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I'm hardly human goblin, I have joined a group of people who kill for contract, we dont interact with the government unless it involves money and death. How did you learn to speak english so well?
Look at me and my badd self! *licks finger and touches butt* Oh sh*t that burns! Oh yeah I went there;) haha
  "F*ck" Aseras thought, "I knew that goblins possess regeneration abilities, I should've known that my ability couldn't take them down. Now i'm stuck in this mess, oh well, maybe they will let me go if I do something for them... I've got some explaining to do to the Elders now too. That's just great..."

Didnt Blizz make a script for this already??

Hold your applause, please;)
   "This should be fun", Aseras thought, "its like an early birthday present..." Aseras smirked, the goblins were unorganized and now cocky because they had Stinger, little did they know Aseras was summoning up two massive wind blades to come up and swipe them from behind. He needed to distact them while he did this however... He dropped to his knees, pretending to surrender.

  The large goblin moved in on Aseras, Stinger in his hand. "Are you surrendering human?"

  Aseras lowered his head, showing the goblin his life was in his hands. Then a huge gust knocked the goblin onto one knee, he quickly got up so the human didn't do anything, Aseras was still on his knees however. One thing had changed, he was now looking up, it was nothing significant, except there was one thing, he was smiling again.

  "Why are you smiling human??" the goblin exclaimed, "What is so joyous about your death?!"

  Aseras said only one thing, it was all he needed to say... "Turn around..."

  The goblin did so but moved behind Aseras so he didn't try to overwhelm the goblin. As he shifted his sight towards where his companions stood, all he saw were the remains of the savages, their blood soaking the fertile soil they once stood on.

  "What the hell are you? What did you do to my men??" The goblin questioned, now pointing the blade at Aseras' throat.

  "Me? I didn't do anything, you were watching me this whole time."

  The human was right, someone or something had killed his followers, however, and the only other living threat was the traveler... "Either way human, your life ends now!"

   There was a loud, animalistic groan that spread across the valley, the sound hadn't come from Aseras' though, it was the large goblin who owned the noise. Just as the goblin had lifted his arm equipped with Stinger, Aseras had unsheathed his hidden weapon he kept under his forearm in his gauntlet, and struck him right in the throat. The goblin released a massive amount of blood, soaking Aseras' head, and fell to the ground. Aseras sheathed his hidden blade, and picked up Stinger. He checked the poison in the blade, it was almost out, Aseras needed to prepare more posions. He decided he would collect herbs so he could practice preparing poisons when he got back to the Sanctuary, so Aseras packed up his belongings, and went off to collect herbs.

-Strength: 1
-Endurance: 3
-Dexterity: 3 (+)
-Intelligence: 1 (+)
-Willpower: 4 (+)
-Luck: 1
Aseras increased is Psychic Wind ability, he can now summon more wind blades and can keep them present longer.

A little rabbit jumped out, Aseras calmed down, and decided to go to sleep. He will travel back to Castle Terna first thing in the morning. When Aseras awoke he discovered something was poking around in his food from the previous night. It was a...
wow i feel stupid... thanks haha  :^_^':
Haha well I hope you do good in school, im not;)   Can you tell me how to get into the attic in the demo though? I get to the fenced map where the house is and i dont know what to do from there haha
Are you still working on this Wink?
New Projects / Re: Pokemon Elemental War III
March 14, 2010, 02:10:10 pm
I could draw up some concept art for the different species of Pokemon if you'd like  ;)
Chat / Re: What are you listening to right now?
March 14, 2010, 12:04:46 pm
Diamonds Aren't Forever - Bring Me the Horizon
Hmm anyone wanna fight?  :haha:
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March 14, 2010, 12:32:28 am
The task was complete, Scott was dead, and Aseras had gotten away with ease. Another day another life taken, he lived by this, accepting it as his destiny.

While on his way back to the Sanctuary, darkness falls over the sky above, and Aseras decides to set up camp. It was a simple campsite, with just a small fire and a cloth to sleep on. Aseras stared into the stary sky above, thinking of his life as he always does, when he heard something rustling in the bushes near him.
Aseras lept from the rooftop, keeping his eye on the old man. It was an easy task with his new companion at his side, and he was ready to test it out.

He landed in the alley, keeping a mental picture of the last time he saw Scott. He started rushing through the crowded street, calculating where he last saw his target, and measuring the distance he would of traveled, constantly updating it as to catch up with the old man. Sudden Aseras came into a clearing, it was the marketplace, he will have to stealthily stab Scott as to not alarm any of the witnesses. He searched through the crowd, trying to make out Scott and the girl he was with. He saw them talking with some merchant of some sort of supplies. He closed in on the old man, taking silent foot steps. As he unsheathed Stinger, he flipped open the poison container, making sure there was enough to kill Scott with just a quick pierce to his side. He came with in 10 feet of the aged-thief, and decided it was time to pounce. He lept towards Scott with great force, while at the same time swiftly preparing his weapon for impact...
   Aseras stared at the blade his old friend prepared for him. It was going to be fun using his new 'toy' he thought. He thanked Blade, gave him a small yet generous donation, sheathed the sword, and left.

   Aseras had been hiking through the mountains for sometime when he sees...
   Aseras stood there, silently thinking of what impact his next victim's death would have on the world. He wondered why he loved killing so much, why he was so bitter towards a human being. He shoved the thought out of his head, that kind of thinking could get him killed or worse being in the Brotherhood.
   He unsheathed his short sword, and noticed it was damaged and dull. He went inside the sanctuary and headed for the smith, if he had anything close to a friend in this god forsaken cavern, then Brother Blade was that. He had been Aseras' guide when he was first recruited, then during a mission his leg was severed. So the Brotherhood wouldn't get rid of him, he trained in blacksmithing and engineering and started a stock for the assassins. He often created new types of weaponry useful for assassins, so Aseras figured he would see what he had to offer.
   When Aseras walked through the doorway, Blade was working on constructing....
K thanks:)  thats what I thought, but i wanted to clarify
hey does anyone know if i can include someone's character in my storyline, as in a task i just recieved?
Resources / Re: Request Graphics
March 10, 2010, 07:24:32 pm
Ok I understand haha. I hate school getting in the way of everything  :<_<: