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Intelligent Debate / Re: "Bad" Words
October 08, 2011, 08:12:00 pm
Bad words become prohibited because people associate them that way. Like the streissand effect, people took notice of them more when they became taboo. People care about using them more when they associated them as a cuss word. Thus, since the person you're talking to also knows it (supposedly), that's the impression you give. It becomes a sort of release as well- a guilty pleasure release when you cuss when bad things happen.
Intelligent Debate / Re: Multiculturalism
October 08, 2011, 08:05:49 pm
America isn't the best place in the world for acceptism.... if that's a word. It's more that America has lots of larger communities that are more varied, so its general image is that it's varied (besides the whole everyone can come here thing that's total being perverted by politicians and etc.)

Lots of the smaller communities are just as bigoted, except few people take notice, because they;re small. Check out a stephen king book, small towns all have their own hates. I come from a 90% black community myself, and the community's culture naturally makes them ignorant.

the youtube is a p bad sample of people, but i guess you just go really bad comments really fast. Either way, religious hold on people is starting to loosen, if anything, totally contrary to what those people said; globalism is pretty influential.
Intelligent Debate / Re: The Weaker Sex?
October 08, 2011, 04:53:25 pm
9 out of 10 times, women will be weaker than a man. It's a fact that women are physically weaker than men in general. Additional, taking in certain biological features like the difference in estrogen and testosterone, you can also say that women are more emotionally connected than men.
However, you have to look into the cultural aspects of this. Pretty much every culture (save those rare couple tribes or etc. that eventually get wiped out) has the idea that women are weaker, and they GROW UP like this, the entire gi joe v barbie thing. Nature and nurture sorta screws people over when you're asking for equality.

In essence, it's basically impossible to just label and entire gender or group, and say that they do one thing or another, but trends do appear. Cause of these trends, adhering to treating people based on one clear cut way or another is p stupid. There will be double standards, and people will usually have to aide by them. I remember countless cases irl and and i think on the news several times where a woman smacked a guy, and when the guy hit her back, everyone ganged up  on him. While court and etc. could prolly resolve resolve it very simply, no case is ever going to make it that far anyways. The die hard feminists sorta seem to want superiority over equality imo, with "equal" wages and etc. but keeping several double standards. But meh, I'm not well versed with many feminists so idk.
Intelligent Debate / Re: Religion and Poverty
October 24, 2010, 10:44:23 pm
when your life sucks, you have a tendency to WANT to blame it on people.
do people like acknowledging their own faults? Would you rather say that it was chance that you life crappily? From there, it's not a far step to reaching a belief that there's a reason for that, and that the reason could make your life better.

Religion is influenced by poverty, but I'd say it's more influenced by the environment around you. When growing up in a environment where it's just accepted as FACT that religion is true, then when something happens you sorta make connections. From religion to poverty and culture.

tl;dr: everything influences everything.
Chat / Re: Favorite Books?
October 24, 2010, 10:35:32 pm
flowers for algernon
bar EFFIN none
Good damn  job man, you deserve it.
RMXP Script Database / Re: [XP] TitleSwap
January 04, 2010, 06:42:14 pm
Maybe you should make it fade/transition to other screens instead. The images you used contrasted greatly, and sorta hurts the eyes. I know, it's the maker's problem, but still.
Recruitment / Re: The Storyline Service. Epic Stories.
January 03, 2010, 10:27:15 pm
Well, for one, the names seem like a obvious mix of latin-based fantasy crpg names and japanese, which can be good or bad... but here, I'm reading a english-like name and then suddenly there's Azora nakaro... Might try to think about that.

Your prologue goes all over the place with lots of wtf's. I mean, why is the thunder god the only one allowed to the world, what are all these relations and all these sudden names WITHOUT explanations. I got lost and had to reread it over twice(might be because of the translation).

Your last spoiler should be worked out, made more legible. Please explain the role of the characters in the story, because they just seem to be character's you'll meet.

Anyways, the story seems to be an okay FF fan-based game, although I think it would really help to get a translation, from where more criticism and comprehension can be wrought.
Okay okay, I can probably put that in credits file; I only knew that ZUN had composed and that it was from the touhou series.

