sat in the large cafeteria at school. The floor was a white and black tile and the walls were almost completely white, save for a few pictures here and there. His eyes were a baby blue and they looked as though they glowed when the light struck them. His brown hair was somewhat long in the back and it would be covering his eyes if it were not for his hair-line, which caused it to turn to the right side of his face. His skin was Caucasian and he was medium built, his age being seventeen. He was about five-foot, eight-inches tall and wore a short sleeve polo shirt with kaki pants.
   He sat at a round, white table with two of his friends. The friend that sat to his right was named Kael Bennet. Kael had bluish-green eyes and brown hair much like Brent's. He was taller than Brent, being five-foot and ten-inches tall, and he wore a white polo shirt with kaki pants. The one to his left was named Cole. Cole's apparel consisted of a white polo shirt and some kaki shorts. Cole was the tallest of the three. He stood six-feet and six-inches tall. His hair was nearly black, save for the shade of a really dark brown, and it was somewhat long. His eyes were just as dark as his hair and he had a semi-lower voice to go with it. He was seventeen years-old just like the other two.
   Brent looked down at his green tray full of food. Today the school was having cheeseburgers and fries. He picked up a fry and shoved it into his mouth, his burger being already eaten and nothing but crumbs left. He sucked it down relatively fast and looked up at Cole and Kael talking. All he could see was their mouths moving as he focused in on a young girl across the cafeteria. She had long light-brown hair and was quite shorter than Brent. She had a white zip-up hooded jacket on with a light blue polo shirt underneath it. She also wore a pair of kaki pants. To Brent, she was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. She was talking to her friends that sat around the table with her. They were sitting next to the exit at a round table much like were Brent and his friends sat. Everything was zoned out and all he could see was the girl. Her name was Brooke, she was a freshman in high school, with this being the last day of school, she would become a sophomore next year. She turn to talk to one of her friends and then noticed that Brent was looking at her. Just as she started to stare at him, Kael pushed on Brent's arm, breaking his concentration. He jumped a little and then looked at Kael. "Uh, I'm sorry. What did you say."
   "I asked if you wanted to come and chill with me and Cole tonight. it's the last day of school so are you up for it?"
   "Yeah, um, sure."
   "Okay, cool." Brent picked up another fry from his plate. He placed the fry in his mouth and looked at Brooke again. This time it surprised Brent that she was already looking at him. His face turned a faint pink color and Brooke smiled at him. He tried hard to avert his eyes from hers but the smile was too inviting to let go of. He finally broke his gaze when Cole realized what had just happened. Cole moved his head in between the two staring fools and looked at Brent. He smiled and then looked over to where he was staring.
   "Oh I see. Nice buddy." Kael looked at Cole.
   "Wait what's goin' on here?" Brent's face grew even more red.
   "R--ight." Cole had a smile on his face that stretched out from ear to ear.    "So I guess I don't have to ask you who you liked all year."
   "Wait, who does he like?" Kael decided to join in.
   "He likes Brooke, you know, the freshman girl?"
   "Oh I see!" He smiled and looked at Brent. He pushed on his shoulder.    "So, you plan on, you know?" Brent looked at him with a small bit of anger in his eyes.
   "No, now just leave me alone."
   "Okay, don't get all hostile on us." Kael and Cole still had smiles on their faces when they continued eating. Again, Brent looked up and Brooke.
   "So how's the soldier doin'?" Cole said laughing.
   "Screw you." Brent gabbed his plate and began to walk over to the exit. Tucked into his hand was a folded piece of paper. He became a little anxious as he grew closer to where Brooke sat. He walked up to her tray and slid the note under while he dumped the remainder of his fries into the garbage can. It was perfect, no one had seen him do it but her and so he calmly walked out into the hall.

   Lunch had come to an end and it was now getting towards the end of sixth period. She still hasn't wrote back...I wonder what she'll say... Brent couldn't stop but staring at the clock that was hanging above the television. The television was playing what seemed like a love story that the teacher had chosen to watch at the last day of school. Brent wasn't worried about the movie, but rather the fact of what the girl would write back. He tapped his fingers anxiously on the brown wooden desk he sat in. Come on dammit! Within an instant the school bell rang releasing the student to go to their final class before the whole summer became theirs. Brent was the first one out of the classroom and he headed swiftly down the hall towards his locker. When he was there, he took a slow breath. Calm down, Brent... He slowly put the combination into the lock and opened it up. He grabbed his math book so that he could return it before school let out. He shut his locker door and looked to his right. There was no sign of Brooke amongst the crowd of people. Maybe she didn't get it. He turned around to head to the final class of the day when he saw Brooke standing in front of him. She held a smile note and a smile on her face. Brent blushed and reached out his hand to accept the note. His heart was beating faster than normal and he took the note from her hands. After she handed him to note, she took off down the hall with one of her friends. Brent watched them disappear and then headed to math.
   He immediately opened the note that had a small smiley face printed on one of the folded sides. He was moving so fast that he had to force himself to slow down in fear that he might tear the note. When it was open, he placed it on the desk in front of him and began to read it

I don't know why you were so afraid to ask me. My friends had told me that one of you had liked me but I wasn't exactly sure which one. After finding out it was you, I was so glad. Brent, I like you too and yes, Saturday sounds real nice. I'll see you at five.

   A giant smile stretched across his face. He was so glad that he couldn't hold in the yell of excitement that swelled inside of him. The class stopped what they were doing and stared at Brent. He was now standing up from his seat and he looked embarrassed. "Sorry." Brent sat back down in his seat. Cole was sitting behind him and he slapped him hard in the back of the head, causing him to almost slam his face into the desk.

   Brent sat at his assigned desk staring at the clock that hung over the white board. He was leaned back in his seat and rubbing a blue mechanical pencil between his right thumb and index finger.
   The clock read 3:09 and in one minute, the bell would ring, releasing the school day. It was a special day though because it was the last day of school before the two-and-a-half months of summer. He was anonymous o those around him and the teacher seemed to fade away in the mind of Brent. To him, it was just the him and the clock and nothing was going to break that silence.
   The bell immediately erupted and the class went wild with high school juniors jumping over desk to get to the door. Brent calmly walked outside, be careful not to run into the swarming crowd which consisted of more than just juniors. He made his way to his locker and put in the combination. When he opened it he found a photo lying upside down on the bottom. He reached down lifted it up but, before he could look at it Kael slammed his fist against one of the red colored lockers. The impact startled Brent, causing him to drop the photo into the rushing crowd of the students. Brent went to grab it, but it was too late. It was long gone with the bustle of the anxious students.
   He sighed and looked up at Kael. He had this stupid little grin on his face and he looked as though he was about to slap Brent right in the face. Brent sighed again
   "Man you just scared the hell out of me."
   "Sorry man but I can't wait! A whole other summer is here and me and you are gonna be doin' some serious hangin'!" Brent kind of smiled at the idea but was still more focused on the photo that had been carried of by the feet of all the students. What was that photo of? He thought to himself. I don't remember having a photo of any kind in my locker. Where did my books go?
   Brent realized that Kael was waiting for him to reply and so he came up with something to start talking about.
   "Dude, I opened up my locker and my books were gone! What the heck man?" Kael looked at him like he was kind of crazy and the replied.
   "Dude, your books are right there." Kael pointed at the inside of the locker and when Brent looked inside, he found three books.
   "What the heck!?" The image startled Brent and he didn't know what to say.
   "They weren't there when I opened it!"
   "They've been there the entire time we were talking. Are you okay?" Brent shook his head to come to the fact that he may have been day dreaming, which would explain the stupid grin on Kael's face when he saw Brent shoot around as though he had dropped something. Brent just sighed.
   "Well, I guess they were there, I just didn't see them."
   "Your losing your touch bro!" They laughed for a second.
   Brent realized that the hallways had been nearly cleared out while they were talking. Soon the school would the desolate once again and it kind of made Brent sad. He had a lot of friends that he knew he wouldn't get to see until next year. He took one last look at the tiled floors and then converted his eyes toward his locker. He grabbed his books and slammed the locker with a smile and shouted "WOOOOOWHOOOOOOO!!!!" He was just getting pumped for the freedom of the school that he hated but knew he would miss.
   Kael laughed at the noise that shot out of Brent's mouth and his face became plum-red. They were both so happy to be free and couldn't help but express it. They turned and began walking down the hall.
   They had made it close to the twin doors that led to freedom. As they approached the doorway, Kael noticed a half-crumbled photograph lying on the red mat. "What's this?" He reached down to pick it up. When he brought it up to his eyes he saw someone who looked exactly identical to Brent. "Yo Brent, check this out." He handed the photo to Brent.
   "What the heck?" The picture had the identical boy lying down on a bed sleeping. His facial expression looked painful, like he was being tortured and forced into a nightmare. Kael couldn't help but ask. "Is that you?" With shock Brent answered.
   "I don't know. It looks like me but I never have nightmares and this picture couldn't have been more than a month old."
   "Maybe you had one and you didn't remember."
   "True but you know I wake easily and keep my bedroom door locked when I sleep. The sound would have woken me up." He looked closer at the picture and he noticed the boy's hair was black, instead of brown, and the blanket was green with a white eagle on it. "Wait a minute. This guy has black hair and I have never dyed my hair black. Also, this is not my cover, let alone my bed. I don't know who this is." The image stabbed at Brent's mind, searching for an answer to who this person might be.
   "Whoever it is, that guy looks a  whole lot like you." The two just stared at the photo for another second and then the silence ended.
   "Well, I guess all we can do is forget about it. Come on man, let's get our of here!"
   "Alright!" Kael screamed and ran out of the door.
   "Whoa dude! Wait for me!" Brent chased after but still the image stuck in his mind. He placed the picture into his pocket and ran after Kael. What was that picture?...and who is that guy?...

