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Resources / Elemental blobs
February 24, 2011, 04:20:52 pm
Yay, elemental blob thingies! :D
Perfect if you want to make a game with certain elements, and want to have weak little blobs of certain elements running round for you player to fight ^_^

elemental blobs: ShowHide

Dark blob

Neutral/light blob

Plant blob

Water blob

Fire blob
(this one doesn't look right...)

And more, just as soon as I make them.

(I made them, help yourself to use/edit them, just credit me, mm kay? ;) )

Critism and advice is appreciated  :)
I was wondering if anyone knows how to check the terrain tag id of the tile directly infront of the player?
At the moment I have an invisable event going to the spot in front of the player, and check it's terrain tag like that, but I'm guessing there is a simplier and probably more lag free way of checking the tile in front, but I can't find it for the life of me!

The second (kind of related) question, is how can I get the player to stop moving for a second? The closest I've got is a move route with a wait 4 frames command in it, I think it was working, but it doesn't want to do anything anymore :/

Thanks :)
pk8's self variable script (below) is a really awesome script, but I can't figure out what this odd problem is.
It won't work in parallel process map events, if you try to script it, it gives you an error on line 127. about not understand '[]''s

Any ideas???

PLease help!!!

pks self variable script: ShowHide

═══════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════╗ ​​
║ PK8's Self Variables ║
║ Version 1.0 ║
║ by PK8 ║
║ 9/16/09 ║
║ ║
╟──────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────╢ ​​
║ ■ Table of Contents ║
║ ├─ Author's Notes - Line 18─21 ║
║ ├─ Introduction & Description - Line 23─29 ║
║ ├─ Features - Line 31─33 ║
║ ├─ How to Use - Line 35─59 ║
║ ├─ This aliases the following... - Line 61─64 ║
║ ├─ Thanks - Line 66─71 ║
║ └─ Changelog - Line 73,74 ║
╟──────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────╢ ​
║ ■ Author's Notes ║
║ Lowell/Adalwulf mentioned creating a "Personal Variables" system which filled║
║ my head in with ideas about variables and switches. One of these ideas being ║
║ self variables. ║
╟──────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────╢ ​​
║ ■ Introduction & Description ║
║ This script is pretty similar to that of the built in feature: Self Switches.║
║ For those not familiar with Self Switches, Self Switches pretty much pertain ║
║ to a specific event. Example: Treasure Chests. ║
║ ║
║ Self Variables allows users to set certain variables pertaining to a specific║
║ event. Examples include: An event's feelings towards you. ║
╟──────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────╢ ​​
║ ■ Features ║
║ ─ Set self variables of an event via call script. (How to use is below) ║
║ ─ Get self variables of an event via call script. (How to use is below) ║
╟──────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────╢ ​
║ ■ How to Use ║
║ ║
║ ● Setting up a self variable: ║
║ To set a self variable for an event, you'll need to call this script on a ║
║ map event: ║
║ self_variable(id, value, oper) ║
║ id: Self Variable Identification. Example: 'feeling' ║
║ value: Give it a value. ║
║ oper: 0: Set, 1: Add, 2: Sub, 3: Mul, 4: Div, 5: Mod ║
║ ║
║ ● Getting a self variable: ║
║ To get a self variable for an event, you can call this script. ║
║ self_variable(id) ║
║ id: Self Variable Identification. ║
║ ║
║ ● Using self variables in evented if conditions. ║
║ You're probably wondering how, right? Alright. To do this, go to the ║
║ conditional branch event command, click on the fourth tab, select Script ║
║ and type either of these in the input form: ║
║ self_variable(id) == value <- Equal to. ║
║ self_variable(id) >= value <- Greater than or Equal to. ║
║ self_variable(id) <= value <- Less than or Equal to. ║
║ self_variable(id) > value <- Greater than. ║
║ self_variable(id) < value <- Less than. ║
║ self_variable(id) != value <- Not Equal to. ║
╟──────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────╢ ​
║ ■ This aliases the following... ║
║ command_new_game - Scene_Title ║
║ write_save_data - Scene_Save < Scene_File ║
║ read_save_data - Scene_Load < Scene_File ║
╟──────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────╢ ​
║ ■ Thanks ║
║ Lowell: He mentioned creating a personal variables system for his project ║
║ (I think), which made me catch "the scripting bug". ║
║ Decibel: Wanted some way to get self variables into messages but I couldn't ║
║ do it. Someone, help! ║
║ Kain Nobel: He helped me with making this an RMXP script. ║
╟──────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────╢ ​
║ ■ Changelog ║
║ Version 1.0 - 9/16/09: Initial Release ║
╚══════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════╝ ​​

# ** Game_SelfVariables
# This class handles self variables. It's a wrapper for the built-in class
# "Hash." The instance of this class is referenced by $game_self_variables.

class Game_SelfVariables
# * Object Initialization
def initialize
@data = {}
# * Get Self Switch
# key : key
def [](key)
if @data[key] == nil
return 0
return @data[key]
# * Set Self Switch
# key : key
# value : key's value
def []=(key, value)
@data[key] = value