It'll have to be in later chapters that I'll actually be able to change the credits scene in the actual game, though
I can explain Zeno's name sometime during the game beyond Selena's naming of him, although it's a bit of a stretch.
There's also the fact that zeno and selena are montague's friends. Zeno has more resolve, thus the reason why he's going in the first place. Montague also has resolve to go as well, but he's also hesitant(I mean, you are going to kill someone.). That's why the stuttering wasn't anything big or long or anything. The reason Zeno doesn't stutter or anything is because 1) he's had a couple of weeks for the anger to really turn into cold resolve, 2) he really freaking loved Selena, and 3)he's a generally stoic guy. But I put most everything there to let the player know why, although according to roseskye it was presented in a corny way and because of all this explaining it's probably too obscure for the player to know.
Yeah, those places I just wanted to put some drama or something like that in there. I mean, Zeno's setting off to kill someone; it's not just something you join right off the bat, so I wanted to show some hesitation. Most places like this in the story were based off of similar things I wanted to show that I guess just came out sounding corny or animeish or whatever.

Besides, chasing after the Slasher is only the starting point of the story, at least before the backstories kick in.
it was sarcasm. That's why I defended why I did it; I put the subtitles there I knew because I liked it.
The touhou music is bad apple. You can youtube the PV.

I do have a direction. There was a bug in the game(forgot some files), so you probably couldn't finish it. I have a very actual idea of where the plot will go, what's to happen. I personally found the dialogue to be pretty moderate, nothing epic, but I liked it.

PS: if you are basing this comment on the Intro scene, then please don't. I'm planning to make it an actual intro, not part of the actual game; like something you can skip. The part where you should start taking the dialogue seriously is after chapter 1 appears.

Forgot to mention: the game was missing some stuff when I cleaned it for size, so I'm pretty sure I added everything. The fixed(hopefully) download is up.
What are you talking about? the "Angel did lie" part? I just thought I'd add that, because I liked the sound of it. Was taken no part from anime or anything japanese, because, yes, I made it up.
So, yeah, I just added it because I though it sounded "cool." Didn't have to, but I liked it. Was that what you were talking about?
Yeah, it's the ACB, Active Count battle, from KGC software. It's a pretty cool and customizable system along with its addons, which is one of the reasos I like KGC.  If I could understand scripting and japanese a bit beyond noob levels, I could have added a crap load more things, but alas...
EDIT: I posted up new download links with the fixed demo.
Selena Eternia
The Angel Did Lie

By Daxisheart
Chapter 1: Bound by Fate
Gameplay Time: 2 Hours
My Website:


About:: ShowHide
Selena Eternia: The Angel Did Lie is my second game I'd started on RMXP, with emphasis on gameplay and story. My previous game failed; not enough willpower to finish it, and some parts were halfassed, sorta. This game started on a lot of the remains of the last game, such as database names/stats, animations, graphics/musics, etc. Both are hugely influenced by Dark Eternal: Dissolution, which in my opinion is the best RMXP game ever, even though it's not finished. This game originally began with me and a friend of mine, but since his computer messed up(you should hear the stories about the virus attacks), he can't help anymore, and it's completely on me. He'll be a beta tester, though.

Selena Eternia is a classic and cinematic dark fantasy RPG with emphasis in gameplay and story, which will slowly reveal itself through several chapters. It is planned to be finished in 3 to 4 years. Yes, I said 3 to 4 years. I'm making realistic goals for my procrastinating self..

Story:: ShowHide
"On the precipice of reality,
Realize your coil of mortality.
Decadence of ethics and morality,
The loss of all fatality."

Twelve years ago, Zeno washed up on the shores of Tress. Now, however, Selena is gone, and Zeno goes off in search of vengeance. However, as the journey progresses, the angel Veritas appears in Zeno's dreams, and whispers wishes that are locked away...

A group that hides behind in the darkness appears, the whispered name of the Azrealites... Simple border disputes spark war again, but this time, the earth shall be fed a field of human blood... The Phantom Slasher strikes again, and his trail is ever evanescent.... Selena Eternia explores a vast and magical world where nothing is what it seems, and the blade piercing your back could be your best friend's...

characters: ShowHide
Age: ~19
Weapon: Sword
Was found wash up on the shores of the small town Tress 12 years ago by Selena. Grew up with her, and loved her. After she died, leaves off to kill the Phantom Slasher.
Naturally stoic, is somewhat silent and moody about the subject of selena, but those that know him know that he has a good heart. People often let him lead. Uses ellipses a bit too much.

