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First of all I apologise if there is already a post for this, and if I put this in the wrong category.  :^_^':

I just thought that there might be other people out there who are willing to help others out if they are stuck with a good name for their game development team/self.  ;)

Common Name Structures
Here is a list of common company name structures I got from gamedevmap.com, where X is the unique part of your company name:
[*]X Entertainment (e.g. Retard Entertainment)
[*]X Interactive (e.g. Your Face Interactive)
[*]X Studios/Studio (e.g. Amazing Studios)
[*]X Software/Soft (e.g. Very Soft)
[*]X Labs/Lab (e.g. Evil Minion Labs)
[*]X Company/Co/Corp (e.g. Shinra Co.)
[*]X Media (e.g. 1337 Media)
[*]X Games/Game Development/Development (e.g. My Frog Died Yesterday Games)
[*]X Online (e.g. I Go Online)
[*]X Design (e.g. Curly Brackets Design)
[*]X Systems (e.g. Asterisk Systems)
[*]X Technology/Tech (e.g. Synsys Tech)

Spiffy Naming
Some suggestions for greatness include:
[*]Oxymorons (e.g. Ice on Fire, Old Babies  :O.o:)
[*]Completely random two or three (max) word phrases (e.g. Porcelain Chicken, Chinese Fried Tofu) <-- can't you tell I'm hungry  :P
[*]Japanese (sounding) words. Because it sounds pro.
[*]Merge words together (e.g. Stormtronics, Enterbrain, Microsoft :roll:)

Words that make you sound spiffy (open for more suggestions):
[*]Republic (lol)

Logo Design
If you already have a company name, keep reading!

Some suggestions for good, balanced logos include:
[*]First and last letters are same type (e.g. ToT, aBBa, quoop)
[*]If you merge two words, make them similar lengths (e.g. MacroHard is 5, 4; TimTam is equal)
[*]A pretty first letter (e.g. Q, F, define pretty I know)
[*]Include a geometrically awesome letter (e.g. X, Z, O, T, I, V, etc.)
[*]Have it match the style of your game (e.g. futuristic font, bubble font, etc.)

game_guy's 3D Text
Send game_guy a PM with what you want and he can help you out:

Logo: Logo name
Color: Color of logo
Background(optional): Give me a background or just mark transparent.
Font: Name of font

Here are some awesome examples of his work! :D
(click to show/hide)

I'm also selectively available for designing logos for your company name. I specialise in simplified, shiny or flat logos which make use of basic geometric shapes, so if you're interested I'll see what I can do for you. Just bear in mind I still have to go to school...  :<_<:

Hhmmm mental blank atm. I'll happily mod the list if you have more suggestions. Hope people find this useful/ help others out.  :)

King Munkey:
This could be very helpful to people whom do not have a name for their team/company/or whatever they are.

My team/company/or whatever is Ugly Munkey Studios. I haven't really designed a logo for it yet. Although I have started just never got around to finishing it. lol.

Personally for me I consider it pointless to have a whole Studio studio name, like [name] Inc. or Studios, for me. It's much easier just saying you did it or having an "alias" or simple name...

The creator for Cave Story just had its development "studio" simply Pixel. And Blizzard, his is StormTronics (Though that is considered more of a company name because of the suffix...But regardless).

You can actually use this for companies within your game, if you would like. :P I see a use for that.

Regardless, you did an excellent job with this. Boredom does lead you places. :3 xD

Like seriously...
you did a nice job on this thread...

I could even see this being stickied!!
*powers up*

@Kingmunkey: :haha: Lol, I like it! :D I know what you mean about the procrastination (is the the right word?). >->

@Starrodkirby86: I agree - although it's useful if you're working in a team, or want to sound pro for no good reason. :D And you're right - I'm going to use this structure for a number of the companies in my game. It's just so fun sending them up. :haha: Thanks. :P

@Calintz16438: :D Wow, that's high praise, thank you very much! ^-^


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