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General Discussion / Side Scroller or no?
« on: March 07, 2014, 09:09:37 PM »
Ok putting the difficulty of making a Side-Scroller with our beloved RPG maker programs aside, would changing my game into a Side-Scroller be a bad Idea? (yes I know it's my choice, but I'm torn apart when trying to answer this question, so I would like some opinions).

I have been having a hard time motivating myself to finish my game... right now I have a lot going on in my life so I don't get much time to work on it, and when I do get time to be on the computer I mostly rather watch something or play something because, when working on my game for a little, 30 minutes turn into 2 hours. Don't get me wrong, I love working on my game which I am sure a lot of you would agree with me that there is just something exciting when you bring an idea that's been in your head to life. A week ago I wanted to post the progress I've made on my game and realized it was not much at all! its been more then a month and just nothing interesting I could show off! and I now understand that my expectations are far too high. I work on this game ALONE so I need to start cutting some of the work I need to do on it, and make it easier for one person to complete... and that way I could notice a considerable amount of progress coming through.

So I started cutting down the features I wanted the game to have and some maps, and even characters, and then my friend suggested, "why not make a Side-Scroller?"... you see, a side scroller would mean, designing the maps would be so much easier... you really just gotta design left and right, and that means the maps and the Character sets... (for some Npc's you just gotta design the way the look no need to animate them... and then put them on the map) that might sound like a lazy thing of me to say, but really is it? I'm just going to continue working on a story and game with just a little different light to it. ANYWAY I don't want to make this too long... I made a quick map in Sidescroller format to try it out and see what it looks like (I even made some character) so I will put the not Sidescroller screenshot and the Sidescroller screenshot...

what do you think, should I go Sidescroller and finally make it easier on one person? what's your opinion on side scrollers in general? do you have any better suggestions or ideas? please let me know :)

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New Projects / Shalaren Chapter 1
« on: August 23, 2013, 06:59:54 PM »

There are many versions of how this story goes, and honestly - it seems every race came up with their own little bit in it. All the versions however, have the two twin gods Ayen and Allisa, who were too young to go on creating their own world, and thus they created one together. Unfortunately they failed to create life in it, and because of that, there was nothing... and yet so much room for everything. They tried countless times, until all these attemps caused the elements to pour into the world and bring life to the spirits of nature. It wasn't long before the world grew, creating life to many species as the world became the ultimate paradise, making the two gods very proud. Ayen felt the world needed civilization and this created the Nethien, an intelligent race to help the world grow, however Allisa felt the Nethien might harm the balance and thus created the Guardians of Nature, also known as fearies. The two argued over the world's fate and were right as the two races were in war for 300 years bringing the world to endless chaos, and the twin gods decided to create the Syrilth, a race designed to understand both and share the qualities of everyone. at first the gods's plans worked as friendship blossmed around the world of shalaren as the Syrilth helped conncet the two, but it wasn't long before the syrilth learned of their superiority - to be edited 

Script Requests / [xp] Blizz Abs Hotkey add-ons
« on: August 21, 2013, 07:36:33 AM »
This add on will let you hotkey a skill from the Skill scene. Like in Xas.
so instead of it asking you if you wanna use the skill and on which character
(click to show/hide)
it should just ask you if you want to use it OR hotkey it.
Kinda like that
(click to show/hide)
also for Items
(click to show/hide)
(doesn't have to be the exact size... that's just an idea.)

it doesn't have to look like these pictures, it can be customised however. as long as the hotkeys are set from the scenes themselves. and be compatible with Mouse controller (being as the hotkey scene isnt)

Script Troubleshooting / Custom Message Script by Hodgeelmf
« on: August 12, 2013, 06:35:01 PM »
Hey guys! I really like this Custom Message Script by Hodgeelmf, its small simple and animated and is just really pleasant to use. you can try it and you'll see what I mean. however it wont work with Blizz-ABS :( is there anyway to fix it? maybe anyway to disable blizz abs anytime the message script is acitve? its similar to ForeverZer0 CMS, its just that this one has a smoother feel and the chat bubble is a lot smaller making it very nice visually for cutscenes.
(click to show/hide)

EDIT: Because of the character limit, the following script could not be fully displayed and had to be deleted. It would be best to either provide the link to the script itself or post it into something like Pastebin. -KK20

Recruitment / [rmxp] Shalaren Mappers needed :D
« on: August 12, 2013, 01:52:05 AM »
I am looking to build a small team, credits for being a part of the development will be provided in game and on game ads! I'm looking for team work where all developers can suggest any idea they have in mind, and can freely discuss ideas, concepts and themes of the game! The game definitely needs mappers as my mapping skills are just not good enough, it needs well written stories and dialogues in game, and just some scripting, eventing and graphics which I believe I can handle myself if there isn't anyone else. so I mostly need story writers, Dialogue writers and Mappers, really need mappers

Ok so here is some information

The world of Shalaren is inspired by many different ideas and concepts, all put into its existence, where many events take place. there are many adventures to go on and many places to visit (at least the idea of them). there Should be many hidden stories going around when talking to NPC's and many different landmarks, so although there is one main story, there will be many side stories as well.

so I'm looking for any kind of help, even tho I need mappers the most, anything else is always a big plus. anything from just giving critic and suggestions or helping with designing, scripting or eventing.
For mappers interested in what needs to be mapped, here is the map of the continent of Arcania (1 of 3) however in this game only one continent is available for gameplay, the rest exist just in story.

So it includes mapping the following maps:

Mellow Island: it's a dry Island, Occupied by a Religious cult. it is mostly dry trees and caves, it looks as if the forces of like abandoned this place.
Picture to refer to:

Amoria Forest: Where the path to Amoria begins, It starts off as a small shore but then turns into a lively forest. it is occupied by some animals such as birds and squirles, bunnies, and boars.
Picture to refer to:

*Amoria Town: The small farming town of amoria occupied by mundane humans. should be about 28 residential houses. Has a tavern and 7 different kinds of shops (weapons, alchemy, scrolls, etc.)
Picture to refer to: Pic1 OR Pic2

Glorious woods: The Wild forest. Many battles took place in the Glorious woods, and these battles left clear marks. occupied by averagely dangerous animals like wolves.
Picture to refer to: Ruins!

Quiet Birch: The forest toward Franea's Pass. It isn't much different then the Glorious woods in looks, but it is A lot less active. it is as if there's nothing that lives there, yet the trees and plans are lively then ever. however it is said the Quiet Birch is Occupied by beings Franea's pass residents call 'The Sleeping Demons', However no one has seen a Sleeping Demon before, regardless the reason why the Birch is Quiet is due to the fear of waking them up.
Picture to refer to: Quiet Birch!

*Franea's Pass:An Enormous City! Protected by the Goverment of the Meastre and is being watched over by the Shroud forces. It is a highly populated City with many events going on. it is said to be the most beautiful City in Arcania and the most relaxing with all the singers and birds around.
Picture to refer to: Pic 1 OR Pic 2 OR Pic3

*Red Hawk:A big city mostly occupied by Mundanes. The whole city is themed in Red and light Brown. There is a statue of an armoured hawk at the middle of the city. The reason it is called Red Hawk is due to a very old long living story of a Hawk who saved a the land Red Hawk is on from great evil that had shed the blood of many innocents (Note the RED). Although that's just another story of many. The forces of Miea's Court of Peace have made Red Hawk as one of their settlements.
Picture to refer to: Can look like whatevers as long as the colour theme is red

Hawk's Forest: The forest right under Red Hawk City. It is occupied by Lizards and poisonous spiders, along with other minor animals. The tree's have red leaves and the grass varies between green and orange. but even so, The green is still present in the forest.
Picture to refer to: Picture #1 Or Picture #2

Heavy Pine: It is known as the place where Faeries reside. It is the one place where Magic seems to crawl under the seal and show its beauty, color theme of green, lime green, and yellow and a low of plans and bushes the Heavy pine looks like Mother Nature might be sleeping there.
Picture to refer to: Magical Trees!

