Displaying sprites over the hero's sprite

Started by earthnite, October 07, 2012, 03:28:29 pm

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So instead of making several different sprites to show the player holding something or having evil eyes and stuff like that, I want to just display a sprite over the player that adds in those details. How would you do this, and it should be able to work with multiple sprites on top of the hero. I'm using rpg maker xp.

Thanks in advance
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There are scripts out there that allow you to have more direct control over an events "Z-Index".  What you'd need to do is to increase the events Z-Index to be higher than that of the players sprite.  Or, depending on how you are doing it, you could also just set up the event to have "Always On Top" turned on.
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You could just do it by animation also, since I assume that you would only want it for a brief moment, and not to "walk around" with.