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Alrighty! o:

1st to these skills that have charge, the character just stands there (if you choose freeze on charge) but doesnt charge mean.. well, charging? so is there a way or a scripit to put an animation playing while charging? and im not talking about the sprites, talking about rmxp animation, an animation of charging of my choice, and when charge is over, animation stops, and it goes on to the activation of the skill.
-- another way can be just that the skill's animation will start playing once the charge starts,
this way you can creat magic spells, such as fire spell, first you chatge some fire, and then u cast the spell. hope u get what I mean.

2nd lets say youve been attacked by 2 different monsters with two different skills in the same time! it will only show one animation instead of showing both together,
lets say you are in 2 states that both have 2 different animations, it will display only 1 animation instead of displaying both.
-- another way for the states can be that it plays the animations in turns, [first animatiion playin, ends and goes on to second animation, ends and back to first] besically doesnt have to work at the same time, less graphic messup!.

Script Requests / Blizz abs "Buffs" PLUS = chain skills
« on: February 21, 2011, 08:42:53 PM »
well I know i can simply do it with the "states" system in rmxp. but i need buffs like
Increase range of certain shooting skills, or increase the speed.

example is, while being on a "speed up" state the projectile speed of skill ID"1,2,3" will increase by 1 and penalti will be decreased by 3.
and while on "Aiming" state the range of skill ID"1,2,3" will be increased by 2

chain skills, whats that?
lets say there are certain skills that can be used only between 0-120 frames of when u used a chosen skill
for example i have a skill called "fire Blow" but I will be only able to use it after i used "Fire slash", if it took me more then 120 frames to use "fire Blow" then I wont be able to use it until i use "fire slash" again.
thats one part of it, another part is that you dont have to hotkey the "fire blow" it can be activated by clicking the "fire slash"'s key

(hotkey 1: clicking 1 "fire slash" is activated, clicking 1 again before past 120 frams "fire blow" is activated)
ps. the second skill must be learned, plus a chain skill can go up to 6 skills evem. doesnt have to be only 2

Script Requests / Blizz-abs add on? [RESOLVED]
« on: February 21, 2011, 09:59:17 AM »
simply put a cool down on skills. for those who are having a difficult time figuring out what this means.
simply put a time on a skill after its being used, for example if I use a "Fire ball" skill and I config it to have 6 seconds cool down,
you will not be able to use "Fire ball" until these 6 seconds are over. but while these 6 seconds, you are able to use others skills that are skill active. by that i mean that if there is 3 skills in my hot keys, i use the first one, 10 sec cool down, while the first skills is cooling down, i use the second skill and now it will have 10 sec cool down, and the first skill would have less since i used it first. and while the first skill is on its 6 secs and the second is on its 10 sec, im still able to use the third skill. Hope I explained it perfectly xD.

Script Requests / party hud add-on
« on: August 28, 2010, 04:07:09 PM »
Hey :3
I need a scripit the shows hud of the party members but not the leader's, and so it'll be something like this

I simply made it in photoshop,
I already have a speciall hud for the party leader, but I need just a hud addon.
so that if in the game I have more party members, it'll show their hp, name, and lvl.
Iput it like that cause the player is not going to control the other party members, they are just helping,
so there will be a hud of them showing their hp.

Hope anyone can do it! X:
if its nececary then Im using blizz abs,
but if there is a way to make a hud that is not related to the battle system, then this is what im requesting o:

New Projects / [XP]New game - Shalaren The Shattered Metropolis
« on: August 27, 2010, 10:45:14 PM »
Bleh, ill get rid of this topic for now... Shalaren Metropolis will be back in the future while its being developed.

Script Requests / Solved
« on: August 17, 2010, 02:36:25 AM »
thank you nathmatt, you made a great hud for my game! ^^

if u want a hud, request one of ur own o:, dont use other's. your just making a game clone this way.

RPG Maker Scripts / Question1!!
« on: August 03, 2010, 02:24:22 AM »

is there a way to do that?
I am using Blizz abs, and the mouse system.
what I want to know is what ways are there to do that so
instead of using the menu you'll have that Icon set on the side all gameplay
and you can click on them with the mouse to get to what you need.