Endless Shore: Nothing special really, it is just a very long rocky shore. Hazards might include oversized crabs and scorpions. It is the one place in Arcania however, where fishing is easier then ever.
Picture to refer to: Refer to this Picture

any help would be awesome

Script Requests / just trying to edit a hud for blizz
« on: August 10, 2013, 05:20:47 AM »
ok so I have Gold show up with the hud, but right next to it I also want to have Achievement points to show right next to it...
The achievement points are a variable so I want to have it show how much of the variable does the party have...
I tried to do it myself but I don't understand scripts that much,

so this is what it has for the gold
(click to show/hide)
so what do I need to change in that to show the variable instead of gold?

I guess to make it simple, I want to know what would this be "@gold = $" if I want it to be the Variable ID:5 instead of gold
I tried "@gold = $game_Variables=5" but that didn't work since I don't script xD what would it be?

Another thing this part "$" I understand draws the currency name in the game? if so, how do I change that part to show the variable name

Script Requests / Blizz-ABS add-on. Actor weapon sprites for skills.
« on: August 04, 2013, 11:13:11 PM »

So I am trying to create several classes with unique skills in my game, and one of my classes is a typical warrior who I'm wanting to have sword based skills. so I tried to do so but there is no feature that enables the weapon sprites to play when using skills. I know that I could just have the skill sprite look like a swinging sword, but I want the sword that will visually appear to be the sword the actor is currently wearing. so the add on will enable to create weapon specific skills that will play the sprite of the weapon your character is currently wearing ALONG with the skill sprites (with the option of having weapons have a weapon skill specific sprites {Actor_wpn_2_skl4}... Depending on the skill). Here's an example of a skill: name of the skills is Slashing wave, the actor is to appear to be swinging his sword just as he would with basic attack, (plus the skill animation being on top of it to add an effect) but the skill being a thrusting skill will shoot a wave (projectile)... and incase you are thinking it could be done through the combo system, I dont want the basic attack to be associated with it, just the animation of the weapon.

Scripts I am using right now
Blizz Abs 2.84
Mouse Controller by Blizzard
Mouse Controller Enhancement Script by Nathmatt
Auto-Targeting for Blizz-ABS by Blizzard
Visual Equipment for Blizz-ABS by Blizzard
Chrono Trigger Skill Learning
Rain of Add-ons by Xelias

I'm not sure if this would be hard to make... I hope someone has the time to take a look into it :)
Thanks in advance everyone!

Script Requests / Blizz ABS - Icon Sprites.
« on: November 22, 2012, 06:34:14 AM »
ok explaining this is going to be hard. its like in this cbs
the system doesnt at all require extra sprites, yet its so well done and looks very animated.
but I dont need all the extra stuff, its just i want to have lots of weapons in my game that will show in battle
and this system takes the icon and animates it on the normal character sprite,

just check the system out to see what I mean, it takes an icon and turns it and makes it look animated.

Script Requests / combo skills, BlizzAbs
« on: June 25, 2011, 05:16:56 AM »
call it however you want,
ok thats the features, a combo count, everyone knows what that is, all the attacks u make in the certain amount of time, and if waited to long it dissappears and restarts. so the feature is that it only counts combo with weapons that have an element that Ill call "Combo"

The skill feature is Skills that can be used only when a certain amount of combos is achieved,
lets say a I have this skill "Max party heal, 10 combo required, 15 Mp req" this skill can only be used if a combo of 10 is available, if waited to long and the combo count is gonem the skill cannot be used, when the skill used the req amount of the combo for the skill is decreased from the combo count, lets say I reached a combo count of 25, I used the max party heal and the combo count goes down to 15.

thank you :)

