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Programming / Scripting / Web / VB.NET Updater
March 18, 2010, 06:36:35 pm
Authors: crzyone9584
Version: 0.2
Type: Auto Updater/Patcher
Key Term: VB.NET

Downloads and installs updates like C# edition with a few tweaks.


  • Downloads and install updates.
  • Shows a news/notice page - 0.2 Took this away. Was having problems with it.
  • Easy to use
  • Error handling - Still working on some error events
  • Ability to install any where on users computer.
  • 12-Hour clock instead of 24-Hour clock
  • All message boxes are now added to the ListBox


Version - 0.1: ShowHide

Version - 0.2: ShowHide


Download Here!
Mirror 1


Everything is in the demo.


Instructions are in the comments of the program.

For the ver.txt it is formated as the following: would be 1000 in the ver.txt would be 1400 in the ver.txt

And so forth.

Replace all with your sites URL.

Name your update mygame and zip it up. So it will be


You will need the .NET framework 3.5
Need to make sure that ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.dll is with the program. Or it will not unzip your zip folder and give you errors.
You will also need a file host that allows direct/hot linking to files.

Credits and Thanks

  • EDWARDTHEFMA - Orginal poster and creator of C# Edition
  • WATERRATJ - Orginal creator of C# Edition
  • jcinsider - Saw percent complete on his pkmn Neon Updater.

Author's Notes/Planned Updates
I will not accept any PM's on this system/program. Updates will come when I have time.

I removed the IE web browser. It was causing to many problems.
Bytes received compared to total amount was changed to percent completed. The bytes received/bytes total size was causing some crashing issues.
Better error handling was not added. Decided to stabilize the program first. This is why its an update but a visual downgrade. I will add the web browser
Code is restructured and more organized. Useless code is now eliminated. 

License Info
Advertising / Crzy Productions
March 11, 2010, 06:16:01 pm
Well since i finally got my site back up and on a better server than GoDaddy. I figured i'd share it

*Looks to the left.... Yup more than 30 posts*

Its called Crzy Productions. I have called it this because in my free time i produce things. I have a very early beta of a browser i will release shortly. This browser is Open Source. So you may do what you want to it as long as you share what you have done. Also is my game. Most of my game information and updates will be found on this site. Along with my main project which is called Venatio Project. You may find details on the site.
Crzy Productions!

I'm also looking for people to help out and people who will stay with the community and help it grow.
Script Requests / [Resolved]Item Rarity Colors
February 25, 2010, 07:15:26 pm
I know G_G has a item rarity script but it uses star. I found a script here:

That does it color. The only problem it requires the SDK which i don't want to mess with. Since its like only about 90% compatible with RMX-OS. So could someone figure out a way to do this with out the sdk.
Recruitment / Stargate: Online Recruiting
February 19, 2010, 02:14:32 am
Thats right I've gotten to the point I've reached my limit. I need some help get my game going again.

What I'm looking for in a recruit.

Artist - Concept art, Spriter, Tileset Creator - Need 1 Artist

Scripter - Needs to know RMX-OS and able to make some features to work with RMX-OS  - Need 1 - 2 scripters.

Music - Need one for some music.

Offcial Site is located here:

Thread on Chaos Project:,5527.0.html

The most recent download and upload do not work. I will get the newest version of the testing phase out tomorrow.

These positions are non-paid right now. This may change. If not you will get special items and most likely a moderator position on the server.

Server is always up. Unless I need to restart my Linux box. About once every 2 weeks.

What is completed so far. Welcome screen/Character select. There will be an update in the item database/weapon database coming shortly. Doing research on prices and weapons of Stargate. I have implemented RMX-OS and most of its add-ons. I'll be doing most of the mapping and some eventing until i wont be able to keep up. My mapping skills are not like BAM, but decent when I actually set down and work on it.

