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Started by Cassius, June 29, 2008, 09:49:42 am

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Read my paragraph below.



Okay, so I was playing Legend of Heroes I for PSP. I was thinkin, I could do most this stuff on RMXP ... cause they really screwed up on some of this.

I turn on RMXP and begin to make a new game, fueled with dozens of new ideas. Then I realised my flaw:
I didn't have good enough tilesets for this.

Yah see, in order to make things seem more natural and realistic, Legend of Heroes has many graphics for just one object, besides just writing.

I started to think ... it wouldn't be that hard to just edit some normal tilesets on RMXP ...

I edit a graphic on the tileset. I keep the old one and add mine to the tileset, too.
Theres a wall with a bunch of blue bricks.
So there will be parts where its all blue, but every once in awhile there'll be an off-coloured brick, or a missing brick.

This will make it feel less like just a (classic RPG with added full colour)

What do you guys think? I haven't seen any tilesets like this, I think, minus lighting. And anyone is free to take my idea  :D
Vote in poll =)

P.S they also have texture, expecially the ground. RMXP standard graphics don't. Think I could be able to do this, or is the resolution too small?


It's true that RMXP's RTP tileset are not the best, but that's not a real issue. You can easily use real graphic tilesets if you can set them up right, it's up to the maker of the game. Anyway, there's an scripted alternative that can be of help. It's called Mode 7, here's the topic link:
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