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Started by Seltzer Cole, May 28, 2012, 12:34:13 am

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Seltzer Cole

May 28, 2012, 12:34:13 am Last Edit: May 28, 2012, 01:07:22 am by Seltzer Cole
First off, I think this belongs in this forum since this is only a discussion.

Secondly, I have been addicted to eventing an ABS ever since I found so many crappy scripts on it. I did extensive searching for the perfect script and most of them are either to complicated, lack my specifications, or require a lot of editing or changing things. I know there are simple ones out there, but I said screw it and became obsessed with eventing one.

I am making this topic because I am curious if anybody has ever 'evented' an abs. I have become so addicted actually that I have decided to use absolutely NO scripts for my game. I will list everything that I have done so far in my common events without using any sort of script. I will keep the names of everything the same way that I have it listed in my common events.

~ Main Character's Attack (Self explanatory)
~ Hp Meter (Main Chars hp/health meter, also governs game overs)
~ Sound Effect Volume (For enemies/main character/also governs enemy attacks)
~ Character Distance Attack (Bow and arrows/long range weapons)
~ Menu (Displays the menu/items)
~ Menu Call Database (Gives commands to the menu)
~ Enemy Pursuit (Allows enemies to stop chasing when you get a certain distance away)
~ Day/Night Cycle (Self explanatory)
~ Playlist (Lets you play your playlist of midi songs)
~ Walkman (Keeps track of midi's and lets you organize a playlist)
~ Save (Self explanatory)

The enemies in my game are set to auto chase when you get within a certain distance. Once they engage (multiple enemies can engage you or swarm you) they will begin attacking once they get on any surrounding square of the main character (as of right now). You attack as normal (I will be adding a fury meter and a special attack instead of magic in my game) and your attacks run separate of the enemies which allows me to give your weapons and even every enemy in the games attacks, a separate delay. Enemy HP runs off a variable and whichever enemy your attacking simply gives you its variable so the game knows which enemy your are putting damage towards. You may think it is a lot of variables but it isn't, only 30 variables will be used and shared between about 2,500 (estimation) enemies in my game. Since there will never be more than 30 enemies on one screen (for parallel process/lag reasons). Distance weapons use your x/y and the enemies x/y to allow for distance attacks. Throwing in animations brings it to life as you will see arrows flying across the screen. All weapons in my game use the standard system of "The better the sword the more dmg it does" thing, but I have added in certain swords that do more damage towards certain species of enemy.

But yeah, this is pretty much what I have so far. I would love to hear feedback or what others have created with events. If you have used scripts than spare me the details. I have much much more detail of everything and I would love to upload some sort of short video on my battle system so that everybody will see that it is possible to event a fully working, bugless, ABS through only events. This topic is mainly about discussing eventing ABS but if you wish to speak of other things you have evented without a script, than please do so. Just make sure it is something elaborate, I don't care about eventing a store or farm system or some other easy task. If it is something funny or worth talking about then mention it. I am a nice guy by the way.

P.S. I made a 'hookshot' event system based off The Legend of Zelda and it is incredibly hilarious to see if you haven't done it yourself. If anyone needs help eventing anything or creating icons, let me know.

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