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Hey guys i am making a DragonBall Z Game and it was going Well but i was than at a point for a character to transform and than the Hero Goku and Vegeta is goin to fuse to beat them but i dont know how to make that event or script so i Wanted to ask if someone can make for me and maybe for someone else a event or script to let the character transform and fuse (into 2 different script please) it would really help i Will also put your name in the credits thank you guys for the help.
Hey thanks man btw do you wanna be in my new game development team its really awesome you can be great help man we will be making awesome RPG games. if you want more Information go here:,15296.0.html

Please i hope you will be joining
Hey guys i am searching Some members for my game development team. i need Some: sprite makers,guys with idea's, scripters. And more we be mostly making DragonBall Z kinda game but if you have a other idea of making games say it and we Will be making that to we are a open book so say whatever you like. So if you wanna be in it private message me. And it is of course for RPGMXP With Blizz ABS ( thanks blizzard for the ABS Also Winkio ) but like i Said we are a open book so if you want to use a other RPGM System just reply or private message me
Hey guys me again and i have a problem with animating my character when he wanna attacks someone so i followers the manual but i cant see to figure it out so i wanna ask if you guys wanna help me with. Not a weapon animation but a attack animation
Oh i didnt do that thanks guys i hope it Will work
This is the message that popped out: Script 'Blizz2' line 8095: NameError occurred.  undefined method `setup' for class `Interpreter' .
I dont know how to fix it maybe you guys can help me with it please man i need your help
Hey guys i have a little problem it Goes like this when i start up RPG MAKER XP and i have imported all the blizz script (1-3) and i made a player and a Enemy changed the control setup. And i wanna to test my game its says: Fatal Error class Interperter or something like that. So i wanna ask if you guys could help me with this problem please its for RPG MAKER XP