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Recruitment / Re: Mappers, unite!
July 05, 2012, 11:39:12 pm
Why not? Are we using the basic RTP or do you have anything added to the Game's Tileset? I can try an underground cave that's about 5-12 maps. I do better with those and I feel I have a knack for linking small maps into one large map accurately.

It's great that you're offering this, it adds variety to your game. I just need to get back on RMXP since the only reason I use it, is for 5 minute quick shits with the Blizz ABS
New Projects / Re: Alive
July 01, 2012, 09:53:07 pm
New Title text does stick out more. You could give it a "glow effect", in my opinion. I would say to move the text in the middle but
the light in the middle will meld with it.

New Title text sticks out more, basically.
Chat / Re: Post a picture of yourself
June 29, 2012, 07:27:54 am
Quote from: Subsonic_Noise on June 29, 2012, 07:18:29 am
That picture was good until I saw the beats.

Was a christmas present and they work helluva better than the ipod headphones
Chat / Re: Post a picture of yourself
June 29, 2012, 06:14:59 am
Too lazy to give you the direct image. Doesn't mean much cuz I'm ugly :'(
So have the instagram link, where you can see my cheesy ass statement
Quote from: game_guy on June 24, 2012, 09:30:41 pm
This looks interesting, I'll be sure to give it a try. By the way, here's the official Android app store page.

Thanks, if you do, my account is "AJNR95"
Oh, and read the thing with the realms, because I didn't. So I'm stuck with Demons Realm with a Gods Deck.
New Projects / Re: Alive
June 24, 2012, 08:22:00 pm
I would also like to play the demo when it comes out
Rage of Bahamut is a basic TCG (Trading Card Game) that has features of leveling up, trading, joining orders,
attacking and seizing treasures* (PvP).

The game in my opinion, may be repetitive but is satisfying with it's greater opportunity for high ranked cards, great artwork
and good side of the community (if you manage to find it).

The downsides of the game are the quest schematics that follow those of Facebook games and the limited amount of friends
you can have.

The game does have in-app purchases like every other App Game, but the features are not very excruciating
in comparison to other App Games and Facebook Games. They're just an alternative currency to purchase high standard cards,
you will get up to at least 4 chances to get a Rare (or up) Card. High Normal Cards can be obtained by chance daily and
many people are willing to trade multiple High Normals for a single rare.

Itunes App Store
Android App Store
Facebook Page

If you do get a hold of this game, it will give a (14 Step) tutorial on the basics. At the very end of the tutorial, it will ask
you if you have a referral code. The Referral Code gives you 100,000 Rupies** and a Rare Card "Angelic Knight"

A valid referral code you can enter is: yiu80015

* Treasures are a feature in the game that reward the Player with a PvP Skilled Card once they finished the set of treasures
** Rupies are a Currency used to Enhance and Evolve Cards, along with Donations to Orders to increase their size limit
New Projects / Re: [Ace] "Silent Knight"
June 21, 2012, 11:00:35 am
Quote from: Landith on June 21, 2012, 10:36:36 am
I think your mapping is fine, but everyone can improve :P Especially with the way mapping is in RMVX :facepalm:
If you consider using custom tiles I recommend Celianna, she has really amazing custom RMVX tiles. (actually on looking further I think you might have already used some of hers)

I already saw some of your maps in the Screenshot Thread and they're amazing, I'll look up the tilesets you've recommended. However, I have the default RTP Tilesets, maybe the Ace took some of Celianna's work and added it to their database? But variety is a tool I would love to get hand on for this project! Thanks

Quote from: Landith on June 21, 2012, 10:36:36 am
Also I like your idea to use the RMVX ace facesets to create a battler base(at least I think that's what you're doing), but try to keep with the same type of coloring style of the faceset so it matches. Lawrence looks great, but the coloring style doesn't match that of the RMVX ACE.

I'm sorry, that image must be giving the wrong image. The 'RMVX Ace' Image was created with the Character Creator in Ace. These will be the graphics before custom graphics and battlers. Concept 1 is a traditional sketch of the Character's Face and Battler. Concept 2 is a digital drawing of the Character's Face and Drawing. You noticed the difference between 'Ace' Lawrence and 'Concept' Lawrence, this is the prime example of change, detail is not imperative for the change of appearance, that'll be consulted in the following answers

Quote from: Landith on June 21, 2012, 10:36:36 am
Also the equip screen, I'm not sure I like how the icons just get blown up :/ Maybe take the time to redraw every icon at a higher resolution so it's not so pixelated? Or even have a seperate image there or something... It doesn't look that bad but its just... distracting.