1. Sound Barrier

   Yeah! This rocks! The cool sweat ran down Brent's body and through this once light brown hair. The sweat had cause his hair to become a dark brown while it flew violently through the air. His body swayed to and fro while his head bobbed continuously in sync with the rhythm of the music. Him, Kael and Cole were all playing their instruments together in a somewhat medium-sized white room. Kael held a black, six-string electric guitar and Cole played almost the same instrument, if it were not for the bats of the neck. Brent was playing a four-string electric bass guitar with a jet black surface.
   By now, the trio of friends had changed out of their school clothes and into something more comfortable for them. Brent wore a blue t-shirt with a white eagle in the middle of it and a pair of blue jeans while Kael wore a black t-shirt with the letters 'K-E'  pressed into it and he too wore a pair of blue jeans but with holes in the knees of them. Cole's apparel consisted of a black t-shirt with a human skull printed on it and some kaki shorts.
   They had been playing some heavy metal rock music that they had learned a while back. Through the window, you could see that it was now very much night outside. The sky was dark and the moon shone a silvery glow. Brent took a deep breath and began to speak. " Man that was awesome!"
   "Damn straight!" Cole replied  in his low voice. "We frickin' rock!" Kael had this stupid look on his face and soon, he began to laugh.
   "What's so funny?" Brent asked with a lost look on his face.
   "Oh my God, dude. You should see your hair! It's everywhere!" Kael was trying to catch his breath but the noises only made matters worse and soon, Cole joined in on the laughter. Brent just ran his hands through his sweat-drenched hair, pushing it down from whatever it had looked like. The sweat made his head feel cool and Brent sighed in relief.
   For a moment Brent looked at Kael and Cole laughing. His gaze became so fixed on the scenery, it seemed as though everything in the world had slowly faded, leaving only him. He started to become dizzy and light-headed. The room began to spin and his eyes began to shake along with the rest of his entire body. He felt weak and then everything went black.
   Soon his vision returned and he found himself in what looked like the same room, but something didn't feel right. He began to realize that he was holding what looked like his bass guitar. He looked around and saw four others playing instruments. Two of them looked almost identical to Kael and Cole, but the other two were the ones he could not easily recognize. One of them was banging on a red drum set in the far right corner of the room. He had short curly brown hair and it bounced in the air as he hit the drums. The other was standing up beside a television with a microphone in his hand, singing. He had long curly brown hair and had a similar build to the one on the drums.
   Brent became so confused that he couldn't help but scream. "What's goin' on!?" The music came to a halt and everyone looked at him. The one who looked like Kael spoke first.
   "Dude, are you alright?" Brent still had frustration in his voice.
   "Who are you people? Where am I!?" The singing man began to reply.
   "Man, you don't look so good. Are you okay?"
   "Stop asking me if I am okay! Where am I!"
   "Your at mine and '!!!''s house." Replied the drummer.
   "Who's house?" Brent couldn't hear the name, like it was being muted out.
   "Mine and '!!!'s!"
   Why can't I hear their names? Brent looked at the drummer. "What is your name?"
   "Dude, its !!!!." The name continued to be muted. Everyone said their names but Brent couldn't hear them.
   "Seriously," The Cole imitator began, " You are officially freaking me out! What is your problem '!!!!'." He said a name but it too was muted. Brent looked at him with confusion.
   "What did you just call me?"
   "Um, '!!!!'? Brent was starting to get even more anxious.
   "My name is '!!!!'!" What tha! Brent couldn't even say his own name. Before everyone knew it, Brent was running down the hall into the bathroom. This place is so familiar! Everyone followed close behind him. When he reached the bathroom he rushed to the mirror. Brent's eyes widened. There, in the mirror, stood the dark haired boy from the photograph. Brent slowly brought his hand to his face and touched it. When he did, the image of Brent flickered to normal but soon returned to the image of the dark haired boy. He turned slowly to his supposed friends, awe still struck at his face, and whispered " I?"
   "Dude, are you okay?" The Kael imitator asked. Brent's vision began to blur like before and it faded out into darkness. The question repeating in his mind    "Dude, are you okay?"
   When he came to, Kael stood over him and asked "Dude, are you okay?" Kael had a concerned looked about his face. Brent leaned up and rubbed his head with his left hand, making sure to keep his balance on his right arm. He looked up from the floor where he lay and moaned.
   "W-what happened?"
   "You blacked out man." Cole answered peering over Kael's right shoulder.    "Playin must have really took a toll on you."
   "Yeah..." Brent continued to rub his head and then stopped. A tingling sensation from his pocket had converted his attention. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a photo of the dark haired boy playing a bass with the people from the short dream. His eyes widened and he looked at Kael. "Look," he demanded, "the picture changed." He held the photo out to Kael to grab. Kael took the paper and looked at it.
   "Um, this picture is the same as it was when we first saw it."
   "What!" Brent was in shock. How could he have forgotten! That's not what it looked like. Brent looked at him. "Dude, I swear to you! It changed! That's not what it looked like before. I swear it!"
   "I think you need to rest. We should probably head to your house." Brent rubbed it off.
   "No man, I'm fine. Must have fallen pretty hard, that's all."
   "Well if you say so. Well, we're gonna go watch this movie Cole rented. Let's go see it." Kael offered Brent his hand to help him up. Brent smiled and latched on to it. When he was up Kael returned the photograph to him. "Here man." Brent took the photo and then sighed. He just crumbled it up and threw it in the garbage to his left.
   "Who needs a picture of someone they don't know anyways, right?" The three started down the hall, Brent in the back and thought Who were those people and what just happened?

