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Advertising / Hey guys, STREAMING RM GAMES!
March 10, 2014, 01:32:45 pm

Gonna hopefully stay on track all month and be streaming RPG Maker games for the rest of march + first week of April (weekdays only, personal schedule does get priority).
Games have come a long way in the past 24 years, yet many of us look back at the "glory days" of the gameboy and are still amazed at how such a simple (by today's standards) device was capable of such amazing feats of gaming.  Even with great strides in graphical power, game design as a whole is really just a question is "what is fun?".

Many people have fallen to the big market mentality of "graphics make the game", when in truth, it's the gameplay.  As a community, let us recognize this.

The event is pretty much slated to run from July 31st (the 24th anniversary of the Gameboy in North America) until September 28th (the 23rd anniversary of the Gameboy in Europe), and will expand as we see fit.

Many will ask though, what do we do for this event?

Well, I've had a couple ideas:

First and foremost, we're a community of game designers of varying expertise, so why not a little game design fun?

The challenge is this, create a game that falls under the following criteria:

-Limited to the Gameboy Palette: 
-Limited to a "Relative resolution" equal to that of the gameboy.  This means that while the original gameboy's resolution was 160x144, we're gonna stretch that a bit so that people wont be stuck with playing games on a tiny little square of their monitor.  An example would be a screen resolution of 320x288 with 2x2px "pixels".
-Bonus points for using Gameboy chiptunes.

Gather up as teams or work solo, and there's no limitation to your engine of choice so really just have fun with this (if I throw my hat in solo, expect a nice little XP Ace project).

But we're also a community of Artists as well...

Sprite/Pixel Art:

No limits on the resolution or anything, just stick to the original Gameboy's palette.  If anyone wants to make an argument that the palette is too restrictive...go play Legend of Zelda - Link's Awakening and say that again!


Whether it's a new arrangement of a classic Gameboy tune or your own little chiptune mix, go ahead and post it for all the fandom to see!


Got that little gem of a game that is near and dear to your heart that fits the tone of the challenge?  Go ahead and let your heart out about it and maybe turn some people on to something new!

I wanted to originally post all of this as "contests", but I lack the prizes or judges needed for it.  If anyone wants to help turn these challenges into contests however, please feel free to post it here OR in the Skype Group and we can get this party running full blast!

More to come, and for the love of god if anyone can help me rewrite this post I'd be eternally grateful!
Putting it simply, I'm looking for two scripts that will allow me to do the following:

-A Battle System visual replacement that will allow me to use Images instead of Windowskins, with a default layout similar to that of Final Fantasy X. I actually already have this, just completely forgot.
-A Dialog Box (chat, character text, etc.) that does the same as the above, using an image for the text box instead of windowskins.

Example of battle system (old photoshop mockup).

I'll update this post as soon as I can with visual aids to go along side this.
Video Games / Expanding one's Horizons - Pokemon
February 15, 2013, 06:30:18 am
Copying what some might call a rant or whatever from my Facebook that I started typing out about the Pokemon series, figured I might post it here as well and see how things go.

Quick chat with some friends about the Pokemon series, and the big question came up again: Why can we only be Pokemon Trainers/Battlers?

This has been something that always kinda rode on my mind...the games are really nothing short of amazing on their own, but they've always lacked a really deep element of choice. While playing through my recently obtained White 2, plenty of false "choices" appeared such as being able to decline meeting Bianca to get a starter (which could easily branch into the ability to capture or befriend a pokemon on one's own), or to even decline working on the Pokedex. These options are given but they don't ever follow through.

Ruby and Sapphire came close to this by offering the route of playing as a Pokemon Coordinator (Pokemon Contests), but it made that option merely a side route of the main game and thus no real choice is given aside from just the ability to blow off contests (which in their own right are rather fun).

And the big thing people always want to do: join the villainous team. I can understand why this isn't normally an doesn't exactly reflect well on a game to let the villains be glorified and make being evil look good for children, but one could admit the neat ideas of how to join or at what points one can join would add a seriously awesome level of gameplay.

