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Started by Nortos, January 08, 2008, 01:59:21 am

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January 08, 2008, 01:59:21 am Last Edit: February 11, 2008, 01:37:00 am by Nortos
All credit for these go to me unless stated otherwise

Icons: ShowHide

I like staffs :P I'll update this later with more the different staffs r just recolours and the staff took 5 mins the sword 3 mins, the sword looks crappy I think :( still better then RTP though :P

Here's some new ones I did these after 5 beers and some spirits so bare with me...

Here's some more I wanted to have a go at axes how do you guys think they went?
I also had a massive hangover when did these...

Some swords now I did later...(had to put on blue background otherwise looked crappy...


Some bows I did today...

Some shields...


Windowskins: ShowHide

These are some of my favourite's they are edits of Blizz's "Original"

Remember also to credit him if use them :)

Sprites: ShowHide

A Fairy still making her what do you guys think? It's first charecter I've ever made making her just using a template

A soldier I'm making based around the armor Mymirrdon's wore around 1000 b.c still working on it what do you think?

These two are edits of Dollmages gladiator sprite, if you are to use them remember to credit both of us.

Credit goes to inquisitor, I just put this on a template and for some of events wiped out the light you can credit me as well if want

You put this two spaces undearneath the lamp pole when it has orange and it gives a nice glowing animation credit goes to Kaft I just resized and made less blurry you can credit me if want :)

click it to get the proper image it's just a thumbnail as it's big :)

Autotiles: ShowHide

When I got to mapping a nice flower area for my game I realised that there weren't any flowers I liked, I mean the flower autotile is pretty crappy, and the other flowers/herb stuff on tilesets don't blend in to each other like a good autotile so I got to making my own flower autotiles the results turned out very good :)

Tilesets: ShowHide

This tileset credit goes to LOS and Zanyzora I just merged them and made a project download so you can have the right prioreties and passages (I've turned the flowers to passable though)

Battlebacks: ShowHide

These ones are from Wizard 8 I had to resize and edit them though

Battlers: ShowHide

These ones are recolours


Wow, those are great quality icons you just made. The bows and sword (this one ) is awesome!! I could never make bows, can't do the shape.
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you didn't actually make these did you?


yeah the staffs and one sword were my first I followed a tut than I wondered how to make a sword breaker and thought it might be like a sword with crooks  and yeah axes pretty easy, spear didn't turn out great armor I based off someone elsed than changed shading to make a more 3d lookand yeah...what do you think of the fairy???


its pretty cool so far, although at th epants it looks kinda like its invisible there, and trhe wings are showing through >.<


ohh yeah hadn't noticed that I'll try and fix it



the fairy is a recolor sortav of the rtp fairy XD looks awsome!


January 09, 2008, 12:42:01 am #9 Last Edit: January 09, 2008, 06:56:56 am by Nortos
sort of complete overhaul I just used a fairy template then made own hair, jacket and skirt I didn't worry about breasts as fairys dnt have them...ty for compliments :)
EDIT: All of sprite walking down has been completed
2nd Edit: Now all that is left is the side of the sprite


uhh theres no wings on one, or atleast thats how it looks... top row, all the way to the right.


some fairys have brests...


he means there regular bodies are so tiny that you cant really see them on a charset...




Not bad, but it's more VX, and I like standard RTP style.


yeah like Ulta said because charsets so small you wouldn't be able make em out, also you only think it's like VX because you make ur fairies normal size Calintz :P this has exact same body struckture as RTP Fairy


I won't be making normal size fairies for the civilization...


yeah I've seen yours loved the one with battle torn wings


But I'm doing what you did for the Fairy NPC's in my game...I'm making them smaller and stuff.


oh ok :P . I'm having trouble side on atm with skirt I've nothing really to base it on. I'll get it done though :P