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Once there was a mystical land called Gabba Snee. It generally followed the laws of physics. It had fairly similar species as our own world. It was also kind of confusing.

Long ago, all civilized life on Gabba Snee was nothing but a few primitive tribes in a swampland called Eldaugh. These tribes lived with a deep connection to the jungles, ultimately developing mysterious crystals that allowed them to forge bonds with certain animals and even control them for brief periods of time. All these crystals got their energy from one central crystal, a crystal which the people revered with a fanatical devotion. The people lived in great harmony with each other and with the landscape that surrounded them.
However over time, the people became more and more dependant on the creatures they could control. Soon cities began to arise that were completely fuelled by the beasts the people had enslaved with the crystals. One fateful day, the leader of one such city decided to try and use the central, most powerful crystal to gain even more energy for his city. It's understood that assuming he could use it like any other crystal was his grave mistake.
Somehow, from his misuse of the crystal, a great evil was formed before the entire city. The entire swampland at stake, the people of the city sacrificed themselves to quell the evil's hunger and send it back to the plane from which it had so suddenly appeared from.

What happened to the crystal after that isn't exactly agreed upon. Some say it was buried under the swampland by the survivors of the city. Others say it still rests where it once was, sitting on a podium overtop the city. One guy says it turned into a goat, but nobody really listens to him.

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The game is about a man named Mr. Bunny who through some freak accident has blue hair and two rabbit ears. Driven by his short temper and desire for vengeance, he and his friends chase after a mystical jewel called the Exarch's Diamond. They're not the only ones, however, and it becomes a wild goose chase as the diamond finds its way into the hands of some of the most wicked villains in Gabba Snee.

But the game doesn't start there. It starts with Mr. Mystery, a crime lord who operates in the city of Oldtassen. His second in command is a mischevious manager known only by the name Red Head. Together, they own a gang only referred to as "the company." They sell drugs, kill enemy gang members, and do other heinous things. They operate out of a nefarious refuge called Smokey's Bar and Grill. Even the burgers there tasted villainous.
A few days ago, a strange robed man attempted to assassinate Mr. Mystery. Vengeful as he was, Mr. Mystery sent many of his red headed grunts after the man to have him captured. Mr. Mystery could not afford to be killed, especially since he and Red Head were negotiating a deal with another dealer, a deal that involved the most addictive drug in Gabba Snee: pickles.
However the man was not an easy capture, and as Mr. Mystery will soon find out, bringing his would-be assassin back to his base may have initiated the second greatest adventure Gabba Snee will ever see.

An adventure that seems to have less to do with drugs than it does bunnies. Strange crystals, pigs, wind elementals, derranged octopus things, gun fights, rivalries, sewers, robots, firey boiler monsters and bunnies.

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Mr. Mystery
Hometown: Oldtassen
Personality: Angry and vengeful, Mr. Mystery is known for shouting incoherently and his short temper. He does have soft spots though and isn't beyond reason, however he can be tough to reach due to his hot-headedness.
Description: The leader of a gang known as "the company." While relatively talented with a gun, he can make use of almost any weapon that doesn't require too much manual dexterity. He has a shady past in that not even his fellow gang members know too much about his family.
Prophecy: An bitter personality is nothing that a few rabbits and a vat of chemicals can't fix.

Red Head
Hometown: Oldtassen
Personality: Red Head is best seen as being quite immature but also very clever and contriving. He'll present brilliant schemes to gain power and then flaunt them in front of others like a three-year old.
Description: Mr. Mystery's second in command at "the company." His relationship with Mr. Mystery is tense to say the least, as often Red Head's immaturity gets in the way of Mr. Mystery's angriness. Apparently Red Head has tried to gain complete control over "the company" in the past.
Prophecy: He may try to take over "the company" again.

Hometown: Varies
Personality: Varies from grunt to grunt, however most seem to be fairly ditzy while hard working.
Description: These footmen make up the bulk of Mr. Mystery's gang. They are hard working in most scenarios and will do whatever their leader tells them, however sometimes they take things too literally.
Prophecy: They may look similar to each other now, but just wait.

The Hooded Moustachio
Hometown: ???
Personality: While in most cases he is mysterious and shady, in cases where you actually talk to him he will be pompous and arrogant. He takes his work as an assassin fairly seriously.
Description: He tried to assassinate Mr. Mystery a little while ago, however was captured. He holds a "League of Blood" insignia which reads "The lives of a few for the lives of many. Live in blood!"
Prophecy: Even good guys can be bad sometimes.

Hometown: Eastford
Personality: She's a young and friendly girl who tends to stick her nose in other people's business.
Description: Luanna spends her days studying in the library thanks to her uptight sister. It's not unusual for her curiosity to get the better of herself, and she'll often strike up conversations with random people who enter the library.
Prophecy: Trauma at a young age can cause severe personality changes.

Shadowy Thing
Hometown: Swamplands of Eldaugh
Personality: Very intelligent and fairly civil in his actions. He prefers peace, but will remain fiercely loyal to a "master" of his choosing.
Description: A shadowy amphibious monster who causes some problems for the titular character. He's relatively agile and jumps around the swampland in a cloak, doing bidding for a monstrous overlord.
Prophecy: Who does he serve, and how loyal is he?

Hometown: Eastford
Personality: An awkward scientist with an eccentric streak.
Description: Eccentric but genius, Hopter is an inventor who lives on an island off the coast of Eastford. His inventions have caused problems in the past, but he mostly keeps to himself, only coming to the mainland for the occasional bar visit.
Prophecy: If he were to lose his inhibitions he would be quite crazy.

Mysterious Ghost
Hometown: ???
Personality: A bit strange
Description: A mysterious ghost who keeps appearing and giving suspiciously helpful advice.
Prophecy: ???

Playable Characters
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The Guardian of Winds
A man saved some bunnies, who happened to be from a hill blessed by the winds. For this point on, the wind always seemed to blow in his favour.

The Sage of the Earth
A mysterious cloaked figure from a murky swamp who possesses a strange connection with the earth from years of study. Yet he finds himself enslaved by a monster.

The Flame Caller
Kidnapped from her home, she was experimented on until she accidently tapped into the fire realm. Get her angry, and she may just burst into flames.

The Almighty Deity of the Great Sea
A god who takes the form of a great bear. However, something weird happened, he turned into a weird thing, and now, he likes to disco.

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A story that almost makes sense!

  • Nice locales

  • Quirky but emotionally driven

  • Deep and optional lore

A battle system that may require your brain!

  • Threat based combat

  • Interesting boss strategies

  • Unusual allies

Characters that will make you want to retire early!

  • Simple and colourful

  • Properly motivated

  • Funny

Two hours of playable game play!

  • Two full dungeons

  • Tons of in-between stuff

  • Much more to come

Fun mini-games!

  • Escape from the River Monster

  • Shoots Some Birds or Something

  • Wagon Race

You are not prepared....

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Just follow this link here: http://www.sendspace.com/file/elmgxp


This game is really awesome!

As you can probably guess from our signatures, King_Ooga_TonTon and I do know each other IRL, but seriously, this game is great. You should play it.