I hate the Menu X: I hate it in games.. so I want to disable the menu. abd do so
you'll have those icons on the side.

is there a way to do that in eventing? scripiting? S:

Script Requests / Request = change of a hud..
« on: August 02, 2010, 04:09:26 AM »
hey X:! I want to request a hud
(gonna be hard to explain)
(click to show/hide)

since  winkio is busy I'll just send it out here

RPG Maker Scripts / I can use some help o-o
« on: July 24, 2010, 09:56:06 PM »
im using this scripit
and the Blizz abs, but when I put them together, they dont seem to like eachother o-o
and I get all bunch of errors X:

is there a way to make them work together somehow?

Welcome! / Hello people of CP o-o!
« on: July 21, 2010, 03:11:35 AM »
Hey there..  :^_^':
I have just found this forum 2 days ago and decided to register..
ive been working with rmxp for a while... 1 year maybe,
I allways start on a game,, and I allways quit before its completed.
as much as I know about rmxp... I still consider myself as a complete noob :D!
anyhow nice to meet ya all ;)


Thats the company, though since Im looking for help , if you have a company and want to Invest on the game.
your company will get a splash screen too.

The story is about a Metropolis obviously. shalaren was a young man at the time, he spends countless years in the human army fighting demons, throughout his years he learned magic from magicians all over the world. It was a war that never ended between the humans and the demons. Magicians gave up because they did not have a seal strong enough to hold the demons, and that’s when the Sagittars showed up, they were able to fight the demons but only for a while, the number of the demons is just getting bigger,  they weren’t strong enough, none was, there were too many demons taking over. And that’s when one of the ancient magicians tells shalaren that there is a spell that can keep demons at bay but comes at a price, the price is death. That’s why no magician ever used it yet. Shalaren looking at the metropolis being destroyed and decides to offer his life to enable the spell, when he dies, the spell allows his power to spread over the city, and that’s when the city was named after his name. All the Shalarenians gained special Strength that will allow them to fight all the rest of the demons. But the spell's limit is that it only keeps larger demons away but smaller demons are able to penetrate the spell's shield, the only way to summon the larger demons is by using dark magic, but with Shalaren's death, dark magic became the forbidden magic, and anyone who uses that magic will pay with their life. The reason that the shalarenians pay with their life for crimes is because they are destroying what shalaren died to protect, thus killing them is an act of respect.
Shalaren Metropolis now exists to protect humans from the demons and keep the secrets of the underworld hidden from the rest of the world.

Rewrited at august 25 2010
Hey you guys! I edited this page completely, cause the game changed alot ever since I opened the thread.
I took all the screenshots down because as I said, its not how the game looks right now. I would put new screenshots, but I feel like its still not the time, I will realease screenshots only when I'll complete the mapping and the quests. The thing is I still hadnt made any monsters, weapons, skills, etc because things are moving really slow when there is none to help.

and I want you to know, if you join the team, means you'll own the game too when we realese it. credits will be provided to everyone. and not just a credit file inside the game folder. it'll be provided in the game.
what do I need?
  • Scripiter - Im not a scripiter and have no Idea how it works, the only thing I do with scripits is move locations around. so I need a scripiter, not for making unique scripits but just to help with scripiting
  • pixel artist - aw man this is going to help so much, there are just some sprites I still dont have.
  • Mapper - I am a horrible Mapper! period. I have the tilesets I need but i cant map them the way I want, and I know there's some good mappers here.
  • Writer - I need someone to write the background story of the Metropolis! in another way write the history of it. what happens in the history is only a history of the Island, but itsnot the plot in the game!
I did some brain storming, so here it is
(click to show/hide)
everything that is red, is stuff that have to be mentioned in the story! in some way.
all the green stuff is stuff that the history needs to be built from, it doesnt have to be mentioned (it can if you want) but thos things are importent facts.
everything that is black, are just small facts, does not have to be mentioned at all, its just to let youy understand.
all the Blue things, do not need to be in the history at all! its what is going ot happend in the game! (the gameplay) I put it there just so you make connection from to history to the gameplay.
Credit will be shown on the title screen!
if you are a writer and want to help. reply here or pm me, or just start writing and send me the complete copy, it doesnt really matter.

I will provide screenshots later!. I just need people to join! X:.

 I really need a mapper now S:! I have only one city and its still not completed.
as you see at the map I have only the city part. I still need someone to map a city named
"Sagittar Nation" S: Please Join! the credits are not small D:.

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