2. Sleeping Love

   Nothing matters right now but you. The wind coursed through Brent's brown hair. He was walking home from the store with a bottled soda in his hand. His head still hurt from the previous day and the question continued to circle in his mind. Who were those people? The question was even in his dreams the night before. The street he walked on was a short one. There were only five houses on it, his being the last one on the left.
   Now that it was summer, Brent could spend more time with Brooke, a girl he had started talking to just a week ago. He had been planning a date for days and he couldn't wait to go out. The plans consisted of going to get something to eat and then they would head over to the movies to watch a movie Brooke had been wanting to see for some time now. He looked like a fool walking down the road with a silly little grin on his face.
   He came to his house and walked up toward the door. The house had a patio and two vehicles parked out front. One was a grey truck and the other was a silver car. The size of the house was medium-sized that had white siding in it and a red roof. The door was a dark brown and it had a small slider on it where they received their mail. Both of the cars are here. Mom and Dad must both be home. He walked inside and, from out of nowhere, a short, bald man tackled him. The man had a handlebar mustache and a shining bald head. He was somewhat round and was a few inches shorter than Brent.
   They both collapsed on the floor, knocking down some pictures hanging on the wall. The bald man put his arm around Brent's head and began rubbing his fist into Brent's skull. Brent flinched with pain when the man pressed harder and rubbed faster. The man started to laugh and it seemed as though he took pleasure in making Brent's head hurt.
   "Ow! Stop it Dad!" Brent yelped with pain. The man stopped and let Brent up. Brent rubbed his head. "What's gotten into you?"
   "Well," He started, "I found out from your mother that my son had a date tonight." He slammed his hand on Brent's shoulder, causing him to stumble a little. Brent's face grew red at the thought of his dad knowing about the date.
   "That may be true..." Brent had a smile stretched across his face. His dad patted him once more on the shoulder but this time, not as hard.
   An older woman walked into the room from the kitchen located on the far end of the house. She was very skinny and was shorter than both Brent and his dad. She had long brown hair and a farmer's tan. She walked up to Brent and gave him a big hug.
   "Hey Mom." She retreated and replied.
   "Hello Brent." Brent sighed and looked up at the clock above the threshold of the door. It was thirty minutes until five and he needed to get ready. "I'd best hurry up and shower if I don't want to be late." He hugged them both and headed for the shower.

   Brent walked out of his room in an aqua colored t-shirt and some kaki shorts. His hair covered his right eye and he smelled great. He looked at the clock one last time and saw that it was now five minutes until five. Crap I'm gonna be late. His pocket began to vibrate so he reached in his pocket and pulled out a black flip cell phone. He flipped it open and the screen read:

Where are you? : P

   He began to type on the number pad. I'm on my way now. He shut his phone and ran for the door. He grabbed the keys hanging beside the door and rushed out towards the silver car. He hoped in the driver's seat and sped off down the road.

   The cars stopped in front of a blue house. It had a large porch that was the same width as the house was. It was a small wooden swing and sitting on it was Brooke. She stood up from the swing and ran towards the car. She opened up the passenger's side door and climbed in. She flung her hair to the side and looked at Brent with a smile. He smiled back and they drove off toward their destination.
   They were walking out of the movies together and Brent had his arm wrapped around Brooke's shoulder. They laughed as they walked toward Brent's car. They both got in and Brent took off out of the parking lot. Brent continued to glance over at Brooke who was just sitting in her seat smiling. It made Brent smile too and they both looked like fools who were madly in love.
   Brent continued to drive until the outskirts of town were reached. He pulled up close to a baseball field and turned off the car. Brooke looked at him and laughed.
   "What are we doing here?"
   "Well, I thought we could watch the stars together." Brooke put her hands up against her mouth.
   "That would be great!" Brent smiled and got out of the car and went around to pen up her side. He opened up the trunk and pulled out a blanket and draped it over the front of the silver vehicle. They both climbed on it together and lay there staring up at the dark sky. Brooke's head laid on his chest and she snuggled close to him.
   "This is so romantic." Brooke whispered. Brent laughed a little and continued to look up at the stars. They were so bright. They shone brightly as though they were trying to brighten up the heavens. The majestic sight put Brent in awe. Something so big seemed so impossible to create. After a few moments Brent sighed.
   "What's wrong?" A little concern was in Brooke's voice.
   "Oh nothing. Just looking at the stars." He thought a moment longer. "Do you ever think about the future?" The question made Brooke hesitate.
   "Well, I guess so. I try not to think about the bad things that could happen if that is what your asking."
   "No, no, I mean the good things."
   "Well, in that case, yes, I think I do."  A moment went by.
   "Well?" Brent asked
   "Well, what?"
   "What kind of things do you think about."
   "I guess the usual. Like, where will I be in the future? Will I still be a good person? You know, the usual." Brent laughed a little bit.
   "The usual huh?"
   "Well what do you think about?" Brent smiled.
   "You know, the usual." Brooke leaned up and looked at him.
   "Hey, that's not funny!" Brent started laughing even harder. "It's not." She hit him in the shoulder. Still laughing, he responded.
   "Ow, ow...Okay I'll stop." Brooke laid her head back on Brent's chest. Brent looked back up at the sky. You want to know the truth?...I think about you.

   Brent walked into his house and threw his keys on the computer desk. The house was dark and it seemed empty with his mom and dad asleep. He worked his way into his room and turned on the lights. It was an ordinary room. It had two windows, a small bed, a computer and a stand that his bass guitar sat in. He was very tired and it was around eleven-o'-clock when he got in. He threw his shirt off and lunged onto the bed. He lay there, as still and as quite as could be and slowly slipped off onto the fringe of his mind.

   He stood in the middle of a large basketball court. In font of him were a set of red bleachers where about twenty students sat. There was about five of them playing basketball while the rest just sat there in their groups. He noticed out of the corner of his eye that one boy sat alone in the far right-hand corner of the bleachers. It was the boy from the photograph that he had found and thrown away. He began to advance towards the bleachers when he turned to his left and saw a long, red-haired boy in a blue polo shirt and kaki pants headed toward him. Brent flinched and tightened his muscles, bracing for the impact. Surprisingly, the boy passed right through him. He looked about sixteen years of age and was taller than he was. What tha!? The student was running towards the three point line. He jumped into the air and the ball bounced off of the backboard and hit the ground.
   Brent walked up the bleachers to where the dark-haired boy was sitting. The boy just leaned his head back against the wall behind him and rested his eyes. He looked so lonely and seemed as though he needed a friend. He wore a blue polo shirt and kaki pants, just like the boy he had ran into. Brent turned and noticed that many other students had polo shirts on and kaki pants and shorts. Must be a school uniform. He turned back to the boy and this time, his eyes were opened and his head was leaned up. He was focused at the bottom of the bleachers. When Brent turned around to see what it was, the red headed boy was walking up to where the dark-haired boy say. He walked up and stopped just in front of the dark-haired boy.
   "Sup dude? What's your name?" The dark-haired boy looked back at him.
   "It's '!!!!'." Like before, Brent couldn't hear his name.
   Why are the names always muted? Brent noticed that his voice was also different from his own.
   "Mine's '!!!!!'. Where'd you move from?" The boy sighed and leaned up.
   "I came from '!!!!'. I am actually from '!!!!!!' but I moved up there with my dad." Brent couldn't even hear the names of locations. The red head sat down next to the boy.
   "What made you decide to move back?"
   "Well, my mom lives here and I have some really close friends that live here too. They don't go to this school but They live here." The read head lightly slapped him on the shoulder.
   "That's cool dude."
   They both sat there for a moment. Well, now I know why he didn't have any friends. Everything began to get bright and it caused Brent to cover his eyes with his hands. It grew even more blinding ,and then, everything exploded into tiny little lights, only for them to fade into darkness. Brent removed his hands from his eyes and noticed that everything around him was darkness. He walked around for a few minutes screaming "Hello!? Anyone there?" Brent heard a noise coming from his left. He turned and saw the dark-haired boy facing away from him. The boy looked over his shoulder and the continued walking the opposite way. "Hey, wait up!?" Brent ran for him but the boy had disappeared into the darkness. "Who are you?!" Brent waited for an answer but none could be heard. Just then, a light bursts through, revealing a white room. The dark-haired boy stood by a wall facing Brent. Brent ran over to him and slowed his speed when he came to him.
   The boy just stood there looking at Brent with the eyes of a human shell. "What is wrong with you?" The boy didn't answer Brent's question. "Hello? Anyone home?" The boy just turned towards the wall and lifted his right hand. He had a black marker in it and he began to write something on the walls. When he was done, Brent read what the boy had written. "I am the one who sleeps... I am the one who sleeps?" The reply surprised Brent. "What is that supposed to mean?" The boy just turned back to face Brent. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a photograph and handed it to Brent. Brent accepted the offer and looked at it. The photograph had the dark-haired boy and the red headed boy sitting down on the bleachers. Brent looked up at him. "What does this mean?" The boy just touched the photograph and stepped backwards a step. The photo began to grow very bright, blinding Brent. "W-what are you doing?!" He forced a hand to his eyes covering the light that shone in his hand.
   Brent shot out of his bed, his face covered with sweat. He panted like he had just finished a race and his body was a bright red. Brent looked out his bedroom window. The light shown through the window into his eyes. It was just a dream. The sun must have woken me up. Brent rolled his feet out of bed and placed them on the floor. The stretched out his arms and yawned. When he put his arms back down, he noticed something out of the corner of his right eye. There, lying on his dresser, was a photograph from his dream, or his nightmare.

