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Resources / Re: [Request] Battlers
January 13, 2008, 09:10:13 pm
Either is fine, and if possible, I need the original artist/source of the Battler.
Resources / [Request] Battlers
January 13, 2008, 07:19:30 pm
The battler requests are back up from me guys, here's what I need:
-A young swordsman
-A Grappler
-Multiple Thieves
-A Twin Battler setup (Two characters in one battler)
Projects / Games / Re: Chaotic Fury - Requiem of Sanity
January 13, 2008, 04:54:40 pm
Hmm, I don't know if you've promised me anything...

I think the last thing that comes to mind that it might have been when you, me, and Nortos were chatting regarding the Title Menu modification for CF...
Projects / Games / Re: Chaotic Fury - Requiem of Sanity
January 13, 2008, 05:42:31 am



Have fun's gonna be a while until the next one.

Projects / Games / Re: Chaotic Fury - Requiem of Sanity
January 13, 2008, 03:19:25 am
Well, many of the RTP characters for the party will be gone.  I'm going to keep using the DBS, modified with ChaosDrive and there will be a few other mods I myself am getting prepared to do myself.

Rune's current battler is in its last play from the looks of it, I'm looking for a good sword-user battler for him and I'll be ready.

Today I got some work done (Girlfriend didn't show I had nothing else to do), and I'm hoping I can have the demo ready on Sunday by the time night comes around.
Projects / Games / Re: Chaotic Fury - Requiem of Sanity
January 12, 2008, 09:34:41 pm
For the time being, there aren't any random battles set up, only storyline ones.  The reason behind this is that I'm going to rewrite the entire database for the next demo (Which will likely not be released until sometime towards the beginning of summer).

Next Demo Should Include:
-Fully Rewritten Database (Hundreds of Skills, weapons, armors, items, and enemies)
-Improved Performance
-New Systems (Waranting a few new scripts rear their heads soon)
-New Characters
-TONS of new areas to explore
-Den Castle Expanded in Intro (No longer limitted to just a few rooms, you'll now have to traverse all across this vast dungeon-like area in order to progress through the game)
-Improved Cutscenes
-Further Story Development
-Character-Advancement (Sword Mage + ... = Powerful new abilities)
-Expanded Weapon System (Dual Wielding and much more)
-Multiple ChaosDrives to your disposal

As you can tell, setting this up will take a LONG time to do, because I'll also have to ballance out the new weapons, armors, items, skills, and monsters.
Projects / Games / Re: Chaotic Fury - Requiem of Sanity
January 11, 2008, 03:15:53 pm
Demo should be ready this weekend.  I'm logged in at school right now, enjoying the fact that the new forum hasn't been blocked ( school's web rapists really piss me off), but I've got quite a bit of work completed.

Things that have been removed for new demo:
RTAB (Too buggy)

Things that wont be added til the big demo update:
Random Battles (Yeah...event battles only people, I haven't set up troops or enemies for random battles yet, so it will be some time til I can do that aspect).
Shops (Database has to be rewritten first, but there will be quite an extensive shop set)
Northern Areas (Demo takes place on the Southern Areas, the areas are separated by water).
New Party Members (*cough* Rivendal *cough cough*)
Completely Rewritten Skill List (Booyah!)
Better Battlers (Working on it)

Until then, just wait a little bit longer...I will not disappoint.
I'm okay with keeping the modified New Game Plus script available, it's been in need of tweaking for a while.

The only one I might remove is the vertical menu when it's done, but that might stay open to public too, you never know.
Still not working, it wont start up NewGame+ when I have the switch turned on.  I've got like, two save files with the New Game + Switch turned on, and none of them are starting up.
Um...New Game+ Isn't appearing
Yeah.  As you can notice, it's changed from Chaotic Fury - Beyond Sanity to Chaotic Fury - Requiem of Sanity...

Well, the new title I designed needs this, and I think the default style title menu is a little bland.

I'm using a New Game+ script I got off Creation Asylum a looooooong time ago.

Here's the NGP Script:
# ¦ Scene_New_Game_Plus (coded by Deke)
#     This purpose of this class is to allow the player to restart the game using saved characters if
#      they have completed the game with that party.
# A new feature (small one) was added by myself (Dubealex) to enable a
# count of the number of times you finished the game.
# Copy the lines between my comments and paste them in your original script,
# or simply use that full one.

class Scene_New_Game_Plus<Scene_Load
def initialize
  #You need to add the following line:
  #ENd of the line to copy.
  $game_temp =
  $game_temp.last_file_index = 0
  latest_time =
  for i in 0..3
    filename = make_filename(i)
    if FileTest.exist?(filename)
      file =, "r")
      if file.mtime > latest_time
        latest_time = file.mtime
        $game_temp.last_file_index = i
  @help_text="Which file do you wish to continue?"

