Futuristic Animated Screens & Electronic Objects & doors(udated 9/7/12)

Started by littletomdj, June 19, 2012, 11:31:29 am

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Hello there,

I thought I'd drop in and share some stuff I conjured up in the lab today.
Futuristic stuff is always tricky to find & I reckon this might just be useful to those with a modern vibe to their game... So, without further ado, allow me to present these little mods for animated scenery.

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Sliding Doors - New Addition!
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I didn't make the original tiles... I'm not sure if they original came from Enterbrain (VX) or some uber-talented spriter. I just dug them up off the net. It's not difficult to find the complete sets with a little Googling though!

The Tileset I've provided is just the bits relevant to these characters (really cut down).
So have a dig online for the full set!
I should say though, that I've repositioned and modded some of the tiles, so this tileset is worth downloading if you want to use the characters.

Oh & those wierd metalic things on the 3rd character set are helmets attached to the electric chair device thing (it all makes sense if you look at the Tileset).

I'll be testing them all out today, so I'll mod anything that looks glitchy.

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