3. White Board

   A dream? No. Maybe it was more than a dream... Brent just stood there looking at the photograph lying on his dresser. There is no way that it could be here. I threw it away! He walked up to his dresser, cautiously, and grabbed it. It was the same photo from his dream. He turned it over to and it read: I am the one who sleeps. What does this mean? What is he trying to tell me? Brent stared at the photo a moment longer and then crammed it into his pocket. He grabbed a blue shirt that was draped over a brown chair sitting next to his bed and put it on. He walked over towards his door where his shoes sat and slipped them on. He turned to the door but noticed something on his computer screen. He looked to see what it was and the screensaver read: "In dreams and in love, there are no impossibilities." ~ Janos Arany. How did that get there? I didn't write that. He walked over to the computer and touched the mouse. The screensaver left the screen revealing a picture of a solar eclipse as his background. That was weird.
   He walked down the hall and into the kitchen, looking for something to eat. His kitchen was red with black and white floor tiles. In the middle was a counter that ran off into the wall just below a window. On the other side of the counter, the sink, stove, refrigerator and dishwasher sat while brown cabinets circled the entire room. He walked up to a cabinet that hung above the counter and pulled out a box of cereal. He grabbed a bowl and a spoon to set down on the counter so that he could pour his cereal. He walked over to the refrigerator and grabbed a half gallon of whole-white milk. He placed the milk right next to where his dishes sat and he sat down on one of the brown stools. He opened up the cereal and poured it in, and soon the milk went in as well.
   He was sitting there eating when his dad came walking in in his white underwear. His dad had a full chest of black hair and he looked like a gorilla almost.
   "Oh my God!" Brent dropped his spoon and covered his eyes. "Get some clothes on!"
   "Hehe!" Hi dad laughed with pride. "You'll look like this one day, son. Just remember that."
   "Well I do think I can wait! Now can you please go put some clothes on?"
   "Oh alright." His dad went to exit the kitchen and then stopped. "Wait a minute, I know why you want me to leave. It's so you have enough time to hurry and get out of here before I ask you about last night." Brent's face grew red.
   "N-no that's not-."
   "So how did it go? Was it good?" His dad had a huge smile stretched across his face.
   "Yes it went great now can you please leave me alone? I'm trying to eat."
   "Oh alright!" His dad left the room and he heard the door snap shut from his bedroom. Brent made sure he wasn't still here and then ran out the door, making sure to grab his keys. He jumped into the car and headed down the road. His dad came running out screaming. "You lying sack of! Oh well." His dad just stood there smiling.

   Brent sped down the road towards the outskirts of town. He was traveling down a road with trees on both sides of the road. He continued to drive straight for a few minutes before turning down a road to his left. It was a torn up road with pot-holes in the asphalt and dirt sometimes covering the road. He passed up a few houses before coming to a white trailer with a black roof. He pulled into the driveway where a red truck and blue car was parked. He put his car in park, turned off the engine and got out. He walked up to the glass screen door and opened it to knock on the white wooden door. He knocked and wait a few moments before someone answered it. It was a fat woman that seemed to be in her late thirties, early forties. She had long black hair and brown eyes. She took one look at Brent and asked him to come in. She looked down the hall and scream "Cole! Brent's here to pick you up!" After a moment Cole came running out of his room, nearly hitting the threshold. He hugged his mom and looked at Brent. "Let's go." The two ran out to Brent's car an took off towards Kael's house.
   Kael lived about five houses down from Cole's. He had a blue house and a black roof similar to Cole's. The outside of the house had a giant window right by the front door with two black and white trucks, caked with mud, and a silver four-door car. Brent pulled into the driveway and honked his horn. After a moment, Kael came running out, struggling to put one of his shoes on and nearly tripping from it. He jumped into the seat right behind Brent's. "So we headed to Jake's Music?"
   "That's where we're headed." Cole replied.
   "Sweet, I need to pick up a new foot switch for my guitar." Brent backed out and headed back down the road he had came from. Once he hit the highway, Cole sighed.
   "So, Brent, about last night..." Brent's face grew red again and he just stared out in front of him.
   "Oh my God, it was good okay."
   "What's wrong Brent?" Kael started, "Did you get you some?"
   "No, its not like that. Just leave it at that."
   "Come on! We're your friend. You can tell us anything." Kale was in the back, sitting in the middle with his head looking up front at Brent. Both Cole and Kael stared at him until Brent finally cracked.
   "Okay, okay. But you can't laugh okay. This is my version of a date so don't judge me okay. Cole, I know how you tend to nearly screw every girl you date so before we start, I'm not like that!" Cole had a huge smile on his face.
   "True that!." Kael began laughing hard. He finally came to a stop and let Brent finish his story about how they went out to eat and then went to the movies. He also told them about looking at the stars at the baseball park.
   "There, satisfied?" Kael and Cole looked at one another and Kael sat back in the seat.
   "That's cool man. Nothing wrong with that."
   "Yeah man, that's cool." Cole replied this time. It grew real quite an then Kael burst out laughing.
   "That's it!" Brent reached his arm back there and tried to him Kale. Cole just reached over and grabbed the steering wheel with his left arm, smiling at Brent's attempt to get back at Kael.
   Everything quieted  down and Brent was back to driving. It seemed to be an awkward silence and so Cole couldn't take it. "I can't take this!" He reached for the radio and turned it on. He began scanning through the stations. "Crap, crap...Look, more crap!" Cole came to a halt when he heard an acoustic song on the radio. "Dude." He looked at Brent and slowly moved his hand away from the radio. "That sounds just like you." Brent rolled his eyes and glanced at the radio. He went to turn back and then caught he sound of the singer's voice. It sounded exactly like his. He turned back to the radio and listened for a moment. From what he could make out, the lyrics sang: Here we stand, we stand alone tonight on the edge of the moon. You and me are alone again, your face shines like the sun. They may laugh but we won't mind. Here we'll stand, side by side. Side by side. Kael leaned forward.
   "Dude, that does sound like you." Brent looked up at the radio station and he saw 'I am still sleeping' written on the screen. He closed his eyes for a second and it was gone.
   "What the heck?" Cole looked at Brent.
   "You didn't see that?"
   "See what?" Brent looked back at the screen.
   "Never mind." Brent changed the station to something a little more heavy. The song was loud and thundering while the singer screamed at the top of his lungs.
   "YEAHHHH!!!!!" Kael yelled in the back seat. Everyone began to bang there heads while the car sped off towards another town.