Script Requests / [XP] PARTY SHARE HP
« on: May 11, 2011, 02:57:00 AM »
I requested it before but I cant find the thread, as I never got a reply. so Ill just try again?
a script that makes it so that all party members share stats, meaning that if i have 3 characters, all have 100 hp
party then has 300 hp in total, and no character can die until the total reaches 0. meaning all characters die together.
if two characters have 100 hp and one of them has only 50, then the total is 250 abviously. same goes for SP and all other stats (dex,str,agi....)
as for EXP they will all have the same exp, not add them but just have a exp thing that all characters will allways be at same percent of exp and same level! if a character is added he goes to the same hp and lvl as the party!.
if you dont get what I mean ask o-o

Script Requests / [Resolved] Blizz Abs Hud
« on: May 04, 2011, 04:24:11 AM »
(click to show/hide)
I requested this hud before and nathmatt scripted it for me but I requested it to soon,
the hud should of been probably the last thing to request for as I know what I want in it,
I can imagen how hard it will be to script this one so I guess I just at least need help with it
Its with images
(click to show/hide)
Map background
(click to show/hide)
and then bars background, and full bars images, in a way that it would be easy to move it around.
(click to show/hide)
the rest you can probably figure out by the example.

I tried doing it my self with other hud scripts, but Im just no experienced enough with scripting :\
Big thanks to who ever could help.

also the one nathmatt made for me
(click to show/hide)

which doesnt work with "Blizz-ABS Action Recharge Time by Winkio" a script i need to use.
Thanks in advance to who ever even bothers to try.

Ok this is going to be so hard to explain, I’ll do my best, please ask more questions if you don’t understand the request.

3 party members in game play let’s say, char1, char2, char3 (Char1 is the main character you control).
You walk to an event with whatever story line, and then monsters appear! There is a door that needs to be unlocked to escape.
now we can’t set a move route to a character that isn’t the main, setting a route moves all character, what the event does, is let’s say moved character of ID: XX, in this case its 2, |Char2 to walk to Event ID:x (the event is the door), while this happens the two other characters are able to be active, meaning they fight, if char2 gets attacked the command is cancelled, so the two others basically need to protect him. as he gets to the door, there will be a countdown of a number of my choice on top of the character, again, if attacked the countdown is also cancelled and they will have to make the event give the command again. If the countdown was successful the "Event ID:x" will change a self switch, or just a normal switch.

Basically what I want to do is create a character that opens doors, by giving a command that can be activated by events, the character goes to a chosen event while the other characters stay still and fight, it will start a countdown to turning on\off a switch. But again it’s a given command, if its interrupted by getting attacked or going out of screen view (meaning you can’t see the character in the screen) command is cancelled and character returns to you. 

so another point is that if the location is really out of screen view, the character wont be able to reach it as it will cancel when he leaves the view.

I'd imagen the countdown tho is the hard part =\.

Script Requests / hardest scripits to explain
« on: March 07, 2011, 04:48:54 AM »
ok first script is General HP,EXP, AND SP
what do I mean? all party members allways but allways will have the same exp and the same lvl.
whether they go off or back in the team, and the HP and SP is a one bar shared by all party members, which means that if one dies, all party memebrs die. besically in a hud what it shows you is the Stats of you! the controller! a party member gets demaged, besically all party members do as they share the same HP bar, i think this kinda explains it, i dont want the possibility of 1 member dies and 2 other still alive, they all should have the same HP!

Member 1 HP:200
Member 2 HP:200
Member 3 HP:200
General HP:200
Member 1 Gtes demaged by 20 dmg

Member 1 HP:180
Member 2 HP:180
Member 3 HP:180
General HP:180

hope you get my point, if not ill explain more.

