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Welcome! / Got to go for now
December 16, 2008, 09:50:44 am
I'm having some  MAJOR computer issues, not to mention loads and loads of school work now that midterms are approaching. I hope to come back after the christmas break, but nothing's for sure. Until next time!!

P.S. i'll stop by every now and then to check on you guys :P
Blake wanted to go back to the hospital to check on the spy and on Reiko, but something pulled him forward. He ran, out fo the city now, in the suburbs. Now, he was in the fields. He been running for hours, but something pulled him forwards. There, in the middle of a field, was a... structure... A monument. It was a black obelisk, reaching up to the sky. Shapes flitted across the surface. A dark aura seemed to ooze from it. A door opened at the base. Against his better judgement, Blake entered...
Blake could tell Tia was woried about something. The way she had screamed at Reiko and them slumped on the floor made him realize that someting was up. He just wished she'd confide in him! He wondered about the spy. Why wasn't she waking up?(come on!)

He decided to go explore. He shifted quickly through a few animals before deciding on being a mountain lion again. He ran through the city, trying to think. Something was bothering him. Benjamin, his room mate... what he had said, right before this whole mess.

"It's coming, Blake. Something big. And there's nothing we can do to stop it. We are our greatest weakness Blake. Our own minds are the most dangerous of all"
Blake was still examining the daggers. They were nice, but he didn't think he'd need them. He'd be better off being a tiger or a bear or something strong. Still, he would keep them, just in case.

Blake decided to go through each pack they had, including the two Tia had just brought, and organize them. They needed to get out of the city soon. He hoped to leave as soon as the woman woke up.

He listened with one ear to Tia and Reiko's conversation. He smiled, remembering his own imaginary friend, Louis. Louis had been an astronaut, and had gone everywhere with Blake when he was little. When Blake had turned 7, Louis had gone to Mars.


"Louis!! Don't go! I need you here!"
"Don't worry Blake! I'm going to Mars! I'll be meeting Martians and Aliens from all over!"
"Will I ever see you again?"
"Probably not... But I'll send you pictures!!"
Blake wanted to tell Reiko everything, but he respected Tia's judgement, and kept quiet.

Quote from: BlakeStay still. If you move, you'll open that cut again!
Blake was having a horrible dream. Everyone, Tia, Reiko, the Spy, Kaishou, had died. He was the only one left, besides a stunningly beautiful woman. Except she was evil. She was holding him, and he couldn't escape.

Quote from: WomanMy name's Sarah. It's nice to meet you.

Blake woke with a start. He was still a mouse. Phew. He climbed down and morphed back to a human. The man was sitting by Reiko. Blake would've morphed into something stronger, but something held him back. He decided to give the man a chance.

Quote from: BlakeI'mm Blake. Sorry about hurting you... So you can shift too?

Blake shifted his weight from one foot to the other and looked to Tia, silently asking her who the man was.
Blake was confused. Who was Sarah? He decided he didn't need to deal with it right now. Tia looked uncomfortable with the conversation. He curled up into a ball and collected his thoughts.

Quote from: THINKINGThis is what I know:
1. Most of the people I know are dead.
2. I can shape shift.
3. I have met 4 others
4. Three are unconcious, and one is a wolf woman
5. One can shape shift like me, and is possibly insane
6. One is a young girl, who might be crazy too
7. I don't know anything about the other woman
8. I am in a hospital
9. I am a mouse
10. The girl might die.
11. The other shifter is her brother.
12. The wolf woman thinks I might go crazy
13. She thinks she might go crazy.

Blake drifted into the realm of sleep.
Blake shook his head at Tia.

Quote from: BlakeI don't know who Sarah or Koren or whoever are. I do know that Kai can shift, but he needs medical attention regardless of his ability to heal. *pause* Listen... I know I was really rude before... And I never really thanked you for saving my life... So.... Thanks, I guess.

Blake walked to Reiko's bed, and shifted into a mouse. He scampered up to sit next to her wound so he could keep a watchful eye on her.
Blake was confused as to what Tia meant. Sarah? Reiko dangerous? He would have asked, but Tia looked exhausted. He was too. He'd managed to hook Reiko up to an IV and bandaged her wound. Once upon a long time ago, he'd wanted to be a doctor. Benjamin had changed that...

