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Welcome! / Welcome? O_o
May 09, 2011, 05:07:29 pm
Ohi there, I'm Hex, and I used to diddle here and daddle there and I think I just might start again.
Welcome! / Hex! A-ah!!!!
May 07, 2010, 03:47:31 pm
Savior of the Universe!


He saves every one of us!


He's a miracle


King of the impossible!
This is largely out of curiosity.  I'll leave it at that.  Speculation as to my true intentions can be discussed, I'm actually curious if anyone else has wondered this.  Regardless, your participation is appreciated.

My Age: ShowHide
Okay, so I'm trying to make a custom window, unfortunately this is my first time diving into the Window_Selectable class.  I need to jump in head first.  This is what I'm trying to do.  At the bottom of my menu, you will see 3 sprites of my party members.  I want to be able to select the members.  My END result would be something like this.

You will be able to have 1 active part member, but you can choose which one it is.  I want to be able to choose which one it is in the little window at the bottom of my window.  It'd be great if I could somehow get a side-to-side scrolling effect, so if you have more than 3 party members, you can scroll through them and then when you hit "enter" you'll choose the selected party member as your active party member.  If you need more clarification let me know.  I'd love to figure this out on my own, but.. I've never dealt with Window_Selectable before, and am looking for any basic/advanced/good information on using Window_Selectable for menus.

Screenshot of Menu: ShowHide

Thanks in advance!  ^_^
RMXP Script Database / [XP] Hex's Token Shop
March 26, 2010, 07:29:27 am
Hex's Token Shop
Authors: (Hexamin)
Version: 1.1
Type: Custom Token Shop
Key Term: Misc. Add-on


Updated:  Now allows for the buying of items, weapons, and armors.

So, some cat asked about a system like this, and since I've begun scripting now, it seemed like something I could take on.  It seems as if I've been successful, and here you have it folks, Hex's first submitted script!  It's pretty simple, and I made it in less than a day.  I may or may not tweak it later.  I guess that'll depend on if anyone wants me to or finds errors.  Well, I know its simple, but hope you enjoy!


  • Use tokens to buy items!
  • Define what your tokens are called!
  • Define how much each item costs easily in the configuration!
  • Simple and easy to use!
  • Can be used for prize tokens, war trophies, or whatever you can imagine!
  • That's all the excitement I can handle!


Screen 1: ShowHide

Screen 2: ShowHide




Place Script Below Scene_Debug
Spoiler: ShowHide
#-----Hex's Custom Prize Shop--------------------------------------------------#
# With this, you can have a token you can collect in your game, and exchange   #
# the token for items.                                                         #
# Create a new event, and use this in a call script:                           #
#  $scene = Prize_Shop(x1, x2, x3)                                             #
# Where x1, x2, etc., are the items' Database IDs you want in the shop.  You   #
# can have up to 10 items per shop.                                            #
# EXAMPLE:                                                                     #
#  $scene = Prize_Shop(1, 5, 8, 3, 41)                                         #
# In the above example, the shop would sell items with Database IDs 1, 5, 8, 3 #
# and 41.                                                                      #
#                                                                              #
# In the configuration below:                                                  #
#    PRIZE = [singular, plural]                                                #
# singular = Singular name of your token                                       #
# plural = Plural name of your token                                           #
#                                                                              #
#    GVAR = number                                                             #
# number = game_variable used for your party's tokens                          #
#                                                                              #
#    when X: return C                                                          #
# X = item, weapon, armor ID                                                                  #
# C = the price in tokens                                                      #
#-----Begin Configuration------------------------------------------------------#
module Prize
 PRIZE = ["Token", "Tokens"]
 GVAR = 777
#-----Item Prices--------------------------------------------------------------#
 def self.item_price(id)
   case id
   when 1: return 5
   when 2: return 1
   when 4: return 11
   when 5: return 3
   when 9: return 32
   when 10: return 641
   return 10
#-----Weapon Prices------------------------------------------------------------#
 def self.weapon_price(id)
   case id
   when 1: return 68
   return 75
#-----Armor Prices-------------------------------------------------------------#
 def self.armor_price(id)
   case id
   when 1: return 49
   return 60
#-----End Configuration--------------------------------------------------------#
class Prize_Shop
 def initialize(items=[], weapons=[], armors=[], menu_index=0)
   @commands = []
   @data = []
   @type = []
   for i in 0..items.size
     if items[i] != 0 && items[i] != nil
   for i in 0..weapons.size
     if weapons[i] != 0 && weapons[i] != nil
   for i in 0..armors.size
     if armors[i] != 0 && armors[i] != nil
   for i in 0..(@data.size - 1)
 def main
   @map =
   @options =, @commands)
   @options.y = 128
   @buy =, ["Yes", "No"])
   @buy.x = 550
   @buy.y = 192 = false
   @buy.visible = false
   @help =
   @cost =
   @trophy =
   loop do
     if $scene != self
 def update
     index = @options.index
     @cost.update(@type[index], @data[index])
 def update_options
   @index = @options.index
   if Input.trigger?(Input::B)
     $scene =
   if Input.trigger?(Input::C)
     case @type[@index]
       when 0
         if Prize.item_price(@data[@index].id) > $game_variables[Prize::GVAR]
       when 1
         if Prize.weapon_price(@data[@index].id) > $game_variables[Prize::GVAR]
       when 2
         if Prize.armor_price(@data[@index].id) > $game_variables[Prize::GVAR]
     $game_system.se_play($data_system.decision_se) = false
     @purchase = = true
     @buy.visible = true
     @buy.index = 0
 def update_buy
   if Input.trigger?(Input::B)
     $game_system.se_play($data_system.cancel_se) = false
     @buy.visible = false
     @buy.index = -1 = true
   if Input.trigger?(Input::C)
     case @buy.index
       when 0
         case @type[@index]
           when 0
             $game_variables[Prize::GVAR] -= Prize.item_price(@data[@index].id)
             $game_party.gain_item(@data[@index].id, 1)
           when 1
             $game_variables[Prize::GVAR] -= Prize.weapon_price(@data[@index].id)
             $game_party.gain_weapon(@data[@index].id, 1)
           when 2
             $game_variables[Prize::GVAR] -= Prize.armor_price(@data[@index].id)
             $game_party.gain_armor(@data[@index].id, 1)
         @trophy.update = false
         @buy.visible = false
         @buy.index = -1 = true
       when 1
         $game_system.se_play($data_system.cancel_se) = false
         @buy.visible = false
         @buy.index = -1 = true

#-----Prize Help Window--------------------------------------------------------#
class Prize_Help < Window_Base
 def initialize
   super(0, 0, 640, 64)
   self.contents =, height-32) = "Arial"  
   self.contents.font.size = 24
 def update(x)
   if x != 0
   self.contents.draw_text(0, 0, 608, 32, x.description)

#-----Prize Cost Window--------------------------------------------------------#
class Prize_Cost < Window_Base
 def initialize
   super(0, 64, 240, 64)
   self.contents =, height-32) = "Arial"  
   self.contents.font.size = 24
 def update(y, x)
   case y
   when 0
     if Prize.item_price( == 1
       str = Prize::PRIZE[0]
       str = Prize::PRIZE[1]
   prc = Prize.item_price(
   when 1
     if Prize.weapon_price( == 1
       str = Prize::PRIZE[0]
       str = Prize::PRIZE[1]
   prc = Prize.weapon_price(
   when 2
     if Prize.armor_price( == 1
       str = Prize::PRIZE[0]
       str = Prize::PRIZE[1]
   prc = Prize.armor_price(
   cx = contents.text_size(str).width
   self.contents.font.color = system_color
   self.contents.draw_text(0, 0, 64, 32, "Cost:")
   self.contents.font.color = normal_color
   self.contents.draw_text(200-cx-64, 0, 64, 32, prc, align=2)
   self.contents.draw_text(208-cx, 0, cx, 32, str)

#-----Trophies Available Window------------------------------------------------#
class Trophies_Avail < Window_Base
 def initialize
   super(400, 64, 240, 64)
   self.contents =, height-32) = "Arial"  
   self.contents.font.size = 24
 def update
   x = $game_variables[Prize::GVAR]
     str = Prize::PRIZE[1]
   self.contents.font.color = system_color
   self.contents.draw_text(0, 0, 160, 32, "Available" + " " + str + ":")
   self.contents.font.color = normal_color
   self.contents.draw_text(160, 0, 48, 32, x.to_s, align = 2)

#-----Purchase Window----------------------------------------------------------#
class Prize_Purchase < Window_Base
 def initialize
   super(486, 128, 154, 64)
   self.contents =, height-32) = "Arial"
   self.contents.font.size = 24
   self.contents.draw_text(0, 0, 128, 32, "Purchase?", align = 1)


Instructions located in script!
Setting up the Event: ShowHide

Simply follow the guidelines in the picture, that's an easy way to do it.  Just remember, this script can just handle 10 items per shop right now, so keep that in mind.


Haven't found any issues, please lemme know if you find any ^_^

Credits and Thanks

  • (Hexamin) @ Chaos-Project
  • Nope, just Hex!

Author's Notes

Hope someone finds this useful!  Just lemme know if you wanna see something else, I'll see what I can do to tweak it.  Keep in mind this is my first submitted script.  I'm quite the noob when it comes to scripting, so I'm sure there are lots of shortcuts that probably could've been used that weren't, better coding possible, la dee da.  Bottom line, its a working system, and that's what I was going for.  Enjoy! ^_^

Edit 1: Updated where the purchase window popped up.
Okay, so I've more or less got the profession system down.  As of now there are 10 ranks for each profession, and with each rank you'll be able to purchase more skills from skill vendors.  Each skill vendor will be unique and sell profession specific skills.  For example, one vendor might only sell Blacksmith and Soldier skills to Evil aligned players.  Another vendor might just sell Musician skills to Nature aligned players.  It'll allow for vast variability and customization as to call the shop you define which skills the vendor is selling and how much he's selling each skill for.  One vendor might sell a skill for 100 gold, while another vendor could sell it for 75 gold, depending on any number of variables, alignment, items, quests completed, etc.  Anyway, here's a couple screens of the Skill Vendor menus.

Vendor 1: ShowHide

Vendor 2: ShowHide

As it stands now I may or may not implement actual levels for the player.  Instead I think I might increase stats based on profession ranks and allow for better skills to be bought at higher ranks instead of automatically getting them at higher levels.  There will be a heavy quest system in which I can include "Manipulation Points" so players can increase their manipulation skills.