#This method checks to see if the selected game file has completed the game.
#  (A completed game is indicated by turning switch 1 ON.)

def game_completed(filename)
  file =, "rb")

#This method is identical to the one of the same name in the Scene_Load class, with the
#the added effect of reseting the maps, switches,...

def on_decision(filename)
  unless FileTest.exist?(filename)
  file =, "rb")
if ! game_completed(filename)

#New code to copy for the "Game Completion Count" feature.
#Begin copying here, and stop at my other comments.
#You also need to copy line #15, shown by a comment also.
$game_variables     =   
$game_temp          =
#$game_system        =
$game_switches      =
$game_self_switches =
$game_screen        =
#$game_actors        =
#$game_party         =
$game_troop         =
$game_map           =
#$game_player        =
$game_player.moveto($data_system.start_x, $data_system.start_y)
$scene =
$game_switches[1]=true #Since the switches were all reset, this one need to
                                     #be turned back on to indicate the game was completed.
#Stop copying new "Game Completion Count" here.



and here's the modified title menu code

# ¦ Scene_Title
#  New Game + EDITION

class Scene_Title
def main
$data_actors        = load_data("Data/Actors.rxdata")
$data_classes       = load_data("Data/Classes.rxdata")
$data_skills        = load_data("Data/Skills.rxdata")
$data_items         = load_data("Data/Items.rxdata")
$data_weapons       = load_data("Data/Weapons.rxdata")
$data_armors        = load_data("Data/Armors.rxdata")
$data_enemies       = load_data("Data/Enemies.rxdata")
$data_troops        = load_data("Data/Troops.rxdata")
$data_states        = load_data("Data/States.rxdata")
$data_animations    = load_data("Data/Animations.rxdata")
$data_tilesets      = load_data("Data/Tilesets.rxdata")
$data_common_events = load_data("Data/CommonEvents.rxdata")
$data_system        = load_data("Data/System.rxdata")
$game_system =
@sprite =
@sprite.bitmap = RPG::Cache.title($data_system.title_name)
s1 = "New Game"
s2 = "Continue"
s3 = "Shutdown"
s4 = "New Game Plus"

@command_window =, [s1, s2, s3,s4])
@command_window.opacity = 255
@continue_enabled = true

#The next block of code allows some added customization to the title screen.
@command_window.x = 250 # distance in pixels from left side of scrren to upper left side of window
@command_window.y = 250 # distance in pixels from top of screen to top of window
@command_window.contents.font.size = $fontsize  #Font size for items in the window
                                                                             #(if letters are cropped increase window width at line 36) = $fontface #font face for window items,255,255,255) #custom 32 bit color for the SELECTABLE window items
                                                                                         #(disabled items displayed in the systmes "disabled" color


for i in 0..3
      filename = "Save#{i+1}.sav"
     if FileTest.exist?(filename)
     @continue_enabled = true
         if dummy_var.game_completed(filename)

if @continue_enabled
   @command_window.index = 1
loop do
   if $scene != self


def update

if @continue_enabled==true
     @command_window.draw_item(1,@command_text_color )
  if @new_game_plus_enabled==true
     @command_window.draw_item(3,@command_text_color )

@command_window.draw_item(0,@command_text_color )

if Input.trigger?(Input::C)
   case @command_window.index
   when 0
   when 1
   when 2
   when 3
# ------------------------------------ 
def command_new_game
Graphics.frame_count = 0
$game_temp          =
$game_system        =
$game_switches      =
$game_variables     =
$game_self_switches =
$game_screen        =
$game_actors        =
$game_party         =
$game_troop         =
$game_map           =
$game_player        =
$game_player.moveto($data_system.start_x, $data_system.start_y)
$scene =
# ------------------------------------
def command_new_game_plus
unless @new_game_plus_enabled==true
$scene =
def command_continue
unless @continue_enabled
$scene =
# ------------------------------------
def command_shutdown
$scene = nil
# ------------------------------------
def battle_test
$data_actors        = load_data("Data/BT_Actors.rxdata")
$data_classes       = load_data("Data/BT_Classes.rxdata")
$data_skills        = load_data("Data/BT_Skills.rxdata")
$data_items         = load_data("Data/BT_Items.rxdata")
$data_weapons       = load_data("Data/BT_Weapons.rxdata")
$data_armors        = load_data("Data/BT_Armors.rxdata")
$data_enemies       = load_data("Data/BT_Enemies.rxdata")
$data_troops        = load_data("Data/BT_Troops.rxdata")
$data_states        = load_data("Data/BT_States.rxdata")
$data_animations    = load_data("Data/BT_Animations.rxdata")
$data_tilesets      = load_data("Data/BT_Tilesets.rxdata")
$data_common_events = load_data("Data/BT_CommonEvents.rxdata")
$data_system        = load_data("Data/BT_System.rxdata")
Graphics.frame_count = 0
$game_temp          =
$game_system        =
$game_switches      =
$game_variables     =
$game_self_switches =
$game_screen        =
$game_actors        =
$game_party         =
$game_troop         =
$game_map           =
$game_player        =
$game_temp.battle_troop_id = $data_system.test_troop_id
$game_temp.battle_can_escape = true
$game_map.battleback_name = $data_system.battleback_name
$scene =