That's understandable, the Shop Screens are from Yanfly's scripts. This dilates the original image up to (what) 300-400%ish.
That explains the blurriness, I will see how I'll fix this.

Quote from: Landith on June 21, 2012, 10:36:36 am
Love the ideas of evented battles. I hate, hate random battles you can't avoid.

Thanks! I hated it too, it happens way too much in Final Fantasy, I sympathize with players who want to rush through
areas without the hassle of random snags.

Quote from: Landith on June 21, 2012, 10:36:36 am
Beautiful lighting.

Thanks, the lighting is a script from the Victor Engine. It's basically putting a bunch of make-up on a horse :P

Quote from: Landith on June 21, 2012, 10:36:36 am
Your color tint is hideous on the last three screenshots (from the first post), I definitely recommend changing that unless there is a reason it should be a highly saturated red, or absolutely gross green/yellow.

Those WILL be fixed, the tint screen was a quick apply to the highly saturated red picture. The lighting is yet to be applied because I'm creating the evented cutscenes for those. But the lighting will be different. The absolutely gross green/yellow will be changed too. (The last scene takes place in a Tavern during the evening, the second and third to last pictures take place in a basement, so time of day isn't important.)

Quote from: Landith on June 21, 2012, 10:36:36 am
The battle system looks badass, looking forward to trying that out.

The battle system is modestly nothing great. It's the default battle system, with Yanfly's Engine. An Active Time Battle System was to be implemented into the game, but until the script maker can fix issues with the script, it is excluded. The ATB Script would crash when events are set off in the Battle.

Quote from: Landith on June 21, 2012, 10:36:36 am
I haven't looked at your story yet, as that's too much to read this early in the morning but I'll check that out later in the day.

Fixing that within an hour, I'll make a generalized summary that explains the game in a paragraph.

Quote from: Landith on June 21, 2012, 10:36:36 am
Hurry up and post a demo so I can play through it! I'm interested in this game as it actually looks good for an RMVX game.

Thanks! I was confident in the cartoony detail in RMVX as it related to the drawings that started this :D The Demo will be up
within a month. So far there are 10 large playable maps, 7 detailed cutscene maps, 2 easter eggs, 2 optional dungeons and
around 15-30 usable items, weapons and armor within the time of the demo. The Demo should average atleast 25 minutes of
gametime, including cutscene time.
New Projects / Re: [Ace] "Silent Knight"
June 21, 2012, 08:14:59 am
Quote from: RoseSkye on June 21, 2012, 02:27:03 am
Some of your maps are ugly others are beautiful

Do you mind showing me the images that display the ugly maps? Everything is subject to change.

I'm not a good mapper, but I'm trying to follow the elements of space, purpose, inconsistency, variety and transition.
Tell me what I need to fix and I'll try to follow your advice to mend it.


Here's some maps that are fundamentally finished that are within the Demo.
Northern Forest: ShowHide

Nightmare Scene 1: ShowHide

Nightmare Scene 2: ShowHide

Back of Farm: ShowHide

Inside Farm: ShowHide

Underground Cave: ShowHide

Undeveloped Maps
Cave: ShowHide

Southern Forest: ShowHide

Sorry if you notice the small hints of repetition, the RTP is very limited when it comes to mapping.
New Projects / [Ace] "Silent Knight"
June 20, 2012, 08:22:11 pm
Silent Knight
Under Development

Areas in Red are considered Concept Ideas and are open to response!
< Segments contained in "< >", like this one, should be read out of context, meaning I'm telling you directly>

<It's unclear if the Protagonist will shift into a Fantasy World and back into Reality (eg. Scott Pilgrim vs.
The World and Pan's Labyrinth), or will constantly stay in a Fantasy world. However, this foundation will not significantly
influence the story itself, it will just increase or decrease the content within the game>

General Summary: ShowHide

The Player, "John", is set into a fantasized world where abundant conflict exists. Unaware of his time before his awakening at
the back of a farmer's house; that same night, he dreams a nightmare of a robed figure and a robed woman. The woman, whom
he has a familiar spark of, is his goal in the story.The following day, he is taken under arrest by Guards from the Empire. The Empire
is the Human Power that controls the continent they inhabit. John must escape this imprisonment and find the direction toward the
woman in his dreams who he recalls as a friend. On his way, he will meet new people, interact with them and aid them. Face the
conflicts of internal emotions such as Jealousy and Pride, along with internal aspects such as Fear and Failure, as he recollects his
past relationship to this woman. But there is a world out there too that he lives in that has issues in Society, Authority, and
Discrimination, that will not merely solve themselves.