Or hell, how about someone who really just wants to handle raising Pokemon for new trainers and breeding new Pokemon? The route of a Breeder could add an awesome new layer on top of Multiplayer experience (which the Pokemon series has ALWAYS promoted) and allow players to meet up and receive new Pokemon in the forms of eggs or low leveled pokemon...or even allow one to have a totally different starter by having a friend who's a Breeder meet with you at the start of your adventure.

There's tons of neat little ideas and quirks that could be played with.

I know the goal of all Pokemon games is to always deliver a fresh exprience that could be played by a total newbie to the series and learn how to play through the gameplay (hell, it's the reason your rival picks the pokemon your starter is weak against, to help you learn to overcome weakness). While a basic experience is fine and dandy, it'd really be sweet for Nintendo to come take a walk with some of us who have really thought into the bigger picture and come up with something that could only be described as a love-letter to the more hardcore fans...hell, make the upgraded version with even more content the "Special Edition" of a set instead of a re-release of the originals with slight story expansion and balance upgrades.

I'd like to ask everyone, if given the chance what role would YOU play in a Pokemon game if given the choice?
Script Requests / Script Rewrite Assistance
May 23, 2012, 07:40:54 pm
I'm currently preparing a demo of Chaotic Fury and have finally found the base for my Battle System, but there is still some work to be done. This is the base I am using, it is a Final Fantasy X-style Battle System.

Things I need done for this script (for first demo)
-Stripped down to the basic battle system (removal of extra skill and states)
--I'd like to keep the way the graphics are utilized only because I have actually put a lot of work into designing a UI already.
-Needs to be compatible with ChaosRage Limit System by Blizzard
-Needs to be compatible with Tons of Addons by Blizzard
-Bars replaced with Blizzart Bars from Tons of Addons

If more information is needed, please contact me via PM or Skype.

Thanks in Advance

Alright, I've been in a panic for the past year or so trying to get someone to script this for me and no luck.  Code drives me to the edge of insanity, back again, then rapes me up the ass behind the gas station and doesn't even give me money for a cab home (atleast Blizzy gives me a sandwich damn it!).

Date Rape Analogy aside...

I am looking for an EXPERIENCED coder who will be able to assist me with this project.  I've noticed that many would actually cringe at the sight of a project such as this but I really need this done and I'm hoping that there will be someone here on Chaos Project who would be willing and able to contribute.

I am going to personally limit a lot of the information given here as I don't want those not involved to have the information before the first demo of Chaotic Fury featuring this battle system is out.  If you are interested, you can PM me (responses may be delayed) and I will forward you the mockup manual for this system and supply you with any information that you will require to get this job done.

This project will entail:
-The core Battle System
-A Menu that will allow "Materia" to be equipped within certain constraints.
-A system for crafting unique "Materia"-like items.

The system will utilize Minkoff's Animated Battlers but NOT RTAB (theoretical study of this system has lead to some rather frightening outcomes that will overall make this game either easily broken or horridly difficult.  In order to guage Turn Flow, I suggest looking up the Battle System utilized in Final Fantasy X (this is what I am aiming for, but if this is deemed too difficult then I am open to compromise).

Realizing that this is a big project, I am also going to make this open to collaboration.  If people are interested in working on parts towards the completed project, then I am all for it (Rome wasn't built in a day, nor was it by just 1 man).

At the moment the compensation I can offer is rather lackluster for some (merely credited mention in the game along with easter egg status within the game including but not limited to NPCs, skills, Bosses, and possibly even as a playable character), though I will try to further compensate those involved later on down the road as I can.
Gonna get the ball rollin, and I personally blame Ultaflame for this one.  Saw the shoutbox last night and decided FUCK IT!  We need a new theme week/event time/whatever.

So yeah, if you want a name change just post here and see if a Mod can help you out.

GAX = HomoSaiyamon.
Script Troubleshooting / [XP]Multi-slot Equip Help
February 13, 2011, 02:32:59 pm
So I'm finally getting the equipment system ready for CF when I hit a small snag...
What I'm effectively trying to do is make it react more like FFTactics or a few other games out there in that you have two slots that can be used, and no more.

Script I'm using:
The problem with using this script is that there's that lingering Shield slot.  This gets on my nerves to be honest and I've found no real way to remove it.  A few characters can not only wield a sword/shield combination, but one can dual-wield shields.  That last part's kinda far down the road so for now could someone help me figure out how to make it so that the "left hand" slot accepts shields as well on characters who can dual wield?
Alright, a few people know I've been working on a battle system for a game.  So I'm figuring I'd do this in steps and hopefully have the community help me out.