Right now, there will be a character creation process at the beginning of the game where players will choose their initial profession, elemental affinity, character appearance, name, and which faction to begin at, and will go through a series of quests that will explain all the aspects of the game, a tutorial if you will, each starting location being a little different with pros and cons.  After the initial quests though the player will be able to traverse freely through the world and a) follow a primary storyline quest, either aiding the fight against the Darkness, or aiding the Darkness in capturing the other colors; b) follow one of the 3 factions storylines in "conquering" the world; c) a multitude of professional/background story/other side quests.

Oh, and I'm working on a custom menu that will change a LOT based off of a lot of aspects of the game I still have not decided on (i.e. levels, stats, manipulation points, quests, etc.).

Anyway, here's the menu so far.

Custom Menu: ShowHide

As you can see, right now I have the "Play" window, the Player info window, the alignment window and the profession window more or less done.  Like i said before though, this is really just a framework for what's to come.

Alright, moving along to the manipulations.

I plan on giving the player ONE elemental skill to begin with (but eventually the player will have more, probably more than 3, less than 10)

The skill to begin with will be a direct damage skill essentially.  The player will be able to morph the skill how he/she wants to, however, using "Manipulation Points" to increase aspects of the skills.

Some general aspects will include...
-Mana Cost

and each element will have specific aspects that can be increased, for instance fire manipulation might include
-Burning State

while air manipulation might include
-projectile speed

Some feedback in regards to aspects of the manipulation skills that can be raised would be nice.  Right now here's a list of things I'm looking at being able to manipulate.
-Mana Cost
-Skill Types (homing, line damage, etc)
-Sp damage
-HP absorb
-HP gain
-SP gain

I'm also thinking that one of the skills you'll be able to manipulate will be a summon skill that the player defines completely as well, after starting with basic stats.  Things that could be included in the manipulations for summons could be
-HP/Mana/General Stats
-Movement speed
-Max # of summons
-Status effects
-Mana Cost

Alright, well, theres a bit of an update for my gamification of ~DB~

Oh one more things, a bit on Alignment.  The player's actions through the game will alter his alignments.  For example, a player that runs around stealing things from everything and everyone in sight will probably veer to the Evil side.  A player who avoids disrupting nature and takes on quests that help out the environment (i.e. going into the forest and killing the goblins who are trying to level the trees to make room for their new headquarters), will be Nature aligned.  This will affect what skills you have access to and each alignment will probably have specific manipulation benefits.  Someone aligned evilly might be able to drain HP from its opponents.

Okay, well, I think that's plenty of info to incite some discussion.  Have at it, ask questions, critique me, do what you will.  ^_^
Edit: self.contents.draw_text(x, y, width, height, $data_skills[id].name)
The problem wasn't with how I was calling this, I was using contents.text_size to try to write the width and x value, but it couldn't convert the $data_skills[id].name into a fixnum to determine its size for some reason.  Anyway, thanks for your time!

I want to write in skills into a menu i'm working on.

self.contents.draw_text(0, 0, 100, 32, ?!?!?!?)

I've not been able to figure out what to put in "?!?!?!?" to call a specific skill.  Say... skill #2 in the database.  Or... skill $game_variables[26] in the database.

Anyone mind helping me with this simple syntax problem?

Hex's Professions for the Gamification of ~Darkness Becomes~
So, I'm beginning work on gamifying Darkness Becomes and am looking into my own profession system.

Here's the general premise.

Player's will choose their primary profession in the character creation process.  Each profession will have 10 ranks, each rank increasing the profession's job skill and allowing the player to expand it's professional skills.  (I.e. a thief will be able to pick locks, and will have skills that accentuate a thief's profession, such as a skill a thief could use while sneaking to deal extra damage to an unsuspecting enemy.)  Professional skills will be based off an alignment system I'm implementing as well.  For example, a thief aligned with Evil, Chaos, and Nature will have access to skills that a Good, Order, Might aligned thief wouldn't have access to.  Anyway, players will also have access to secondary professions, and will be able to switch between their secondary professions, while maintaining their primary profession.  For example, a player with a primary profession of soldier can learn both the thief and hunter professions, however, those professions will level slower, have less variability, but the player will be able to actively switch their secondary profession (most likely via an NPC specifically created for such).

Now then, I could use some help in defining professions rank systems, along with the professions themselves.  So, if you have the time and wouldn't mind, please feel free to leave ideas, remarks, criticism, etc., to help progress this system.

The professions I've begun working out as of now are as follows.

Profession: Soldier
Rank 1: Conscript
Rank 2: Squire
Rank 3: Footman
Rank 4: Knight
Rank 5: Vindicator
Rank 6: Cavalier
Rank 7: Champion
Rank 8: Paladin
Rank 9: Templar
Rank 10: Zealot
Professional Talent/Knowledge: First aid / Leadership
Professional Skills: Still working on ideas for these.

Profession: Hunter
Rank 1: Slayer of Rabbits
Rank 2: Slayer of Elkfolk
Rank 3: Slayer of Wolves
Rank 4: Slayer of Goblins
Rank 5: Slayer of Harpies
Rank 6: Slayer of Bears
Rank 7: Slayer of Giants
Rank 8: Slayer of Demons
Rank 9: Slayer of Dragons
Rank 10: Slayer of All
Professional Talent/Knowledge: Skinning / Tracking
Professional Skills: Still working on ideas for these.

Profession: Thief
Rank 1: Sticky Hands
Rank 2: Trickster
Rank 3: Pickpocket
Rank 4: Lifter
Rank 5: Trespasser
Rank 6: Bandit
Rank 7: Swindler
Rank 8: Larcenist
Rank 9: Infiltrator
Rank 10: Shadow
Professional Talent/Knowledge: Lockpicking / Stealth
Professional Skills: Still working on ideas for these.

Profession: Musician
Rank 1: Amateur
Rank 2: Performer
Rank 3: Bard
Rank 4: ?Minstrel?
Rank 5: Inspiration
Rank 6: Artist
Rank 7: Star
Rank 8: Idol
Rank 9: Icon
Rank 10: Legend
Professional Talent/Knowledge: Musical performance / ???
Professional Skills: Still working on ideas for these.

Profession: Alchemist
Rank 1: Trainee Chemist
Rank 2: Herbalist
Rank 3: Mixer
Rank 4: Pharmacist
Rank 5: Chemist
Rank 6: Apothecary
Rank 7: Professor
Rank 8: Genius
Rank 9: Master Chemist
Rank 10: Metamorphasist
Professional Talent/Knowledge: Potion making / Material Transfiguration
Professional Skills: Still working on ideas for these.

Profession: Engineer
Rank 1: Apprentice
Rank 2: Imaginer
Rank 3: Mechanic
Rank 4: Designer
Rank 5: Creator
Rank 6: Inventor
Rank 7: Technician
Rank 8: Journeyman
Rank 9: Mastermind
Rank 10: Stroke of Genius
Professional Talent/Knowledge: Invention / Mechanical repair
Professional Skills: Still working on ideas for these.

Profession: Blacksmith
Rank 1: Assistant
Rank 2: Laborer
Rank 3: Welder
Rank 4: Wright
Rank 5: Armorer
Rank 6: Artisan
Rank 7: Craftsman
Rank 8: Mason
Rank 9: Artificer
Rank 10: Divine Hand
Professional Talent/Knowledge: Crafting/Repair
Professional Skills: Still working on ideas for these.

Profession: Priest
Rank 1: Servant
Rank 2: Acolyte
Rank 3: Priest
Rank 4: Minister
Rank 5: Fanatic
Rank 6: Inquisitor
Rank 7: Bishop
Rank 8: Saint
Rank 9: Prophet
Rank 10: Avatar
Professional Talent/Knowledge: Prayers/Blessings
Professional Skills: Still working on ideas for these.

Yes, this system will be a mouthful and quite a task to full implement, especially with the variety of skills I will have.  If that's not enough to intimidate, I'm also looking at creating outfits for each profession (both male and female) and possibly even making unique outfits for each rank (or higher ranks).  Needless to say, a lot of thought is going into this professions system, and so your feedback is greatly appreciated.  ^_^
Okay, the rules will be fairly simple.  Play nice and no killing without my approval.  This thread is for PLAYER vs PLAYER battles only, all other battles with NPCs, monsters, etc., will be held in the STORY thread, so don't forget it.  I reckon this will be needed fairly soon.

Effective format will require this at the top of each post in the current battle= Player #1 vs. Player #2: Battle #.

One player will give an action, the next player will give a response to the action and a counter action., then back and forth til the battle is complete.

An example...
Hexamin Munefine vs. Bysir:Battle 1
Hexamin Munefine uses his intimate relationship with the storyteller to be granted over 9000 power points which he takes and directs that energy into a super huge energy ray directed at Bysir

Hexamin Munefine vs. Bysir:Battle 1
Bysir cries and goes home because Hex was playing unfair.


--::ADDITIONAL NOTE::-- This is NOT the thread to discuss or do anything other than battle.  Please refrain from posting offtopic.
General Discussion / 10 Days
March 10, 2010, 02:04:23 pm
Okay, whether it's been done before or not...  Who wants to see a game using ATES that lasts a period of 10 in game days, with huge storyline diverseness and many many many multiple outcomes?

'Cause I may just do it.
Vael: ShowHide

Player:Shiny Magikarp
Playing Since:Day 1
Favored Color:Red
Elemental Efficiency:Fire
Unique Ability:Spontaneous Combustion
Unique Items:(none)

Chris: ShowHide

Playing Since:Day 1
Favored Color:Blue
Elemental Efficiency:Wind
Unique Ability:Invisibility
Unique Items:
-Scott's Lockpick Set

Pyrrhus: ShowHide

Playing Since:Day 1
Favored Color:Blue
Elemental Efficiency:Wind
Unique Ability:Mystic Eyes
Unique Items:(none)

Aseras: ShowHide

Player:C.C. Royal
Playing Since:Day 1
Active?:Not yet
Favored Color:Yellow
Elemental Efficiency:Wind
Unique Ability:Psychic Wind
Unique Items:
-Brotherhood Seal

Seles: ShowHide

Playing Since:Day 1
Favored Color:Blue
Elemental Efficiency:Water
Unique Ability:Soundwave Manipulation
Unique Items:

Revan: ShowHide

Player:Rocket Leader Munkey
Playing Since:Day 1
Favored Color:Green
Elemental Efficiency:Earth
Unique Ability:Earthshaper
Unique Items:
-Elkfolk Jerky (x3)
-Goblin Stone
Party Members:
~Name:Robert Pollen
~Background Info:Robert pollen is a self proclaimed rogue-for-hire.  Whether it be picking locks, or doing some stealthy recon, his skills are bound to prove useful... right?