Contact Details:
AIM: Kir Royale 9584
MSN: crzyone9584[at]
Email: crzyproductions[at]
Or PM through this site.
General Discussion / Mono and C#
February 16, 2010, 08:55:05 pm
i'm thinking of going open source. Vista is making mad and linux has always been my friend. Has anyone developed anything on linux and or Mac (yes i know mac is not open source) with mono develop? Is it just as powerful as Visual Studio? Any downfalls to Mono vs staying with visual studio and windows?
Welcome! / Figured I'd say hi
February 09, 2010, 09:15:24 pm
Well with only being here for about a week and have like 30 some odd posts i figured I'd say hi. Now i go by the name of crzyone9584. Want my real name just search the name you'll find plenty on Google lol. But as you may have notice im working on a mmo with blizzards RMX-OS script. I'm the only worker and eventually i'll have a decent team. I use to go to college for game programming and network security. But that really didn't work out since i started to hang out with the wrong crowd back then. Fortunately i'm back in college for outdoor recreation/park ranger/physical fitness. And loving it. But i plan on taking some programming classes again to brush up. Im a beginner/basic knowledge of You can see what im building at my site. Should be in my profile. and in my post for my game download.

(forums are down till further notice though)

Any who thats some info. If you guys want to know more just ask!
Hello. I'm in need of a scripter. The script I need is a Stargate Script. It's for my game.

Here is a wiki on how the gate system works. Hope it helps.

Requirments/What it should do.
Press a key (like f10 or so) in the area around the Stargate about 2 or 3 squares away, to bring up Menu.

Ability to use DHD (Dial Home Device) If no PDD (Palm Dialing Device - New Item Not part of Stargate shows) More info on DHD

Menu lists all known gate address you know and saved to your PDD (Palm Dialing Device) Ability to add to list by

stargate_add_gate(id) where id = the number of address in the database/script as explained below

Ability to input random Gate address to see if gate is able to make connection to another gate. Once connected Map name and symbols added to list for good. Script (or second script) to hold locations map id, x,y locations. So something like this:

Gate symbols (images have a number assigned to them there are 36 symbols so numbers will go from 1-36 or so. But needs to be able to add more symbols for different galaxies (Pegasus gate and Stargate Universe Gate symbols) So total of 108 symbols) 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 (ability to dial up to nine chevrons depending if they have an item to increase power to PDD or DHD script call to check if item is in hand or not.)

id 1 = (numbers will display as images in DHD/PDD) 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 = (Mapid, x, y)

if no connection then output a message saying that there is no known gate at this address.

These symbols for the input menu - but ability to change the symbols to the other two symbol types. (Atlantis and Universe symbols)

Knowing which symbols inputed then the traveler will be transported into a gif/animted screen of something like this (but not needed fade black and then fade back into the new map will do, but would really like the ability to add an animated picture before the map is loaded)

Ability to remove/disallow travel depending on global variable set with the global variable script for rmx-os

Examples of gate addresses and their corresponding number for the glyphs

Other scripts I'm using.

This is the exact order of scripts that i have been able to get to work so far. Will be adding Blizz-ABS and Blizz-ABS RMX-OS addon.

Item storage - Game_guy
Quest Log System - Game_Guy
Advance GameOver Script - Jackolas
Advanced Customizable Default Menu System - Game_Guy
Tons of Add-Ons - Still selecting scripts to use. But for the safe part assume I'm using them all except custom keyboard.
RPG Maker XP Online System (RMX-OS) - Blizzard
Advanced Time and Environment System (ATES) - Blizzard
Global Day-and-Night System for RMX-OS - Blizzard
Remote Restart for RMX-OS - Blizzard
(RMX-OS) Storage Save - For game_guy Item storage script
Global Switches and Variables for RMX-OS - Blizzard
Mouse Controller - Blizzard - May get rid of this. Not liking it.
Chaos Project Debug System - Blizzard

I know this is a big request. I will be willing make a deal. You can release it or not. Its up to you. But know this if you make this script I'll most likely come back to you again for a few more.
New Projects / No Name MMO [Server Status: Offline]
February 06, 2010, 05:19:39 pm
2/23/2010 Update

Story: ShowHide
Norta is a legendary place of war. People of Norta are always fighting with each other. The Four (sub regions) all want total control for themselves. Each ruler has their own plans for Norta.......

Shea has been studying the four reagions for years. Even though the penalty for contacting the Gods is death. He secretly learned the anceint art of contacting them. Most notably is Augh'Undo, the God of Air. This God has been tutoring Shea in an ancient art, that was forgotten. Thanks to  Augh'Undo, Shea was able to understand what each region wanted.