Montague von Ezariel:
Age: 21
Weapon: Lance
Montague seems to have a very large legacy, courtesy of his family. However, he lives in Tress with Zeno and Selena. When Zeno leaves on his journey, Montague leaves with him.
Montague sleeps through anything, apparently. Although older, he seems to let Zeno lead. He is cynical somewhat, and much of what he says can be taken cynic pessimism or as black humor.

Age: 18(?)
Weapon: Daggers
A thief. She tries to rob Zeno in the forest, but is then caught by a monster. After being rescued by Zeno and Montague(and returning the money), she then adamantly sets off with them, a smile on her face. She seems to be more than she appears to be, particularly since having stolen an extremely large and rare gem...
She is happy and jovial, and tends to purposely act childish, particularly around Zeno. Montague tends to distrust her, since she did try to rob them.

Soren de Garde:
Age: 22
A childhood friend of Zeno, Montague, and Selena. He travels around the world, looking for riches. Calls himself nothing if not a vagabond. Is a bit of a player around the ladies, although considers Montague more of a lady's man than himself. Is very helpful to Zeno.

Age: 18(Deceased)
Was the person who found Zeno. They grew up together. Selena was very poor, but still helped Zeno. Along her with kind-natured heart, she had a good sense of justice, exemplified by how she helped Zeno. This sense of justice rubbed off on Zeno.
Was killed two weeks prior to the start of the story by the world-wide known killer, the Phantom Slasher.

The Angel:
Age: ??
A strange being whose intentions are hidden.

The Phantom Slasher:
Age: ??
A world renowned serial killer of legendary status. A legendary bounty lies on his head, dead or alive. Killed Selena two weeks prior to the start of the story.

More character infos will be added once Chapter 2 is released. That'll probably be the last update on characters.

Setting:: ShowHide
The world is known as Ezalkein. Zen has the most commonly used currency for centuries.

The large south-eastern continent is ruled by a single country, Kathara. The continent, however, is seriously divided by a huge mountain range and desert, so the other side is usually cut off from the rest of the world. The southern edge is covered with snow and ice. The northern peninsula is where Tress and Gamotte are located, but travel from the peninsula to the capital city, is often cut off due to landslides. Supposedly, elves are located on of the forest.

On the southern half of the north-eastern continent is Sangra. Sangra is a very temperate country throughout, with several woods and forests within the valleys of the mountains. The north/eastern edge of the country is filled with mountain ranges, preventing direct sea trade with the Belivier capital or the trading areas of the Lost Continent. The southern tip has a port which deals in trading with the Archipelagos. Is continually in border disputes of Belivier, which occasionally flashes into war.

North of Sangra is Belivier. Half of the country is filled with snow and ice, but still manages to have prosperous trade with the Kathara peninsula, and is not blocked from trade with the areas of the Lost continent. A mountain range prevents direct sea trade with the Sangra countries, but also helps during the war times. Is in continual border disputes with Sangra.

The Archipelagos:
East of Kathara and south east of the country of Sangra are the renowned Archipelagos. The Great Library is located, a legendary collection of knowledge. Also on the continents is the supposed headquarters of the world-wide known Hunter Organization. Because of its location, it deals with trade of the southern lost continent and the Kathara/Sangra relations. Is somewhat isolated. Usually temperate, some mountains, swamps, and even volcanoes exist, usually isolated to certain islands.

The Lost continent:
Located on the farthest east is the vertical stretch of the Lost continent, an almost completely uninhabited continent, at least by humans. A giant mountain range crosses the continent's west shoreline, preventing much of the trade to the western world. On the top half is one of the trading areas, which deals in trade mainly to Belivier, while the southern half has a trading area to the Archipelagos, and subsequently to Kathara and Sangra. Covered by swamps, desolate windy plains, deserts, and ice.

Screenshots:: ShowHide
It's halfway a working title screen. It's the actual command title screen place thingey, and animated.

KGC Active count battle. It's pretty cool.