# ** Interpreter
# This interpreter runs event commands. This class is used within the
# Game_System class and the Game_Event class.

class Interpreter
def self_variable(id, value = nil, oper = nil)
if @event_id > 0
key = [@map_id, @event_id, id]
if value != nil
case oper
when nil, 0, 'equal', 'set', '=' # Setting
$game_self_variables[key] = value
when 1, 'add', '+' # Adding
$game_self_variables[key] += value
when 2, 'sub', 'subtract', '-' # Subtracting
$game_self_variables[key] -= value
when 3, 'mul', 'multiply', 'x', '*' # Multiplying
$game_self_variables[key] *= value
when 4, 'div', 'divide', '/' # Dividing
$game_self_variables[key] /= value if value != 0
when 5, 'mod', 'modular', '%' # Modulating
$game_self_variables[key] %= value if value != 0
return $game_self_variables[key]
if value != nil
$game_map.need_refresh = true
return true

# ** Scene_Title
# This class performs the title screen processing.

class Scene_Title
alias pk8_self_variables_command_new_game :command_new_game
# * Create Game Objects
def command_new_game
$game_self_variables =

# ** Scene_Save
# This class performs save screen processing.

class Scene_Save < Scene_File
alias pk8_self_variables_write_save_data :write_save_data
# * Write Save Data
# file : write file object (opened)
def write_save_data(file)
Marshal.dump($game_self_variables, file)

# ** Scene_Load
# This class performs load screen processing.

class Scene_Load < Scene_File
alias pk8_self_variables_read_save_data :read_save_data
# * Read Save Data
# file : file object for reading (opened)
def read_save_data(file)
$game_self_variables = Marshal.load(file)
Can someone just quickly tell me the scripting equivalent of "Call common event" Please?
It's something along the line of "$game_common_event(#)"
But I can not for the life of me figure it out!
Thanks! :haha:
Role Playing and Interactive Story Telling / Sticked
September 06, 2010, 02:03:38 am
Your name is Sticked.
You are walking along the street one day when you come across an old coughing man, he's about to fall over but you grab him, and stop his fall, you place him gently on the ground, but he has already passed.

There is a note in his hand, it has a phone number written on it, but the last number is blurred, it's either a 1 or a 7

Which number do you ring?


((Only one answer please, anyone can answer, but only ONE))
Resource Requests / Cube sprite
July 27, 2010, 08:58:39 pm
If anyone has a cube sprite, like the ones off  portal, could I please borrow it?
No... I am not making a portal fan game, I just need a sprite or a picture or something, of some of the weighted cubes. Not the companion cube, just normal?
Ok, thanks! :haha:
New Projects / [XP] Telekinesai
July 18, 2010, 07:38:28 pm

Hey, well, I've decided I would try and make a game that is at least half-decent, but it will be based mainly around a man in an experiment lab on Earth how then escaping and doing random stuff with hi telekiensis and elemental attack powers.
Spoiler: ShowHide
Anyway, in this lab, a bunch of scientists have been testing genetics and cloning on the humans, to make them stronger, more intelligent, to fly, and impossible ablitlites, like telekinesis. The player progresses through the tests well at first, as all of them do. He begins the game with no knowledge of how he got there, how he can move stuff with his mind, or even why he obeys the voice coming from inside his head, that tells him to complete the challenges in front of him. So the player finishes these increasingly difficult challenges, and something happens (I don't know what yet) and the guy manages to escape, after meeting up with another group of escaped humans, all equally as 'special' as him. The metal device that was lodged in his brain was removed, and it was explained the this was the 'voice' the told him to complete the challenges, just a remote that the scientists used to keep the humans on the test. He lives in the outside world for sometime, doing tasks and whatnot, till he eventually sets his mind on finding out what actually happens within the lab, so he ventures in. He finds the genetics area of the lab, and watches the scientists treat the clones and test subjects like cattle, testing unknown things, and killing those slightly ill, so he goes and sets a bunch of them free, and then breaks into the main genetics part of the lab, and stabs himself (or is injected, or falls on the injection) with a highly new experimental gene fulled concoction that gives him pyrokinesis. He robs the place of it information, (stealing it of the computers) and learns how to make more concoctions of other telekinesai abilities (hydrokinesis, pyrokinesis, etc.) so then he travels the world does a bunch of stuff, and tracks down the main men who started the operation, and kills them.

Character Description
Spoiler: ShowHide
 Unfortunetly I need a basic character description :( And I'm terrible at these, so it'll be short until I've got the basic gameplay finished :P (PLEASE DON'T LOCK THIS THREAD JUST BEACUSE OF THIS PART!)
The Hero: (You name him) He is a human (maybe a clone) for a start. He wakes up in a grey room with a laser beam and a box behind it, with no prior knowledge of how he got there. He then takes commands from the voice inside his head, that acts as a tutorial. He starts the game knowing nothing, so once he is out, he seeks answers, and to make the creators of this horrid project pay.

