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Started by Zexion, October 17, 2012, 09:14:13 pm

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I was wondering if it was possible to have an event be a "catepillar" actor. Like it follows the main player everywhere, but instead of following directly behind like a freak, it follows you on the next tile.


im thinking it would be pretty easy using events and an event auto pathfinder like Forever Zer0's, you could use script conditions to achieve such, like this:

conditional branch: script: $game_map.events[EVENT_ID].x < $game_player.x #if events x is lower than players x
  conditional branch: $game_map.events[EVENT_ID].x != $game_player.x -2
    #use a script call to set the location to $game_player.x -2
  branch end
branch end

obviously the conditional branches will need expanding to account for all directions and some x values and - values will be required to be changed depending on the direction but im guessing your smart enough to deal with that :) you could use the move towards player command rather that using a path finding script but lets face it, the move towards player command is just stupid :P


If event caterpillars were that simple, people wouldn't need a script for it. Believe me I know, I've tried.
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i like the fact that the RMVXAce engine came with the caterpillar feature built in with a couple different features such as gathering the players on your hero or full disable/activation of the feature as a whole. it is integrated into the Event Systems UI for a great amount of control. very nice of EB to include this in one of their engines finally.


I havent had a chance to buy VXA yet.

Really?  I was totally unaware that they put in a Caterpillar system into it! 

As far as eventing a Caterpillar, probably possible and over my head.  Hell, even the one I rewrote, someone way smarter than me wrote the code base that I used, but does use Events as the Cat Actors.  Blizz's Tons of Addons has a Caterpillar system, and there are a few more for older RM products which might be convertable...

In this case, scripts are your best solution I believe.
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The reason I ask is because I don't want it to be the standard follow the leader type, more like the examples I posted on your thread a while back. But only up to 3 in the party not the crazy ones. If i knew anything about how it works, I'd mess with it, but I can't :(