   Brent pulled up to a large building with the words 'Jake's Music' written on a window. They walked in and there was more musical instruments that any of them had ever seen in one place. There were rows of electric and acoustic guitars along with bass guitars and drum sets. Amplifiers were everywhere ranging from small ones to one that where as big as Cole. Kael took off towards a display of foot switches and Cole took of towards the guitar section. Brent, being alone, headed to the bass guitars. He saw a black one with white designs painted on it. He had been wanting it for some time but it was quite expensive. It priced at around seven hundred dollars and Brent had been saving for a long time. He had his wallet in his hand and he looked at the abundant amount of green bills that it held inside. He thought for a long while, trying to determine every possible outcome that he would need the money for. What if my tire goes flat? What if my car just breaks down? I just put new tires on the car and had a tune up ton my engine. He though a moment longer and then the image of Brooke shot through his head. He smiled and put closed his wallet. He put it in his back right pocket and looked up at the bass guitar. "Maybe next time buddy, maybe next time." Just then Brent's vision began to zoom back and forth from close up to far off. He became very light headed just like before and everything went black.
   Brent awoke lying on the floor of a large black room like in his previous dream. He leaned up and rubbed his throbbing head. W-what happened? Why am I hear again? He arose on his two feet and looked around for the dark-haired boy. I wonder where he is this time. Brent began walking in the dark yelling, "Is anyone there?" He walked for what seemed like fifteen minuet until he came upon a large row of white doors. He walked up to them and touched one. He withdrew his hand and looked around the door. He was surprised to notice that the doors were not hanging on walls but merely standing upright themselves. He looked back at the white door he had touched and written on a gold plaque was the words 'Classroom 62'. Classroom huh? Brent just looked down the long row of doors. Beside one of the doors was the dark-haired boy. "Hey you!" Brent raced towards him. The boy was just standing there next to a large white board that just hung in the air. In his hand was a black marker much like before. He had that same look in his eyes, that cold dead look that only empty shells seemed to have. "What do you want? Are you the one who keeps doing this?" The boy didn't reply by mouth but instead, wrote it one the white board.
   All I want to do is wake up. Any yes, I am the one doing this.
   "You want to wake up? Wait, so you must be an actual person!" The boy nodded his head. "So wait, are these your memories or something?"
   You could say that.
   "I see, but why am I here? Why are you showing me this?"
   Because you are the only one who can wake me up. I am somewhat stuck in this state.
   "How can I help? I don't see how this has anything to do with me."
   You are the only one I can contact through my sleep. I have been sleeping a long time and I want to wake up badly.
   "Like I said before, how can I help you?"
   I need you to find me.
   "And how am I supposed to do that? Every time your memories names a location or person, it goes blank."
   All I can say is take what you see and search as best you can.
   "That's goona be kinda hard to do with nowhere to start."
   I'm sorry but that is all I can do. Brent rolled his eyes and rubbed his head.
   "Wait a minute. Why can't you talk?"
   Well, for some reason I cannot communicate through speech at this moment. Let's just say that I can in the future but until then, I am forced to communicate to you through a marker.
   "I see." Brent and the boy just stood there for a moment and the boy began to write some more.
   Happy hunting. With that Brent began to wobble and then fell down to the floor.

   He shot up from a bed and gasped. He took a few deep breaths before realizing where he was. He was in a hospital bed with and I.V. stuck in his arm. He looked over to his left and saw his mother and father shoot up towards him. To his left, Kale and Cole stood. "W-what happened?"
   "Man, you just dropped to the floor like last time but then you stopped breathing. Cole had to call an ambulance to come get you. You had us worried bro."
   "And us too!" He turned to see his mom standing there with a mixture of fear and anger. "You should have told us that you blacked out the other day so that we could have you checked. All of this could have been avoid-"
   "Mom! I'm alright, relax. Kael and Cole were there to help me right? The important this is that I am here and I am alive. What really gets me is who was the one that had to give me CPR?" Kael and Cole looked at him and they both pointed at one another.
   "He did it!" They both spoke at the same time. They looked at each other with hate. Brent couldn't help but laugh. He laughed so hard that he began to cough heavily. His dad grabbed hold of him.
   "You should rest, you look exhausted." Brent looked over at Kael and Cole.
   "Kael, take my keys. You guys should go on back home. I'll go pick up my car tomorrow from your house."
   "Gotcha man." Kael garbed Brent's keys from off the table and Cole and him left the room. Brent laid back down and closed his eyes.
   You want me to find you huh? Well here goes nothing.

4. Perspective

   Another day and no message yet? Brooke rocked back and forth on the swing that was hanging just above her front porch. She had on the same white hooded jacket as always but she had a red t-shirt underneath it. She wore tight blue-jeans and white shoes. Her hair glided through the air when the wind caught it, causing it to fly behind her. It was around mid-day and she had a smile on her face. Her eyes sparkled in the sunlight as though she were an angel that God had let live on Earth. I wonder how Brent is doing. He hasn't texted me since him and his friends went to the music store. Just then, her phone began to vibrate from inside her pocket. She pulled out the white cellular phone. The screen displayed, "1 NEW MESSAGE". Yay! She opened the message and she saw that it was sent by Brent. She read the contents and it explained how he was on his way back from the hospital. Oh no. She began typing a reply that read, "What happened?" A few moments later, Brent sent a reply.
   "I kinda stopped breathing. LOL!"
   "That's not funny!"
   "Don't worry. I'm okay now. They said I would be fine but I can't leave my house or drive for another day so, yeah. It sucks."
   "Oh, so you can't come see me?"
   "Not today but tomorrow definitely. There is a baseball game that the schools are putting on during the summer tomorrow and I was wondering if you wanted to go with me?"
   "Definitely yes! I will see you tomorrow."
   "Ok, go and have fun with your friends."
   "I will!" Brooke shut her phone and placed it back into her pocket. She sat in her swing a few moments longer and then thought about how her friend, Carly, was doing. Carly was a little taller than Brooke was definitely skinnier. She had long dark-brown hair and braces. She tended to smile a lot and joke around. Brooke grabbed her cell-phone again and began texting Carly, telling her that they need to hang out together. They texted one another for a few moments and then decided to go to the park. Brooke put her phone away and began walking down her road towards the park. She passed up a library that was made of a red brick and a few other houses before taking a right at a four-way stop sign. She watched as squirrels and bird swarmed the trees around her. The park was just at the end of the road and she could make out what it looked like. It had a jungle gym in the middle of it with a merry-go-'round and a swing set next to it. There were also monkey-bars attached to the jungle gym and a teeter totter on the far right of the open space.
   Brooke walked towards the swing set and sat down on one of the green painted seats. She began to rock back and forth, keeping her feet on the ground. She looked around for a moment and noticed someone standing by the jungle gym. It was the dark-haired boy from Brent's dreams. He just stood there and stared at Brooke with his empty eyes. He looked as though there was noting around him but Brooke. "Brent?" Brooke whispered as she stopped rocking in her seat and stared back. The boy gave no response but instead, he began to slowly advance towards her. He stopped at the edge of the jungle gym and looked at Brooke in her eyes.
   I am not Brent. The voice ran through her head like it was her own mind speaking to her. She didn't know how to react to the thought that the boy was speaking to her telepathically.
   "Did you just say that?" Brooke's face was a little worried. The boy just nodded and his voice rang out once more.
   Yes, I did. Brooke stood up and took a few steps back. The boy just remained there, motionless and as stiff as death itself.
   "How did you do that?"
   I'm not actually sure. All I know is that this is the only way I can communicate with you. Brooke just glanced away, trying to break the gave that hypnotized her. It was futile however, she couldn't avoid the boy's demanding eyes for attention.
   "Who are you?"
   That is something that you must find out on your own. Just as Brent is doing this exact moment. Brooke's eyes grew bigger for a moment.
   "What do you mean? What about Brent?"
   He is my only connection to wake up. I have been sleeping for a long time. Longer than anyone could imagine. He will tell you shortly about me I just cannot stop being amazed at how I can talk to you as well. Brooke took another step back.
   "Why does that surprise you?"
   Well, I am somewhat connected to Brent and through him, I am connected to you. This only happens when two people love each other so much that they share a bond between themselves. This allows me to speak to you as well.
   "So what your saying is that me and Brent are...?" The boy nodded. Brooke already knew the answer. She had had a crush on Brent since the beginning of school and was overwhelmed when he asked her out on a date.
   I see, I can read your thoughts you know? I can see how much you truly love Brent. He is, how could I put this? He is PERFECT in nearly everyway.
   "I don't think he is. He is human just like me and you." A chuckle rang through her mind,
   Human, I love how you call me that. As for Brent, he has never had a nightmare, never felt pain, and has never been rejected in his life.
   "What about tha-"
   The scar? I knew you would ask that. Well, he was born with it and so he felt no pain. And before you bring up death, he feels happy for those that die, good or bad. If they were good, He is happy that they can see God once again. It bad, well they made their decision and they must be punished the way God sees fit...Do you believe in God Brooke?
   "Yes, why wouldn't I."
   Good, I was just making sure you hadn't lied to yourself your whole life. Even when you can read minds, it is hard to fully understand what your hosts thinks. You are such a person, along with Brent as well. Brooke waited a moment and the spoke.
   "Wait, when I called you human, you said that made you feel good. What do you mean by that?"
   That, Brooke, is something you and Brent will find out together. Brooke had slowly been walking backwards the entire time and was now a few feet away from the sing set. She glanced over her shoulder and looked back at the boy.
   "So what do you want from me?"
   Nothing, nothing at all. I just want you to not think of Brent as a mad man when he tells you about me. You must forgive him. He will tell you soon but not just yet. Not until I'm through with you. The most horrid thought crossed Brooke's mind and she turned to run away. When she turned to he point of escape, she found the boy standing face to face with her. She froze in her tracks and had a frightened look on her face. The boy just brought his head closer to her brown eyes until her was just inches away. You her...
   "H-her?" The boy brought his head back away from in front of her. "Who is 'her'?"  The joyful feeling on the boy flowed into Brooke's mind.
   Goodbye Brooke. He burst into a thousand lights as Carly passed through him. Brooke fell backwards and screamed. Carly stood over her with a frightened look on her face.
   "What was that about?" Brooke looked around her.
   "You didn't see him?"
   "See who?" Brooke just continued to gaze past Carly. She saw the boy standing on the street corner. The boy looked back and turned to walk away. A car passed by and the boy disappeared without a trace.
   "N-nothing...Never mind."

