Assign icons to a relative path in windows or locking devices to drive letters

Started by Memor-X, May 28, 2013, 07:01:36 pm

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i've been looking into this for a while with no luck, how my setup works for projects and archived folders is that i have an icon which i identify the folder with, for instance, for my projects i have the icon i'm going to use in the .exe as the folder icon, for games i normally either use the same icon used in the shortcut (like with Skyrim or Fallout) or i use another icon that relates to the game (With the Galaxy Angel Games, Galaxy Angel has Milfie, Moonlit Lovers has Forte and Eternal Lovers have Vanilla even though the .exe for all 3 games use Milfie), other folders like my music, programs or icons folders i just find a icon i'll remember (Music = Dr Wiel, Programs = Emerald WEAPON, Icons = D (from Vampire Hunter D))

the problem is that even if the icon is located on the same device as the folder, if the device's drive letter changes all the icons are unassigned and only reappear when i go into drive manager and change the drive letter

i'm looking for 2 solutions,

1. having a folder use a relative path to assign the icons ie.

Nexis Core Project = Nexis Core - Chain of Shaodws.ico (folder Path = X:/RPG Maker XP/Projects/Nexis Core - Chain of Shadows
Project Folder in RPG Maker XP = ../Icons/Megaman/Battle Guardian/Zero Chronicles/Iris - Dark Elf Form.ico (folder Path = X:/RPG Maker XP/Projects)
Eien no Aselia = ../../../Icons/Eien no Aselia/Kaori.ico (folder Path = X:/Games/Visual Novels/Eternity Sword/Eien no Aselia)

this way, should the drive letter change the icons can still be found, at least it should, from my understanding the icons are appearing on different drive letters cause they are hardcoded to that drive letters (ie. F:/Icons rather than ./Icons)

2. lock a drive to a drive letter, that way i don't have to worry about the icons being unassigned, windows loves to do it randomly, i have 2 portable hardrives but because of the space on my powerboard i can only have 1 plugged up at a time, one is supposed to remain on E: while the other F: however on occasion when i plug the one that should be on F: in it gets pushed back down to E: even though F: is free to be used (i have 3 CD Drives, 1 physical and 2 virtual, the 2 virtual are set as P: (Power ISO) and T: (Deamon Tools) and they remain there due to the settings of the programs), if i go with this solution i would like the harddive to have that same drive letter on other machines so when i plug a memory stick which is set to K: on C.C (Windows 7 PC) when i plug that same memory stick into Aura (Windows XP Laptop) it should still be K:

so can anyone help me out here?


If I'm not wrong, the setup for icons for folders is located in the hidden file desktop.ini that is put into the folder. Turn on hidden files and hidden system files (press Alt, then select Tools->Folder options and select the tab View) and the file should become visible. Try editing it and see how it works out.
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