Kiba: ShowHide

Playing Since:Day 1
Favored Color:Blue
Elemental Efficiency:Wind
Unique Ability:Breath of Life
Unique Items:
-Crest of the Order
-The Birth of a Phoenix (Book)

Bysir: ShowHide

Playing Since:Day 2
Age:342 (yrs since eternal youth)
Favored Color:N/A
Elemental Efficiency:None
Unique Ability:Wraith Walk
Unique Items:
-Shapeshifter's Claw
-The Darkness Becomes (Book)
-Elkfolk meat
-Elkfolk blood

Rosa: ShowHide

Introduced:Day 1
Role:A young woman who has the misfortune of being a vessel for Niribu
Background Info:Rosa was a simple girl who loved to gaze upon the stars.  He favorite star, that she named Phoenix, disappeared one night, and Rosa fell ill.  Rosa would've died, if it weren't for her body being taken over by Niribu.  She will play a vital role in the fate of mankind.

Niribu: ShowHide

Introduced:Day 1
Role:The Essence of Darkness
Location:Inside Rosa
Background Info:After tricking the Reds to give up their color, the Darkness was able to come to the planet and materialize.  Niribu is what it calls itself and it currently resides inside the girl Rosa.  Niribu is bent on acquiring the rest of the colors, although his scheme is unknown to most humans.

Prince Wensil: ShowHide

Introduced:Day 1
Role:Prince of Unificus and leader of the Royalists
Background Info:After his father, King Ursa, died, Prince Wensil sought to take his place on the throne.  Unfortunately, his brother, Prince Capsol, also wanted the throne, and now the kingdom has been thrown into turmoil and is on the brink of war.  Prince Wensil has Unificus on a lockdown with his Royal Guard patrolling the streets and guarding its walls.

Prince Capsol: ShowHide

Introduced:Day 1
Role:Prince of Castle Terna and leader of the Republic
Location:Castle Terna
Background Info:After his father, King Ursa, died, Prince Capsol undermined his brother's desire to take the throne, realizing his own birthright as the next king.  He didn't think that age or birth-order mattered, and sought to prove that the more powerful of the two would come to sit on the throne of the kingdom.  He has an army at his disposal that is being readied to fight against the Royalists.

Zenith: ShowHide

Introduced:Day 1
Role:Lord of Shishra and leader of the Freeseekers
Background Info:A powerful Firemaster, Zenith has come to power in Shishra by taking advantage of the fear in people's hearts after the King died.  Zenith is very powerful in his individual skills and his leadership comes naturally.  He "welcomes" all who desire to join his Freeseekers (although initiation into the Freeseekers is somewhat brutal).  He resides in Shishra and will continue to until he has enough Freeseekers to advance against both Princes.

Captain Orion: ShowHide

Introduced:Day 1
Role:Recruiter for the Army of the Republic
Location:Castle Terna
Background Info:Captain Orion has seen battle before, however, like most others, he has never seen outright war.  Nevertheless, his skills in orating have been proven useful for recruiting others into the service of the military under Prince Capsol.  Now he is managing the draft, and organizes new officers into their respective units.

Scott Hemming: ShowHide

Introduced:Day 1
Role:Old Thief
Age:Old (63)
Background Info:Scott Hemming is an old man who is shrouded in potential mystery.  He hints at the Thieves Guild, but seems a bit too out of place to of been a member of the great Guild.  Although he is old, he is surprisingly perceptive and quick.

Ryan Scott: ShowHide

Introduced:Day 1
Role:Zenith's Head Guard
Background Info:Ryan Scott makes a living for his family by heading the guard force of Shishra.  This force does Zenith's dirty work around town and although the guards aren't Freeseekers, they are a trusted force of Zenith's.

Aurora: ShowHide

Introduced:Day 1
Role:Homeless Girl
Background Info:Aurora was abandoned by her Uncle recently, who was taking care of her ever since her mother and father passed away.  Now she has no family and is starving on the streets.  This little girl may have a trick or two up her sleeves, if she can keep hanging onto her life by the threads.

George Serna (Deceased): ShowHide

Introduced:Day 2
Role:Aurora's Uncle
Location:Bottom of the sea
Background Info:George Serna was stuck with Aurora during his prime years.  When he felt a change in the world, he decided to set off in search for answers and planned on sailing the sea to find an island with ancient stones that may have insight on the current happenings of the world.  However, after abandoning his niece, his ship was wrecked and he drowned at sea.

Carzual: ShowHide

Introduced:Day 2
Role:A Paladinian Merchant
Background Info:Carzual is a shifty character, short in stature, but not in tricks.  His wiry hair and strange antics, combined with his elaborate descriptions and methods of salesmanship, make Carzual a captivating man.  Somehow he manages to be anywhere there is a secret vault for Paladinian merchandise and disappears after receiving a donation for his merchandise.

Brendt: ShowHide

Introduced:Day 2
Role:Paladin of the Order
Location:Castle Terna
Background Info:Brendt has been in the Order of Paladins for 10 years.  He was the youngest to ever join the Order and has excelled during his time studying and praying.  Secretly this new chaos in the world excited him.  Long had he awaited a time in which his skill could shine, and now, finally, he was about to get an opportunity to act.

Sister Sophia: ShowHide

Introduced:Day 2
Role:Sister of the Brotherhood, Ear to the Inner Chamber
Location:The Brotherhood Sanctuary
Background Info:Sophia has been with the Brotherhood for many years, and has been an Ear to the Inner Chamber for 5 years.  Although her duties as an Ear to the Inner Chamber require significantly less killing than those of the Outer Chamber assassins, she is a powerful assassin, with mysterious ways of eliminating her target through seduction and illusion.

K'thelok: ShowHide

Introduced:Day 2
Role:Friendly? Goblin
Location:Mountain ridges west of Port Brenan
Background Info:K'thelok was found helping a human.  His tribe was killed by adventuring humans and now he was left roaming the mountain ridges.  This goblin was the first to ever make conversation with humans outside of the mountains, perhaps this was groundbreaking for human-goblin relations.

Theed: ShowHide

Introduced:Day 3
Role:King's Watchman
Background Info:Theed is part of the 1st Investigative Unit of the King's Guard, a.k.a., the Watchmen.  He's been around for many years, and even stopped Alex Starwright 24 years ago when the Dark Paladin attempted to infiltrate Unificus.  With his vast knowledge of the Dark Circle and investigative techniques, Theed is a significant asset to Prince Wensil's Watchmen.

Marcus Rayth: ShowHide

Introduced:Day 4
Role:Darson's Libarian
Background Info:Marcus Rayth is a librarian in Darson.  He is a grandson of Xenos Rayth, a (deceased) member of the Dark Circle.  Xenos Rayth was disgusted after realizing just what kind of pact they made with the dark force.  He spent years researching the darkness within him, and the Darkness itself.  Xenos wrote a book of his findings that he passed on to his son to hold onto and learn from.  His son passed the book to his son, Marcus, who has held onto it since.  Xenos Rayth was eventually found by Alex Starwright, and killed.  Now Marcus has been cooped up in Darson's library studying and welcoming visitors to the town.

Mary Stormbrew: ShowHide

Introduced:Day 4
Role:Tracker for Prince Capsol
Location:Prince Capsol's Army
Background Info:Mary Stormbrew works directly for Prince Capsol.  Her abilities to summon spirit companions are unmatched.  She is also an expert tracker.  Not much is known about her, other than her undying loyalties to the prince, and her desire to carry out his desires.

Fredrick Moonfire: ShowHide

Introduced:Day 5
Location:Somewhere in the Mountains north of Yisra
Background Info:Fredrick Moonfire, or Archtemplar Moonfire as the other mountainmen referred to him, is one of the eldest mountainmen, and leader of the templars bent on destroying the Darkness.  They have waited for generations in the mountains waiting and watching the rest of the world.  Their time to act would come and it would come soon.

Prominent Groups
The Brotherhood of Blood: ShowHide

A society of assassins, robed in secrecy, and hired by only the most wealthy and sinister people to do their bidding.  The Brotherhood is a select group and its unknown how new members are selected.

Thieves Guild: ShowHide

A group of thieves that has eyes and ears in every major city.  Most people think the thieves guild is just made up, and like the Brotherhood, it is an elite society.  No one knows how to join the Guild or if it even really exists.  Insightful people would realize that they are constantly being watched, and would hold onto their valuables a bit tighter.

Dylon's Drifters: ShowHide

A group of mercenaries that have previously been used for odd-jobs around the kingdom.  Having heard of the Arena going up in Shishra, Dylon and his drifters are making their way from Yisra to Shishra, to scope out the exciting battle-royal.  Who knows?  Maybe they'll sign up with Zenith and his Freeseekers, loyalty has a price afterall.

Order of Paladins: ShowHide

Paladins used to be few and far between in the world, but years ago they came together and created an Order that would combine their skills and knowledge and wisdom to do the most amount of good for the world.  Now they reside at Castle Terna and offer council to Prince Capsol.

The Naiad Family: ShowHide

The Naiad Family is known throughout their small town as a very hospitable family.  For the past 17 years they have been blessed with enough catches each day to make sure they're well off.  While they're not the most powerful or wealthy in the town, they are known for their charity and are looked favorably upon by all the townsfolk.  Rumors of their good deeds even stretch all the way to Port Brenan, and no one catches the caliber of fish that the Naiad family does.  Because of this, travelers have been known to come to Fendmoore in search for the delicious delicacies.

The Dark Circle: ShowHide

This circle includes only a few members, as most had died in combat or been executed over the past 100 years.  It is a group of paladins who accepted a "gift" of eternal youth from the Darkness, but having done so, permanently severed all ties to the gods (the Spectrum).  Now the final few members lived their lives in solitude, separate from each other, for each of them reminded each other of the life they left behind, for a life of killing instead.

The King's Watchmen: ShowHide

After King Charles was assassinated, the Queen initiated an elite group of guards that would serve as the 1st Investigative Unit of the King's Guard, a.k.a., the King's Watchmen.  These elite would harness their perceptive powers and physical and elemental abilities to be able to effectively identify and combat Dark Paladins (along with other would-be assassins).

Day 1: ShowHide

Beer Wench #1: "I heard there are people living in the mountains that don't even know the King died!"
Beer Wench #2: "No.  That can't be possible.  You would have to be crazy to step foot into the mountains, let alone live up there.  What about all the goblins and who knows what else is up there?"
Beer Wench #1: "You're probably right, I don't know what I was thinking."

Day 2: ShowHide

Soldier #1:  I talked with a goblin once.
Soldier #2:  What?  That's nonsense, everyone knows goblins are unintelligent creatures, capable only of mindlessly destroying anything made by man!
Soldier #1:  No, I swear it!  The goblin even made me dinner and I sat down with its family!
Soldier #2:  You have been in this army way too long!  *hysterical laughter*
Soldier #1:  *joins in with more laughter*

Day 3: ShowHide

Goblin #1: "These flatfooted humans are restless.  It appears as if they're about to fight eachother."
Goblin #2: "They claim to be of superior intelligence, but how it is they kill others of the same skin?"
Goblin #1: "We'll show them who's superior, I heard the Big Boss is making negotiations with Shaman of the Northern Yetis."
Goblin #2: *Squeals in excitement*  "The Yeti?!  Oh that will be most interesting!"

Day 4: ShowHide

Brenan Nurse: "Have you heard what that man has been saying?"
Brenan Doctor: "Is he still rambling?"
Brenan Nurse: "Yes! On and on about some "Dark Circle" and a new presence in the world!  Complete nonsense, I say!"
Brenan Doctor: "Just fill him with some more anesthetics, he'll be fine."

Day 5: ShowHide

A bard sang his song in a tavern near Yimne.

"A shadow visited this world we knew,
In evil hearts, the shadow grew.
Better men saw this and fled,
As the world's future they had read.
The mountain men, they would be known,
And the would reside until it shown.
The darkness, that is, that's with us now.
Even though, no one knows how.
Perhaps the mountain will know.
Perhaps these better men will show,
The path we need to hold onto,
The path they know is pure and true."

The tavern's patrons booed the bard off the stage.

Brotherhood Seal: ShowHide

A seal marking membership to the Brotherhood of Blood

Guqin: ShowHide

A musical instrument that produces beautiful sounds, but very few can play it.

Crest of the Order: ShowHide

A crest worn to signify one's status as a member of the Order of Paladins

Elkfolk Jerky: ShowHide

(Consumable item) Jerky made from Elkfolk meat.  Restores fatique; increases speed for a short duration.

Goblin Stone: ShowHide

A stone that has a strong scent according to goblins.  It looks like any other rock to humans though.

Shapeshifter's Claw: ShowHide

A claw belonging to a great shapeshifting beast.

Scott's Lockpick Set: ShowHide

A lockpick set given to Chris by Scott Hemming.  This set was old and used, but it's durability was incredible

The Darkness Becomes: ShowHide

A book written by Xenos Rayth.  It contains information on the Dark Circle and ways to combat the Darkness.

The Birth of a Phoenix: ShowHide

A book written about Phoenixes and containing elaborate information about immortality potions.

Unique Weapons and Armor
Azrael: ShowHide

An ancient sword hilt empowered with wind.  Whatever it is attached to feels light as a feather to the wielder.

Stinger: ShowHide

An assassin's weapon if there ever was one.  The blade excretes poison that the wielder has applied to it, effectively spreading it quickly through the victim's body.

The Shifting Blade: ShowHide

An incredible sword capable of changing its form and attributes based on the wielders desires.  It's said it can be crafted from a claw of a Parenthus Shiftus, hair from a Wind Harpy, and blood of an Elkfolk, along with some other minor crafting materials any smith would carry.  The last known crafter of this item was located in Yisra, and had the last name Orion.

Elkfolk: ShowHide

Apparently Elkfolk exist somewhere and their meat can be made into a tasty jerky.  These creatures are semi-intelligent and very benevolent, never hurting a fly, only eating berries and other plants found around the forest.

Elkfolk can learn language very quickly, initially imitating, but then thoroughly understanding the dialect.  They use their corrosive spit to digest hardly digestible plants and bark, however, the spit inflicts excruciating pain, if the elkfolk ever decide they are endangered.  This happens hardly ever though, their presence initiates a euphoric charm in all nearby creatures.

Goblin: ShowHide

Humans assume that goblins are unintelligent creatures, largely due to humanity's pompous nature.  However, goblins are actually well organized in the mountains, governed by the Goblin King, a.k.a. the Big Boss.  They hardly fight against each other, instead forming hunting parties and raiding groups, fighting beasts and humans with their large numbers.

Air Squirrel: ShowHide

Vicious squirrels found in spire capable of incredible speeds which they use to quickly strike rodents or anything endangering them, and then jump great distances into the trees with their wind-based prowess.

Parenthus Shiftus: ShowHide

The Parenthus Shiftus, also known as the shapeshifting beast, has typically resided in Spire.  Some have recently migrated into the mountains for reasons unknown.  These beasts are to be avoided, however, being extremely dangerous and territorial.  They'll take on various forms, a large bird, a cat-like quick creature, and a large beast, with claws like a bear and fangs like a snake.  Some adventurers have sought out these creatures for their venom and claws.  Their venom is used in powerful poisons, while their claws have been used by some crafters to create an extremely unique weapon that shifts its characteristics based on the wielder and his desires.

Phoenix: ShowHide

The eternal birds of fire.  These birds, while not engulfed in flames like many believe, are capable of releasing large bursts of heat in a self defense.  They are largely fearful of humans; however, and will fly away after incinerating its surroundings with heat.  If a phoenix is killed, however, its ashes have been said to be an ingredient for a powerful potion that can grant immortality for a limited amount of time.
Day 1: The Stars Disappear
Character Locations: ShowHide
Characters are currently identified by the first letter of their name in their specific color.  I.e.  Chris is the box with the blue "C".  Also, if you need a reference to the locations on the map, see the original thread.,5791.0.html

The stars are gone.  Most everyone is too distracted by the conflict between the factions to notice.

In Unificus, Prince Wensil is reassuring the city's residents of his control.  He just announced that the Royal Guard is formed and loyal citizens may be rewarded with the opportunity to join their ranks.  Giovanni Ursa, a cousin of Prince Wensil, is heading the Royal Guard and taking liberty upon himself to issue the Royal Guard's first decree.

"Citizens of Unificus:  By order of Giovanni Ursa, Head of the Royal Guard, a census is being taken and loyalties will be signed over to Prince Wensil.  Citizens will recieve IDs and are required to always have their ID on them.  The census will take place in 2 days, and any citizen without proper ID thereafter will be properly taken care of."

Prince Capsol continues his military build up in Castle Terna.  A draft is being issued for all men age 16 to 40 to join the ranks of the Republic or face banishment (at best).

In Shishra, Zenith continues welcoming all who come seeking him and his power.  He has established an arena to test potential followers.  The wannabe-Freeseekers fight to the death in the arena, but the victors are allowed into the palace of Zenith to train and study his ways.

The village, Fendmoore, was far enough away from all the commotion of the factions, so several of it's inhabitants noticed the absence of the stars and began whispering about what it could possibly mean.

Crossroads was busier than ever.  People were leaving the major cities due to the new martial laws being enacted.  The inns were all crowded in this town, the nightlife was crazier than ever.  Not only were members of opposing factions breaking into fights, but anyone caught outside would end up getting mugged or running for their life.

Rumor of the Day
Beer Wench #1: "I heard there are people living in the mountains that don't even know the King died!"
Beer Wench #2: "No.  That can't be possible.  You would have to be crazy to step foot into the mountains, let alone live up there.  What about all the goblins and who knows what else is up there?"
Beer Wench #1: "You're probably right, I don't know what I was thinking."

Significant Events
-Unificus will have a census in 2 days
-Prince Capson has issued a draft
-Zenith has set up an arena for those who wish to become a Freeseeker

Character starting locations are locked in.  By the way, since this is Day 1, and you are the first characters in the game, the Storyteller sees fit to make today exceptionally lucky.  What does that mean?  Well, start playing the game and you'll find out when the Storyteller interacts with you.
Edit 1: After reading Blizzard's guidelines I decided to add a features section of this story.  Check it out for some more guidelines to the game
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Edit 3: Added information about the Brotherhood of Blood, Dylon's Drifters, and the Thieves Guild

Darkness Becomes
Out of the Darkness came the Spectrum.  A benevolent stream of light, containing every color imaginable.  The Spectrum traveled through the void of space, filling it with the four Primaries, Greens, Blues, Yellows and
Reds.  The Greens became our planet, and the Blues followed the Greens to give the planet the Water of Life.  The Yellows gave birth to our mighty sun, while the Reds danced circles in the skies, becoming the stars.  However, the reds were separate from the other colors. The Blues gave life to all the living creatures, and the Greens were the creatures' home, while the Yellows warmed the living beings with its rays of sunshine.  The Reds did nothing other than watch from a far, alone in the cold dark universe.  The Spectrum's benevolence was scattered into the four Primaries and it shielded all living creatures from the Darkness.  However, the Reds were constantly surrounded by the Darkness, and after time, the Spectrum's light began to fade in the Reds.

One night, Rosa was staring up at the night sky, watching the stars in the sky.  She did this quite often, as she would always get a warm feeling from the night sky filled with all those twinkling lights.  Her favorite star she had named Phoenix, and for good reason too.  Every night Rosa would come out, just before the first stars came out, and every night Phoenix would be the first to light the night sky, and just before dawn, Phoenix would slowly die with the rising sun.  Rosa never fretted, however, because she knew that Phoenix would be back the next night.  On this night, Phoenix was not the first star out, in fact, Rosa would never see Phoenix again.

The Darkness had seen the weakness in the Spectrum's design, and exploited it flawlessly.  It began by letting the Reds realize they were different than the other Primaries.  Soon thereafter the whisperings began.  In a deep, cold voice, the Darkness spoke, "Unessential... meaningless... distant..."  These words the Reds were already toying with in their minds, but the Darkness magnified them.  One night, the Reds confronted the Darkness.

"Why would the Spectrum do this?  Why would She create four Primaries, but seclude us from the rest?"  The Reds hearts were sinking.

The Darkness withheld a sinister laugh, instead voice its "sincere" concern.  "Poor little Reds, out in the void of space all by themselves.  Too far away to have any impact on the planet and its life.  Such a waste..."

The Reds perked their heads up, "A waste?  What do you mean?"

"Well, my little Reds... your color, it deserves to be closer to life.  You have so much to offer to the planet and its inhabitants."  The Darkness swirled around the Reds in an eerily comforting way, putting the Reds into a hazy delirium.

The Reds fought to think straight, but were lost in thoughts of hopelessness and meaninglessness.  "What should we do then?  How can we be closer?"

"Mmmm... well."  The Darkness slyly said, "You do know that I have been to the other side of the universe, I even move faster than the Spectrum ever could.  And yes... I have seen the planet up close, watched the living creatures even closer."

The Reds minds continued to spin, vividly imagining the Darkness swirling through the void all the way to the planet.  "How do we get close to the planet?  We want to experience life!"

The Darkness spun around the Reds and whispered, "I could take you there."

"Please, get us there, what must we do to be closer?"

"Give me your color."  And the Darkness began to grow darker.

Rosa noticed Phoenix's absence.  She did not realize that the Darkness was responsible for taking the light away.  Several more nights passed and Rosa still had not seen Phoenix.  What's more, she noticed a lack of brilliance in the sky, there seemed to be very few stars left in the sky.  Rosa became depressed and illness quickly followed.  She was bedridden for weeks, and by the time the last star went out, Rosa was on the brink of death.  That's when she was visited by the Darkness.

The house became quiet, no sound entered the house, and no sound was made in the house.  A blanket fell over the house, overwhelming Rosa in her bed.  It was pure evil that she felt, pure evil with a hint of familiarity.  She looked towards the window, and opened her mouth to inquire about the strange presence; nothing escaped her lips.  

"Hush child."  The Darkness flowed into her room, surrounding her gently with the insanity of nothingness.  What was this familiarity Rosa felt?  Her weak body could not handle the sensation and quickly became unconscious.

When her eyes opened she saw a star.  "Phoenix?"  She asked, even though she knew Phoenix never had such a malignant aura about him.

"No child, I am Niribu."  The light came closer and Rosa let the light fall into her hands.  "Take me, I am yours."

Rosa clasped her hands around Niribu and fell backwards slowly, and just before she hit the ground, she awoke.  The presence was gone from the house.  Her body felt strong.  Rosa was fully recovered, but whereas the Darkness was no longer surrounding the house, Rosa did still feel different.  Niribu was inside her, festering, waiting for his time to cover the entire world in Darkness.

The Planet
World Map: ShowHide

Cities Identified: ShowHide

The Greens provided the creature on the planet mountains and valleys, forests and caves, and all sorts of terrain to be inhabited.  The Blues breathed life into the creatures, and the Yellows provided them warmth.  Everything had its place on the planet.  A circle of life allowed Humans, the images of the Spectrum, to thrive.  Human's had powers of creativity and through their creativity they could manipulate the world around them.  Most humans could only manipulate certain elements, whether it be earth, fire, water, or wind, but a few could also expand their powers of manipulation and control another aspect, unique to that person.  While no one could create something out of nothing, a human's powers were only limited to their creativity.  One human that manipulated water could be in a stone cave, but feel a deep well beneath them and summon the water through the crevices in the rocks beneath.  Another human that manipulates wind might be submerged under water, but have a constant breath from the surface wind.  Regardless, humans had no need to harm each other, beasts were plentiful, and plants grew rampant.  No human was without.  However, the day the Darkness stepped into the world through Rosa, doubt entered humans' minds much as it did with the Reds.  As soon as Niribu entered Rosa, the great Kingdom Unificus began to crumble.  King Ursa died that night and his sons were both convinced they were the rightful heir.  Kingdom Unificus would quickly decay leaving not only two factions, each siding with it's prince, but also a good number who saw Zenith and his great powers as a manipulator as a potential king.

Unificus:  This city has always been the center of the planet.  King Ursa ruled here and so did all the kings before him.  Life always thrived here, as travelers who went from the northern coast to the southern coast had to go through the mountain pass.  The mountains were dangerous, so Unificus was the only plausible route for sane adventurers.  Since the king died, it is now Prince Wensil's stronghold, and his Royalists make sure no other faction members even pass through the city.  It is still a safe thriving place for those who support Prince Wensil, although fewer outsiders dare visit for fear of Prince Wensil's paranoia towards other factions.

Castle Terna:  An ancient king, King Leon, built Castle Terna.  There was a time when the planet was plagued with goblins.  They overran Unificus from the mountains and King Leon was forced to relocate Unificus's population, so he built a castle to protect his people.  Along with the castle, a military was created to defeat the goblins.  The goblins were driven back into the mountains and Unificus eventually became the thriving city it was prior to the goblin invasion; however, since then the kingdom maintained its military in case goblins ever decided to strike again.  Now Prince Capsol commands the Military of the Republic and resides behind the Castle's tall walls.

Shishra: Shishra has been the main port since before the goblin's ever thought about invading Unificus.  Safe on its high coast, Shishra has a diverse population of adventurers, tradesmen, and sailors.  Zenith is a resident of Shishra and since King Ursa died, he has become Lord over Shishra, spreading the word that anyone can come to Shishra to learn of his powers and join him in establishing a new "free" government.

Fendmoore:  Fendmoore has remained virtually untouched by the inland cities.  Isolated, it is a quiet town full of fishermen and families.  The factions haven't tainted the town, and despite increasing turmoil in the rest of the world, Fendmoore remains relatively quiet.

Darson:  Another quiet town, Darson finds solace in the middle of a forest outsiders fear.  Many adventurers come to Darson to stay while they scour the nearby trees in search of mystical beasts and hidden caves.  Darson's east wall was built to fend off the forest's beasts that would attack the city when no adventurers were nearby to protect it.  Now Darson tries to remain untouched by the near-faction-war, although some rumors are being spread about Zenith and his Freeseekers; many in the town find the promise of power alluring, especially living near such a dangerous forest.

Crossroads: Crossroads is a major trading post even after King Ursa died.  The factions all have some pull in the town, however, which leads to violence at night between the factions.  During the day, however, Crossroads remains a lively, friendly place, as if the factions set aside their differences to keep the city alive and in business.

Port Brenan:  Port Brenan and it's inhabitants have struggled in keeping up with Shishra's massive port.  When King Ursa died and the Princes seperated, the town immediately sided with Prince Capson, providing him with supplies while he provided the town with military support.  Any Freeseekers found in Port Brenan should fear for their life, as the inhabitants were already sour towards Shishra before the king died.  Now they have an excuse to act against Shishra.

Okalade: The people in this small town have always been hard workers.  They build boats for both Shishra and Port Brenan, and now that the factions have taken over those towns, Okalade is struggling to continue making ships.  Zenith doesn't want Okalade making ships for Prince Capsol, and currently Zenith has Freeseekers that regularly "check in" with Okalade to make sure they aren't associating with anyone from Port Brenan or other factions.

Yisra:  Yisra is somewhat isolated from the near-war.  It's a small town and it's people have always enjoyed the serenity they've found away from the big cities.  It's inhabitants hunt the wild game nearby, and any supplies they get from Yimne, although most of the time the citizens of Yisra keep to themselves and very seldom leave.  Occasionally though an adventurer has been born in Yisra, a few even braved the mountains to the north and are rumored to still be up there somewhere.

Yimne:  The people of Yimne get a lot of support from Unificus as Yimne has been a resort of sorts for people in Unificus.  Now the people in Yimne tend to side with Prince Wensil and long for peace again.  Still, they maintain their paradise and try to live life like they did before King Ursa died, welcoming visitors with open arms.

The Factions
Prince Wensil's Royalists: The Royalists hold onto the idea that the Kingdom is not crumbling, and ignore the fact that something has just shook the world out of place.  They believe that if Prince Wensil, the heir to the throne by eldest birthright, takes the throne, order will be restored and peace will naturally continue.  They aim to obtain Prince Wensil's succession to the throne by peaceful, diplomatic means, however, they see anyone that disagrees as a menace and will pull strings to make those people disappear.

Prince Capsol's Republic:  Prince Capsol and his followers don't ignore the fact that the kingdom is struggling.  The believe they have to take the kingdom back and put Prince Capsol on the throne to restore order.  While not directly approving of war, they are taking a more militaristic approach to the Kingdom's turmoil and are building a ready army to combat opposing forces if neccessary.

Zenith's Freeseekers:  Zenith is a powerful manipulator and believes that due to his incredible power, he should have control over the kingdom.  He realizes that he needs more followers to support him, however, and he aims to gain followers by offering them power and a place in his kingdom.  Although he's not ready to seize control of the throne currently, he and his followers are quickly becoming a force to be noticed.

Additional Background
The Brotherhood of Blood: This elite order of assassins has remained in the shadows for 149 years, never drawing too much attention to the Kingdom, while effectively becoming wealthy beyond its dreams as an organization.  The Brotherhood is not evil, nor is it good; it simply seeks monetary gains through "contracts" with wealthy patrons.  Not much is known about the people pulling the strings in the Brotherhood, in fact, most assume the Brotherhood itself is just a rumor.  However, some people with enough money can seek the services the Brotherhood has to offer.  Initiation into the Brotherhood is rare, as no one has found a way to find where these silent killers reside.  But they have eyes everywhere and watch potential assassins from the shadows.

Dylon's Drifters:  People seeking a job as a mercenary (unless self-contracted), go through Dylon Q. (the man for you!).  His father started an organized "business" where mercenaries could come and find work.  Whether it be guarding a farmhouse from the wolves that keep killing the chickens, or providing a squad of ruthless killers for the war, Dylon Q. is the man for you!

Thieves Guild:  Thieves Guild? *Laughs*  What's that?  There is no Thieves Guild.  *Looks around* Or is there?  I mean, I won't tell you.  Yeah, there is no Thieves Guild.  Why?  Are you a thief?  I might have a job for you...  I mean, no.  We never had this conversation.  *vanishes into the shadows*

Aside from the initial storyline, Rosa is somewhat of a mystery and her background is not known to the public.  She is, however, vital to the storyline, and the players will interact with her, unknowingly at first, but her (and Niribu's) actions will be felt throughout the entire planet.

Character creation
Name: Create a name for your character
Sex: Male/female
Age: Define your character's age (Knowing humans age similarly to the way we age)
Faction: Possible factions include the side of Prince Wensil, the older of the brothers; the side of Prince Capsol, the younger of the brothers; or the side the aspiring manipulator, Zenith.  No one can simply claim "Neutral."
Elemental Efficiency: Choose 1; Earth, Wind, Water, Fire
Unique Efficiency: Choose a unique expertise of manipulation that you and only you lay claim to.  This will have to be verified by me, but is very open to creativity.  Give a couple sentences describing it.
Profession: Choose your trade.  Open to creativity, but more than 1 person can be the same profession (i.e. two people could be Hunters, or two people could be Priests)
Initial Stats: You have 10 points to spend on your initial stats.
-Strength: Determines your physical strength.  Weight you can carry, power you strike with, etc.
-Endurance: Determines how much you can withstand.  "HP" if you will, distance you can run, etc.
-Dexterity: Determines your finesse.  Detailed tasks, such as lock picking, or skills with items/weapons.
-Intelligence: Determines how smart you are.  Your ability to effectively solve problems, the weight you have on convincing other people that you're right, effectiveness of manipulation, etc.
-Willpower: Determines your ability to push yourself.  Amount of mana, potential to learn new manipulations, etc.
-Luck: Determines your luck.  Just like every other game, no one REALLY knows what luck does.
Background Info: Give some background information about your character and any unique personality traits he/she may have.
Color: Choose 1: Green, Red, Blue, Yellow
Starting Location: Choose a city to start in.  You can't choose a city owned by an enemy faction.