Here are the basics of the battle system:
*Customizable Materia-like Command Menus
*Secondary MP Meter that applies to all actions (including the basic Attack, Defend, and Item commands) (Action Cost)
*RTAB-like game play

Here's the road map I've got drawn up to script this that I wanna focus each part into.  Starting with applying these methods to the default battle system, the steps shall be:

1. Implimenting the new Action Cost stat for player characters ONLY (enemies are not limited by this stat and therefore do not need it).
-1a. Setting up an algorithm to determine how this stat is calculated.
-1b. Making the stat visible with HP/MP
-1c. Setting up the basic ability cost structure (From individual spells to the standard Attack/Defend/Item commands)
-1d. Adding the Standby Option to the standard DBS command selection (pretty much a character passes at a CT cost)
2. Setting up the Materia-like System that allows one to equip skills instead of items.
-2a. Adding Equipment Menu for said "Materia"
-2b. Making these "Materia" appear within the character's Technique Menu in battle.
-2c. A method of limiting the number of skills that can be equipped at a time.
-2d. A method of expanding upon the above stated limit.
-2e. Making sure this all works with Part 1
3. Tweaking the Action Cost stat and implementing RTAB-like game play.
-3a. Deciding on how to determine rate at which the Action Cost meter replenishes.
-3b. Setting up so that a player can only act when the Action Cost meter is full.
4. Combo Attack setup
-4a.  Setup a part of the Battle Phase in which the player selects a series of skills that are executed in sequence in place of single abilities.
-4b.  Make sure this system can check all costs of said combo attacks so that no impossible combos occur.
5. Player Influence on the system
-5a. Implement a way for states and equipped items to increase or decrease the maximum value of a character's Action Cost meter.
-5b. Implement a way for states and equipped items to slow down or speed up the regeneration of a character's Action Cost meter.
6. Finalizing
-6a. Adjust for compatibility with BlizzAddons
-6b. Adjust for compatibility with the Advanced Chaos Rage Limit System.
-6c. Make sure this all works with Minkoff's Animated Battlers or a comparable system.

Whoever would like to help guide me towards what to do to make all this possible, that would be great.  Anyone looking to assist can post whatever part of the script they are undertaking and how to implement it here.  I want to have this shit ready already.

I don't expect someone to just make all this for me (if someone would like to that'd be great), just looking for those interested in helping me out.

Also...this is for a major project of mine so please don't hijack this system and call it your idea.  Atleast have the manhood to credit me on the concept.

If you would like to provide further assistance or work with me in real time on this, contact me at either of the following.  Please be advised that anyone who decides to spam me through any of these addresses with anything that annoys me will be warned, followed by possibly discipline here on the forums.

AIM - GuardianAngelX72 (always on)
MSN - (may not be online)
I'll be updating this as I need different characters, but for now I'll start it simple.

First up is I need a sprite of a cloaked figure slumped over while walking.  Think injured...leg dragging, holding their stomach, etc.  Also, I need a sprite for this character falling down (back to the camera).

Second up is I need 8 variants (4 male, 4 female) for some coastal village characters.  I'll have some artwork to go by for these characters soon.
Okay, I need the following ASAP, this should be incredibly easy for someone to pull off.

First:  Holy shit high Maximum HP for bosses
-The idea:  Trying to give a boss 950,000,000,000,000 HP (for those of you who can't tell just by looking, that's 950 TRILLION).
-The Problem:  Yeah, even when using a little snippet I've had laying around, it still likes to cap out at about 9999999 HP (Nine Million, ton of 9s after)
Completed by Game_guy.

Second:  Damage Cap Enforcement
-The idea:  Okay, one character doing over a million damage per hit is ridiculous, nuff said
-The problem:  No way to really set an adjustable damage cap.
--What I'd like:  Put simply, just a way to set a "hard cap" (a damage cap that cannot be broken no matter what) and a "soft cap" (a damage cap that creatures are not limited by, and can be bypassed via equipment/status effects/etc.)

