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Check back for updates! Use dark skin for better viewing!

These resources are FREE for anyone to use
HOWEVER I merely ask that you either:
1) LET ME KNOW if you are using them
2) CREDIT ME in your game.

... just want some motivation to work hard, ya know?  :P

The game I'm making is not a serious one (it contains random weird things everywhere), and I've changed a lot of the graphics to highly unrealistic/stylised ones - if anyone is possibly interested in these, just let me know - I haven't posted them up. :)
I have battlebacks and character sets (non-ABS), and will be making enemy battlers in this style.

But for the time being, I shall post things that I hope you will find useful!

Resources Menu
Currently included are some ...

  • RMXP Style Sprites designed for BlizzABS
  • A standard battler.
  • Miscellaneous Icons
  • Status Effect Icons for Blizzard's Tons script
  • Transitions
  • Titles
  • Windowskins
  • Some Sound Effect Mods

Included will (hopefully) be ...

  • One More RMXP Style Sprite designed for Blizz ABS (Hero)
  • Basic Sprites
  • Enemy (Boss) Battlers
  • More Miscellaneous Icons
  • Gameovers and more Titles
  • Panoramas
  • Fogs
  • More Transitions
  • More Windowskins
  • Some More Sound Effect Mods
  • Tileset Addons
  • Short, Looping Music Tracks


RMXP Style Sprites designed for Blizz ABS
... should include the following character sets:
>> Walking | Attack (one wpn) | Defend | Item | Skill | Weapon (template) | Jump
maybe also considering
>> Idle

This is my very first fully developed OC so I will cry if you use him without letting me know. :(
Nemesis Concept Art (2): ShowHide

Head and shoulders shot - yeah, the full body shot is just too good for you. :) My scanner sucks crap, though. D:

Face and colouring detail guide - just a light colouring guide for anyone who would even be crazy enough to make a battler or whatever. Could be a faceset in the making, too. :D

Nemesis Sprites (7): ShowHide







Crappy Weapon Template

Standard Battlers
At the moment I'm only going to post one.

Done in a really basic cell shading style, with strong blue shadows.
Legend of Zelda's Link (1): ShowHide

Boss Battlers
Coming soooon.

Weapon Icons (1): ShowHide

Reno's Rod - it's really poorly done atm, but if you're lazy then it's better that it's here than not.

Miscellaneous Icons (7): ShowHide

Rubiks Cube - yep one of my characters uses a Rubiks for a weapon. I warned you my game was a joke. :D

2nd Gen iPod (silver) - I had to make the background pink so you could see the headphones. :P

Whiteboard Marker - it's also really poorly done and I really hate the shading. :|

Star Rating Mini-Icons - if you can script it, it looks really neat to replace a skill rating, or whatever. Blue is full and white is empty.

Shiny Orb Base Icons - you can make these a background for standard icons for effect. 48x48 specially designed for my icon command window script. Change Hue to change colour.

Each status effect icon has a white ring around it - I've added a grey glow around each to show the ring. :P There's actually not much point to these, but oh wells...
Status Effect Icons (7): ShowHide


Gameovers/Titles, Panoramas, Fogs and Transitions
Currently includes simple background-like pictures which have the potential to be title screens. Maybe. The Sky Titles are taken from my deviation here.
Sky Titles (4): ShowHide

Morning Cloudy Sky - I left the edges rough so you have a choice of blurring the image or not.

Blurry afternoon - Some hills at sunset, or something. :|

Evening Silhouettes - I left the edges rough so you have a choice of blurring the image or not.

Boring Night Sky - its really boring. ^-^;

Title/Gameover Graphic Resources (1): ShowHide

Blood splat image - this isn't a full title - just a graphic you can use to add to whatever. :)

... these are the biggest files...   :huh:
Spiral Transitions (2): ShowHide

Flower - well, I think it looks like a flower. Appears to wipe away anticlockwise.

Machine - edges are sharper than the above - reminds me of the adjusting of a camera lens, if that means anything to you... :S

Radial Transitions (2): ShowHide

Ray - beams out from right to left.

Concentric - kinda ripples in to the centre.

Non-Radial Transitions (1): ShowHide

Sickness - inspired by Metroid Prime 3 Corruption. Failed to mimic. Diseased blob spreads from the middle and bubbles out.

Windowskins and Sound Effects
... because windowskins are so fun to make!  :haha:
Medium Windowskins (1): ShowHide

'Blue' - a simple mod of the normal blue windowskin to make it lighter and shinier.

Dark Windowskins (2): ShowHide

'Swirlbolt' Black - actually has nothing to do with lightning. Designed with the dark and mystic/magical in mind. Please DL to see it better. >.<;

'System Scan' Green - my attempt at mimicking that really old computer display. Dark and glowy.

