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Welcome! / Good Bye
« on: September 24, 2014, 10:28:50 AM »
I'm not sure if it's my real world issues that are getting to me, or what, but I need to go. I just feel that I need to focus more on school and relationships, and even physical/mental health. I have never really contributed anything to this community, so I doubt that I will be missed and any real sentiment will definitely fade quickly. I just felt the need to say goodbye since I have been here for quite a while. I know it seems sudden, and it feels like it came from nowhere, but I've thought of this for a long time now. I keep wasting time doing things like art, music, and game making. Doing them all, and being good at none of them. They are all hobbies, sure, but it can consume my life, and I just feel that leaving CP for good would help me kick these "hobbies". I'm obviously not doing something right in my life to feel so depressed all the time, and I need to figure this out. Talking to everyone on the internet isn't going to solve my problems, and it's clear that I'm not as intellectual as the vast majority of this community. (Which is part of the reason I feel a need to apply myself more.)

I'll miss all the fun conversations, and random 3AM chats in skype, but rest assure that I'll remember everyone of them. Here's one last lol for everyone to remember me by xD
P.S. I'll be on here till friday incase anyone wants to reply or anything, and because I can't just cold turkey this addiction of checking cp :b

P.P.S KK20, you're not off the hook for ssb4, tho. U still gonna haz mai skype noob

Sea of Code / Tutorial Request?
« on: August 25, 2014, 12:16:17 AM »
Can someone make a guide of some kind, on how to develop an app for android? I've been wanting to make a personal app for use with the family, and I have no idea where 2 start.

Projects / Games / Tower of Paragon
« on: July 03, 2014, 11:07:32 PM »
Tower of Paragon

This was our entry (kk20, and I) for the game jam. Originally super ambitious, ToP aimed to be a platformer beat-em-up with tons of flashy animations and enemies. The time crunch thing kinda put a lot pressure on us. Unfortunately I totally cracked under pressure which resulted in us removing a lot of things and dialing it back a lot. Basically it is not so much a platformer as is a beat-em-up. I originally wanted to add a storyline to this aswell as an overworlds and 3 levels rather than just a castle, but we all know how that goes... >.>

This is supposed to be the completed contest entry. As of the last day, we did not have everything done. This includes several maps full of enemies and the more minor graphical/script problems have been fixed (though some still remain) List at bottom.

  • Platformer XP Engine
  • Action Battle System
  • Mutiple Weapons to collect
  • Enemies get stronger as you progress
  • Lots of Combos
  • All Original Graphics
  • Strangely Addicting o.o

(click to show/hide)
(click to show/hide)

Scripts - KK20
Graphics - Zexion
Music - Enterbrain


Extra Tips / Tutorials
The game does explain a lot of the controls and stuff, but does not really cover the HUD.
(click to show/hide)

Known Issues
Graphics: Some walls do not tile correctly.
Scripting: Walking off screen when there are no teleports causes the game to crash. Please don't break :V <3

General Discussion / Moment to pay my respects to our heart
« on: July 01, 2014, 02:04:30 AM »
So as you know, the rpg contest has been going on for a while now. A lot of people have entered and stufff... Well me and kk20 were working on something. I've been giving hints at it all along. My profile is the main character. The game is a platform type beat-em-up with combos etc. We started off super ambitious as usual :v.. after nearly quitting at the begining because of being overwhelmed by graphics, we decided to scale it back. Instead of tons of features limit it to a few and a few weapons, and enemies, etc. We hit a snag when my internet went down, but we exploded with energy and drive towards the end. We ended up doing over 60% of the project at the very end. (in only 2 weeks)

Well today was the day to submit it and it literally came down to a few last things. (Mapping) Long story short, we ran out of time. Literally 30 minutes more would have been enough. But we missed it :[

The hearts of KK20, and myself

Chat / 60 Rare Photos
« on: June 09, 2014, 03:25:44 AM »

Entertainment / Town of Salem Song
« on: June 07, 2014, 10:16:08 AM »
So like, me and KK20 were chatting in skype and then i decided to make a small clip of the flute part from a song in "Town of Salem". Then I somehow turned that into a full song lol! Anywho, here it is:
Made it in Mixcraft using the free trial, enjoy!

Edit: Put a few more things in, should sound fuller now :D

RMXP Script Database / [XP] Backshadow Text
« on: May 18, 2014, 02:54:29 AM »
Backshadow Text
Authors: Zexion
Version: 1.0
Type: For Windows & Bitmaps
Key Term: Scripting Tool


I made this for use in most of my projects. It produces a nice effect of backshadow without having to do several lines of code. Such as:
Code: [Select]
Save color
New color = black
Draw text x+1 y+1
new color = save color
draw text x y
Which comes up often enough in rmx-os.


  • Easily add any amount of colors
  • Easy to replace draw_text with (only uses one more optional parameter)
  • Makes text pop





(click to show/hide)


Place above main.


No issues o.o

Credits and Thanks

  • Zexion

Author's Notes

Careful with syntax when adding colors, Lol!

Script Troubleshooting / rmxos database error
« on: May 11, 2014, 07:01:50 PM »
For some reason, I get an error saving data from the server.

The project is literally the default that comes with rmxos with a custom tileset and character. All scripts are the ones from the demo, so I'm not sure what I'm missing

Resources / Story Writing Software
« on: April 10, 2014, 11:11:30 AM »
I was looking for a good program that would make writing a story easier, and I managed to find something that was both simple and helpful. It is called FocusWriter. What it does, is that it clears your screen of clutter and allows you to focus on only the writing. It's very simple and plain, but it supports the different font options such as bolt and italic, and it is very lightweight (under 2mb if I remember correctly). It is also portable, so you can take it on a usb anywhere, and it has an optional typewriter sound effect lol. I thought it was a pretty good program for creating a clear writing environment. It helped me brain storm some ideas last night, and it's extremely easy to use.