Features of Darkness Becomes
Day-to-day Update:  As soon as I come inside from smoking hookah I'll create a map of the world so you can decide where you character starts out and can decide how your character moves around and such.
-I'll notify the players when each day starts and post a new map where all the players are and what events are happening where along with common knowledge of Heroes or Villains on the map
-With the daily update I'll inform players of the conclusion of the previous day, whether or not HP/Mana is restored, etc.
-Daily/Major Events will be updated here.

Action points: Players will have action points assigned to their characters, action points will deteriorate as the player moves his character and interacts with the world.
-The storyteller will notify the player during the day when an action point is used up.  For instance, if the player is sitting reading a book, the storyteller might grant the player new knowledge (of a skill or ability or secret information via message to the player).
-Action points will increase due to circumstances in game, characters' levels, etc.
-If you post a reply after your action points are depleted for that day you're post will be notified to a moderator and most likely be deleted.
-Editing posts will have to be done in such a way that the original content is not obstructed, this will have to be done with a sense of honesty, although if someone abuses editing posts (by adding actions to a character or something of the sort) you might be flagged and not be able to edit posts without getting your post deleted.  I don't do this to make it un-fun, just to make it fair.

HP/Mana: Characters will have set HP/Mana and I as the storyteller will keep track of each player's HP and Mana.  Most of the time, if a character rests at the end of the day, HP and Mana will be partially or totally restored for the next day.  By using HP/Mana, I hope to allow a better strategic feel to battle (with NPCs/monsters/other players).

Enemy database: More than likely when a player comes across an enemy I'll create a database that'll be posted in here and updated as the player encounters new enemies.  Information will be approximate and incomplete, as enemies are always full of suprises.  However, general information such as enemy skills, HP, Mana, equipment, and loot will be pretty standard.  New enemies can (and will) suprise players.

Leveling: Characters will have levels, each one starting at 1 (unless extenuating circumstances call for else).
-Character levels will be visible to everyone
-When a character levels up he/she will be able to increase stats, as well as learn new skills.
-When a character levels up, private information will be messaged to that player.
-Leveling up will be done by me, and will occur overnight.

Skills: Each character will begin with two skills.  Whether they be a magic spell or an attack, each skill will have its pros/cons, mana requirements, and other parameters.
-I will assign skills to characters based on their actions/elemental and unique efficiencies at level up and creation.
-I will have unique skills to the character, along with some general skills that can be learned through leveling up/events

Be yourself: You should act however you want your character to act.  If one player wants his character to be a bloodthirsty barbarian, he will level up accordingly, based on his actions.  However, if a player wants to be a shy, bookworm that stays away from battle, he will still gain levels.  Leveling, along with other aspects, will not be based solely on whether or not your character went into the woods and killed wolves all day long (although if you do go kill wolves all day long, you're bound to gain experience).

Events/enemies/interactions:  You can move your character around and interact with existing environment.  However, you can't just walk into the woods and magically find a magical leprechaun, kill it and steal its pot of gold.  Having said that, if you're wandering through the woods, I won't leave you high and dry, I'll be sure to keep things interesting by adding things to interact with.  For example:

Hex is wandering through the woods, finds himself hungry, so he sits down and eats the berries he previously collected.  He looks around, gripping his blade tight; he can't overcome the feeling that he's being watched.

Storyteller (ME!):
A wolf glares at Hex, quietly stalking him from behind the brush.  Hex's perception allows him to be aware of the wolf before the wolf has a chance to attack Hex unaware.  What does Hex do?

Player: Hex sees the wolf, knowing the wolf would kick his level 1 ass, Hex throws a Vial of Smoke at the brush where the wolf is and runs away.

The wolf was dazed by the smoke, and stopped stalking Hex.  Hex is now fatigued, but his endurance increased.

States: The story will have a list of states that affect players.  For instance, if the player is fatigued, he can no longer travel, but fatigue can be "healed" via resting/items/etc.

My Sample Submission
Name: Hex
Sex: Male
Age: 21
Faction: Prince Wensil
Elemental Efficiency: Earth
Unique Efficiency: Space.  Manipulation of space.  I am learning to be able to bend space to my will.  Initially I can fold it to teleport, but am still limited to how far I can fold space and just what I can send through it.
Profession: Alchemist.
Initial Stats:
Background Info: Hex is rather apathetic.  He's not specifically good at anything, but he does seem to pick things up quickly.  He's weaker and slower than most, and his mind tends to wander a lot.  Nevertheless, he does keep things interesting and is constantly figuring out new ways around old obstacles.
Color: Green
Starting Location: Okalade

A Few Final Notes
Once you post your submission I will send a message to you with private specifics of your character, such as your initial skills based on your efficiencies and profession, along with any unique traits you may or may not have.  Once I give you this information, you just need to hold on to it and add to it as you progress through the game and level up.  You can let other people know your information, just keep in mind, there are 3 factions and not everyone has to be a friend in this game.

I will not have a specific character in the game, instead I will update the story daily based on what characters are present and how they fit in.  I will give a scenario with each update that will allow each character to make decisions as to what needs to be done.  More storyline will be posted as the game goes along, but right now these are the points you need to be aware of.

-The three factions are Prince Wensil's Royalists; Prince Capsol's Republic; and Zenith's Freeseekers.

-Rosa is wandering the land with Niribu (Darkness Incarnate) festering inside her.  Eventually circumstance will lead to the release of Niribu (and death of Rosa).  "Rosa" will appear in the game, but not by her name, as to prevent actions being taken hastily based on knowledge of Niribu residing in her.

-There is one land mass, with the Kingdom Unificus the center.  Outlying regions can be defined in background information, but everything is relatively close and the whole planet is affected by the crumbling Kingdom

-Skills will be defined once profiles are submitted, as will HP, and Mana.

-Although there will be an update every day, depending on player activity, there will be "Instances" where a more direct interactivity takes place.

-Your destiny is up to you.  Whether it's to get caught up in the struggle, or realize a change in the world, you must decide for yourself what path you walk.
General Discussion / Hex's Babs!
March 08, 2010, 07:53:58 am
Hex's Battle System (using Blizzard's ABS)
Alright, this IS a discussion and not a project, largely because I've solely been focusing on an effective and semi-unique battle system.  It's not complete but it is coming along nicely.  My hope is that by summer I'll have this system up and running with an actual project well underway.

-Blizz ABS
-Magical/Professional Skills
-Variable Damage
-Instance Battles
-Skill Levels
-Magic Efficiency Levels
-Battle Ranking System
-Loot System
-Customized Battle Results Window
-Customized Menus

Blizz ABS
If you aren't familiar with BABS, you must not be familiar with Chaos-Project's forums.  It's a Advanced Real Time Battle System developed by Blizzard, if you want more info on it...
and here's a couple screen shots of it in action.
"Dragon's Breath": ShowHide

"Tornado": ShowHide

"Kraken's Fury": ShowHide

Magical/Professional Skills
Skills will be broken up into 3 categories.  Magical skills (i.e. Elemental spells), Professional Skills (i.e. a swordsman's attack skills), and Hybrid skills (i.e. Elemental spells merged with Professional Skills).  The third category of skills will be late game, but will harness some of the most powerful effects in the game.

Here is a glimpse of professions, since I won't be going into much detail in this thread.  Professions will range from soldier (a hardened warrior capable of withstanding attacks, and dishing out powerful physical attacks) to engineer (a creative inventor, capable of creating machines and devices to aid him in battle) to priest (a devout holyman, capable of calling upon divine power to smite his foes and protect himself) and everything in between.

Variable Damage
In order to expand the limitations of skills in this system, I implemented variable damage, in which I can fully customize the damage of each skill.  Also, a sidenote, skills will be diverse in their nature, ranging from projectiles, to skills that move the player and his enemies around the map, along with skills that alter environments, and skills that hit multiple times.

Instance Battles
My system will feature Instance Battles.  Adventure maps will have enemies on them, however, battles will not take place here.  Instead, once you come into contact with an enemy on an adventure map, you will be sent to a Battle Map.  The player's level as well as random chance will determine which map you are sent to.  Each map will be customized to where the player is on the adventure map (i.e. if the player is in a wooded area, the battle map will be an enclosed wooded area).  The battle maps will vary in size and difficulty.  Where a field battle map might have very little in between enemies and the player, a cave might have narrow passage ways and choke points where the player could easily become surrounded by enemies.  Once in the map, again, based on hero level and chance, a varying number of enemies will spawn.

The battle lasts as long as the player takes to kill everything on the map, once every enemy is dead, the battle is over, and the player is transported back to the adventure map.  Some adventure maps (such as fields or forests connecting towns) will have enemies that respawn, while other adventure maps (such as an elite castle where really good loot can be found) will have enemies that don't respawn.  There will also be bosses that don't respawn, as well as pseudo-bosses that spawn randomly.

Skill Levels
Each skill in the game will have 7 levels to it.  The more the player uses the skill, the better the skill will eventually become.  Take the skill "Fireblast" for example.

Level 1: 13-17 dmg, 1.0 AoE, 5 Range
Level 2: 19-24 dmg, 1.2 AoE, 5.5 Range
Level 3: 26-32 dmg, 1.4 AoE, 6 Range
Level 4: 34-41 dmg, 1.6 AoE, 6.5 Range
Level 5: 43-51 dmg, 1.8 AoE, 7 Range
Level 6: 53-62 dmg, 2.0 AoE, 7.5 Range
Level 7: 64-74 dmg, 2.2 AoE, 8 Range

Each skill will increase parameters in its own way, making each skill unique with it's own pros and cons.

Magic Efficiency Levels
Right now I have the 4 basic elements...  Fire, Water, Air, and Earth.  In my system, the player will be able to advance in each element based on how often the player uses skills of that element.  The more a player uses fire skills, the quicker he/she will advance to the next efficiency level, and in doing so, he/she will learn new advanced skills, as well as eventually be able to merge elemental skills with professional skills.