Puzzle skill for Blizz Abs
events that can be only activated when a skill is used on them!
events that you put in their name "\Puz[frames]" if it has that, it can only be activated when a specific skill is used on the event, (like an enemy)
The frames is the frames is being loaded as the character uses the skill on the event EXAMPLE

a bar loading as he uses the skill, other characters can still be in combat, as he is "unlocking" the door.
when the target screen appears, with that certain skill, you can only target the "\Puz" events.
this is like for special seals that a skill named "seal breaker" is being used on.

RPG Maker Scripts / Small question for blizz abs
« on: March 05, 2011, 02:53:46 AM »
umm I want to make one of my party members be only for support, and not for battle,
by support I mean, Healing and defending, (and buffing)
what would be the right setting if I call this script?
Code: [Select]
$game_actors[ID].force_aggressive = VALUE
$game_actors[ID].force_offensive = VALUE
$game_party.actors[POS].force_aggressive = VALUE
$game_party.actors[POS].force_offensive = VALUE

also Im trying to make it so that the main character can control other characters through his hotkeys, and I kinda figured it out with making skills call events that call scripts, and its pretty handy :D but I still need one more thing, one of my characters is a healer, and i want the main character have a skill that calls an event that commands the healer character to use heal.

HOW do i do that? I mean how do I make an event to force one of your characters to use a skill?
I read the manual many times in case thats what your going to say, i just didnt figure this part out S:.

lets say the char id is 3 and skill id is 2, how do I force him to use skill id 2? by calling an event.

Recruitment / [XP] Shalaren (UPDATED) -Please reread-
« on: March 03, 2011, 06:06:14 AM »

╠╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╣   Shalaren Metropolis at v.0    ╠╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╣

UPDATE June-26-11, sunday
I got all the resources that I need. I just need a team to start coming up with Ideas, I just need writers and creative people with creative Idea, because im starting to event and creat the story along the game. The problem im having is not being able to think everything through in the story, I keep on changing it until its just right, so I need IDEAS, as the main thing, so I want to creat a team of discussion where we just discuss everything of the game, monsters, trasures, and missions, and the story line it self, find why or how everything is to happen.
Ok so I made a free made forum, but only for game development, this isnt a community its just the game development that might have more information then what I give here.

Ok Hi guys! It’s been a while since I’ve worked on this project and now I decided to get back to it, usually ill only ask for help in here but this time I am actually looking to be recruiting People to the Project! Now by joining you will have a say on developing it and not just be ordered around to do work for the project! Shalaren Metropolis is still missing the brainstorming! I want to finally make this project official and serious! And I’ll be doing that by going through the right Developing stages WITH A TEAM AND ITS OPINIONS!  Credits are all EVEN! Everyone is credited!

So if you’d like to join - your welcome to, but you’ll have to show me something that you’ve done in the past in RMXP so ill know you at least have some experience of gaming, or skills like Writing, Scripting, Drawing, Eventing, Mapping, Brainstorming, etc.

here is some additional Information about the game,
you are being introduced to 3 characters, Kathel, Jamie, and Finely.
each character has a talent that helps in a different concept, Kathel is the battle character, who is able to achieve new abilities and fight multiple enemies, Jamie is a Puzzle Freak who is able to unlock locked doors without a key and is able to solve puzzles faster then anyone, and Finely has a hidden power that should be sealed away as its against the metropolis laws, but her powers are to pure to be a harm, she heals and cures just by touching. so these three characters are the perfect team as you get to play with all three of them and control them all, you can send them to battle or call them to follow you, as you play Kathel as your main character, Jamie helps in battle while Finely heals, when there are doors to be opened, Jamie needs time for him to unlock it, so Kathel and Finely are in charge of making sure no enemy gets any close to Jamie while hes unlocking the door. Thats how their team works. quests with puzzels and bosses with very fun actions.

That is Jamie Unlocking a door that requires 3 seconds of performance.
besically its an example of what Jamie does.

