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Started by Zexion, March 07, 2011, 02:26:41 am

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March 07, 2011, 02:26:41 am Last Edit: March 19, 2011, 07:47:37 am by Zexion
Well I was bored today, and decided to make a custom sprite. I've been wanting to add aqua into my kingdom hearts game, but I never found good enough sprites, so I decided I would make her today. First I needed a larger sprite, for the party menu. Then I needed a smaller one, to actually control her. Well the larger one came out okay in my opinion, but the smaller one needs to be a little taller, IMO. Anyways, so I was thinking about bases I could use for the larger sprite, and I was like hey why not sailor moon? They have boobs and good legs too! So I went to spriter's resource and found some sailor mars sprites. I looked at all the poses and thought hmm which one. Eventually I saw one that looked familiar, so I quickly googled some aqua pictures and found a similar posed picture. After that it was basically decided. I used the pose and it looked pretty good at the end, and 10000x different from the original sailor mars. LOL

Well here is the small one:
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Here is the picture I used to base it on:
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Here they are :P aqua and mars side by side for comparison:
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heres some new ones:
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Vanitas's Face:
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Rate these toooo :P


Their faces are rather undistinguishable. Barely looks like faces at all.


Quote from: Kagutsuchi on March 07, 2011, 03:30:08 pm
Their faces are rather undistinguishable. Barely looks like faces at all.

lol you could at least pretend you like them a bit XD
they are nice though, but as he said, the faces are hard to notice, and you need some work on the shadowing on her cape or scarf, whatever that is, the shadowing goes in the wrong direction


ouchhhh lol jk yeah they do kinda suck lol but whatever i think of it more as a pokemon trainer sprite :P lol.

Anyways I put some new ones please judge those!! :) I like hearing whether i suck or dont suck lol.


Idk I wanted to show some of my newer sprites lol.
Aqua's Armour: ShowHide

Aqua Animated: ShowHide

Kid Sora's Face: ShowHide

Xana's Face: ShowHide

Terra's Face: ShowHide

Looking back at my old work, I'd say that I've improved tremendously.