I'll post the rest of the writings later! lol

I want t be able to put my characters like that!lol
Advertising / Losing Ground And Left For Dead
October 17, 2008, 11:04:12 am
Well, for those of you who like Heavy Metal, you will love these guys! They have over twenty songs but they only have two of their good one's posted up. I know a lot of you don't like myspace but don't let that stop you from visiting their myspace. They aren't famous yet but they only have six months to do so. Visit here to listen to their music. I know It may not help but their guitarist is our lead singer so if they make it big then we'll have a shot too!



As for Left for Dead, we don't any songs up yet but we hope to record this coming Monday!

But please help out Losing Ground as best you can. Thanks

Welcome! / Sorry
August 19, 2008, 06:16:02 pm
Well i apologize for the misconduct

Resource Requests / [XP] Motorcycle
June 24, 2008, 04:59:42 am
Hello, I need a motorcycle sprite for my game, I want it too look pretty nice and I would deeply appreciate the one who can make this happen!

Thank you
Event System Requests / [request] Flying event
June 21, 2008, 05:06:21 pm
ok so I have this helicopter that I plan on using for mt game so you can fly around with it. The problem is is that it won't go over water or anything but ground so I was wondering if someone could help me out and tell me how I should right my event
Script Requests / Piano Script
June 16, 2008, 03:56:02 pm
Ok well in my game, one of the main characters has a piano, so I was wondering if there could be a script to where you can hit certain key and a note would play, just like if you played a piano. (By KEY I mean a letter or number on your keyboard.)

If you can help, Please do!

P.S. - Don't tell me how top write it because I don't know anything about scripts!


Resource Requests / I need a sprite
June 03, 2008, 12:38:26 am
Hello I need a sprite for this guy I drew

here he is
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New Projects / [Delete Please]
May 31, 2008, 07:21:26 am
Ok, for those of you who haven't read the topic Light: The darkening Hour, this is an Up-to-date version of that game with major differences.

Spoiler: ShowHide
BG Story
  There is a world known by the name of Xerenelle that holds all of the world's precious and most deadly dreams. A land of dreams, you might say.  This land was once ruled my a powerful king named Malachi 1000 years ago (Xerenelle time). This world was created when five friends met and their imaginations entwined together creating this beautiful land of bounty. King Malachi had twin sons : Vinxe and Xaon. Vinxe would grow up to be a powerful hero while Xaon would be the great destroyer and warlord upon the land. Xaon killed Malachi and assumed the thrown and with his power, he cast Vinxe out into the harsh wilderness and sent assassins to kill him. Vinxe grew stronger in the desert and returned to the kingdom to fight Xaon. The two clashed with the twin blades of Asenoth. The blades where created from the same magical mythril and given to each of the twins. One sword was evil while the other was good. The blades kept the balance over the land. Vinxe was a tough opponent and so was Xaon. The two were so equal that they destroyed themselves, leaving only the blades in their wake. The blades now hold the souls of their masters.
  Vinxe is now a 1000 year old spirit, awaiting for Sean to become ready for his destiny. Sean knows nothing about the land only the name, for he wrote a story with the name in it. Vinxe has watched over Sean for 1000 years (of Xerenelle time) keeping him safe. Now the tie has come. Xaon's spirit soon finds a way (just as Vinxe did) to release his spirit out of the sword. The only problem is that he can only posses someone who is willing to accept his spirit within their own. Vinxe awaits to enter Sean's and he knows who Xaon is after...the fate of Xerenelle runs deep...

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Main Story
 Sean is 16 years old when a man's voice appears to hi in a dream. Sean wonders who the man is but he does not say. He warns Sean that two of his friends will disappear within a month of the dream. When the dream is over, Sean speaks to no one about it and the vision comes true. Colton and Chris disappear one month later. Sean Ben and Tyler are in anguish over their friend's disappearance but Sean still refuses to talk to anyone about his dream.
 Two years later, the man's voice returns to him and warns Sean that he will soon disappear along with his remaining friends. The next morning, Sean leaves a note to his parents and decides to tell Tyler and Ben what really happened two years ago. When he gets to school, he tries to tell Tyler and Ben, but Sean and Ben break out into a fist fight.
  When the fight goes on, Sean swings at Ben and Ben disappears. He then looks over at Tyler and he too disappears. Sean is left standing there and he looks at his hands. He looks as though he is degrading and soon, disappears. Sean awakens on the top of a mountain surrounded by four pillars. He wonders where he is and makes his way down the mountain. At the end of the mountain there is a desert and he faints...Sean's Destiny has only Just begun...

Screen Shots:
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Final Demo : Around 93.MB
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This is the final Demo complete with longer story, more secret scenes and voice acting! I hope you enjoy!

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May 29, 2008, 12:41:47 pm
Ok I'm sorry for posting this but does anyone even use it anymore?
Welcome! / Lost_Hope
May 28, 2008, 09:27:26 pm
I don't think any of the new guys know who I am but I used to come to this site to have fun but then I stopped coming. Well, I'm back so wuz up!?
Express your Creativity / CHAOS PROJECT!!!!!
March 04, 2008, 09:32:09 am
Hey I just realized that Chaos (or whatever the badguy's name is) is a frickin Protoss!

He's a Dark or Normal Aurchon!

just wanted to point that out....

well cya in another few weeks!

btw I got a job working at a grocery store
well I've been writing a novel and i wanted everyone here to get a sneak peak of the book by reading (what I have of) the prologue...well here it is...