Spoiler: ShowHide
Well, in this game, you can use your power of telekinesis to send this little purple orb of power out from your body, and hover over objects and make them move, to either solve puzzles or to attack monsters by using elemental kinesai. You stand still and hold [shift] to send out the telekinesis orb, and hold [a] to use the kinesai you've selected, (in the hud by pressing q and w), the telekinesis ball will then turn into that type of kinesai, and you can smack it into monsters to do elemental damage of that type.

Okay, that's not all, I also am putting in an elemental attack system, which rmxp starts with, but because I'm making my own abs, (not blizz abs -_-) using only events, it's not the easiest thing. But anyway, here's my attempt at explaining it.

Spoiler: ShowHide

  • SHIFT: Sends out the purpl kinesai ball/cursor thing, which, when it's on top of an object, will make the object move along with it.
  • Q: Okay, the idea is, when you have learnt at least two kinesai (new word, kinesis's is too hard to say...) you can scroll through them using Q and W, with the skill at the top left next to the health. Q scrolls it left.
  • W: scrolls right.
  • A: this lucky thing has the best job. When the kinesai ball is out (your pressing shift), press this beauty button to switch the telekinesis orb into the kinesai orb of the selected kinesai. (eg. Pyrokinesis is seleceted, press [shift] and [a], and the ball will turn into a flame. Doing fire damage to enemies when hit)
  • S: When the kinesai ball is hovered over stuff, you press this, and it'll move each of the objects in a random direction. It's to stop objects from overlaping eachother.
  • D: Press this when an object is being moved, to release it of your telekinesai charm. lol.

( the powers/skills you can learn)
Spoiler: ShowHide

First is there main effect on objects, monsters, plants and people, second is what they SHOULD look like on field and if I have a character sheet for that element. I plan to make my own ABS type of thing, using only events. Fun. NOTE: all these (with the exception of teleport) can be leveled up to lvl 10, you get points from when you normally level, which can be spent on 1 of the kinesai.

  • Pyrokinesis - Sets objects and monsters (and people) on fire, also removes ice - Fire [have]
  • Electrokinesis - may also control robots, computers, magnets or something - Lightning
  • Hydrokinesis - Puts out fire... that's about as much as I can gather for the moment... - Water ball [have]
  • Cryokinesis - Can freeze water and people - sharp ice crystal thing
  • Aerokinesis - ... I can't really think of anything - wind ball thing, like the one in aang the avatar makes, and rides on.
  • Botanokinesis - can make plants grow, or un-grow... - How should this look? Like aerokinesis, 'cept green... maybe a tangle of floating moving vines?
  • Geokinesis - I also can't really think of anything that this can do - A rock o_O what did you expect? [have, though it kinda sucks]
  • Magnekinesis - Metal... umm... - should look like..?
  • Vitakinesis - Heals you or some random person on the street - just the basic heal action thingy
  • Self teleporation - teleports you anywhere you little telekinesis ball is (omg, that sounds wrong, just to clarify, it will not teleport you into your pants...  :^_^':) - Just the basic magic skill animation

Elemental system thingy
Spoiler: ShowHide

Anyway, as you can (perhaps not so) clearly see, there are 8 elements, pretty standard in most games.

Attacking a wind monster with pyrokinesis (fire) does 3 times as much damage as, say attacking a normal monster.

I'm complicating this, aren't I?

Lets take Electro.
If you use electrokinesis on a:
  • Botano (nature) monster will do 3 times as much damage
  • Aero (wind) monster will do 2 times as much damage
  • Pyro/hydro/cryo/normal monster will do average damage
  • Geo (earth) monster will do half as much damage
  • Magne (metal) monster will do nothing
  • another electro (thunder) monster will heal it

Spoiler: ShowHide

Lol, please don't judge the mapping  :haha:
Look at that shiny new hud I made... ohh... :clap:

Would love to hear your thoughts :D

Spoiler: ShowHide
I have a gameplay demo, it's not long and is only 10 megabytes, but it's pretty awesome
V - this demo sucks and doesn't work properly, I'll have another demo soon though, don't you worry!

(Plz tell me of any bug/glitches/blah blah thanks :D )

I dare someone to look at the events and live :P
Event System Requests / [XP] Telekinesis thingy
June 16, 2010, 01:06:21 am
I need help with a telekinesis thing. I feel ashamsed because I'm probably the nooby-est guy here but I would like some help.

Okay the idea is, when you press shift a purple cursor ball thing comes out from the player. The player stops moving and the arrow keys now controll the purple cursor ball thing. When the ball goes over an object (like a chair) the object will move along with the ball.

I have messed around with this and have been able to make something half usable, but requires amazingly long events and excessive amounts of variables that lags so much that it makes me want to throw up until my head explodes...  (I'll put up some pictures of what I've manged to do in a second)

I know that this is probably incredibly hard to understand and I'll explain more if you want me to.

Hey guys,
I was wondering if there is a visual equipment script for XP?
There is one for VX
But it's not compatible with XP
f this does exist, I'm terribly sorry for wasting your time, and can someone please point me in that dirction?
Thanks! :haha: