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Started by Blizzard, April 22, 2012, 04:06:28 am

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My friend replied about the tablet.

He says that he's quite satisfied with his Genius one. Still, he'd recommend Wacom.
This is the tablet he bought:
In the same line, he can recommend a smaller version since apparently it's better if the tablet is a bit smaller.
The number of levels of sensitivity and DPI are the most important and most useful parameters that you should look out for when buying a tablet.

That's it. Long story short: Genius' are good, but apparently Wacom's are even better. If I remember right, Wacom's are also more expensive. But if money is not an issue, you should go with Wacom.
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don't purchase a Bamboo if your intent is for painting high quality character work. i purchased a Bamboo tablet some time back with the very same intent of coloring in my drawings, but due to exactly what Blizz just mentioned about the DPI; the results tended to be quite grainy and didn't smooth over well. i recommend that you look into an intuous tablet if you're serious about getting a Wacom and a good one.


Which bamboo did you have? Mine never went grainy.. pictures always turned out rather smooth.


when i purchased my wacom bamboo, there was only one kind...



Lol, well i was not impressed by the one i had. matter of opinion i suppose.


Holy shit! That's expensive! :>.<:
I will never have that kind of money to buy a high quality tablet :(

But when i do get the money 'someday', i will think about what you said, Blizz.
As i am a person that like improving myself it would be best to buy a high quality one right away as i will need to get a new now as soon as i realize that the one i have won't do anymore.

Thanks for the info :)

This is mine.
I got it for $85 a loooong time ago.
I've never had any problems with it, except that I want a bigger one now :P
(And maybe the pen is starting to die, but that's only after like... 6 years or something)

Oh, and nothing is actually visible on the drawing area - on amazon, those are printouts that are put behind the plastic cover.


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Yeah, that one looks really small.
I'll go for one of the expensive big ones, once i have da monehhhh! :3



I got a Wacom Bamboo about a month ago for 10 euros. I couldnt let it lay. I love the tablet, I have no idea why people are so negative about it? It is great to begin with! BTW: Small is good! the big ones really are annoying to use for beginners. If I were you, I'd start with a wacom bamboo or anything like that, start cheap and if you like the feel of tablets, go bigger.


Wacom tablets are just overpriced. Beginner artist with tight budget should consider genius tablets. For more serious graphic, Intuos are the best though expensive. For those who want drawing on-the-screen, forget Cintiq, buy YIYNOVA brand tablets. I bought Yiynova 10HD at $400 and SATISFIED with the result. It has higher specification than the $1000 Wacom Cintiq 12. Higher color and resolution. But has useless shortcut key and yiynova use glass protector which means it has more pen distance with the drawing pad (higher parallax).
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