It's available for free (with optional donation) on linux, mac os x, and windows, so anyone can download and use it. I thought it would be a good thing to share for those who are writing stories for projects and what not.

General Discussion / Fan games that failed
« on: April 04, 2014, 12:08:27 AM »
Uhm, so I was wondering if anyone else thought that the games that claim to be shut down by Nintendo or whatever are just saying that to hide that the developers failed at completing the game? For example there have been tons of pokemon mmos that have failed or claimed to be shut down by Nintendo. I've always wondered if this was true or not. The fact that there are really successful poke mmos out right now kinda makes me think that they lied. This applies to all fan games not just pokemon games. I just haven't seen any others get shut down.

Video Games / Town of Salem
« on: March 28, 2014, 09:59:15 PM »
Inspired by the party games Werewolf and Mafia, Town of Salem is a game of murder, mystery and deception.
For more info visit the kickstarter page: Link

Okay, so this game is seriously addicting. I have been playing a few games throughout the day whenever I get time, and some with friends. It's soo much fun. It's almost like watching a movie with a different ending every time. I'm making a topic so anyone can post what cool stuff that happens when they win or loose, and maybe schedule a playtime for whoever wants to join.

Anywho, my pic for the day is below.
The quality is a bit bad because I took it with my phone in a hurry trying to avoid the will that was about to pop up. (I was sending it to my friend who is also addicted.)
I was the arsonist and had been randomly dousing people the whole game. The mafia did a good job at destroying the entire town in only 3 turns. I decided to ignite everyone I had doused, and to my surprise, this was the result:
(click to show/hide)
I killed the entire mafia leaving only the serial killer, lol. Win!

RPG Maker Scripts / Get a weapons element?
« on: March 18, 2014, 03:34:04 PM »
How do I get a weapon's element? Each weapon will only have one element, if that changes anything :P

Troubleshooting / Help / How to actually event a story...?
« on: March 11, 2014, 02:22:17 PM »
Lol, as basic as it seems, I have never actually gotten to the part where I make a story for my game. Now that I'm getting close, I'm starting to wonder how I will even handle story progression. I was thinking that I can handle story progression on a single variable and use switches and the like for non story related events or story related events that can't use the variable for whatever reason. Or, I can just go the common route and use 500 switches for my game. lol

How even?

Script Troubleshooting / Death on the map.
« on: March 02, 2014, 01:54:51 AM »
Why can't I die on the map? I put an event to lower my hp by one on parallel process and it always stops at one. Even if I use a script call instead of the event call. Is there a script protecting mah life?

General Discussion / Do you plan on playing?
« on: February 24, 2014, 10:12:29 AM »
Alot of us here have an on-going rpg maker project. Whether it be xp, vx, vxa, or anything else, we all have our own projects that we work on for our own reasons. I was thinking last night, about one of the biggest reasons that I even work on my project. Me. Will I play my own game?

Right now I'm dieing to get to the point where the battle system is done, the menus are done, and all that is needed is a storyline and graphics. Reason being, I am creating a game that I really am dieing to play myself. However, can I really enjoy it if I know what should happen next? Instead of exploring aimlessly and discovering the game, I will know exactly what to do ._. I just don't know at this point if I will be able to enjoy it?

What are your thoughts? Could you really play your own game? To anyone who has finished a game or games; do you actually play them?

Script Troubleshooting / Fix my ally HUD?
« on: February 18, 2014, 07:10:16 AM »
(click to show/hide)

OMG. Lol. I opened the editor one last time and out of sheer luck i spoted this line
Code: [Select]
if ($game_party.actors[1].hp > b && $game_party.actors[actor].hp <= a) :facepalm:
should be
Code: [Select]
if ($game_party.actors[actor].hp > b && $game_party.actors[actor].hp <= a)Lock or delete this topic haha.

New Projects / Kingdom Hearts: Age of Guardians
« on: February 16, 2014, 12:24:17 PM »

(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)

    So as I mentioned before, I have bi-monthly tasks to meet. I will update this list as needed!
(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)
(click to show/hide)
(click to show/hide)
(click to show/hide)

KK20 & LittleDrago for Custom Resolution & Various Script Fixes
Terv for Kiss Engine Tutorial
Gameus for Original Wave class
Unknown Author for Screen Blur script

Script Troubleshooting / [XP]How is this line read?
« on: February 13, 2014, 10:49:47 AM »
I'm trying to make a damage formula for my abs, and I'm looking at the default RMXP formula.
Code: [Select]
atk = [attacker.atk - self.pdef / 2, 0].max
self.damage = atk * (20 + attacker.str) / 20

I have no idea what the output of the first line would even look like? Why is it in [] brackets. and what is .max lol

Resources / Kingdom Hearts Resources
« on: February 03, 2014, 09:15:41 PM »
Okay so over the years I have gathered tons of kingdom hearts resources. A lot of them can still be found on google. This file contains every graphic I own that is kingdom hearts related in anyway aside from current projects. There are even a few .xcf files of graphics I was working on at some point.(tbh, I have no idea what some of them are lol!)
All together, the link is around 106mb or so. Here's the link :

Express your Creativity / Small voice acting clip LOL
« on: February 01, 2014, 11:23:45 PM »
I don't know what possessed me to do this, but I wanted to voice the first line of this video.
Here it is:

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