[XP] Flame of Life Season 2: Alter Egos. Genre: Humor, Fantasy, Harem, RPG

Started by Magus, August 09, 2011, 11:38:22 am

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The Flame of Life season 2  
Genre: Comedy, Rpg, Romance, Harem

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The story continues directly after season one. It also tells the truth of what happened in FOL season 1's final battle. (By the way, someone post if they have found 12 or more of the secrets in at least one of the games)
Anyway, a rumor stating the Water of Death has appeared plagues Other World. Heiti, a subordinate of the past Flare appears on earth to warn him. The only way to possibly stop the WOD is the Shard of Destiny which is embedded within Liya. Firina, Flarina's partner within the observers, sends Flare and his friends on a quest to retrieve the Flames. But what awaits Flare is more than action. Someones a having TOO many girls fall in love with you IS NOT a good thing. Can Flare retrieve the essence Flames while at the same time, avoid getting killed by the women that love him? Or keeping them from killing themselves. Wait? There's... another one.. AND someone's returning....

Age: 16
Gender: Male
Spirit: Flame of Life.
Data: Main character. Apparently has lost memories --because he was once a great being.

Age: Unknown, but appears to be 16.
Gender: Female
Spirit: Observer
Data: An observer who was actually born in the human world. Although the game doesn't state this because Flarina keeps this a secret.

Age: 16
Gender: Female
Spirit: Human.
Data: A girl that was once the servant of Lui, an immature man that owned an island. Unknown data about her.

Age: 16
Gender: Female
Spirit: Human
Data: Venom's sister.

Age: Unknown, though appears to be 16
Gender: Female
Data: A subordinate of the past Flare. Also known as the granter.

Age: 16
Gender: Female
Spirit: Dust angel
Data: Leader of the mercenary organization called Dust Angels.

Age: Unknown, but appears to be 16
Gender: Female
Spirit: The Breeze of Hope
Data: ...Find out in the game.

Age: 16
Gender: Female
Spirit: Human
Data: You won't believe how this turns out...

Age: unknown
Gender: Male
Spirit: The Water of Death
Data: The opposite of the flame of life.

Eralf or The Seeker:
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Spirit: The Seeker
Data: Cannot reveal info about this guy. See the game to find out....

Free advice. Warning, spoiler of a game secret:
Spoiler: ShowHide
Here's a free secret. After the opening cut-scene, read all three of the bookshelves.

Screen Shots
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1. Side view battle system, life FF, by Atoa but also some bits by me. I added things etc
2. Tons of addons, and add ons not on this site. By members here, blizzard, and atoa
3. Overdrive system, by Atoa
4. Storyline: Continues directly after the first game. Even more humorous. New battle system changes experiencs.
5. NO World Map System. (Yeah, yeah, WMS made things easier. But since there are no savepoints, there's no need)
6. Music isn't made by me this time (just a few remixes of some the ones from the first game and others) Other than that, I scavenged the internet for songs that existed in other games. Please play through to my awesome final boss song that I selected.
7. Learn new skills as you level up. So Level grinding isn't a waste. Shoot, skills can be learned as far as level 85, depending on characters.


Credits are within the game and of course the few listed above.

Series(exclusive knowledge to Chaos-Project only and club)
Flame of Life
Flame of Life season 2: Alter Egos
Flame of Life season 3: The Final Stand
Flame of Live Ova (deciding rather to make this or not. It will simply be a game where romance comedy spikes, but still remains as a game,
but the plot will have nothing to do with the seasons above. Think of it more as an alternate flame of life.)

There are little or no glitches that I know of. Please take on the challenge of finding at least 6 secrets other than the secret given above.
LEVEL ME DOWN. THE ANTI-BLIZZ GROUP IS AMONG YOU... Do it for the chick below...She watches..<br />