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This is nowhere near done but its been months since I touched it. I haven't contributed much of anything to the RPG Maker community over the years as much as I absolutely adore it, so I'd like to contribute at least one thing if I never manage to finish anything else.

This started out as something I could use to conveniently create NPCs for a game I want to make, and started expanding into more than that. I'm not really a spriter; I could get away with some things back in the days of RM2k3, but I really don't have any artistic talent when it comes to pixel art, and RMXP's art style.

The reason I was making this in the first place is because I want to make a game with a large selection of fantasy and anthropomorphic characters. There's really not a lot of anthro sprites out there, and you have to do quite a bit of digging to find the good ones.

What this is, is essentially my version of in RMXP form. There's a hell of a lot of room for improvement, and addition, but it couldn't be simpler to use. Open the file in photoshop, select a head, a body, and some clothes, and presto! You've got a base for a sprite that you can begin editing and doing touch ups to!

This is just meant to be a starting point. Only two or three of the layers in this thing are my creation. Everything else was created by various talented spriters from the RPG Maker community. So for the love of god, don't credit me for the sprites unless they're using one of my resources (basically tribal markings designed for the wolf character I was making). There's some instructions in the PSD file itself for further editing.



Credit for the sprites used in the making of this builder goes to:

SithJester (SO MUCH)
Mick (For the anthro sprites)
Pandora's Box
DoMoon (SO MUCH)
The Inquisitor
and myself for like 4-5 things.
Was told to post my project and the issues I'm having here. I literally just started it a couple of hours ago and am trying to get some scripts in it. Right now it has the default map and 2 events on the page, which you can look at in the project file. One's blank with a character graphic and the other is a gray tile which is action based and contains the script I thought would activate a random particle effect (just so I could get it working. I actually worked through five or 6 errors on my own before I finally got stopped here. And all it is is me trying to figure out what the hell I'm supposed to type in to select one of the particle effects in the script. I tried typing the various names it game me and it simply doesn't seem to work. I must be doing something wrong as I know the engine works from seeing other projects use it.) I have the graphics for it as well.

There are some other codes implemented but they shouldn't really affect this since they're just codes for modifying the save screen and adding pause functionality/shadows. Oh, and one for updating the character sprite depending on equipment but that's been untouched since I pasted it in. I copied the audio folder from a blank project since I haven't used anything I had in the folders yet and it would have brought the size of the upload up needlessly by about 245 mb.

I'm intending to use particle effects for blood if possible, flames, and basically just some weather effects (think the world map in Chrono Trigger's 2300 A.D.)

Here's the download link for the project. Just try running it first and you'll see the error message that I get. It doesn't tell me to refer to a specific line in the code, though the name in the error changes along with any particle effect in the default script that I try to reference in the event.

EDIT: I accidentally submitted this without tagging on the upload :facepalm:, gimme a minute.

EDIT 2: Fixed topic title and added the download link.

EDIT 3: If anyone would like to take a look at this without downloading the project, I'll post the code, as well as what I have in the event, and a screencap of the error message tomorrow. It's not a big file though.
AliveDrive suggested I post this here, so I'm trusting his judgement. I better not get in crap for this. XD

I'm actually just having a lot of difficulty finding a Particle engine I can actually USE in RMXP. The one I have right now was created by arevulopapo of, and it keeps referring to a demo that it doesn't actually come with for help. I get an error whenever I try to test an effect that I'll go into if anyone wants to help with that. I've seen the engine used to great effect in a video demo of a game but can't actually get it to work at all.

Alternatively I'd like to find a particle engine I can use easily (if such a thing even exists) for things such as flames, blood, and possibly weather effects. (Think the effect from the world map in Chrono Trigger when you're in the apocalyptic future.) I keep finding references all over this site and the rest of the internet to one called Near Fantastica's Particle Engine (sometimes v2) but I can't find the actual engine and attempts to find games running it have come up short as well. The only one I found didn't have an editable project file (same goes for one I found using arevulopapo's.)

To be honest, I think I'd prefer to find a different particle engine if possible.

Also, I'm not using the SDK. I don't even know what the heck it is. I only started using XP really a few months ago and then stopped after running into an unfixable bug in my project. Plus life just kinda stalled me from doing anything RM related in general. >_<

If there's anyone on here who'd be able to help me, I would greatly, greatly appreciate it.

And no, I'm not just going to disappear after this help request again. Like I said, I stopped using RM for awhile so I didn't go on any related sites for quite some time.
I already posted this on RPG RPG Revolution but I'm getting no assistance of any kind there. I've had a new issue arise that stems from what I think is the editor itself and not any of the Blizz addons I have installed. I'll quote my post from RRR as I believe it sums it up the best. Again, this is in RPG Maker XP. NOT the Postality Knights Edition.

QuoteI'm having a very strange and annoying issue with the Name Input Processing screen when attempting to name characters that renders the name screen relatively unuseable. What's happening is that when the name entry screen pops up, the game won't allow me to select certain letters and it will just skip over them. In addition, when I'm on any letter that I can actually get to, when I hit over, instead of going to the next letter, it skips to its lowercase counterpart and I have to hit over again to get to the next letter. So I'm basically only able to select about a quarter of the alphabet and thus can't even name my hero. I don't know if this is a common issue or not but I did some searching around the forums and read the FAQ before posting this topic. Does anyone know of any kind of fix, patch, or script I can use to fix this? I'm doing this project as a collaboration with my friend and it's kinda stopped me dead in my tracks after getting a lot of different things set up. : /

I'll add this now in case this is the source of the problem: I am running Blizzard's ABS and Stormtronics-CMS. I don't think the ABS has anything to do with it as I've used scripts provided in its help file to disable it completely before the event starts.

Please, if anyone knows of a way around this problem I would greatly appreciate your help. Thank you.