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Started by PortableItPLZ, October 17, 2013, 09:22:57 am

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That not one single person has managed to make Minecraft fully PORTABLE. Now, what I mean by this is not that the program runs from the flash drive itself... but that EVERYTHING runs from the flash drive.

Look, I know that all the information goes to the %appdata% folder; but also remember this, some of us play Minecraft at a library or on a friend's computer (that has parental blocks) and we can simply access %appdata% nor use batch folders.

So, I have a challenge or well... "request" for any of you.

Make Minecraft COMPLETELY portable... and not completely as it java as well, but make it so everything is ran and saved onto the flash drive. That way even someone like me can play it... cause all the computers I can access have the %appdata% folder blocked or have some kind of parental block of some sort to ruin the "continuation" of previous gameplay.

So yeah, try and take Minecraft-SP/MinecraftSP, MineShafter, or any other ALTERNATIVE Minecraft program (since I can't pay for the real deal) and make it portable to the point I can access the ".minecraft" folder from my flash drive and not from the "C" drive.
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It's against the rules to ask for pirated/cracked software here. But if you do some simple google searches, you can find what you need. And I'll say this, it has been done for both a cracked and real version of Minecraft. For example, this wiki should help you setup everything. I don't see any reason for it not to work in your situation.