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Started by Memor-X, January 11, 2012, 01:39:17 am

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Blizz-ABS 2.84 has a problem with the sprites as it wont change to them, the other day i tried to implement the old code from 2.6 when the spites do work into 2.84, got run and sneaking spirtes to work (not sure on jumping cause i don't have than enabled) but i got errors when i tried to attack someone and when i tried to charge which goes to show that either my reserach was off or the new graphics system Blizzard implemented in 2.7 is a bit more complex

the reason why i did this was because i needed the charge sprites to at least work as all my skills require the player to charge, i could go and use 2.6 but the problem is that there are features in 2.84 i want to use that arn't in 2.6 and i don't know enough of Blizz-ABS to implement them into it as like an add-on (if i did i would have had the graphics fixed right?)

there is a way i can fix this and that's to remove the whole point of charging up skills, problem is, the charging is one of the things that ballance out the skills types, i'll explain

In my game, there are 10 elements each with their own set of elemental spells, ie. Fire, Fira, Firaga. now, i wanted to make the spells more variant in their attack so instead of them all being direct attack, i wanted the different elements to have their own method of attack so i came up with

these are the 10 types of skills i came up with

Skill NameSkill TypeRangeProjectile SpeedExplosion?Explosion RangePenaltyCharge TimeKnockbackDMG ModifierMP Modifier
HomingType 2 Single Target55NoN/A2020 x level1==
ShotType 1 Single Target65NoN/A2020 x level1==
BeamType 4 Single Target6N/ANoN/A3020 x level1==
SplashType 1 Single Target66Yes22030 x level0+ (0 - (25 x level))=
TracerType 2 Single Target54Yes22020 x level3==
StrikeType 3 Single Target4N/ANoN/A2040 x level1==
ShockwaveType 3 Target All6N/ANoN/A3040 x level1+ (25 x level)+ (level ^ 2) (except level 1 (+2))
OblivionType 4 Target AllN/AN/ANoN/A5030 x level1+ (25 x level)+ (level ^ 2) (except level 1 (+2))
ThrustType 1 Target All65NoN/A3030 x level1+ (25 x level)+ (level ^ 2) (except level 1 (+2))
BarrageType 2 Target All55NoN/A3030 x level1+ (25 x level)+ (level ^ 2) (except level 1 (+2))

Level is the rank of the spell, ie, Fire would be 1, Fira would be 2, Firaga would be 3

the base skills stats are

Damage     |     (25 x level) + Modifier
MP           |     (4 x (level x 5)) + Modifier

as you can see, Strike is a direct attack, i figured that players would flock to this skill type because it's the easiest to use so to balance it out, i made it and the Direct Target All Shockwave to take longer to charge

if i am to drop off charging the spells up, i would need to amend these stats, however i'm stumped so does anyone have any suggestions as to how i can re-balance the skills

NOTE: i dislike Bodmas, so i cut out odmas and just use B, that way my formulas always work to how i want them to work and not how the computer interprets Bodmas