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Hello, I've checked the SMAS2's page on Facebook, and I noticed that you're currently working on your project, chapter 5. And also, I noticed you asked us, on another site which I forget of, to report some bugs. Then here we go:
When you end a fight, sometimes you can't instantly press some bottoms like "x";
When you open a box, sometimes you can't instantly press some bottoms like "x";
You can't press the bottom "z" when you are entering in a room to talk with a character, because it might bug your game;
In chapter 4 "Save your friends", Chibi Moon transforms, but she doesn't fight against the monster to help Sailor Moon. (It's like saying, "let me transform, but I won't do anything")
In chapter 4, when you save Chibi Moon's friend from that monster -  Sailor Moon, for some reason, starts to walk when you press enter and the arrows of your keyboard.

There are some prints, the second and third ones are supposed to be about pressing bottoms while interacting with some characters, the first one is about Chibi Moon transforming just to not help Sailor Moon during the fight). (Chibi Moon doesn't help her ally during the fight) (I just pressed enter and accidentally pressed the arrows of my keyboard) (Artemis is looking at Sailor Moon's initial position, it's related to the image above)

I don't know whether those are just bugs or whether it's just me doing wrong things.