Okay, this is pretty much one easy as heck request for the moment.  I just need a modification to my Title Menu from the Vertical one we get as a default and I need it changed to a Horizonal one (Look at Chaos Project if you need a reference).

I need this edit because the new title screen for Chaotic Fury doesn't give me much to work when I'm using a Vertical Menu, so I need the Horizontal, and it'd be pretty cool if, just like the CP one, it could have some form of depth (Like, a fadeout thingy).

2012 Revision

Coming Soon...


See where this game has come from before you see where it's going!

-DEMO UPLOADED JANUARY 13, 2008 AT 2:24 AM PST (Demo Fixed at 2:30 AM PST -_-)!!!
-EXTRA Edition announced June 17, 2009Cancelled.
-Development Resumed May 28, 2010.

-Preparations for 2012 Demo Release underway!


A warrior cast into a new world, with no memories of his past or himself.  Rune is an accomplished Sword Mage with great battle experience.  Working odd jobs under Jhonas to repay a debt, Rune is fairly well known around the town of Den.  Rune's past...the secrets hidden within may lead to the world being saved...or to it being taken by Chaos.

Just as Rune's situation, Rivendal was thrown into the world and has no memory of his home.  He wields the Berzerker, a living sword with a mind of its own and an influence of Rivendal's own being.  He holds claim to an extremely destructive Chaos Drive, the mere mention of which has led many men to insanity, and even death.  A dark truth lies in his past, but what is it?

A figure from Rune's past.  A Master Knight of the Order of Lysar, otherwise known and the Crystalian Knights.

A figure from Rune's past.  An accomplished Spear Knight and member of the Order of Lysar, and a close friend or Rune.

A figure from Rune's past.  The youngest daughter of the Master Knight Syba and one of Rune's closest friends.

A dark being, a person Rune has met in the past who has great destructive power. He leads the Chaos Beasts and has an over inflated God-Complex.  Despite his dark intentions, there seems to be a secret in Lucion's past that not even he is fully aware of...



Rune, no more than a young man who's been cast into a new world.  In this world, he has no memories of his past, no memory of who he is or where he came from.  Aside from the recurring nightmares he's experienced, his life is fairly simple and peaceful.  That is...until he feels a dark pressence in the town of Den.  One night, he decides to leave the family who took him in, to investigate the pressence when he encounters Lucion, a figure who knows his past and unleashes a horde of destructive beings upon the unsuspecting town of Den.  Why has Lucion appeared, and what lies within his past?

Chapter 1 - Warrior

The vagrant Rune leaves Den to find out more about his past, and encounters a young man by the name of Rivendal, a Berserker who is in search of Lucion.  As Rune remembers a piece of his past, an old friend appears and joins him in order to help Rune achieve his goal.  They are soon joined by the young Arda, a prince of Transia's largest empire.  Now they leave for the royal city of Atraxxya, but what they find there will flip their entire world upside down.


Featured Systems
-Spheris Battle System, designed by GAX72, coded by winkio.
-In depth Equipment Customization system
-Gear Crafting System
-Bestiary and in game Almanac
-Chaos Rage Limit System, featuring Chaos Drive
-Title Screen changes based on progress!


RMXP Edition
(Hopefully) Coming Soon!

ARC Edition
(Hopefully) Coming Soon! (If ARC comes out before RMXP Demo is complete, the RMXP edition will be cancelled).
Welcome! / Hola Peoples
January 07, 2008, 08:53:58 pm
Heya, if anyone new's around here.  I'm GAX72, the crasy mod from the old forum (I know I used an "s", I wanted to, okay?)  See ya people around, and obey the rules around here...that and don't hassle the mods...


::Hugs anyone who's read this and gives them a plate of brownies, cookies, and assorted pie.   Also, gives anyone who wants it booze.::