I'll go ahead and hint at my future project and list the various levels of magic efficiency.
Fire: Flamewielder, Water: Waterbreather, Air: Windwalker, Earth: Earthshaker
(1) Initiate Flamewielder
(2) Novice Flamewielder
(3) Flamewielder
(4) Lightseeker Flamewielder
(5) Lightfinder Flamewielder
(6) Lightbringer Flamewielder
(7) Lightmaker Flamewielder

Battle Ranking System
During the battle, several variables are observing the performance of the player and ranking him accordingly.  Some aspects that are being observed and calculated into the rank of a battle are as follows
-Skills used
-Damage taken
-Open to suggestions

The ranking structure is going to be similar to the elemental efficiencies, in that, the lowest battle rank is "Seeker", followed by "Finder, then "Bringer" and a top rank of "Maker".

Loot System
In this system, each individual enemy doesn't drop a specific item.  Instead a "Loot Score" is calculated based on a variety of aspects.
-Battle Rank
-Enemies Killed
-Types of Enemy
-Player's Luck

I plan on having a very wide variety of items in the game, as well as alchemy and engineering creation options.  Some items might only drop, for instance, from a snake in a certain woods, at night, while it's raining, and even then, only when the player gets a battle rank of "Maker".  It will be designed so the player has to put some work and research into getting some of the coolest gear in the game.

Customized Battle Result Window
I've got a working Battle Result Window right now, but I'll probably end up tweaking it a few more times before it's final version.  Nevertheless, it's the first script I actually created myself, so I'm happy to of been able to make it.  This window pops up at the end of a battle, once all enemies are destroyed.  It calculates the experience gained during the battle, as well as gold gained during the battle in a "ticker" like format, each experience point moving the experience bar a little further along in an animated nature, likewise the gold gained tickers down, while the inventory gold tickers up.  Here are some screens to better clarify.
Battle Result 1: ShowHide

Battle Result 2: ShowHide

Battle Result Explained: ShowHide

Customized Menus
I haven't begun work on the Customized Menus of my battle system yet.  I will, however, begin work soon, once I finish working out some aesthetics of the Battle Results Window and actual gameplay.

Well folks, hope you enjoyed looking into my system.  It still has a ways to go, but I have put a lot work into it so far.  If you have any feedback/comments/critiques, I'd be glad to hear them, seeing how I am still working on this system.
Edit 1:  I seem to have resolved it, but I could've sworn I resolved it prior to this, then it stopped working.  Right now I'm usinig
$BlizzABS.is_enemy?($game_variables[10]) == TRUE
in a conditional branch, and it's working... any thoughts on a better method, or do ya'll think this method will do?

So, I thought I had this fixed, but playing with it some more I realize I don't.

This is what I'm trying to do.

I'm trying to check to see if an enemy is alive, and if he is then I'll continue an attack
Spoiler: ShowHide

This is the error I receive though...

Spoiler: ShowHide

I've played around with several things, but... nothing's working.  Anyone have an idea of how I can check if an enemy is alive in this common event?  I'd REALLY appreciate your help.  <3
Okay, so what I'm trying to do is make a battle result window.  I've got all the aspects of it down, I just need to figure out a couple more things.  I have the whole window updating, but I run into a problem with a couple things.

1. adding gold
2. adding exp
3. not being able to exit the window until the exp and gold is added Breloom and Aqua Helped me already with this one.  Thanks guys(gals)  :D

Here's the code for the update method in my scene, that's where I think I need to put this stuff, I might be mistaken though, that's why I'm posting here.   :^_^':
 def update
  if $exp_gained != 0
    $exp_gained -= 1
    #some code to add 1 exp to player
  if $gold_gained != 0
    $gold_gained -= 1
    #some code to add 1 gold to player
  if $exp_gained = 0 # all i'm trying to do here is to make it so you can't
    if $gold_gained = 0 # hit escape to leave the window until the gold and
      if Input.trigger?(Input::B) # experience are both added.  it's purely
      $game_system.se_play($data_system.cancel_se) # aesthetic, but then again
      $scene = # so is most everything else about games

Anyway, if you need further clarification or have any ideas, please help!  Thanks  ;)
Tutorial Database / The Original Idea Tutorial
March 05, 2010, 08:01:29 am
Hello folks.  I'm relatively new to these forums and after scouring for brilliant new ideas, discussing possible revised options, pondering originality, and playing around unproductively for hours with RMXP, I've come to the realization that creating original ideas is a tough, if not impossible process.  But more on this later.  Let's give it a whirl.

Chapter 1: Step Outside
An original idea is just like any other idea--for the very first time.  Now, initially you might think this could be an easy task.  One simply needs to identify a problem and solve it uniquely.  Let's take a look at obesity, America's child.  Okay, that's not fair, obesity has obviously been around much longer.
::Rated R for Roman::: ShowHide

Nevertheless, obesity IS a problem for some people and so, having acquired a problem, let's create an original idea to fix the problem.  Well, logically speaking, obesity is caused by an overconsumption of calories, which can be represented as such.

var_Intake = calories consumed
var_Burned = calories burned
if var_Intake >= val_Burned: self.contents.draw_text(x, y, width, height, "You're fat!") end

Now then, let's trace the roots of var_Intake to it's core.  Just what does "calorie consumption" really mean?  Well... a "calorie" is a measurement of energy... and we get energy from food... and "consumption" means... well... doesn't it mean like... using something?  What's it called when we use food..?  Oh!  Eating!  Okay!  So, if eating causes calorie consumption to increase, then all we have to do is stop eating!

Well folks, how about we just create a device that prevents us from eating!  Screw pills, forget diets, let's just stop it all together!  I propose a device that we strap onto our heads that prevents food from even entering our mouths.  We'll call it something cool... like... The Anti-eating Face Mask!  Sound silly?  Well it's actually already a patented idea. 
Patent #US4344424: Anti-eating face mask: ShowHide

Now we sit here broken and defeated, somebody stole our anti-obesity mask.  But wait!  This is a forum for RPG Maker!  Maybe we can gather something from this whole experience.  In fact... why'd we even talk about obesity in the first place, if we're supposed to be coming up with original ideas for games?

Congratulations folks, you just successfully stepped outside (...of the box).  By getting away completely from our game, we were able to think about something completely off topic!

Chapter 2: U.F.O.
Understanding Fundamental Observations, or U.F.O., is essential to the next step.  What's the point of stepping outside if you don't observe and understand?  There is no purpose.  So let's not waste all the time it took thinking of our solution to obesity, which is seemingly off topic, but with the use of our brilliant God-given minds, we will salvage this wreckage and rise to new heights in the game-creating-community, one day pitching our game to Square Enix and becoming the director of Final Fantasy LX!

How could we elaborate on obesity to create a fun-filled aspect to our latest game?  Now, you might be thinking, ewwww, fat is gross, like I am, but if we can just break through those mental barriers preventing us from seeing the beauty in skin-covered lard, then we can begin to soar...  So, obesity... fat... eating... food... cooking...  Hey!  There's actually a lot of aspects to this obesity thing...  Let's turn our failed invention towards a brand new system of food for our upcoming game!

Okay, so, let's observe food.  What are some observations about food... it's... yummy, but sometimes it's icky.  Sometimes it's healthy; sometimes it's unhealthy.  You can cook food, and some food spoils.  This could easily continue for a while, so let's make sure we're making the most of our precious time.  Let's make a list of our observations, maybe cross out the completely boring and useless observations, and highlight obsersations that have potential originality.
-Healthy/unhealthy food
-Food affects your mood
-You can cook food
-You can play with food
-You can grow food
-You can collect food
-You can buy food
-You can throw food
-You can take pictures of food
-You can smell food
-You can feel food
-Food can feel you

Okay, good, we've got a list of fundamental observations about food.  Let's take it a step further now.

Chapter 3: *sniff sniff* What's Cookin' Good Lookin'?
Alright, we've got some things to work with, let's see what we can muster up now!  I noticed you came up with some strange and awesome observations about food!  Let's take a closer look at the three highlighted points.  Food affects your mood.  Well, this isn't much on it's own, but let's do a drastic spin-off of "Food can feel you" and say that food can feel your emotions!  Okay, so food can feel our emotions and directly affects our mood because of it.  Well, what's our other point?  You can throw food, so... how would this even fit in with the other two..?  Unless in the game there was a giant food fight!  But not a regular food fight, the benevolent Vegetables are siding with the humans, realizing the human's need for food, they sympathize with the humans and help their biped friends by leading assaults against the malevolent Fruits!  Okay... so if we put this here... and that there... huzzah!  I think I have it now!

Chapter 4: Bon App├ętit! A Tale of Vegetables...
We shall call it... Veggie Tales!  Okay... so pretty much, no matter what, you won't be able to come up with a 100% original idea.  But, you can come up with some pretty interesting things, by stepping outside the world of gaming and observing the world around you, then coming back to the gaming community with new insight on already existing systems, or maybe if you're lucky you will find that original idea.  Just try not to limit yourself to what's been done.  Although there is nothing new under the sun, there are some things that have been overlooked!  So keep your chin up, and keep on striving for that one brilliant idea that'll make you the next Shigeru Miyamoto.
Haha, you have to look here to see who Shigeru is!: ShowHide
The creator of Mario Bros.

Well, hope you weren't hoping for a complete guide leading you towards originality nirvana, or what I like to call "Originivana", but at least you can now go off and make a system where the food knows you for your latest and greatest game (or maybe you just realize that Hex does these tutorials for shits and giggles so now you won't read another one of his Tut's).  Either way, I'm out!

Event Systems / Treasre Hunting! (by Hex)
March 04, 2010, 05:23:21 pm
Alright, I'm sure this has been done before, but I didn't check, and I wanted to do something productive, so I came up with a simple treasure hunter event system that allows you to set up hidden items around the map and allows your player to be alerted when he is in front of one.

Here's screen shots of it in play!  (If your imagination doesn't allow you to just quickly visualize what I'm talking about)
The Player sees something!: ShowHide

Oh my goodness!  Look what we found!: ShowHide

Okay, so first set up an event with 2 pages.  First page checks to see if the tile in front of the player has treasure and it looks like...
this!: ShowHide

The second page prevents the animation you choose to show as your hint that there is treasure in front of you from playing over and over again and it looks like...
that!: ShowHide

All you have to do with your "treasure" is set up an event that has it's graphic as whichever piece of terrain you chose to be your "treasure tile" (in this scenario I'm using a terrain tag of 2) and add whatever funky stuff you want to, to the event page, letting the player feel satisfied that his brilliance found a secret in the game!