Before he was able to get help others in the other regions started research on their own. Each sub-region was able to contact other Gods:

Omina (Om-na) - God of Fire - Contacted by the Desert Region
Etzleg (Its-lag) - God of Water - Contacted by the Golf Region
Corin (Cor-in)  - God of Earth - Contacted by the Pine Region
Augh'Undo (Argh-oondo) - God of Air - Contacted by the Rockies Region

When Shea learned of this he started to get into contact with them to see if they all had the same goals. Thanks to Shea a resistance was born. The resistance started up a rebellion from this constant war. They would attack all sides. This resistance grew and grew. Eventually they over came the rulers and a time of peace has started over Norta.

Unknowing to the resistance the former rulers started to learn how to talk to the Gods as well. But this time the Gods where the evil counterparts of those the Resistance learned from.

Confirmed Races/Classes: ShowHide
Human: Once out populated by the Elves, they are now the dominant race. During the 2,000 years of battles and wars, humans made alliances among each other. Although the alliances never lasted more than one battle, they were able to drive back the Elves to the point where they could only defend their home land. After the Elven people stopped attacking and started to defend their region, the humans  started to focus on each other.

Elves: Once the dominant race of Norta, now only a handful remain. Thanks to the 2,000 years of battles and wars. The Elven people are now sacluded deep into the Pine region of Norta. Many humans have forgotten about these creatures that are only in the stories about the wars, and battles that happened in the past.


Warrior: Battle hardened. Doesn't know anything about magic. They rely on their strength and their knowledge of  weapons. Warriors use a combination of swords, knifes, bows, and crossbows. Their skill/MP usage is used towards bulking up and hitting harder and for cheers that will increase allies HP/MP and Attacks.

Ranger: Skillful with animals and nature. Uses the elements to attack. Rangers have the ability to charm animals into being allies. They use bows and crossbows. Their skill/MP usage is used towards charming animals, calling forth elemental beings to be allies. Rangers are limited to Elves only.

Monk: Monks rely on spells and smiting powers. Smiting and healing are what make monks. Although some are known for their combat skills to. Monks use a combination of skill, staffs, and wands. Their skill/MP usage is used towards smiting, protection, and healing spells. Monks are limited to humans only.

Rogue: Ultimately known for being spies. The rogue rely on their stealth and quickness. Without these skills a rogue would be easily defeated. They know some magic and combat. Weapons they commonly use are daggers, bows, and knifes. Their skill/MP usage is used towards adding agility, stealth, and enhancing their strength.

More Races and Classes will be expected later on. Will have to learn RMXP Class/Race system. Or find a script that handles things.

Quests/Items/Weapons/Ores/Crafting System: ShowHide
Thanks to G_G and his quest system. Quests will be add shortly. What will you find here? You will find the name of quest, name of npc who gives you the quest, and description/location of quests.

Item database is being reworked first. Here is a list of items that are confirmed for being used:

Potions - Restores HP
Elixers - Restores MP
Revive Runes - Revives fallen ally, Very Rare Rune.
Transport Rune - Transport you to your home location.
Home Rune - Sets home location for Transport Rune. Must talk to Home Setter.

Elven Long Sword - Starter for Elven Warrior
Fine Long Sword - Starter for Warrior
Long Sword - Starter for Warrior
Defensive Knife - Starter for Rogue
Excellent Small Dagger - Starter for Rogue
Fine Short Staff - Starter for Monk
Fine Wand - Starter for Monk
Rough Wooden Bow - Starter for Ranger
Fine Wooden Bow - Starter for Ranger

Tin - Weapon and Armor crafting
Zinc - Weapon and Armor Crafting

Crafting System - System will rely on levels. Each creation/extraction will give you experience for that type of crafting. Only way to learn a new thing to craft is by using scrolls that teach you basic knowledge. Basic/low level crafting will be armor, weapons, potions, and elixers. Although the higher the level the better the items will be. Advance/high level crafting will be in Runes, pets/transportation, and breeding. Breeding is a ranger specific.

