[XP] Selwyn's Passability Mini Map

Started by SolarisSpell, March 12, 2021, 05:06:22 am

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Selwyn's Passability Minimap
Authors: Selwyn/Squall, KK20
Version: 1.1
Type: Minimap
Key Term: Environment Add-on


This is an old script released the 30th of May 2006 and just recently update by KK20.
It shows a minimap in any of the four corners and different colored dots to represent enemies, npcs, chests, etc.

KK20 has updated the script so that it is dynamically refreshed (so you can turn a treasure into a mimic and the picture changes from 'chest' to 'enemy'), for example.

How to use

You need several images in your picture folder, which can be found in the demo.
Also, the minimap is activated or deactivated with an in-game switch. So, by default, it will be off until you activate the switch.

The minimap shows elements if the event has a comment with any of the following tags: event, enemy, teleport, chest, npc or savepoint.


  • You can change the corner in which the minimap is show editing line 24: @corner = 4
  • You can change the switch controlling the activation editing line 67: ACTIVATED_ID = 1
  • You can add new elements to be shown in the minimap adding in line 403:
elsif event.list[i].parameters[0].include?("whatever")
@events[key].bitmap = RPG::Cache.picture("whatever")
and you will need another picture with that 'whatever' name
  • You can also alter the pictures used by default to anything you like, just keep the name of the file (I think that the teleport image is not the original, I kinda think I edited it but don't remember)


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Passability Minimap demo

Final Thoughts

This script has more than 15 years already, but maybe you can enjoy it.


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