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Started by Blizzard, January 09, 2008, 08:21:56 am

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Hey all,

I'm getting an odd script error during combat when the main characters are fighting only certain enemies.

I've tried removing all skills that the enemies use, changing the area where they fight and it keeps occurring.

Script 'BlizzABS part 2' line 5224: NoMethodError occurred

undefined method 'last' for nil:NilClass

Would anyone have any idea what this section of code in blizz abs part 2 might relate to so it can help me narrow down what could be causing the issue?

I'm on Version: 2.84


A clean v2.84 points to the start of a loop at line 5224, so I don't know what edits you may have done. But the method this is occurring in is range_array_union, which has to do with battlers that are "observing" and updating their "minions" with information.

Not sure on the details of how this works, but I find it weird that this is causing an error. Make sure your script order is fine and your scripts were copied over completely.

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Cheers KK20, I managed to get rid of the error by turning off the observer AI for that particular enemy and it doesn't crash anymore. It doesn't seem to be a problem for any other enemies that have the observer trait, just that one.

Thanks for the quick response :)