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Quote from: KK20 on January 17, 2020, 03:16:13 amYeah, I have been following the development of that project for a while now. The reason it won't work with XPA is due to the usage of DirectX. The Bitmap object is handled entirely different now, so the DLL is accessing wrong memory address points to manipulate the color data.

If you want to use that EXE, you need a tilemap rewrite written in pure Ruby. Though, I'm more interested in MKXP since it's designed with XP in mind. I didn't pay much attention to it at first because I could never understand how to set it up and build it, but someone forked the project and provided instructions I could follow.

Again, this handles Bitmaps entirely different too (with OpenGL).
Very well. My first intention is to try to change some places which use the DLL. But now it seems not as easy as I thought to be before. I'll try the MKXP on XPA.
I'v already forggoten that the RMXP is 40-frame-based since I used the XPA, it's runs so fluently. I found a new game.exe which optimized by using DirectX, and I am trying to use this exe on XPA. However, the customized Tilemap of XPA occured some errors. The Tilemap try to call XPA_Tilemap.dll to implement varies updates, then it crashed, sometimes the Windows 10 would alert that this exe try to visit unauthorized memory such as 0x000000000000000c. I guess the XPA_Tilemap.dll may calculate something and inject them back to the game,but failed for the different exe.

My process of debuging stopped beacuse of my unknown of how this dll runs. May I know why creating and updating the tilemap needs to use the dll while the others(such as sprit) needn't? I'm also confused about the mechanism of Graphics.update, it seems that it don't need any parameter, and it can understand how to update the sprites needed correctly.

The DirectX-optimized exe is called RGD(RGDirect), and here is the link:

Just forgive my confusions and my bad grammars, my English is not god. Without the RGD I can still make a fluent RMXP game by XPA but I want to try more. Thanks again for your XPA :)