                                 The War with Gods
                      By Sean Mahana


              0500 Hours, June 25, 2367 (Military Calander) /
                 Omega Nebula VI System, on board the Blue Moon

      The Blue Moon slowed from light speed and came to a complete halt. The vast B-180 Warship came to a complete stop and soon the crew began to open the SUPER CLASSIFIED orders from the United Federation of Star Systems, or UFSS. The orders were to intercept and destroy the cargo being shipped from Omega Nebula VI, a star system in the Milky Way. The cargo was to be aboard a cloaked cruiser headed to Arbaron in the Malicious system. The shipment had classified information on the newest weapon research in the UFSS.
   The captain of the ship, Captain Nathan Brown, was very cautious with being cloaked in enemy territory with very little space to actually maneuver his ship. The crew was anxious for battle, but they also feared it. Their enemy was a super race of beings nicknamed 'The Gods'. The project dealt with a six year-old boy found on the planet Kollektiv. The boy was discovered to have a different genetic code, one that allowed him to be faster and stronger than the average person. The project was classified but soon came to light once the project was noticed by the UFSS. They were a super class of warriors that was given the DNA code of the boy they found. The project was meant to create a super-human warrior race that could drive back any enemy from battle, but in the end their project turned on them. As the new warriors fought through the defense system, they successfully were able to board a warship and flee from the star system. Years later, they had begun to multiply and soon called themselves the Starke, German for 'Strong Ones'.
   The war with these warriors was very unsuccessful due to the fact that they had much of the UFSS' Special Forces information. They had tactical command systems, A.I.s, and most important of all...Battlesuits. The battle suites were made especially for them by the UFSS before they grew arrogant in their power and fled to the far reaches of the galaxy. There was one advantage the UFSS had; however, they had the 'first'. This 'special' forces marine was the very boy that had started the project. This marine in particular was the only one that hadn't freaked out.
   "How much longer is this going to take lieutenant?" The captain barked.
   "I can't say for sure, their cloaking devices are more advanced than ours and can sometimes easily sneak past our motion trackers." The captain knew this but tried to convince himself otherwise. He knew that if he made one small mistake, his crew and ship would be lost to the hands of the Starke.
   The captain began to fiddle with his controls for a bit and brought the main view screen online. He studied it very carefully for any distortion in the stars. Although the ships were cloaked, any sudden movements could give away the position of their ship.
   "Lieutenant, check these coordinates for any movement in the area." The captain had a hunch, and if his crew knew him any better, they would know to listen when the captain had a hunch.
   "Aye, sir." The lieutenant began punching in the coordinates for the sector the captain was suspicious about.
   "Movement seems stabilized captain, no movement detected."
   "That can't be-" The lieutenant interrupted
   "WAIT! Movement destabilizing, they are coming in fast, sir. Too fast!"
   "Sound the alarm and take evasive actions." The alarm sounded the whole ship and the lights began flashing red for a warning signal.
   "They are coming out of warp drive, sir! I can't shake them!" The captain sounded on the COM channel and opened the channel to all decks.
   "Brace for impact!"
   The ship appeared out of nowhere and slammed into the Blue Moon. The impact caused the ship to come out of cloaking and spin counter clockwise. The impact wasn't the only thing wrong; it had caused a hull breach on decks 34-41, causing many casualties and the loss of oxygen.
   "Lieutenant, get those decks sealed off immediately. We need all the air we can get!"
   "Yes sir!" The lieutenant began moving her fingers across the holo pad swiftly and soon the decks were sealed off. "There is another problem sir. they have boarded us." The captain snapped the COM channel back on. This time the Captain had frustration in his voice.
   "All hands to battle stations! This is not a drill, I repeat this is not a drill! The enemy has boarded our vessel and they are now breaking through the sealed exits!" The Captain turned to the lieutenant, "Make sure those marines get to those doors and stop any from coming through!"
   "Yes sir!" The Lieutenant jumped from her seat as if she was going to pounce like a lion on its prey. She ran to the wall and typed in some keys on the holopad. Soon a chunk of the wall opened up and a rack of guns and grenades appeared. She grabbed a F34-16B assault Rifle and a belt of plasma-based T34 grenades. She swiftly left the bridge and headed down the hall to the elevator shaft.
   The captain was worried. Not only had they rammed a hole in his ship but they were also boarding it!
   "This can't be happening." The captain said in a whisper. Soon an A.I. appeared beside him on the Artificial Intelligence pad next to his command chair. The AI was in the form of a man with old 16th century war armor on. He stood about one meter and glowed a dim neon aqua.
   "Sir," The AI began to speak "You know we won't win."
   "Don't say that. We have won in the past."
   "Yes but I must express the thought that this will be your last possible mission with me. The only way to truly win this fight is to release him."
   "No, I'm tired of relying on someone else!"
   "You will never know if he is properly sufficient for duty if you never give him a chance." This time the AI sounded calm.
   "I won't let him fight! The scientist that made him is the one that made these monsters!" The captain was growing angrier by the second.
   "My database tells me that he was a properly working specimen and was also enhanced by 40% than the normal ones. He should be functioning properly and I have a 95.9567 Percent chance of non dysfunctional behavior. He can help us win, but you are too cocky to let him and try and take a risk of awakening him."
   "This war has too many risks." The captain thought for a moment. "Dash, your right. We can't win without him." The captain looked at The AI. "Get him ready for battle."
   "Aye sir." The AI disappeared from the pad and left the captain with his crew on the deck.
   "Am I really THAT cocky?" The captain whispered.