Sound Effects
... a collection of sound effects mainly for cursors. A result of messing around in Audacity. I highly recommend this program for modifying any audio or generating artificial sounds.
Crisp Metal Sound (3): ShowHide

The best way to describe these is like plucking a really, thin, sharp metal wire.  :huh:
There are three in the archive at the moment: Cancel | Cursor | Select

Round Blobby Tech Sounds (3): ShowHide

Bad onomatopoeia: Boweeeep! Low then high techhy sound. I dunno. Artificial.
There are three in the archive at the moment: Cursor | Select | Misc (could be buzzer or select)

Credits, Thanks and Random Infos

  • Macromedia Fireworks (awesome program) and Adobe Photoshop for the graphics

  • Audacity (another awesome program) and various free plugins and their respective authors for the sound effects

  • Starrodkirby86 for databasing these resources  :haha:

  • Any of the respective creators of any characters/references that I make into stuffs and do not own personally.

Currently I'm not open for requests - I'm really busy at school and I haven't studied at all... I feel bad... :(
Oh and btw - sorry if I left png layers in the files! I forgot to check.  :(

Last added stuff 7th March 2009 : CHECK BACK FOR UPDATES! :haha:


Nice resources. I like the style of the status icons: clean, simple and descriptive. Good work with the others too. *powers up*

QuoteRubiks Cube - yep one of my characters uses a Rubiks for a weapon. I warned you my game was a joke. :D

That's a very interesting idea... I could use it in my game, so you can consider yourself in the credits :)
Do you like ambient/electronic music? Then you should promote a talented artist! Help out here. (I'm serious. Just listen to his work at least!)

The best of freeware reviews: Gizmo's Freeware Reviews


I'm going to keep my eyes on this one. Waiting for it to especially get out of the Construction scene and into reality...that'll be great.

Transition Resources are among the hardest to find, and no one really was aiming to look at them. They're invaluable, and it's pretty snazzy that you created some. My least favorite stuff here are the Status Icons as they look like it's done on Paint without too much time taken. That's just me, I'm sure they look fine otherwise.

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he character sprite has serious potential...


January 18, 2009, 02:57:14 am #4 Last Edit: January 18, 2009, 03:30:58 am by Reno-s--Joker
@Fantasist: Lol - :haha: that makes me very happy! Thank you! :P

@Starrodkirby86: Thanks for your support and thoughtful comment, as usual. :D I noticed that there weren't many of those either, so I'm glad they can be of use! And don't worry - they were the simplest to make, so I understand where you're coming from. :haha:

@Calintz16438: Yaaay, thank you! I really do hope so! :)

EDIT: Added some Sound Effects!  :O.o:



Wow did you draw that evil looking guy?
he looks cool! but you should have colored him better, do you take requests for drawing?


Yep, he's my OC ... <3 Thanks! :D
I just coloured him lightly because the pic was only for colour reference. I'm too lazy anyways... should be doing schoolwork. XD
Not at the moment - I'll only be free to do requests in late November at the end of the year! :S Sorry... :(


These are nice and they would have worked great in my RPG Advenutres game(data got corrupted) but I'm working on a Star Wars game now.

*powers up*


January 24, 2009, 11:15:19 pm #9 Last Edit: February 09, 2009, 12:51:52 am by Reno-s--Joker
:D Thanks!
I would probably submit some Star Wars sprites but I haven't seen enough of it to know the characters... :(

EDIT: Updated resources with 3 more icons and 5 title resources! ^-^


Not sure if I should edit or double post - but another update with 2 minor icons and one battler. ^-^


I love the windowskins that's my territory so yup i would know what a good one looks like =)
Not saying STOP lol =)

You deserve power!

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Quote from: Reno-s--Joker on March 06, 2009, 06:00:49 pm
Not sure if I should edit or double post - but another update with 2 minor icons and one battler. ^-^
Double-posting is fine if the time span between the two posts are at least twenty four hours. Obviously that's at least 24 hours. :P

Now I'll leave a question to you. I'm thinking of moving this over, but it's still under construction. That's honestly the only reason why it's still here. :/ So what do you say? Want it to go to the Database?

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Thanks - I forgot you had that rule in your sig. ^-^

Well, I wasn't sure if the fact that I haven't added everything I want to add yet makes it under construction or some ongoing thing. Geez that was a clumsy sentence. :|
But I'd be honoured if it got moved. I'll remove the under construction tag if that's the case. :)


All right, then moved it is. The stuff here are really valuable and great. You're a skilled artist.

Can't wait to see more of your works.

What's osu!? It's a rhythm game. Thought I should have a signature with a working rank. ;P It's now clickable!
Still Aqua's biggest fan (Or am I?).


^-^ Thanks Kirby! I really appreciate it.
There will definitely be a ton more by the end of this year. :)


Good, this is really looking great. Good luck with all your holyness.  :???:

Anyways, I would love to see more when you post more :)

(Yeah, I'm a beast at ryhming! Even though they are the same word... >.>)


You know i can do a coloring thing for your resource like recolors if your not up to it ;)

If you were a fish...


@Landith: LOL! :haha: That was totally random. But I appreciate it. ^-^ I hope to get all my elemental boss battlers up soon. :)

@Meta: Well, if anyone requests a recolouring and you feel up for it, I wouldn't mind. But generally people can change the hue in the game, and I don't have many sprites up atm. :P