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Started by Andreavnn, April 24, 2012, 08:22:28 pm

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April 24, 2012, 08:22:28 pm Last Edit: April 26, 2012, 05:23:08 pm by Andreavnn
I am looking for someone to help me utilize ATES and BABS to have night and day enemies. I am "wanting" enemies that are present during the night and different ones present during the day. When day becomes night or night becomes day the current enemies would "fade" and the new ones would appear in their place. Hopefully both enemies would "spawn" on the map at the same point. Day enemies would be ID1-8 and night enemies ID8-16, everything else ID17+

This what Blizz told me, I hope if helps anyone who is will to help me with this.
Quote from: Blizzard on April 24, 2012, 02:36:51 pm
For example, if you want enemies to fall asleep and wake up, you should probably use a common event that inflicts a special "sleep" on all enemies that have certain IDs (i.e. an array of IDs of enemies that sleep during the night) during day and night, depending on the switches. Blizz-ABS has all necessary script calls for you, but it would be good if you asked somebody to put those script calls together as it gets a bit complicated if you want something like this. It's not too difficult, it only requires some careful eventing and obviously the script calls to put a certain set of enemies to sleep or wake them up.
For other enemies, you can just make them vanish. e.g. if you have some ghosts, you can simply put a night switch on them and they will literally disappear during the day. It all depends on how you want things to work.

Any help is greatly appreciated. :)


Sorry if i'm completely wrong, but It's worth a shot.

Why don't you create an even on the maps that you want the enemies on. Make is a parallel process, and make a conditional branch that checks if it is night. If it is night then flip a switch called "night enemies" and make that you check the -handle if condtion not met (or whatever)- box, and under where it says else if, turn off the night switch and turn on the "day enemies"

Now on your enemy page create the 2 pages with the night and the day enemies. On the day enemy page, require the day switch, and on the night enemy require the night switch.

That should make it so if it is day, it will show day enemies, and if it is night it will show night enemies.


This is what I came up with so far, not much and I've tested it yet. Don't think it is correct anyways. Needs a bit of work still, but I need to get the special commands from BABS.

Event of Map
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Common Event
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State "Sleep" I named them Night and Day. Night being a state where day monsters are asleep and day being a state where night monsters are asleep.
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Your complicating things.

In the Ates script there's 2 switches default 51 and 52 that should turn automatically on alone when it's night or day.

Make an event with your monster and have the day switch ticked (It's at the top left) then make a new page with the night switch ticked.

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I see, but how would it change the ID of the monster if the event is named for ID 1, how would it know at night to change to ID 2

*EDIT* Got it to work, thanks. Just need to figure out how to make the monsters fade before re-spawning. :)