   Dash traveled through the ship's computer network until he found the Cryo Room. He entered the mainframe and appeared on a holopad next to one of the engineers working in the room. Dash appeared in front of the man and began to speak with him.
   "Hello Lovell, how are you feeling today?"
   "This is no time Dash; I'm busy trying to make sure that no one is hacking into our systems."
   "Oh but this is the time. You see, the captain gave me specific orders to give to you."
   "Yaw? What are they? Does he want me to 'clean the screens' again?"
   "No. He wants you to wake him up."
   "You mean?"
   "Yes. HIM."
   "But the captain-"
   "The captain knows of this. Without him we will all die. Do you want to die?"
   Lovell answered in a meek voice, "No."
   "Then do as you are told. I will stand here and watch."
   "Okay but I'd better get some guards in here just in case." Lovell turned on the COM link and asked for the three guards standing outside to enter. They entered the room and stood waiting for their instructions.
   "I," began Lovell, "need you three to stand by the CRYO tube and make sure that he doesn't go haywire once he defrosts." The soldiers stood with their eyes wide opened. They knew that even if he went haywire, they would not be able to take him down.
   "Do as you are told soldiers!" Dash said. "Captain's orders."
   "Yes sir." the marines replied.
   They circled around the cryo tube waiting for him to defrost.
   "Defrosting in five." Lovell said with a small sound of fear in the mix.
   The elongated Tube held a man probably in his late twenties. He was peaceful in the cryo tube but the marines knew him otherwise. He stood about six foot and seven inches and had brown hair with blonde tips. He had a muscular body and wore a black shirt with pants. The tube slowly began to open as the sleeping gas spewed out of the chamber where the body lay. The lid had fully lifted up and the eyes of the man began to open. His eyes were a crimson red with an outline of a cobalt blue. He looked around side to side and saw that the marines were aiming to kill. If he were to make any sudden movements, the marines would open fire on and he may not make it out alive.
   The feeling in his body was still numb. The defrosting hasn't kicked in yet...what are they waiting for? He began to think to himself. It must be because of them. My brothers...the Starke. He looked at Lovell and began to speak.
   "What is taking you so long?" Lovell didn't answer. "Do you not speak to your higher officers?" Dash appeared on the holopad in front of the cryo tube and began to talk to the frozen man.
   "Hello Aaron. Are you feeling normal?"
   "Hello Dash. Yes I am feeling normal, must I go through this every time I am put on a new ship?"
   "Sorry Aaron, but I don't make the rules. I only follow them."
   "Well hows about getting me up and moving again?" Dash turned to Lovell.
   "Begin the defrosting sequence." Dash turned back to face Aaron. "Well, how was your last mission?"
   "Exhausting. Do I ever get a break?" The AI chuckled for a moment.
   "Your day will come, Aaron. They still need to get used to using you. They are still afraid of you."
   Aaron sounded frustrated "When are they going to learn that I am not my brothers? I am NORMAL!"
   "Yes but you did malfunction on the warship Spirit of Shadows."
   "I broke a few toys! Who hasn't?"
   "They weren't just toys Aaron. They were highly classified files that were stored into the computer mainframe. It took us nearly six months to recover the files from the damage to the main computer YOU caused."
   "Ok so I have an anger issue, who doesn't. Just let me out of here so I can do my job."
   Dash shook his head. "As you wish."
   The feeling in Aaron's body slowly came to life and he was soon able to move his arms and hands. The feeling in his legs too longer for them to defrost but he was soon able to function properly. He slowly lifted himself from the cryo tube and jumped on the ship floor in front of him. He looked around at the marines still holding their weapons and sighed.
   "When is this ever going to stop?" He whispered to himself. He lifted his head back up and walked toward Lovell.
   "So what is our situation?"
   "The captain has ordered you be awakened. We were sent on a mission while flying back to Earth and were ordered to intercept and destroy the Die Starke ship The Dark Portal. We were told that they had classified infromation on the latest experiments and weapons supply being created by the UFSS and were ordered to retrieve it or destroy it with the ship."
   "While we were waiting, however, the ship that was to be intercepted came out of warp drive and rammed us with full force. We didn't have anough time to move out of the way and were hit by their ship. They penetrated our shields and began boarding our vessel.
   "So you need me to kill them all and destroy their ship?"
   "Correct, but we need you to try and get the information from their main computer before you blow it."
   "How will I get inside?"
   "We have that covered. When they hit us they tore a hole in their ship as well. We need you to go through that hole while we fend them off here."
   "How much fire will I be under?"
   Dash turned and faced him. " A lot. We can do our best to cover you but we can't guarantee your safety. You will most likely be hurt in the process."
   Aaron looked at Dash." What about my Battlesuit? It was damaged in the last mission."
   "We have a new one for you. An up-to-date model if you will." Dash turned to face the wall next to the cryo tube. There was an armor plated, skin-like suit hanging on the wall. It came complete with shoulder armor, a chest plate, gloves, legging, and boots. It also had a helmet that looked like a cross between some sort of bug and a 21st century motorcycle helmet.
   Aaron walked up to the suite and felt the material.
   "It looks like some sort of skin."
   "It feels like it too." Dash replied. "It is the latest model of the Battlesuit project. It enhances your normal 130 Percent average speed with 160 Percent average speed. Your reflexes are also enhanced and it has the energy shield of a warship. It is the best we have made and we are giving it to you so please don't destroy it."
   "How good is the armor?"
   "It is quite efficient. Why, we even had marines shoot plasma-based weapons at it and it didn't even scratch it."
   "Sounds good." Aaron turned to face the suit again. "When do I put it on?"
   "Now would be the best time."
   "Got it." Aaron striped down naked and began to put the Battlesuit on. When he was fully encompassed in the suit, it began to grow warm and then suddenly cooled to his body temperature. His face shield began to show his energy bar and a small motion tracker along with a mini map of the area on his display cover in the corners. "This is nice. It feels just like my normal body and I can move around in it without any hassle."
   "Like I said, It is the best Battlesuit available and there is only one of them." Dash waited for a moment and then asked, "Are you ready?"
   "Yes, but I need a gun." Aaron gestured to the rack of guns mounted on the wall next to the exit door.
   Lovell turned to the marines. "You heard the man, get him a gun." To be honest the marines were worried but they followed orders. One of the marines grabbed a F34 -16B Assault Rifle and another one grabbed him a belt of both plasma-base and gun powdered-base grenades. The two marines walked up to Aaron and handed him the supplies while the third marine watched with caution while he strapped the grenades on and loaded the weapon.
   Aaron turned to face Dash. "I'm ready."

   Aaron was slowly working his way down the decks of the ship. With each step he would slowly look from side to side making sure no enemy hostiles were nearby. Aaron walked down a narrow hallway that seemed to be living quarters of the crew. He studied the hallway making sure none of the Starke was there. The Starke may have had lower grade Battlesuites, but they were no push over. Most of them were smart and learned how to cloak their armor with some of the top model cloaking devices. The devices were located on their backs and if he could take those out they would e exposed.
   While walking down the hallway, he noticed that the door of one of the rooms was open. He slowly turned his head around the corner, careful not to jump out if there were hostiles in the area. As he entered the room he noticed that the walls were a different color than before. Blood had painted the walls of the living quarters and the bodies of marines were scattered everywhere. He walked up to each of them and carefully checked their pulse to see if anyone was left alive. Every time he would come upon a dead one, he would take their clips and stash them in his ammo pouch on his hip. He searched the entire room and everyone he came upon was dead. He stood up straight and shook his head. He felt pity for the dead soldiers and how they had used their lives to protect the very thing they believed in.
   He went to turn around but then noticed that his motion tracker had a faint movement signal. He turned to where the movement was originating from and slowly crept closer to the point of origin. When he came upon the area of the movement, he looked and nothing was there. Then it hit him. He turned, with gun in hand, and pointed directly behind him and fired. The round shot through the air and, in for a split second, a figure appeared but moved out of the way of the round. He turned and fired again. This time the figure didn't dodge. The round struck the man in the head dropping it to the ground. Aaron walked up to the body and shot it in the head three more times to make sure it was dead.
   He soon left the room and started down the hall again, this time even more cautious. If anyone knew the Die Starke they knew that if there was one, there was bound to be another. He swept the area of any hostiles but the motion tracker showed no sign of movement. He was able to ease himself, but only for the moment.
   He reached the end of the hall and walked through the destroyed door that the Die Starke had blown open when forcing their way in. He began to immediately patrol the area for any hostile threats and for reinforcements. He walked slowly toward one of the dead marines lying on the black, scorched floor. He turned the marine around and noticed that it was SRG. Jason Nichols. He checked his vital signs and noticed a small pulse. He would make it but only if he was treated right away. Aaron turned on his COM channel.
   "Captain, I need a medical team down here right away. I have a marine that needs medical support."
   "Got it. Be careful down there Aaron. We need you alive in order to win this thing."
   "Aye sir, going dark." Aaron turned off his COM channel and reached into his small magazine pouch. He removed a small, black tube with a red button on it. He pressed the button and the tube slid revealing a flashing red light. He set it down by the marine as a beacon for the medics to find where he was. He peered behind the metal and noticed five Die Starke on the other side.
   He advanced toward a large piece of metal roughly twenty meters in length and hid behind it. He could hear chatter from behind the large piece of shrapnel.
   "I will try and make my way to the Bridge. You take that squad and make your way to the engines." The leader said.
   "Yes sir!" The others replied.
   Aaron retracted his head from the view of the enemy and waited. Once he heard that the others had gone, he slowly stepped out from behind the metal and calmly shot the leader Die Starke in the head. The leader began to fall to the floor but Aaron rushed under the body to catch him so that they body didn't alert any of the others. He turned to see the origin of the large piece of metal. The Die Starke had blown a hold open and rammed a drop pod into the side of the ship. He looked around to check for anymore hostiles and then climbed aboard the vessel. He rushed to the pilot's seat and turned on his COM channel.
   "Captain, this is Aaron. Do you copy?"
   "Yes Aaron, what is it?"
   "I have boarded a Die Starke Drop Ship and I am about to return it to them."
   "If I heard you correctly you said that you had a drop ship?"
   "Correct Captain. I need you to make sure I get on that ship safely with less fire as possible."
   "Gazer Beam online. We are ready when you are."
   "Aye sir, going dark." Aaron switched off the COM channel and began to flip the switches. The ship soon unlatched itself to the ship and sped off into space. 

That is what I have of the prologue so is almost done (I only need a few more paragraphs) but tell me what you think!
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I need a scripter or someone that can add the scripts into my game for me cause every time someone tries to explain it my brain farts...plz help me! :'(
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ok so in my game there is a journal that is kept of the adventures.It is kinda like KH journal but I need a script for it.I was wondering if anyone could help me out here.I will do artwork for you (a selective amount) in return...
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ok I am putting off my game LIGHT for a while cause the art is taking longer than I anyway I need some sprites sheets for these pics:

so if anyone could help me I'd be glad!
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Sup ppl! I'm back and with a vengeance!

The service is back up and running again but I will only accept ONE drawing at a time.

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Ok, so far I have no requests so here are the slots that I will assign you in:


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(Oh and here are some samples)

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