(RMVXA) That guys again!!!

Started by BanisherOfEden, March 16, 2013, 06:50:59 am

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Oh no its dat gui agin! run awai!!!

Well, hello there guys. How are you all doing?

I (as I think you know) have been learning a bit about scripting, and thought I would take a crack at making a step counter for the menu and... well it went pretty well. There were a few times that it pissed me off a little, but I got it to work (other then some weird little bugs >_>).

It working.: ShowHide

It kinda working...: ShowHide
It only seems to do this at 1 and 2 steps, but any more and it works fine. IDK my bff jill.

So I'm posting to brag about my below entry level script? No, because none of you care about my crap script.

I'm posting here, hoping that somebody could tell me what's the next "rung" in this ladder. What type of script should I take a crack at next? Teeth sinking and all that, eh.
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I think you should take a crack at moving the windows around, and then making a whole menu system, and theeeenn a whole menu system, using custom graphics not windowskins. That's basically what i did lol


It kinda seems to me that you also set the alignment of "Steps" to 0, 1 or 2 which would align it to the left, center and right respectively.
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I accidentally made the X placement of the text dependent on the width of the number of steps.
I fixed it.
Max characters: 2000; characters remaining: 1952


btw, where the hell is "IDK my bff jill" from? I know that line from somewhere because I used to say it to my friends lol.