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Started by Spoofus, April 22, 2012, 09:28:17 pm

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okay I am sure some of you have read this topic:http://forum.chaos-project.com/index.php/topic,11704.msg164878.html#new

I have been thinking of doing this,but I am not completely dead set on this just yet.Since this will be the first time I do anything like this.

I have been talking to a few certain people on this and one of them suggested a scripter would be helpful,So I figured I would ask if a scripter would like to help,if so I may just actually do it. have the theme and story essentially planned out(and a certain someone knows about it know as well).

all the scripter would essentially have to do is help with small scripts as far as I know of at this moment.
but I am fairly certain that the scripts wouldn't be nothing crazy like on the scale of Blizz-Abs or anything like that.
if the team ends up being full by the ones originally interested in the competition*you all know who you are* we would still need script help I would assume.(maybe)
if this would be the case I would be willing to go as far as to share some of my winnings If the project places high enough for prizes with the scripter that helps but couldn't "officially" be on the competition team, that would only be fair I think.(will update this competition team gets full before a reply is made)

the engine we would be working with would be RMVXace (and it is easy to acquire by a certain topic here)

CP was the first place I figured I would ask about this since,I love you all....no seriously this place has some of the most talented scripters in the RM community.
We still got till May 1st so I hope some one would be willing to help out  :^_^':

also if this is in the wrong spot by all means move it,this section seemed to be the right place to put this.

My Blog site I am working on: http://spoofus.weebly.com/