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Resources / Character Pack
June 19, 2013, 06:56:24 pm
This one I created the concept and the sprite and battler

I found this image in a site and liked the battler its from a game called etrian odyssey

so I decided to make the sprite for it  and here it is

You can use them, crediting me is not necessary but don't credit yourself as the creator
Script Requests / Re: [XP]Building Script
April 30, 2012, 12:58:16 am
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Script Requests / [XP]Building Script
April 20, 2012, 05:20:33 pm
In my game you can build your own town by putting things to decorate it and make it more glamorous.
What I need
A script that allows you to put some items into the map
Example of What I Want:

How I want it
-Select which items can be put in the map
-Use them like normal items from the menu for them to be placed o map
-Items in map may be animated
-Items in map may turn directions if you interact with them from different sides
-Items in map may have an event (say you something, give you something, teleport you, etc.)
-Items can only be placed on a defined terrain tag
-Items may be deleted if using another item while being near (Using from menu the item "Trash Hammer" allows you to select which item around you to delete)
-Items are placed in the tile in front of you (as long as it has the permitted terrain tag)

Scripts I Am Using
-Atlas Of World by Aqua
-Memorize Location by DubeAlex
-Dynamic Gardening/ForeverZer0
-Item Quality/GameGuy
-Message Choice Window/ForeverZer0
-Achievement/GameGuy(with the scripts's battle snipet)
-Enemy Element Atack/GameGuy
-Book Scene/ForeverZer0
-MAWS/Ccoa ForeverZer0
-Quest Log/Game Guy
-Mail Box/Game Guy
-Tons Of Addons
-SeeEventName/ LiTTleDRAgo
I want a system with customizable HUDs for hp, one for mp, one for exp, and bellow those I want this to appear:
   Bellow those 3 HUDs I want 5 customizable HUDs more, saying, ATK,DEF,M.ATK,M.DEF,AGI
       Each Hud represents what they say and next to each name the number of the level they are (Example: ATK 1)
              It will be like a EV Pokemon system
                     some monters drop 1 or more points for atk,def,m.atk or any of those already mentioned stats
                        Those stats can level up with some points
       Example: ATK 1 (need 1 atk hudpoint droped by some monsters to get to lvl2)
                     DEF 5 (need 5 atk hud point droped by some monsters to get to lvl6)
                     M.ATK 73 (need 73 hud atk points droped by some monsters to get to lvl73)

   Each number of the lever each stat has is the number of points they need to get to the next lvl
and each lvl they get they up 1 in the stat
Example: Your character has ATK 2, he gets 2 ATK points dropped by (2 monsters that drop +1 atk hud points) or (1 monster that drop +2 points of atk hud)
               when he gets those 2 points the hud will now say ATK 3 meaning he lvl up and his stat ATK will get +1
                 Meaning:        Actor #1 has 160 ATK and he is ATK lvl2, when he gets to ATK lvl3 he will have 161 ATK...  he gets +1 atk each time the ATK HUD levels up :D and
                                       thats with every other hud (DEF,M.ATK,M.DEF,AGI)

   I hope someone can make me this script so I can personalize the pics used for the huds, and so I can input in the script database which monsters drop how many points and points of what kind (ATK,DEF,MATK,MDEF,AGI)... so you can train individualy each stat in the game and grow infinitly in each of those 5 stats, but each time it will get harder to get 1 more point of that stat...

               Examples: Aluxes (Actor#1) is ATK 1 and DEF 1... and his stats are ATK 100 and DEF 70 because of the armor and weapons equiped
                               Now, aluxes is ATK 2 and DEF 4 ... and his stats are ATK 101 and DEF 73 because he upped 1 lvl in atk hud and got +1, and he upped 3lvls in def hud and got +3 (+1 each lvl)

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASEsomeone help me with this please
Resource Requests / Re: Battler needed
April 12, 2012, 01:25:50 pm
actually he is flying :) yes with his hands on his hips, like in the pic I showed you
well thnx anyways. umm the normal battle system

and I use this because the elements are used to create things or buy things.
You go to a specific place with 2 Plant and 1 wood and create Tree
You go to FlamingCrafts with 1 fire and 2 wood and create torch

I would do this with items but in conditional branchs only appears if you have a type of item in possesion, not a quantity of an item
Resource Requests / Re: Battler needed
April 09, 2012, 09:16:40 pm
Without weapon please :D
No they aren't items, I set them up as variables
variable 10 is Plant
variable 11 is Water

I want monsters to drop this "elements" each monster drops diferent amounts of elements that add up to the variable
so after killin 2 monsters that drop 3 water each, then variable 11's amount would be 6
Resource Requests / Re: Battler needed
April 09, 2012, 08:54:28 pm
:3 I'll look forward for it
mm i dunno if i specified myself, in my game monsters drop elements like fire or water

so i want it to be able to specify a monsters drop in variable

Monster1=+1Fire drop
Monster2=+2Fire drop

Instead of having the "teasure"(database name) as an item, have a teasure of variable
I want like a monster that instead of dropping and item it drops a variable when killed

Example: After defeating Monster1 you get +1 of variable2

How can I do that???
Resource Requests / Re: Battler needed
April 08, 2012, 11:30:37 pm
its good :D but I was looking for a rather cute style of art, ill post a pic of the style im looking for

Its a bit simple this pic, but im searching for this sort of fairy cute style art
Resource Requests / Re: Battler needed
April 08, 2012, 10:10:24 pm
Yeiiii :D thnx
Resource Requests / Battler needed
April 08, 2012, 09:02:56 pm
Heello there I just hope someone can make a good battler of this drawing :D i suck at making battlers and was hoping someone could do it for me :)
Kay thnx :)
Yeah it could be with events but that would be a hell lot of time making 100 conditional branches, plus I wouldnt be able to put item probabilities with decimals
I don't know if this already exists but I looked for it and couldn't find it.
I want a script that lets me put items like lucky bags, that when you open them you get a ramdom item from a set of items that are already defined
I want it the script to be able to put diferent probability rates for each item you can get from the "lucky bag" item

Example of what Im looking for:
Rainbow Axeman Bag
When opening it:
50%chance of getting blue axe
15%chance of getting red axe
10%chance of getting yellow axe
7%chance of getting orange axe
5%chance of getting purple axe
5%chance of getting green axe
5%chance of getting pink axe
3%chance of getting rainbow axe
I mean like, I try to open the demo project to copy paste the script but it appears: Failed To load actor data
how do you copy the script from the demo?

:O.o: dont judge plz I don't know much