Third:  Infusion Skill
-The Idea:  A skill that adds an element or chance of inflicting a state with the next attack, but with a limitation on the number of Infusions that can be active at a time (default 4)
-Example:  Blade Infusion:  Fire makes the next attack have the Fire Element added.  If BI: Fire is used and the next ATTACK (skill targeting an enemy) chosen is Lightning, the attack will have both the Fire and Electric elements.  This can be boosted to an effect such as Lightning doing Fire, Electric, Ice, and Earth damage AND giving the capability to inflict Poison (Poison Blade being used, which would give the next attack the capability of poisoning the target).

Fourth:  Stacking States
-The Idea:  ANYONE who has played WoW knows this one, states (buffs and debuffs) whose effects are additive for the number of "stacks" of the particular state exist on a character, each state having a limited number of stacks.
-Example:  Attack Up would give a 10% increase to the Attack Power stat, with a maximum stack of 4.  So casting Attack Up on a target 4 times would give them a bonus of +40% Attack Power.  Casting the buff while at maximum stacks would just reset the expiration timer for the buff/debuff.

more to come eventually, gonna use this to display current requests.
I'm working on a project right now, not going to say much about it but the game's going in a slightly different art direction than usual.  What I'm looking for right now is sun rays/beams that will work on maps with low saturation and high contrast.  Thanks in advance

yeah, GAX plays Exteel when he needs a break from the typical MMOs, so I'm wondering:
Anyone else play this and does anyone wanna go into a deathmatch with GAX?  Be nice to setup times for all of us to meet, setup passworded rooms, etc.
Yes, it's that time again.  The release of Heart Gold and Soul Silver is less than a month away and it's time for some fun.

For many of us, Generations I and II are where it all began, and now the Generation II Remake is upon us.

So here's the events!

Event 1 - You Are a Pokemon Trainer/Pokemon Month (February 19, 2010 - March 14, 2010, possibly longer)
Pretty simple, make a request in this thread of what you'd like your trainer title to be or even a trainer name.  Please note that the following titles are on a priority basis and Moderators/Admins have first dibs:
Elite Four
Gym Leader
Any Named Playable character from the handheld games (IE PKMN Trainer Blue, Green, Yellow, etc.)
Your name will be changed back after the end of the events.

Event 2 - Pokemon Neon Meet and Greet
This is one that should be fun:  Those of you with Pokemon Neon accounts are invited to see your fellow forum members in game.  If PvP battles are possible, they will likely occur.  For those who don't have accounts or can't make them:  I will likely stream this event over the net at some point via livestream or another member may do so.

Event 3 - Pokemon Fanart Contest
Let your creative genius take hold and do some fanart.  Looking for judges for this, as well as those looking to supply prizes.  Also, this may not be limited to just drawn/painted art.  I wanna see everything from remixes of pokemon songs to Gijinka fanart (see for details on this).

Event 4 - Friendcode Exchange:
Have a Generation IV game?  Why not share friendcodes with one another, trade, and battle along side and against one another.

Event 5 - Generation II Rush! (starts March 14, 2010)
Got HeartGold/SoulSilver?  Then share your progress, share strategies, and see who can reach the legendary battle atop Mt. Silver!

More events will likely pop up as they're introduced/thought up, so have fun with it!
Alright, this is an issue I've had as of late that I wanted to check with everyone else.

This may be related to my hostname being linked to Verizon's FiOS system, though I'm not sure that is the case.

Whenever I try to access the site normally, I get some Parallels H-Sphere 403 error that prevents me from viewing Chaos-Project.

Blames it on PHP settings, but I'm calling bullshit because it doesn't give a cause.

Anyone else having this problemo?

EDIT:  Here's the text from the error
Your PHP settings have been disabled by an H-Sphere administrator.

   * Your current PHP configuration:
   *This configuration was changed:

Please bring your PHP configuration in compliance with admin settings or request your administrator to re-enable support of your settings.

You don't have permissions to access this page. This usually means one of the following:

   * this file and directory permissions make them unavailable from the Internet.
   * .htaccess contains instructions that prevent public access to this file or directory.

Please check file and directory permissions and .htaccess configuration if you are able to do this. Otherwise, request your webmaster to grant you access.

