what's a good Multi-display program

Started by Memor-X, October 03, 2012, 06:38:35 pm

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last week i found out C.C had a HDMI port in the back next to where i connect the monitor to, a bit of fiddling and i got my computer to display on my TV which makes things x50 easier for my anime cause Kara no Kyoukai is only subbed and in an .mkv format which codecs i can convert for the PS3, anyway, i also tested and found out Shikkoku no Sharnoth ~What a Beautiful Tomorrow~ looks bloody more beautiful on my big screen TV in HDMI, the problem is that it plays on the desktop screen so for my to play it on the TV i have to set the desktop to my TV which is annoying cause i have my back to the TV when i'm on the computer and i don't want to be pulling the HDMI Cable out all the time (C.C has shown she doesn't like that, she's resetted the Desktop Icon positions every time)

so anyway, i've been looking for software which i can get my games to play in fullscreen on my TV when it's not the desktop, my friend forgot the one he used to use but sent me this link about a similar one


i'm guessing the difference between the free and paid versions is a 30-trail limit, i rather not try and pirate the software so before i go to buy it is there any software like Ultramon which is better and possibly free, i will even look at one which a free and paid version only if the free version doesn't have a 30-day trial (in other words, it just has some features locked)