Novel Style: ShowHide
The story starts in a alien, mystical land; abundant of people and resource. However, the time we are introduced to, is already aged
and built. Empires have been established, creation is imminent, and power is strong. The empire that controls that basic skirts of Human
settlement is obvious and shines it's power with pride. Recent feats of the Humans in this world is their completion with abolishing the
thievish, primitive Elves that inhabited the forests that stretched along the borders of the Human Capital. Along with their recent Alliance
with the "Titans" of the South by achieving naval exploration at large distances, their empire has stretched beyond the mountains that
isolated the continent.

Crime is flowing constantly within every area of the capital. In the streets, the port, the farms and the highways. The Armed Force of the
Empire has hustled out guards to watch, frisk and apprehend any culprits that are suspicious of criminal mischief. Along with the brawn of the
newly immigrated "Titans" of the South, the Guard of the Empire are successful with their tiny tasks. This is where the chain of events begin
to collide and merge with one another.

Tyrone, of the western farms, is under arrest for Thievery, Slander, Destruction, Rioting and Acts of Magic. Caught while sleeping, he surrenders to the guards, but is still tackled and thrown outside. Unnecessary roughness is a common trait of the guard. He is currently be escorted to the Capital for imprisonment and later, execution.

Lawrence, 1st Lieutenant of the Port Guard is meeting with the other Generals that serve different branches of the Empire, to carry out tasks and manage the businesses of Law Enforcement. The Officers argue and banter of morale codes and opposite ends of action. Lawrence's history as a former Empire Executioner has dulled his senses of Moral and is aggravated due to the 'ignorant' issues being argued and expresses his mind on what should done along with storming out the meeting. He has gained this authority because of his stature of being one of the "Titan" immigrants that stand at a mere seven and a half feet.

Elkra, blissful jewel in the basement, is continuing her alchemist studies in her room. She has lived in the basement of the tavern of a elder couple, who have taken care of the girl since she was of two years of age. Now, twenty-nine years of age, she has naturally tapped into her natural arcanic spirit. She daily questions the elderly couple why they aren't able to perform magic or have her leaf ears. But the question is always dropped. What she doesn't know, is that her people were killed off by the Empire and that she is the last in the continent, but it is unsafe for her to be exposed to the public because of her people's reputation of savagery and evil magic.

Selena, Captain and Navigator of the "White Lotus", is finishing off a trade of currency for alcohol and grain along with some
illegal items. She is one of the many on the "Wanted" List posted by the Port Guard. With the noise and activity going on, Selena and her crew don't notice the eight guards that entered. Three of them barricade the entrance of the Tavern tucked in the Port's alleys. While another three crowd the hallway leading to the door. The last two approach Selena from behind, and the Bartender finishing the deal quickly stops and shivers. Selena turns to the face of a guard, and quickly knocks him and a frenzy within the pub ensues. Selena and her crew quickly fight and run from the tavern, knocking off another four guards. They escape successfully but are soon to be on red alert within the capital.

The protagonist, John, is awakened by a Farmer the same day the prior events occurred. Night has engulfed the forest and the stocky Farmer holds a lantern in his hand with clothes in his other. Still half conscious, John is told of the large crack in the ground underneath and his naked state. He quickly falls back into sleep but is aroused by the Farmer once again. The Farmer, assuming John was drunk, pitches him a tent a while after and tells him to leave the area in the morning. The Farmer exits and John sluggishly makes way to the tent. Inside the tent, he falls in the straw bed and falls asleep into a nightmare.

Entering a cold hallways with stairs that lead to a room of three statues and an expensive looking chair. He turns back to the statues and examines them. The middle was a hooded man and the sides were of female angels. A sound emits from the chair and he quickly looks back to find nothing but hears steps from the stairs he ascended a moment ago. Looking from behind the statue, he sees a robed woman with dark skin and dark hair approach. He doesn't recall anything, but he recognizes her and enters a quick comfort and she announces,
"My Hero, you've come - you've finally come"

But the woman dissipates and forms into a black robed figure with a scythe, the face of him was hidden. But he repeats in a coarse voice:
"My Hero, you've come - you've finally come"
John tries to escape by running further into the room, but finds a wall blocking his path. He turns back to see the robed figure phase through the chair. He inches back just to have the figure charge and attack him. He's knocked out once again.