Setting the Treasure event's graphic: ShowHide

Anyway, pretty simple, but something people may or may not use.  I'll probably throw it into my game somehow, and activate it once a player gets a certain "treasure hunting" item or something *Bleepidy Bleepish* of the sort.  Enjoy.
Alright, so I'm getting close to having my first 40 skills completed for my current project and so I'll begin implementing the full battle system soon and can't quite decide which would be more entertaining.  An avoidable "instance battling" where enemies are on the map, but the battle only activates on touch, so if you wanted you could attempt to avoid the battles.  Once activated, you'd have a transition and go into a battle map (according to where you were) and the battle would commence, you'd kill all the enemies on the map, then be transfered back to the location you were previously at.  If I used this method, I'd also either throw in a chest that appears once all enemies are killed (and use variables based on enemy type, number of enemies, time taken to kill all enemies, hp lost, etc.) and loot would be in the chest (as opposed to enemies dropping loot directly.

If not this system, then just the standard, enemies are on the map, they see you and you kill them, moving along quickly at the same pace the whole game (more or less) constant action battles.

I think I convinced myself to do instance battles, haha.  But, I want other people's thoughts too, so add them please.
Chat / Relationships. Uh oh!
February 20, 2010, 01:38:26 pm
So.  Relationships grow more when.... you know everything about that person, or you share a lot of experiences with that person?

Now, have at it.
Resource Requests / Quicksand Spriteset
February 20, 2010, 08:51:10 am
I'm looking to see if anyone could put together a spriteset for a roughly 64x64 circular pit of quicksand.  I'm trying to use it for a trap I'm making with Blizz's ABS.  Lemme know if you can help me out ^_^
Tutorial Database / Blizz ABS Skills Discussion
February 13, 2010, 04:53:15 am
EDIT 1: All of this message, because I accidentally hit "enter"  (level down)
EDIT 2: All of this message again, because.... I'm lazy and didn't format it the first time.


Alright, I've recently been bombarding the Blizz ABS thread with questions in order to wrap my mind fully around the system to create some inspiring and creative skills using BABS.  Instead of continuing that operation and flooding Blizzard with headaches, I figured I'd create a topic where people who are interested in it can discuss skill creation using BABS.

I've just started playing with BABS within the past week or so, and my recent project that I'm creating skills for really only kicked off a couple days ago.  My goal is to expand the preset skill types, not by alteration of the script, just by creatively (or moreso effectively) utilizing what Blizzard already gave the script (Granted... forced player actions WOULD open up a LOT of possibilities for me *cough*cough*).

To Begin With: What's at our disposal?

Alright, so, lets start with what we have.

Types of predefined skills. (as per the Manual)
Spoiler: ShowHide

1. shooting skill (projectile skill, hits first target it encounters)
2. homing skill (projectile skill, finds a target you specify)
3. direct skill (hits the target instantly, you select the target)
4. beam skill (hits every target it goes through instantly)
5. trap skill (sets traps which are triggered by i.e. monsters)
6. timed trap skill (sets traps which are triggered after a certain amount of time)
7. summon skill (summons monsters and/or pets to help you fight)
If a skill targets all enemies/allies, the skill will turn into:
1. => thrusting skill (projectile skill, hits every target it goes through)
2. => super homing skill (projectiles hit all targets in range)
3. => shockwave skill (circular shockwave hits all targets in range)
4. => fullscreen skill (targets all allies/enemies on the screen)
5. => no change
6. => no change
7. => no change

Effects of predefined skills
Spoiler: ShowHide

1. Damage: Set the power of the skill along with what stats you want affecting its output.
2. Heal: Set the power to a negative number along with what stats you want affecting its output.
3. Status Effects: Make a state change, inflict state change.
4. Summons: Create a summon using the actors tab of the database.
5. nope... that's about it.

Let's Spice Things Up! (Variable Damage)

The first way I wanted to stretch the parameters of these skills was through custom damage.  Using variables for damage allows me to easily level up skills throughout the game, do damage based on adverse and even obscure aspects of the game (number of steps for example), along with opening up the imagination for a plethora of possibilities.  In the following example I'll put any information my example skill is using in [brackets].

Step I: Basic Skill Set Up Using the Database
1-Create your skill [Skill 42:: Judgement]
2-Set power to 0 (We aren't using the typical damage system so this is a pointless attribute)
3-Create an "Empty" state that has no effects and vanishes 100% after 0 seconds. [State 05:: Empty](This will allow the skill to still trigger on the enemy.  See spoiler below.)
4-Set State Change to "Empty" (Yar)
5-Create a common event that sets a variable = this skill's ID. (This allows each battler on the map decide which common event to call later)
6-Set the skill's common event to the common event you just made [003:Judgement Activate]
7-Set your scope to One Enemy (I'm still workin' on doing this efficiently with multiple enemies, it'll come soon I hope though.)
8-Set icon, SP cost, and animations (At your own disgretion)

(Skill setup in database)
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("Empty" State)
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Step II: Set up the skill in Blizz ABS

Alright, so the basic skill is set up.   Now then, go into blizz ABS and set up the basic type you want, if you don't know how to do this, Blizz has a very thorough manual that'll explain it to you thoroughly, but... here's the basic premise so you don't have to look it up if you're lazy (like me).

1-Find "def self.type(id)" in Blizz's ABS.  (ctrl+F:: def self.type(id):: FIND NEXT)
2-Make sure there is a CASE for this section.  This is checking the skill ID against the information you're about to put in and if left out, all your skills will be DIRECT skills.  Where there is a CASE, there are also WHENsTHENs and an END (I'm not a scripter so lets not go into this any deeper).  Just make sure it looks similar to the picture in the spoiler below.
3-Set up your skill. [when 42: return [3, 0.0](I set my skill, Judgement (with skill_ID 42) to a direct spell, and no explosion radius.  When setting up skills with variables, until further notice, you should choose a projectile (1), a homing (2), direct (3), or a trap (5, or 6).  I'll figure out how to have more fun with multiple enemies/actors at one time, but that'll come later.)
4-If you're using a skill of type 1 or 2 and want a speed different than the default, change it in the "def self.projectile_speed(id)" section of the script just below the skill type.
5-Find "def self.range(id)" and then...
6-...change the range according to your desires for the skill. [when 42: return 4.0](My skill is going to have a range of 4, which is 4 tiles from the center of the character. RTFM if you still don't understand.)

(Setting skill type)
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Step III:Fixing your battlers!

Okay, this next bit might be a bit of a pain if you're implementing this "system" into an already existent game, otherwise you can just have a battler template event that you can just copy and paste everywhere.  This is what you're gonna do.

1-Make a battler.
Create an event.  Name it whatever you want but be sure to include \e
  • in the name, where "#" is the number of the enemy's id you're wanting to fight.
    2-On the first page create a comment and write in that comment:: Trigger:Skill
    3-Create a conditional branch that checks to see if the variable you made in Step I.5 = the skill's ID.  [$game_variables[25]=42](That's what's being checked in my skill's case, see the image in the spoiler below if you're still confused.)
    4-In the "true" portion of the conditional branch call a script and type this:: $game_variables[10]=@event_id
    That will store this event's id in variable 10 (yes you can change the variable if you want, just remember what variable you're using, I'd name it "Enemy ID" or something of the sort)
    5-Turn a switch on [Switch:42(Judgement)](This switch will be what triggers your common event)
    6-All this together does this.

      i. The event is triggered by a skill being used on the enemy
      ii. The event process checks to see what skill was used (through the variable we set up)
      iii. The event process stores this event's ID and turns on a common event (by turning on the switch we set up)

    You can then just copy and paste this event page to all your other battlers and you'll be golden.

    (The Battler's Event Page)
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    Step IV: Making the Common Event
    The common event will process the damage, and for this example, we'll be creating a skill that does increased damage based on the hero's level.

    Just set up your common event to look like the image below.  You can change the variable's quantity easily by using the operands at your disposal, + - * / MOD, just experiment and learn some math and the possibilities are endless.
    (The Common Event)  
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    Step IV:OUTRO

    Put all that together and you now have a direct skill that damages the enemy 10*Hero Level.  This is rather basic, but it leads into the ability to do damage a lot of other ways.

    This common event sets up another skill of mine in a different way, it checks the enemy's health % against the player's health %.  If the enemy's health % is less than the player's, it damages the enemy, otherwise the player is healed.
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    I also created a skill that teleports you to the chosen enemy and then jumps over the enemy, damaging the enemy with each leap.  But the common event for that was a bit longer and more complicated, so I won't post it without request.  Anyway, the variable damage and common event skills are just the start of a very productive skill creation process, but I'd love to hear what other people are doin' with the system as well as recieve any feedback/criticism/questions.
Engine: RMXP

I'm tring to be able to use a common event call script to change an event's self switch.

More specifically...

I want to be able to have a common event constantly checking a condition, and if the condition is not met, then I want to turn event x's self switch A off.  (And no, doin' this on the event where the self switch is located itself is not an option for me)

I feel like there is an obvious answer to this problem, if someone could smack me across the face with it, I'd be much obliged. :-)
General Discussion / 500X500 City
February 12, 2010, 06:01:33 am
So I recently introduced a friend to RMXP after workin' on my projects at his place.  He immediately started mapping once he got RMXP up and running.  He's trying to make a 500x500 City.

I've made a 100x100 city before, but that's about as large as I've gone.  Anyway, anyone that's used the program for a bit knows that a 500x500 is impractical in regards to lag'n'such.  I thought his idea was kinda cool though, and it may be something I want to work with later.

Similar to assassin's creed (if I remember correctly), I think it would be kinda cool to have a game take place in just a LARGE city.  No wide open fields that just take time to run through while the pesky enemies you killed at level 7 are now just wasting your time.  No need for a lack of focus due to a huge world.  Just one city, with in depth lore and history and culture.

I dunno, anyone have thoughts on this?  (and before someone says that building a 500x500 is noob... I'd break up the city into districts, and sections, etc., to delag and focus storyline/battles/etc.)
Welcome! / 'Ullo!
February 03, 2010, 03:54:29 am
I'm new.  Call me Hex.  ^_^

I've been playin' with rpg maker XP for the past... 5 years I think it is now.  I know some about scripting, can tinker with sprites, and thoroughly enjoy making event based systems/mini-games/interactions. 

Anyway, I'm here if ya need me.