Some mapping.

Some more mapping

Menu Screen.

Features: ShowHide
KGC Active Count Battle + Addons
Considerably Good Mapping
Full MP3 Soundtrack

Items Selection
Equipment Selection
Skills Screen
Battle Selection

8 Directional movement with Dash
Ccoa's Universal Messaging System
95% Non RTP battlers

To Be Implemented:
Active/Wait Battle Choice
Party Selection Screen

Chapters:: ShowHide
Chapter 1: Bound by Fate
Status: Completed, possibly with bugs
The introductory chapter with the awesome intro cutscene. It's the chapter where the first half of the characters are introduced. The character development is moderate, nothing special, and has a fair amount of plot hints. AN EXTREMELY LINEAR chapter, although I'm proud of the amount of puzzles I've put in, however few they are.

Time: 2 Hours of gameplay

Chapter 2: Way of the Slasher
Status: 3%
I've got most of the story set out, but the minute details are amazingly sketchy. Exactly one map done. :P

Chapter 3: The Azrealites
Status: 0%

Credits:: ShowHide
Anh Tuan Van/Daxisheart

D'ante Jolly


Data Manipulation:

Character Sprites:
Studio Pickel
Hot Toke

Battle Graphics:
Studio Pickel
Hot Toke

Pre-rendered Graphics:
Daniel Noll
Sqaure Enix
KGC Software

KGC Software
RPG Advocate
Leon Westbrooke

Music and Sounds:
Ken Nakagawa
Daisuke Achiwa
Nobuo Uematsu
The Black Mages
Tsuyoshi Sekito
Kenichiro Fukuu
Yasao Uragami
George R. Powell
Yoko Shinomura
Konishi Kayo
Touhou(Alstroemeria Records, Niconico, Masayoshi Minoshima, ZUN)

Beta Testing:
D'ante Jolly

Special Thanks:
Daniel Noll
Santa Samurai

Please report any bugs and glitches. Please give feedback and comments. Thank you!

Ps: The file size is 110 MB. Sorry about that.
Script Requests / Re: Screen Effects
December 20, 2009, 07:27:46 pm
ha ha, I actually had this bumping around in my head when I was thinking of methods to do it, except I didn't have the dll part.

Thanks for doing this, at least. In a couple months, after I've gotten some mastery of rgss, I'll be able to inplement it in chapter two. For now, I'm just using an actual screenshot and inverting it, which is time consuming and space consuming, but oh well.

Thanks for trying.
Express your Creativity / [Complete]Touch
December 20, 2009, 11:09:45 am
I thought of this about an hour ago during breakfast. Comments and critique, please.


   I wake up in the morning in my own bed, in my own room, in the house in which my parents live, love, and raised me, yet I know that it is not my room anymore, it is not love that I receive from my parents anymore, and it is not me that awakens.

   I turn over in the bed, and get out. Brushing my teeth, I spit, and then I gargle and spit, three times at least. That's what I do now. I can't help but to do that.

   I dress up. I wear nothing but an ugly grey sweater that is three sizes too big, and a thin white t-shirt beneath. I wear modest and unassuming jeans. I brush my hair, but do the bare minimum. I wear no makeup.

   I glance in the mirror, and look into my own eyes, and then glance away. It hurts, my reflection hurts, and my clothes are so ugly, but that is what I do now. This is who I am.

   I can't help it.

   I do not ride the bus to school anymore. For my freshman and sophomore year of high school, I was one of those kids that rode the bus everyday, every damn day. We were always so tired and sleepy in the morning, it was a bit dull. I also rode it the way home, and me and the other girls would just talk and laugh, gossip and have fun. I don't do that anymore. It hurts too much walking down that isle, trying to find a seat that's empty, that I could call mine, and if there is no empty seat, I would have to stand, because neither I nor anyone else wants to sit beside each other.

   Sometimes, walking to school, the bus passes me by. I glance away, but I know that they can see me, and it is painful.

   Because of walking to school, I have to wake up an hour early. I still don't have my license, and either way, I don't have a car... anymore.

   The walk to school is painful, and tiring, but I am improving, maybe. Even so, sweat would stream down my armpits and my face when I arrive, and I would have to wipe it all away to seem normal.