But a room comes to vision, and a woman is sitting there. The same woman ascending the stairs; And she's looking out the window.

The dream is abruptly ended when John is woken by the Farmer. Told that he should get going and quickly asked if he knows anything before last night and about the crack, but couldn't conjure an answer. John is offered to help the Farmer in order to stay a bit longer. A few hours later, after gathering lumber, completing the agricultural work, transporting water from the nearby river and ridding of the recent bandits, he finally rests alongside the Farmer at his front porch. After befriending the man, he is offered to stay if he is able to keep up the work. John accepts the offer but catches sight of a caravan of guards transporting three men. As soon as he does, the lead guard turns back to his caravan and they stop at the front of the farm's road.

The Guard approaches the Farmer and asks him to walk with him, the old man resists the invite knowing of their horrible manners. He is soon up and walking with the Guard down to the road. John quickly gets up to chase the Guard to stop him from apprehending the Farmer, but three other Guards rush him head on and arrest him. The Guard that took the Farmer let him go, all John could hear was:
"Thanks for cooperating, sir", and saw the face of a horrified old man that used to trust him. John is knocked out and put on to the caravan.

<This is the content of the Demo, and where it will end>

Key Events that happen after the Demo within Act 1
Spoiler: ShowHide
- John is introduced to Tyrone in the caravan
- Tyrone enlightens John on the events going on publicly
- John is sent to Prison with Tyrone, and later sent to interrogation
- John is introduced to Lawrence
- John escapes the Prison
- Lawrence is evicted from the Guard for letting John escape
- John hides in the Capital and is met by Lawrence, Lawrence joins the Party
- Tyrone reaches his death sentence, John feels the need to save him
- Lawrence is set as Decoy for arousing a Riot and John leads Tyrone out of the Gallows
- The three meet up to evacuate the city during the Parade at night
- They catch rest at a Tavern some distance from the Capital, here they meet Elkra
- Elkra is caught when she is performing Conjurations that emit explosions in the basement,
the Party investigates this before the owners stop them
- Here they meet Elkra and argue among themselves to leave her, take her or kill her
- Elkra fights the group but is soon stopped when she accidently kills the elderly man
- After internal and external disputes, the Party leaves the Tavern, after the elderly woman died of shock
- Elkra catches up and joins them out of spite and being left with no one
- Plot Gap :o During this Gap, progress of relationship is made with characters
- Party reaches Fortress that holds an artifact imperative to John
- In the Fortress (which is abandoned), John is mysterious separated from his Party and finds himself in front
of the stairs in his Nightmare
- Ascending into the same room of the Nightmare, he quickly searches but finds nothing, when he returns to the
stairs, he's confronted by the robed figure, who is (his) Fear
- Fear assaults John with 2 Cerberus' (*snort* *snort* Magic) and John fights them alone barely surviving
- Lawrence, Tyrone and Elkra find John by all the noise being made; at this time, Fear is only visible to John,
while the 2 Cerberus are visible to everyone
- After (imagine cool cutscene) the other three occupy the two cerberus, John is left alone to spar with Fear,
they start sparring. John gets knocked down and looks up into the figures hood, to see the skull of Fear but
is able to stab him
<lolwtf, he's already dead. That's true, but this scene is overcoming the aspect rather than killing it>
- John acquires the shield unique to only him within the fortress and the Party departs from the Fortress
- End Act 1, Commence Act 2


Spoiler: ShowHide


Plot Summary
- The Protagonist of the Story
- Nearly always the Party Leader
- Main Target of Main Quests (Aspect Boss Battles)

Gameplay Summary
- Sword & Shield Character (Mediocre Parameters)
- Combat Skills: Motivation (Support; All) , Bravery (Offensive; Single) , Survival (Defensive; Self)

Combat Features
- Motivation : Skills that allow John to motivate Allies and demotivate Enemies.
- Survival : Skills that enable Defensive actions and states that only enhance John.
- Bravery : Skills that deal more damage, ignore armor and overcome negative states.
- Guardian : Passive Skills that enhance Defense, Durability and special Cover actions

Spoiler: ShowHide


Plot Summary
- Secondary Character, 3rd Party Member
- Main Target in specific side quests (Avatar Infusion Quest)

Gameplay Summary
- Scythe and Sandals Characters (High Damage and Agility)
- Combat Skills: Ritual (Offense; All / Support; Self) , Cunning (Defense ; All) , Shadow Art (Defense; Self)

