Help with ZHUD for Blizz ABS.

Started by jailuis, August 09, 2011, 10:38:03 pm

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August 09, 2011, 10:38:03 pm Last Edit: August 10, 2011, 12:55:16 am by jailuis
Hi. Im new to the forums and well, this is my second post (counting my introduction to the forum as the first). As i was playing around with the Z-Hud, i found out how to edit the pictures, tiles, and everything else. Yet there are some questions Im still wondering about.

==== Actually using RPG Maker XP for all this====

First, I think a picture as guide would help:
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Ok, now to my actual questions:

- First, as you may see, the HP Bar and the SP tiles doesn't show the actual amount of HP (100/100) like the HUD that comes with the Blizz-ABS script. So i am actually wondering if it is possible to have these numbers introduced.

-Second, and well, the most important. Im trying to figure out some way so that when my character levels up, one new tile is added (lets say, on lvl 1 i got 5 tiles, with 30 Mp each, a total of 150 MP. When i reach lvl 2, another tile is inserted, so now i have 6 tiles and 180 MP) Tough I still haven't found a way to actually introduce this (I tried using variables and a call-script, but haven't found the actual working way.. if someone might help please ^^)

-Third, is there any way to actually add also a custom EXP bar without needing to use the scripts? I really know nothing about scripting. But Im willing to learn ^^

-Fourth (and last) I've looked on the script and everything, yet I haven't really found a way to have the hotkeys bar go in the lower part (next to the minimap, sorry it is not in the picture, but it's possition would be lower right corner) in an horizontal way. So it would be like the hotkey slot "1" would be on the bottom left corner, and the last hotkey slot "0" would be next to the minimap.

And well for now, i guess that is just all. I'll try to find anything else myself :3 don't want to just join the community and start asking question like crazy xD!


-There's a Fifth question now. So I added the minimap-picture (some simple border, nothing fancy) to make it look kind of better. The problem is that whenever i switch maps, it would dissapear. I can make it appear again pressing the minimap key if I press it 3 times (One to make it go Full Screen, another one to dissapear, and the third one to make it appear again [during this one it will appear once more]).

Again, thanks for even reading this ^^