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[XP] Blink Low Stat Numbers - Menu System Addon
« on: November 24, 2012, 05:02:08 AM »
Blink Low Stat Numbers
Authors: Heretic
Version: 1.0
Type: Menu System Addon
Key Term: Custom Menu System


This script will cause Low HP and SP Status Numbers to "Blink" to let the Player know more effectively than the standard Yellow color.


  • Low Stat Numbers will Blink in every screen that displays Numeric Stats
  • This script should be compatible with most custom Menu Systems


No Screenshots


No Demo

In order to test this script, just drop your Actor's HP or SP to less than 1/4th.


Place this script BELOW Custom Menu Systems.  It can go above everything else.
(click to show/hide)


Instructions in Script.


This script should be highly compatible with other Menu Systems.

Instructions are contained on how to get it to work 100% with most Custom Menu Systems.

Author's Notes

This is as much of a Scripting Tool as it is a Plug and Play script because of its flexibility.

The only issues that you'll probably ever encounter are Screens that show an Actor's Stats that do not Blink.  Thus, your Actor's Stats may be displayed in either Red or White and just stay that way.  Because this problem is expected, this script was specifically written to allow you to get your Menu System to get the Blinking effect working without any major modifications to your Menu System.

If you have need of getting this Script to have the desired Blinking effect in with your Menu System, please start a new thread in the Script Support section on Chaos Project.
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