Right now Thats kinda what is going to be happening in the game, Still needs more happening. :P
Mysterious deaths occur around the Metropolis, The three characters investigate and find out that someone is trying to free the powers of the six saints to break the seal upon powers.
Current Background Story
(click to show/hide)
Current Character Ideas
(click to show/hide)

ok so information about the game..

you play with three characters in this game, and every character has a special role.
The first is Kathel, who is besically for battle and is the character you will play with,
second is Jamie who is in the middle, hes for battle too, but more for puzzles in the game, he can open locked doors and such.
Finely, your last character is the party's Healer, she is there for support and will heal you when injured.

They all have a story of their own and you will experience their background during the game.

This is the hud, coded by nathmatt, but designed by me.
This hud still needs alot of work because there is alot of bugs and things that need to be added,

The battle system is blizz-abs
still working on how the battle looks, but its finally starting to look good as all characters have their action sprites.
sounds play very well, and finally battle is fun when testing it :)

so there, with this little information I hope you'd find this game worthy to join the project?
Shalaren, Nerock,

Script Requests / [xp] [Blizz ABS Sprites]a small addon
« on: March 01, 2011, 06:13:15 AM »
well first of all, I have problems with the knockback system, all he does is walk backwards, and its so slow if its a long knockback,
is there a way that when the char gets knocked back the speed would be real high? so that when he gets knocked back itll be pretty fast, like it should be.

ALSO the addon is to make it so when he gets knocked back it has a chosen sprite to display. like the char getting hurt, ya'kno.
its just that I noticed winkio didnt put this features. Knockback speed, and knockback sprites.

also the lowest knockback is 1.. what about if pixel momvment is 3? i should be able ot make a really short knock back of .33

Script Requests / [XP][Blizz-Abs] Party leader controls all
« on: February 27, 2011, 10:56:12 AM »
ok after figuring some things out, I changed the way the system should be, because the following features
is the only thing that has to be done with scripting S:
you can put other party member's skills on your hotkey, other way to say it, the hotkey is general for all party members!
using their skills will activate the skill and it will be caused by them, not the party leader, who is ur selected character *allways*. they just follow you but when u activate their skills, they perform the skill just as it is configured. everything is like they committed the skill even though u are playing witht he party leader, not them.

other way to look at it, all the party members do is provide the party leader with skills, that when used it will be as they used the skill, not the party leader. all they do is follow, and use skills when u activate the hotkey on the main character.

its been requested once already in the past by someone, but there is still no such script.
this is going to be super hard explaining!  :'(

  • first thing to the system does, you cant change party leader, allways same one, u cant change and play with another character at all.
  • second thing, you cannot change party member's behaviour, it is allways Passive! they wont run off attacking monsters at all, not even if the monsters attacked you or if you attacked the monsters, all they do by them selves, is follow you.
  • Third, you can put their skills on your hotkey, other way to say it, the hotkey is general for all party members!
  • 4th, using their skills will activate the skill and it will be caused by them, not the party leader, who is ur selected character *allways*. they just follow you but when u activate their skills, the perform the skill just as it is configured. everything is like they committed the skill even though u are playing witht he party leader, not them.
  • last, they cannot be targeted by enemies, only the leader can, they are only there to support with skills. its like they are not even there, enemies dont even notice them.

Blizz kinda figured it out for me o-o other then whats blue, i sitll need the htings that are on blue as a script S:.

Need more explenation? just let [/color][/size]

Resources / Shalaren's Shop (RE-OPEN)
« on: February 27, 2011, 10:14:10 AM »

Must give credit!
Update: 12 August 2013
Hey all! Service is still available as I'm back to CP to work on my project :)

1. I figured anyone could just come here and request a logo, and might not even be an actual part of the Forum.
Therefore to request, you must have more then 60 posts! if you have less, I will simply ignore your request.

2. I will not accept requests if you dont use the form I have given Down below! I hate trying to figure out what you mean by you saying
"something cold and futuristic" I can make many things by these words. therefore you must use the FORM!