What will the crafting system consist of?
Armor Crafting - Creates Armor
Blacksmithing - Creates Metal Weapons/Refined Metal
Carpentry - Creates Wooden Weapons
Cooking - Creates food that increases stats for a little bit
Herbalist - Creates potions and elixirs/Refined Herbs
Mining - Refines Metals
Tailoring - Creats Cloth Armor
Woodcutting - Creates refined Wood

Quests: ShowHide

First Quest - You will be learning the controls along with what button does what.
Second Quest - Find Armor and Weapon Smith.
Third Quest - Kill x amount of a monster.
Fourth Quest - Learn Crafting/Harvesting.
Fifth Quest - Harvest x amount of something.
Sixth Quest - Journey to the city from the starter town.

Server/Game Info: ShowHide
Using - RMXP with RMX-OS

Two periods. Pre - Demigod and Post Demigod. There will be an event/battle you take part in and you will never be able to go back to Pre - Demigod Era. This event of course will change the maps and how they look to you. Along with this the items and drop rates will be different in each part.

Highest level in Beta will be 20. This is actually will be very hard. Since this is actually a goal. There will be a very special prize/title given to the few who do make it. The title/prize wont include the alpha builds. All admin, mods, and GM of site or game are excluded from this.

Bases for two different servers. One will be Role playing and the other will be PVP/Role playing. This may change. The two servers will be two different databases for login. Your character will not be allowed to transfer servers!

Fable Alignment System. Found on or .org. Made by Tori or Torin? I'll have to look it up.

On the start of the beta only Pine and Rockies region will be available. One the launch there will be Golf and Desert.

Recruitment/What I Need: ShowHide
Spriter - Need 1 to 2 spriters. - You will be the main artist. You make the designs show them to me I will say yes,no or change this and this. Or give you descriptions or a good picture of what I'm looking for. For the most part you will be creating icons mostly, Along with visual equipment for Blizz-ABS and Spritesets that has animations.

Scripter - Need 1 to 2 Scripters - You will be building systems that work with RMX-OS. To begin with we need a custom Screen that will allow users to create characters, Stat system that works correctly with RMX-OS. Save system for Quest system. Those ore the most important.

Need you to Reply on this section: ShowHide
What kind of extension do you guys think I should use. Chapters or Expansions.
Chapters - New maps, new quests, and ability to go to old maps
Expansions - New maps, new quests, only limited use of old maps.

Whats the max amount of maps in RMXP? Whats a good size of a map in RMXP before lagging starts.

Is there a way to recreate levels and stat points to what I want.? Or is it all through the Database? Or is there a script that allows me to customize levels and experience needed?

Map of Norta: ShowHide

Screen Shots/Movies: ShowHide

Menu System is Advenced Customizable Default Menu System by G_G

Item Rarity/Limit is by Trickster

General Discussion / Game Over/ Death
February 06, 2010, 02:41:04 pm
Couldn't decide where to put this. Please move to the right section if not right section.

I know there is a custom game over script by Winkio here:

But Unforntually I'm looking for more of death script/event that allows you to go to any place on a map. Example would be the Pokemon death/out of usable Pokemon. You go to the closest Pokemon center that you have visited. If it hasn't been visited then you go to the closest one you have visted. Is there something like this out there? And if so would something like this work with RMX-OS?

I'm sure this is the wrong forum but couldn't decide if this should go into tutorials or Script or script requests. But I've been following this thread over at Pokemon Community but it has since been a little slow and there is a thread on here some where saying that Blizzards Online system is better.

Pokecommunity Thread

Now after searching google for a few hours about Pokemon and netplay i stumbled across this thread.

Pokemon Neon Online

Now my question is will that custom RMX-OS ever be released? I have searched the forums and haven't seen it. I might of missed it though. If so what start kit is used in it? If not would some one help me get Poccils latest release found here:

January 30, 2010

To work with RMX-OS. Or even give a brief over view of what i should copy over to RMX-OS

Before you say well this is being done by jcsnider i would like for you to read my post. It hasn't been updated for a while do to college and school. But looking into making it a real game.

Pokemon: The Begining (Will be Pokemon: The Beginning Online after i find a system either the one at pokecommunity or someone helps with RMX-OS to work with poccils start kit)

I do relize that the story and some features will have to be rewritten for it to be an ORPG. Which is ok with me.

But any help is greatly appreciated.

(EDIT: there are a few other things like how to make special global events like a real mmo does. If its just updated a map or if its something i would have to script)