Combat Features
- Ritual : Exclusive skills that enable enhanced scythe attacks and enable Tyrone to transform into the avatars: Justice, Strength and Health
- Cunning : Skills that use Items and Agility to disrupt and disable enemies from performing effectively
- Shadow Art : Skills that enable Tyrone to cool off from the prime heat of battles by removing threat and evading magical attacks
- Scout : Passive Skills that enhance Accuracy, Critical Rates and special Element attacks

Spoiler: ShowHide


Plot Summary
- Secondary Character, 2nd Party Member
- Main Target in specific side quests ("Titans" of the South)

Gameplay Summary
- Berserker Tank Character (High Health and Armor)
- Combat Skills: Tactics (Defense; All) , Sword Mastery (Offense; Single) , Axe Mastery (Offense; Single)

Combat Summary
- Tactics : Similar to Motivation, enhances Allies for specific physical combat, also enhances Durability of Lawrence (Self-Healing)
- Sword Mastery : Skills that use Adrenaline to perform special attacks with Swords, Bleed and Disable concept
- Axe Mastery : Skills that use Adrenaline to perform special attacks with Axes, Break and Overpower concept
- Warrior : Passive Skills that enhance Armor, Damage and special Tactics actions

Spoiler: ShowHide


Plot Summary
- Secondary Character, 4th Party Member
- Main Target in specific side quests (Elves, Conjuration Spirits)

Gameplay Summary
- Magic Gunner Character (High Agility and Magic)
- Combat Skills: Death (Offense; All / Support; Self) , Conjuration (Defense; All / Support; All) , Tools (Offense ; All)

Combat Features
- Death : Skills that allow Elkra to absorb Health, decay Health, exploit weaknesses and summon Undead
- Conjuration : Skills that allow Elkra to summon Spirits, summon Guardians and manipulate physical traits
- Tools : Exclusive Skills that use Elkra's Rifle and various tools for an offensive edge
- Engineer : Passive Skills that enhance Magical Resistance, Hit Rate and effectiveness of Tool skills

Spoiler: ShowHide


Plot Summary
- Secondary Character, 5th Party Member
- Main Target in specific side quests (Naval Voyages, Espionage)

Gameplay Summary
- Rogue Illusionist Character (High Attack and Agility)
- Combat Skills: Lethal Art (Offense; All) , Illusion (Defense; All) , Duelist (Offense; Single / Support; Self)

Combat Features
- Lethal Art : Skills that disable and exploit enemies Armor and Skills
- Illusion : Skills that support Selena and her Allies, along with weakening an Enemies senses
- Duelist : Skills that enhance Selena's Defensive capability such as Evasion, Magical Evasion, and Critical Chance
- Rogue : Passive Skills that enhance Threat Control, Critical Evasion and effectiveness of Duelist skills

Spoiler: ShowHide


Plot Summary
- Secondary Character, 6th Party Member
- Main Target in specific side quests (Mage Academy)

Gameplay Summary
- Magician Priest (High Magic and Magic Resist)
- Combat Skills: Restoration (Support; All) , Protection (Defense; All) , Elemental (Offense; All / Support; Self)

Combat Features
- Restoration : Skills that enable rapid and immediate healing to Allies, also disinfects Allies of common states
- Protection : Skills that enhance an Ally's Parameters along with Damage Resistance and Regeneration rates
- Elemental : Skills of extreme offense that deal damage to enemies and capable of supporting Valencia herself
- Mage : Passive Skills that enhance Magic, Regeneration Rates and Resistance to Magic

Spoiler: ShowHide

Spoiler: ShowHide

Spoiler: ShowHide

Spoiler: ShowHide

Spoiler: ShowHide

Spoiler: ShowHide

Spoiler: ShowHide

Spoiler: ShowHide

Spoiler: ShowHide

Spoiler: ShowHide

Spoiler: ShowHide

- Lighting System to add that 'Oomph!' to your Enviroment
Spoiler: ShowHide

- Yanfly's great battle system that is easy and attractive to your eyes
Spoiler: ShowHide

- Weapons and Armor have a more unique role rather than ranked by armor ratings
Spoiler: ShowHide

- I'll try my best to use pictures to the peak of their ability!
Spoiler: ShowHide

- Quest Information will be clear and not constantly pop in your face!
Spoiler: ShowHide

- ALL Quest will give more than just Experience and Gold! Unique Items that facilitate the game for you!
Spoiler: ShowHide

- Random Battles are seldom and are vastly replaced by evented battles!
Spoiler: ShowHide

- Unique Skills that Support your Allies, Defend the Party or Attack the Enemy! Every Character has these three functions!
Spoiler: ShowHide