It works in IE without a proxy but in Firefox I'm still getting boned...
Welcome! / [UPDATE] GOOD NEWS (formerly BAD NEWS)
January 20, 2010, 05:17:40 pm
As of last week, my computer suffered a massive failure and I am currently in the process of backing up any and all data possible.

This translates not only to a massive delay on my projects, but also that my activity on the forum will be heavily limited for the next 3 weeks to a month.

Depending if I can get access to another computer, I'll be on whenever possible.

Hopefully I'll be back sooner rather than later, wish you all the best while I'm gone.

Resource Requests / [REQUEST]Sideview Battlers
November 29, 2009, 01:20:54 am
I need some sideview battlers for a project that'll work with either RPG Tankentai or Minkoff's system.
3 male, 1 female, PM me for specifics and if you need the template.

I'll more than likely need multiple versions of each character, but first things first.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can do this ^_^

UPDATE:  Okay, I'm going to start NEEDING sprites soon.  I'm currently going into overdrive with Chaotic Fury and I will be REQUIRING battle sprites ASAP.

So far, only one character design is CONFIRMED ready.

WARNING:  This is an original character I worked my ASS off to design.  Anyone caught stealing this WILL be dealing not only with my foot so far up their ass, they will be retriving their head from the earth's orbit, but you'll also be dealing with some...others.

Spoiler: ShowHide

Need a sprite of her using two pistols.

This sprite needs to be done ASAP.

Depending on who does a good job, I may have more work for you.
Script Requests / [REQUEST][XP]Disc Custom Menu System
November 21, 2009, 04:18:04 pm
Alrighty...time for a request, this one being for a project that I'm nearly done with.  Here's the way the menu is supposed to look:

When selecting a character using Equip, Skill, or just the Character/Status selection, then it should display a battle animation on the character.  When cycling through characters,, they will rotate positions.  The info bar at the top will display a description of the menu selection in the bottom area, and the character's name while selecting a character.

Also, the black space in the background would be a wallpaper.  I've supplied a PSD file including the resources that should be needed to make this system work.
Disc Menu Resource and Example File

Thanks in advance for whoever can handle this, the only system I'm currently using to modify my menu system is that the menu has its own music.
I'm looking for some new sprites that'll include two things, a standard moving sprite and a firing-squad style sprite (soldier brandishing rifle).
For a base, I figure the Helghast of Killzone might be a nice idea...

Futuristic armor, give 5 different colorations:  Dark Blue, Dark Purple, Green, Grey, and Black

Thanks in advance for any help that can be offered ^_^
Script Requests / [REQUEST]Push Skill/Direct Augment
September 06, 2009, 03:20:19 am
Heya people, GAX again looking for a script.

Here's how it works, it's called a Push Skill.

A Push skill directly modifies the next attack action of the target.  This modification pretty much adds the power, element, and effects from the Push skill to the next attack.

Example Flow:
Character uses Flame Charge>Turn End/Begin>Character selects attack>Character Attacks(Power and Effects of base attack + (Fire Element, +50 power, inflict burn)

It's pretty simple, can be used for a multitude of things, even increasing the power of a healing spell or giving some really neat effects.
Resource Requests / [Request]Faded Borders
August 22, 2009, 01:22:59 pm
I need an overlay for the screen with faded borders that can be used for flashback/memory/dream sequences.

Pretty simple honestly, anyone have it?
Resource Requests / [Request]Merged Tilesets
August 14, 2009, 01:41:05 am
I need some merged tilesets for my mapping work, to be specific:

Snow Town + Snow Terrain
Forest Town + Forest
Mine Town + Mountain
Port Town + Beach
Desert Town + Desert
Ruins + Forest

Fort + Tower + Forest + Mountain o.o;

This is mainly so I can work on much more detailed maps, but I'm a bit lazy + I'm sure others can benefit from these.
*Scratches ear like a cat with his hind leg*

Okay, so here's what's going on...

After a "thrilling" talk with Diokatsu outside the forum, I decided I should revamp Chaotic Fury's weapon system, the current one I've got is...shit.

So, here's the fun for y'all.

I need a weapon customization system like in FFX, which will allow me to add certain bonuses to weapons and armor.

Each equipment piece would have a set number of upgrade slots (in FFX, the highest is 4, but for fun let's just make it decided by the person making the game, m'kay?).  Now, let's go with something simple...*pulls out generic sword*.

Let's say I start off with this weapon and decide I want it to have Fire as its element, so I'd use something like a grenade for a fire jewel or red fang or whatever, it gets the f%$#ing job done!  I add the needed reagents and BAM, fire elemental sword.  But wait, there's more...see, this sword can't really be just a generic sword anymore, it's got the power of Fire, so it needs a about something fancy...nah, let's just call it Fire Sword.  Since this is a basic sword, giving it Fire as an element will change its name.  However, let's say I have a much more...interesting weapon.

*Pulls out Fishblade*

Now, this weapon is what most would call a "special weapon", in the fact that it is specifically named, therefore when it's given an element, the name should remain UNCHANGED.

*Pulls out WeakExerion*
Here's a weapon that would get upgraded in game by completing special events, therefore, no modifications should work on this weapon, even if it has slots.

From that, here's the features it needs:

-Ability to discern Normal, Special, and Event equipment from eachother
-Ability to infuse different bonuses into an equipment piece ranging from elemental boosts to the ability to inflict status problems; from status boosts to giving buffs to the wielder.
-A way of limiting how many times a certain item can be upgraded.
-Ability to change the name of some weapons when a certain modification is done.

Hello people and welcome to the Chaos-Project Coverage of the 2009 Anime Expo from sunny Los Angeles California.  I'm Badou Nails and I'll be your host to the plethora of events going on at the beautiful Los Angeles Convention Center!

Coverage will start on Thursday, July 2nd and will be updated daily with pictures and possible video.  Covering everything from new anime and games coming to the US this coming year and the cosplay scene, this will be your guide to AX.

Stay tuned for continuing coverage!
Script Requests / Force actor to be in a party slot
June 21, 2009, 04:37:51 am
Alright, this is mainly for just parts of my game, but this might help someone else too.
I'm working with a Battle Party script that allows you to have as big a party as you want, but only those in the first few slots will actually fight along side you, as well as only those who will fight will appear as the active party (following the character).

Here's the thing though, I have a few storyline events in the game that will require a specific order in the party, and another that will require specific parties or the player to split up into teams.

What I need are the following:
-The ability to force a certain party order without erasing characters in the party.
-The ability to store multiple party configurations (think Northern Crater in Final Fantasy VII).
-Enforce "party locking" (make it so the party cannot be altered) and "character locking" (make it so a party member cannot be switched or moved within the part except by a script call or something...this is for making sure the main hero remains in the first party slot).
Okay...time for a very late little rant but in truth, it was sparked recently.
THIS WILL SPOIL THE ENDING OF THE SERIES: ShowHide those who have seen the ENTIRE series know, Lelouch dies at the ending of the series as part of his master plan.

Here's what pisses me off though:  people don't seem to want to accept this death, most of these people being stupid fucking weeaboos.

Accept it people, Lelouch is dead and he isn't coming back.  Now, I've heard some good arguments in regards to how he can be alive still, but I'd like to explain something to you in regards to quality of an anime vs. how long it's been running.

When you run a single version of a series for more that about 50 episodes, you run a very large risk of becoming stale.  The main series of Code Geass ran for two seasons of 50 episodes each.  Now, if Lelouch LIVED at the end of the series, this would obviously give room for a new series to follow up...therein lies the problem.  See, if you run a series like that too long, it soon becomes stale and thus the series suffers, rots, and dies (see Inuyasha, Naruto, etc.).

A very well thought out argument I heard actually follows the nature of Geass and Codes.  According to a video I found on youtube, the person argues that Lelouch has effectively become immortal.  Allow me to explain the fault in this logic.  Firstly, as from my own watching of the series, a Code can only be passed down to by the giver to one they gave Geass too, and they must have maintained their sanity upon reaching End of Geass (According to C.C.).  Also, for the Code to be passed down, the giver must experience bodily death.  Until the giver dies (which occurs within minutes of passing on the code, obviously by a form of ritualistic suicide as evidenced by the stab wounds in both the nun AND V.V.), the passed on code will be inactive.  Some may think that the one who recieved the code must die, but this is in truth another false.  The nun and Charles were more than likely testing if the passing of the code worked (as the none probably stabbed C.C. before she died as well).  Some may also think that when Lelouch killed Charles and Marianne, that he had taken Charles' code.  This is HIGHLY unlikely as Charles wasn't killed in a way like the others before him, his death was actually more of an erasure from existence.

