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Started by mad.array, January 16, 2012, 03:33:22 pm

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Hi guys.

As some of you may know I've been offline for a while. This lack of internet has resulted in some down-time from RMXP. But being back on the scene has given me an idea. I know ARC is being developed to mop the floor with RMXP but I can't help but think, with each new project that I start, that RMXP could do so well if it just had the features that everyone is looking for. So I'm making a proposition (as stated in the thread title). I know at one point there was a craze for Test Beds and script packages and I think that if RMXP had a decent enough upgrade then it might bring people back in who had previously left it for dead.

So I'm proposing a bundle of scripts/content to bring commonly requested features into RMXP so that people can use it without searching for content for hours on end. I'm tentatively calling it RMXP+. It is my aim to include features such as:

  • Caterpillar actors controllable with event commands which can be returned to the 'train' with the pathfinding script

  • My Perishable Items script

  • A charset animation system, for when facing a certain direction just isn't enough

  • A friendship/loyalty system

  • An event management system which incorporates the Advanced Pathfinding + carrots script and a multi-map management script to allow events to move between maps in a town based on a 'daily schedule'

  • An improved menu/GUI system

  • More terrain tags

  • A message system (I'm unsure whether ccoas UMS can be used for this or whether it's a no-go)

  • A Quest Log, probably based off of game_guys but with features requested on that thread

  • 'The' Achievements script

  • A Bestiary, possibly incorporated into a Codex type system detailing items/history/important characters.

  • An options menu

Of course I know the difficulty of promising a pack like this. It's not a small project and no doubt it won't be a smooth ride, so I was hoping for some feedback before I begin proper (at time of writing I'm partway through the caterpillar enhancement, utilising the modified pathfinding script).

So let me know what you think and based off of your feedback I'll decide whether or not to pursue this (some might say) impossible dream.

Toodle pip!
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