Blake stood and walked to the two new comers. The girl was fine, or so it seemed. The man... Was a mess. Blood streamed down his face in rivulets. With a sigh, Blake carried him to another room, and cleaned him off. He bandaged the cuts as well. He noticed a few straps used for seizure patients, and strapped the man down. Just in case.
Chat / Re: Clicky Forum Games Click Station
December 01, 2008, 07:23:46 pm
could you post the code itself here? It's a pain in the neck for me to find it all, Thanks!!
When Blake saw that the other Bear was out for the count, he morphed back to human. When he was in bear form, he had had many cuts and scratches across his face. Now, he was completly healthy.

Quote from: Blake saysThanks Tia.

He stood over the bear. He hoped that it wasn't still alive enough to morph. Then all of it's injuries would be healed, as his own had. He shook his head, and turned to Reiko. He checked her pulse. Still alive.

Quote from: Blake saysShe needs a doctor. Now. Where's the nearest hospital?
Blake's ribs were being crushed by the snake. Another shapeshifter?

Blake's human mind snapped back into focus. He'd have to take this man down. Tia would care for Reiko. He hoped.

He shifted, quickly, into a mouse, and escaped the snake. He shifted once more into a grizzly bear, and reared up on his hind legs. He smashed his paws down onto the snake.
Blake held the woman down. He didn't want to hurt her, but he had to assume she was dangerous, since Reiko had been holding a gun on her. A sharp scent wafted into his nose. He sprung up, instantly, searching for the source. A man was holding a sword, headed towards Reiko! Tia looked out of commision.

Blake lept towards the man, just as he stabbed the sword into Reiko's chest. Blake's human mind went into shock. It couldn't function anymore. The cheetah brain took over.

He knocked the man down, and pinned him to the ground, as he had done to the woman. Only this time, he wouldn't be nice. He sunk his claws into the mans arms. The man would suffer for what he had done to Reiko.
Blake ran and ran. He felt bad leaving Reiko alone with the wolf-woman, but he needed to get some personal space. He'd been holding everything in since he'd left Princeton, and since he'd met Reiko. He was sick and tired of Tia treating him like a 3 year old, and sick and tired of  hiding his true self. After some time, he decided to return to them. He would never leave Reiko. She needed someone to protect her until she could find her brother.

He never bothered to change back into human form, and came upon Reiko and Tia fighting with another woman. Hissing, he lept over a car...
Recruitment / Re: Epick Fail (Rercruiting)
November 29, 2008, 02:51:24 pm
Well, okay, just letting you know that you'll attract more people if you put at least SOME info here.
Express your Creativity / Chaos Project Gone Cursor
November 29, 2008, 02:34:21 pm
I had some spare time, and decided to turn some of those pictures people posted of themselves into... CURSORS!! Here's whose heads have been turned into mouse cursors:

Download the Cursors

If you want to be added to the pack, post a GOOD PICTURE of your head here!
For those who don't know how to change your system:
Spoiler: ShowHide
1. Click on the Start Menu
2. Click on the Control Panel
3. Click 'Printers and Other Hardware'
4. Click 'Mouse'
5. Click 'Pointers'
6. Select the cursor you want to change, click 'Browse', and find the cursor you want to change it to.
(If this isn't clear, let me know, and i'll fix it :P)

Recruitment / Re: Epick Fail (Rercruiting)
November 29, 2008, 02:27:59 pm
could you explain a bit more what kind of a game this is? I'd like to help, but I have no idea what you'll need.
Blake hissed. Tia hadn't realized that all ready? He knew that, but they had a better chance of finding others in cities than in suburbs. Besides, it was nearly December. The colder it got, the less a chance there would be of peoples' bodies rotting, as gruesome as it sounded.

He shook his head, and bounded off down the street. He wanted to get away from this woman and find some other people.
Blake hated being shown up. He growled softly as Tia launched herself down the street. Blake concentrated, and changed into a cheetah.

Quote from: Blake ThinksHehehe. Let's see her outrun this!

He wondered if Reiko could understand him. He put his paws on her feet, and thought as hard as he could.

Quote from: Blake ThinksHop on!
Blake noted what sounded like sarcasm in her voice.

Quote from: BlakePersonally, I think we can't keep EVERYTHING in backpacks. Those are fine for walking around and all, but we can't each carry 2 or three. I think we should steal a car. I know how to hotwire one, but if we're lucky we'll find one with a key in it still. If we have a car, we can store food in plastic bags in there. Unfortunately, driving through the city will be hell. Cars are still jammed in the streets. For now, I say we bring food in plastic bags to the hotel, and whatever else we need, then haul it out of the city, and find a car then. Bright enough for you?