Sorry, but people need to come to face the truth, Lelouch is dead and you can't do anything about it aside from writing fanfics.

If that isn't enough of a nail in the coffin for you guys, writer Ichirō Ōkouchi has explained the situation of Lelouch's death and Lelouch's name is in the official NewType magazine Death List for the series.  If you want to check out a spin off where he may have a chance of living, you've got two available:  Suzaku of the Counterattack and Nightmare of Nunally.  Don't expect a director's cut or the manga to have a different ending at all either.  If you're one of those crybabies who still wishes for Lelouch to live, then here's the best edit of the final ending I've seen to sate your lack of tastes rather than let a good ending stay good.

And here's the official NewType death list for you guys, though it's in japanese

Alright, let's here your takes now.
Okay people, we've had a bit of drama in the past 48 hours stemming from a fight between RoseSkye and WcW.

After looking over both sides, I actually have found both sides to be at fault, but the current punishments will stand, and a further one may be carried out upon one of the offenders in order to make this fair.

First I'd like to bring to your attention the moderator policy regarding duplicate accounts.  While dupes aren't explicitly discouraged, using them to bypass a ban is a heavy offense that will have your ban kicked to a much harsher punishment, depending on which moderator catches this act and their own personal order of operations, and some may just give you a permanent ban pending discussion with the other mods.

Mine for example:
24 hour no-post ban
24 hour full ban
48 hour full ban
7 day full ban
30 or 60 day full ban (depending on severity of rules broken)
Full Ban pending discussion with moderation and admin team

That's my personal scale, and I actually find it to be quite merciful really, as I usually just repeat the 24 hour no-post ban for people.

Next I'd like to note that I myself am not responsible for the current bans.  The last ban I enacted was quite a while ago, as I felt myself too stressed to be entrusted with such a duty (believe me, a LOT of Perma-bans would have happened).

Now, here's where I'm going with this.  I am personally not a big fan of drama on the internet, in fact it is something that has SEVERELY fucked me up in the past and now is something I prefer to avoid.

If you're going to start a debate in this forum, please remember to make your openning statement as descriptive as you feel fit, do NOT use vague openers that can cause problems, I will PERSONALLY lock these topics or delete them if I see this kind of bullshit happening again.

Next up, for the love of god, do NOT take shit up the ass about what someone says here.  Rule of thumb, if a post sounds defamatory, please report it to a moderator IMMEDIATELY so it can be taken care of, do NOT take the law into your own hands OR explode upon another member or group of members.  If you have a personal problem with a member, take it up with them, but do NOT get the community involved in personal disputes.

Some of these things are common sense people, there's a reason why we have 5 active moderators, three of them being Global Moderator who can easily remedy your problems, and most of us have made our contact information public to the forums (I actually prefer that if there is something going on to contact me via AIM IMMEDIATELY, even if I'm not online, I respond almost immediately once I do log in).

I welcome other moderators to add their own voices to this topic and for the community to give their own responses, but please take this as it is meant, this is a SERIOUS warning to those who wish to engage in a fight that involves the community:  YOU WILL BE PUNISHED!
Alright, so random you can see, we've got a little Pokemon theme going on right now...dunno how long it will last, but hell, it's fun.

So here's the thing.

Post here if you want a pokemon name.  This must be a trainer name, using one of the in-game classes.

Go check Bulbagarden (I'll post a link soon) for a list of trainer types.

You CANNOT use the name of a storyline trainer though, that's against the rules (anyone asks for RED and I beat them =3).

I MIGHT arrange some pokemon battles or a whole league for those of us with Generation IV games.

Keep posted!
So I'll explain the situation...

My college has a school-wide wifi setup here which is pretty good, but the problem is that the network (Aruba Networks WiFi) blocks IRC chats (Trillian AND mIRC wont connect, the java app crashes) AND it keeps me out of being able to play games on my STEAM account (I wanna play Portal at school, what's the fucking problemo with that?).  Anyone wanna help GAX out?  Btw, tried FreeCap (open source SOCKSCap), but it might just need some adjustments.