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General Discussion / Re: Project: Aura, sprites and more
September 01, 2010, 12:09:16 am
take a look at Yu Yu Hakusho and look at Team Masho during the Dark Tournament  series. Touya the Ice Master uses the ice sword on the arm thing. Thats what it makes me think of. I was contemplating the Katana also, but the only problem is thats really cliche too. lots of "cool character that summon swords" use a katana lol. thats why I went with a slightly broader sword. as for square-ish....hmmm well the only part I can see that is really like that is the tip and that is because the outline is a dark color so it ends up blending with the shoes kind of. If I lighten the color then it is hard to see over the ice >_<
Hmm claws are kind of hard to really show in detail on a sprite. and the ice sword arm thing is cliche imo. But I did work with the idea of a sword and decided to have the final for look like the second but also for a nice ice sword for him to wield.

Hey guys (and girls), I need some help. I need some ideas as to what the 3rd release should possibly look like. Toss me some ideas.

I really dont want to take this really cheap and already made sprite idea. :( (recolor of Ragnarok Online's "Garm")
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 :???: Short - ish :???:
Thanks, I have been really busy with some other stuff in my life last day or two, but I am going to see if I can manage to get another sprite done.
Thanks  :) nice to know people like my style of doing things :^_^':

*edit* I toned down the gloss a little on the icons. I feel they look better now. :P
I am thinking about lowering the opacity on the gloss just a little but I am keeping it since it matches my menus and with out it they look too flat and bland. and for the last element well I guess it wouldn't hurt to say it, it's metal(Steel).
Updated first post with element icons for my game. tell me what you think. :P
lol I care about what everyone thinks, except game_guy. j/k
I may pick the idea up again at a later time but right now it was more of a headache.
yeah the wings were a good idea in theory but they are just not practical. let me know what you guys think of this new concept.

*updated first post*
yeah I noticed that I did that after I got into the wings a good deal. I had the character set to not visble and forgot what pose it was lol.I am thinking I might change my idea for what I want to do with this character when It goes into kind of like an "Overdrive" mode. The wings will take a long time to sprite for all the animation poses. I may go with something simpler such as Ice forming down the arms and maybe over part of the legs.

I don't know...give me your thoughts.
The wings come from the entire back. and the large size is due to the fact that they will beable to fold over and completly cover him as a shield when he is attacked. I based these wings off of  Hitsugaya Toushirou from Bleach. When he realeases his Bankai he gains large wings similar to this.
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lol yea I guess I can see how it might appear that way. Well anyways I updated another sprite. The main character for my game. I modified an old concept I had for him and I did a recolor. I tried to improve the color contrast.
lol what looks off to you?
So, is it better now?
lol so you see it too. XD but yea I have to go to work so I will try to see what I can do tonight.

*edit* ok I added some blue swatches to the hair. looks better IMO.
well I meant I used the same colors.
lol there is a lot of shading in the hair. used the same concept as the robe. I don't know why it looks different. :P
Quote from: legacyblade on August 19, 2010, 04:40:52 pm
A good example of white clothing is the RTP angels.

Thanks a lot for that tip. :D I tried it out, result in first post.