3. Do me a favor. I'm helping you out, so be nice.

I take only 4 Requests at a time! if Im full dont bother requesting because I might have to ignore it S:  :urgh:
- Just got back. so the maximum requests I will be taking at a time is 2! -
I am taking on 0 requests at the moment

Note: HOW do I work? when you request both logo and a screen, Ill allways make the logo first, and I will start on the screen, ONLY... But ONLY when you approve of the logo, so check this Thread Daily! if you take longer then 3 days to respond, Ill take your request down!.

Note: Please make an effort to use the Form BELOW

(click to show/hide)
(click to show/hide)
(click to show/hide)
(click to show/hide)
(click to show/hide)
(click to show/hide)
(click to show/hide)
(click to show/hide)
Title screens
(click to show/hide)
(click to show/hide)
(click to show/hide)
(click to show/hide)
(click to show/hide)
(click to show/hide)
and game over screens.. and so, besically screens and logos!

Recolor RMXP characters.
I take only 5 Requests at a time! if Im full dont bother requesting because I might have to ignore it.
I am taking on 0 requests at the moment
you may request 3 characters at a time.
you must be very descriptive to how you want your character recolored, and with what colors.
if an RTP character, I will agree to edit it and add extra features to it.

you must have 30 posts +.
same rules apply here.

HI I'd like to request a Logo\Screen\Color Time
kind of objects: (can be none)
kind of font: (dont have to name the font, you can say "somethong that looks ancient" and it will be enough)
some kind of overlay: (like asking it to look like metal or a rock.. or made out of water)
Brief explenation:
Id like you to use these to request, rather then say, "make me something blue with clouds" I could totally make something that you would not want!

Alright shooooooot your requests!

Script Requests / General requests.
« on: February 25, 2011, 06:30:19 PM »
Ok so I noticed a lot of script requests that people didn’t really understand therefore couldn’t really help, now I know that someone isn’t just going to get up and script everything, so I made this post for a list of scripts and a full explanation with pictures if needed, and so if you happen to know of an existing script like that, please refer us to the link? :] and if you happen to be a scripter and might be able to script such a... script (lol) please go for it? You are going to get full credit for it anyway and it’s published for public, just like it is when you make any other script and publish it in CP.

NOTE: these are not all S: i got tired digging into the pages, alot of requests repeat them selves, ill edit this post soon.

So let’s start with Blizz-ABS
First, these are the easy ones to understand without explaining,
- Animation while charge
- Blizz abs HUD creator
- ill put more later on

1) Multiple damage display
(click to show/hide)

2)Monster kill count’
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3) Weapon Skills
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4) Advanced auto Target!
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5) Smart auto targeting
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6) Party members health bar! just like enemies have the option to have health bar on top of them, there should be an option for party members to have as well. since in my hud, it shows only the hp of the main party member, (idk how to add more, asked once none answered)
so party members health bar on top of the character would be usful!

7) idk what is needed for that but the caterpiller system sucks ballz >:, there should be an option to configure the character automatically just like enemies, im taking away the option AL behaviour, because i was every character have its own behaviour, just make the party members to attack what ever enemie targets any of their party member, also use skills more then using attacks, the members keep on attacking and not using the skills which would be more usful!, anyway need a script to configure that =\.

RMXP Script Database / [XP] Animated Control Timer Meter
« on: February 25, 2011, 05:06:28 AM »
Animated Control Timer Meter
Authors: Moghunter
Version: 2.0
Type: HUD add-on
Key Term: Misc Add-on


Presents an animated count down meter for control timer!


  • Uses pictures to show a Controlled Timer
  • Animations involved,
  • Requires 4 pictures in Graphics / Windowskins
  • Location can be easily edited (even by noobs)


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easy just insert the script, and set an event to have a control timer started, also turn off switch 001 everytime you start a timer.
You will need the following files in the Graphics / Windowskins


compatible with anything, at least thats how it looked like after testing it.

Credits and Thanks

  • Moghunter

Author's Notes

i bet this scripit can be very useful :P

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