Steam Train Locomotive (Updated + rail tiles!)

Started by littletomdj, May 01, 2012, 12:14:17 am

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May 01, 2012, 12:14:17 am Last Edit: May 02, 2012, 08:18:52 am by littletomdj
This is my VERY FIRST UPLOAD! Ta Daaa!! I figured I'd make it something special!  :)

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As suggested I've edited the smoke tiles, so they're lovely & blurred into the background (no more rough edges. I've tweaked the edges round the train too.

Here are the basic rail tiles. (I 'might' make some corners at some point)
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This took 3 days work & a final slug that's ended at 6:00 a.m.
In my eagerness to get it uploaded I skipped the final tweaks.  :facepalm:

This is to say thanks to ShadowPierce, Calintz & Mark Hest in particular. They've really helped me out & deserve something in return.

This 'character' fits perfectly on to a 32x32 grid (obviously) & is 'really' designed for use with "Inquisitor's" tilesets (but that's not essential at all).
The bottom is cut off some of the frames so you can put it in a station, with a lip... If that makes sense?

I'm sure people will find this useful.
Let me know if you use it because it makes me feel warm & fuzzy inside.

Oh... But most of all, tell me what ya think!?

...That's me done for now, I think.
- Little Tom


May 01, 2012, 01:27:03 am #1 Last Edit: May 01, 2012, 01:28:14 am by Calintz
not too shabby! could use those touch ups, but definitely a unique piece. it is very original and pretty well organized for your first upload. i don't know that it will blend seamlessly with the standard RTP, but i bet it looks good in-game nonetheless. i'm giving you +1 because i'm sure you spent plenty of time generating this, and i feel it's worth it! great job!

i would take a closer look at the rainbow affect around the pipes and the grey wrapping your smoke. other than that, the aliasing probably won't pose much of a problem.

p.s. unfortunately, i no longer run RMXP on my CPU so i can't get a better look, but great job!


an excellent piece of work LEVEL UP,

if you want to expand on it I would you should expanding it into three separate sprites. on for the engine which you animate the wheels turning iand have the care go in all 4 directions, one for the passenger car (same thing as the engine) and one fore the smoke animates in all 4 directions.
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*Takes a moment of silence*

*Stares blankly into the screen at the picture*

*Smiles Uncontrollably*

I Like Trains.

But really, these are really awesome! This kind of spriting is a bit unique compared to the original spriting and i can see why it takes such a long time to make these.
I'm going to give you a Level++ as well. Hang in there, bro :)


Yep yep yep. The edges round the smoke were what I was referring to when I was talking about when I said "it looks a bit glitchy".
They're totally invisible against a real RMXP level background (I'm gonna fix 'em anyway).
It'll look fine against RMVX graphics & Inquisitor's set (I'm using a combination of both). I hate the RMXP tiles they smell bad & hurt children. Deep colours & high contrast for the win!  :haha:

I don't think I'm gonna mod the pipes,  but I think the front light could do with a tweak.
I'm not sure what you mean by aliasing?

p.s. I really wanted to show off that summon you helped me out with, but my motion capture software slowed everything down & it wasn't worthy of an upload. In game it looks sick though; Big evil giant wakes up, rips a boulder out of the ground and hurls it at your enemies = (satisfaction!).

Next up will probably be the "Inquisitor" Gallion. It's already done, but it's not user friendly at all.

Thanks for the feed back & constructive criticisms. I value those more than anything!  


For Ryex...  :haha:


I made lipped stations just for the point that I couldn't be bothered to make the wheels on the train go round and round. hehee.

Great minds think ... I wouldn't know?
But, you're right in my oppinion!

Everything you said was spot on & I may well work on those ideas, I've got a whole game to deal with though.
For now I'm content with a moving train.  :)