   But they all know, and so it doesn't matter what I look like. Nothing matters anymore.

   I don't eat breakfast. I go to homeroom, check myself in, and get a seat in the back, in the corner where no one would sit near me. I lie my head down on the table, and could only wait for the bell to ring, for the classes to start.

   No teacher calls on me when I raise my hand. Not that I raise my hand, but I would like to know that they would at the very least acknowledge me. They don't ever call on me either. I could just lie my head down and just sleep through all the classes, and for the most part, this is what I do.

   I don't sleep, however. It's too hard to sleep, no matter how tired I am. So I listen, understand all the whispers and all the laughs and know that I was once a part of this world before it was taken away from me.

   When the teachers call us into groups, I don't do anything. One of the guys glance me over, and seeing that I wasn't pretty, and seemed like I wouldn't do anything, he and the rest just took over, totally ignoring me. When it was time to present, I just stood to the side, and the teachers let me.

   When the lunch bell rings, I go to the bathroom, and just conquer myself a stall. I wipe the toilet clean, and sit there, reading a book I had taken from the library. When the lunch bell rings once more, I close the book and leave.

   I don't go to lunch. It's too noisy, too crowded, too many people. You have to stand in line, you have to wait, and are jostled around, just for the sake of some green meat surprise by the old lunch ladies. I'd rather not. I hyperventilate when I see that scene. I don't go to lunch.

   The rest of the day goes by pretty much exactly the same. Every day goes like this. I hate it... but I'm not going to do anything about it.

   When I arrive home, my dad is already home. He lies on the couch, and drinks a beer. He glances at me as I come through the door.

   His face wrinkles up, just for a moment, and the human mind understands exactly what he thinks of me.

   "Hello," he greets, and goes back to the football game on the television. He drinks his beer, and throws it into the bin beside him. I walk past, and enter my own room. I close the door. I lock the door. And I am done.

   When night falls, my parents don't call me to eat dinner. They have not done that since I have arrived back.

   This was my day. I cried myself to sleep.

   Two months ago, when I came back to school, the girl had asked, "Did it feel good?", to which I punched her out, tore her hair out, and actually bit into her arm, and didn't let go. I had drawn blood.

   The principal had scolded me, and had taken the girl to the school nurse. I could only let my blond hair fall down over my head as I looked at my feet. I heard what he said, yet I didn't hear what he said. I can't remember one would of what he had said.

   When my parents had came, they had apologized to the principal with hollow words spoken from hollow eyes, and had taken me home. My mom looked at me as if I was an object, as if I hadn't gotten enough of that, as if I was not her child, born from her womb and raised on her milk, but as if I was someone else's child, so that the problem didn't lie on her. Something like this didn't happen in her life, obviously. It just... didn't. She couldn't believe it, so those eyes stared at me as an object, probably less. Most of the time, she refused to even look at me at all.

   My dad was much simpler. He just looked at me with disgust.

   Three months ago, I had arrived home, and I knew that it would never be my home again, no matter how much I wished. Something had changed. The world had changed somehow, and I was no longer a part of it.

   I had changed, somehow, and I didn't fit the world anymore.

   No matter what I do, I won't be able to forget. No matter who counseled me, it would always hurt. My teachers won't do anything, they were scared, and it wasn't exactly in their job description. My parents didn't want me, it was too painful for them, and my body was no longer mine. My friends tried to help me, but never got past the first shallow layer.

   I wanted someone to understand. I wanted someone to help.

   I wanted someone to want to touch me, not my body, but me. But at the same time, I was too scared for them to touch me. What if they harmed me, again? What if they went away, disgusted, like my parents? What if they thought that I and my body were synonymous?

   I wanted to touch someone, but I didn't. I wanted someone to understand, but I was scared. I am lacking in confidence, I am not who I am because that was stolen and taken from me. I am lying my way from the truth because it hurts. The memory was all that encompassed me, and I fear that if you touched me, you would understand that, you would understand that it was all that I believed I am. You will feel disgusted, like everyone else.

   They had hurt me. He had betrayed me. Taken from my car, they had gagged me. They didn't want me to say anything, to speak anything, because for what they had intended, they didn't need me to do that.

   An object.

   A body.

   One good fuck.