- Substantial use of cutscenes!
Spoiler: ShowHide

Not Available, Coming Soon
Entertainment / Re: The Biggest MGS fan
June 20, 2012, 01:25:00 pm
Spoiler: ShowHide

I just beat MGS3 on the HD Collection.  :haha:
Saw the first segment. All I saw was white women. Then I saw Tyra Banks. Not mad, this is America. Where you have the equal right to become gay and hate gays! Why not try both?  :V:
Video Games / Re: E3 2012
June 05, 2012, 08:39:36 pm
In my opinion, Assassin's Creed 1 is very boring and bland. The good features of the Assassin's Creed
series starts in the second game, but of course, primitive to Brotherhood. I have never played Revelations.
If you wanted to join the Assassin's Creed story, you're better off reading the summary and plot for the
first game.

As for Watch Dogs, the game is beautiful. Artistic colors and advanced graphics, an attractive glimpse
of the plot and gameplay, created by a successful company. It's everything done right for a "Grand Theft Auto"
game but inheriting the traits of action espionage games like Splintercell, Hitman´╗┐ and Assassin's Creed. I have
not played games in consistency within the past 2 years, but I will try to play it.

I have been anticipating for such a thing after watching "Hannah", which is a cliche movie, but the movie's
soundtrack is still riveting. I have not payed attention to the video game industries for the past 2 years
like I said before. The only bad opinion I have toward Watch Dogs is the immediate transition that is overwhelming
and uncomfortable, it's a large leap into the future creating new techniques and controls, but it's something we
can adapt to very quickly, amusingly, it's only a video game.

I hope this well pass my expectations, because the last great video game I had played was "Metal Gear Solid 4".
If you ask me, the video games nowadays are generally washed off of flavor and creativity with the mass appeal
toward first person shooters that share the same concept, but wear different masks.
Script Type:
Battle System Add-On, Add-On

Scripts in use:

Scripts marked with ** are scripts within the project, but not in use and not edited into the game

Script Description:
I would like the script to function with states and weapons that enable a specific damage
formula that overwrite the "Attack" Skill that is used as the game's "Attack" action.
Two examples would be:

A Mage equips a Wand that inflicts Magical Damage.
The ID, Weapon Type, or Element can correspond with the script to change the battler's damage formula.
This can cause the Mage's damage output formula change from this to that:
Default Formula(a.atk * 2) - (b.def * 0.5) --> New Formula(a.mat * 2) - (b.mdf * 0.5)

A Rogue casts a state to deal damage based on Agilty and ignore 20% of Enemy's Armor
This can cause the Rogue's damage output formula change from this to that:
Default Formula(a.atk * 2) - (b.def * 0.5) --> New Formula(a.agi * 2) - (b.def * 0.3)

Now, I can image that the script would require an id to recognize, and then process it into the entered damage formula.
Let's say the Mage's Wand ID is 037. So I'm guessing it would look like this.

# Weapon ID => ["Damage Formula"],
37 => ["(a.mat * 2) - (b.mdf * 0.5)"],

I don't comprehend the RGSS3 Script as much as the RGSS and RGSS2 Scripts, but I know enough to edit user friendly sections.
However, I don't know the method of creating this script, it is fine to be able to process it via Skill's ID, State's ID, Element's ID, Weapon's ID
and/or Weapon Type's ID. I know that each will have their own section if more than one is valid for use.

If my request is inaccurate or not understandable, tell me so I can fix that.
Thank you.
For some weird reason, I'm not allowed to Attack and Guard in the game.
My version has been gained in less conscientious methods. It's a japanese version,
with the .dll file converted to English. However, the scripts are still japanese.

I don't know if I need to make a "Skill" for a Simple Attack,
I don't know if I need "TP" to Attack or Guard.

I have 3 skills in the database and overlooked the actors and class traits and shit

Apparently, my actors are doing a skill when they perform a regular attack. How do I fix this?
I have not touched the basic scripts.

I have solved this myself. Delete this thread.
(Skill 001 will always be the basic attack of the game, where Skill 002 will always be the basic guard of the game)
Problem resolved. I have no idea what the two of you are talking about.
Thanks everyone *Leaves*
Quote from: ForeverZer0 on April 29, 2012, 05:43:43 pm
Anywhere below the script you want to modify.
In between the default scripts, and above main, where nearly every custom script is inserted. That's a good rule of thumb to follow.

Jesus, I'm dumb. Thanks. I was trying to insert it into the actual Scene_Menu.