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Ok so you know how many old PC games came with the game CD and the warranty papers etc... BUT also included a manual that not only
tells the story (they make the manual look like it's part of the lore WHILE keeping useful info in it) but is actually needed to proceed in-game?
well I tried to replicate this with my (hopefully) incoming RPGXP project and started writing a "handbook" about the game's job description

quite long so I'll just place it under a spoiler
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Welcome new recruit, if you are reading this you have been selected as one of the few who now serve under the
flag of the Dimensional Soldiers a.k.a [D-Soldiers] for short. It is only natural that you ask yourself many questions of
who we are, what our goals are, where we operate and to what extent do we get to manage, this brief yet solid
handbook should provide you with at least the structured idea of our organization.

Chapter 1: Who ARE the D-Soldiers?

The Dimensional Soldiers are a group of people consisting of scientists, librarians, tacticians, engineers and overall
trained members who with the help of specialized equipment are capable of crossing the very fabric of space and time
in an albeit erratic yet overall safe form, to explore the unknown while keeping accurate records and logs of experiences
in order to build the most accurate free encyclopedia of every conceivable being, item, location, dimension, event, etc...
seen so far. the D-Soldiers themselves have 2 individual yet symbiotic goals, the first one is to properly gather credible
samples of places visited for analysis and if accepted, insertion into the encyclopedia, the second one is to preservate
the biosphere of such sample's origins by most if not all means necessary in order to keep such entries on the encyclopedia
valid and up to date.

A D-Soldier as an individual is a combat/survival trained scientist/engineer hardened and prepared both phisically and mentally
to go about the many dimensions of the assigned galaxy, as of today the Milky Way Galaxy has yet to be on it's majority
researched (currently at 64% researched) and due to it's harsh alternate realities and environments each D-Soldier is
personally trained to undertake these missions, the D-Soldier millitia as a golden rule NEVER wage a war, as the primary
directive states research is the objective of the mass, therefore each Soldier's training consists basically of survival skills,
self-defense and most importantly the techniques of proper research under harm's way.

The D-Soldiers themselves are split in 3 forces, The Base Millitia, The containment R&D team, and the R-Series "elite" Soldiers.
each role represents a major part for the D-Soldiers operation's success and therefore work in unison in order to achieve
100% verified research.

THE BASE MILLITIA: The D-Soldier's numbers and force, the based millitia rarely leaves it's home planet and dimension in order
to mantain a secured base, and provides both structure and integrity to nearby operations, in the event that the D-HQ lies under
attack it is the job of the Base Millitia D-Soldiers to fend off the attack,

THE CONTAINMENT RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT TEAM: A unit mostly compromised of advanced scientists, phycisists, engineers
and support soldiers who take any materials brough by the R-Series in order to begin research, unlike the Base Millitia,
the C,R&D team is split in 2 units, one that stays in the D-HQ for core research and development for base improvement and encyclopedia
enhancement, while the secondary unit is stationed in secured planets or alternate dimensions nearby in order to gather samples
and bring support when needed to the R-Series D-Soldiers.

THE R-SERIES "ELITE" D-SOLDIERS: Unlike the other 2 the R-SERIES unit is a specially trained unit consisting of few individuals
chosen for dimensional travel, they serve as the scouts to the unknown and it is their both their jobs to gather samples while
attempting to preserve the planet or dimension they visit, they spend most of their time away from home in their search for
acceptable samples in order to build the encyclopedia and therefore receive the support of the C.R&D team whenever possible,
R-SERIES are the core of the operations and it is imperative for them to take the approach that yields the most samples possible
the unit itself is trained in special simulations to properly learn how to react to the many possible outcomes when traveling across
time and space, the R-SERIES D-SOLDIERS are split into individual soldiers when traveling to maximize sample gathering, each
R-SERIES D-Soldier is given a partner from the secondary branch of the C.R&D team to serve as mission control and field support if necessary,

CHAPTER 2: The situation and also where YOU come in.

When clearing the class 1 evaluations given to all candidates for D-Soldiers, a handbook is given to each and every individual along with the appropriate uniform and directives explained, this specific handbook is given to all the candidates that reached promising levels on their first year of training thus earning the right to become [R-SERIES "ELITE" D-SOLDIERS]

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS, the R-Series D-Soldiers is the highest possible unit to be achieved on the inicialization test, but are STILL not ready for the real deal... yet.
this handbook will specify functions, prime directives and give you an overall briefing of what your unit is expected to perform.

Your next year as a D-Soldier Trainee will net you the proper physical and mental training required to follow your prime directive
successfully, once properly geared you will be assigned a selected planet in a selected alternate reality and be warped to it's surface
for research, you are to follow and complete the tasks at hand, (some events and situations will be discussed in major detail on chapters further ahead):

1.- Scan biosphere conditions: first and foremost you are to activate your suit-integrated biosphere scanner to detect climate,
                                          weather, radiation and life conditions on the planet, as you travel through time and space you will
                                          encounter both planets that support life and are devoid of all life as well, it is foolhardy to remove
                                          one's safety helmet before properly determining if such area can indeed sustain human life, on the
                                          event of scan to successfully verify life is indeed sustained, ONLY the helmet can be removed.
                                          it is imperative for D-Soldiers to keep their armor and gear at hand.

2.- Scan for any existing P-HQ's:  When a D-soldier arrives on a planet and has safely determined the biosphere conditions of the
                                            planet, their next move is to begin a scan to check if there are any existing portable headquarters
                                            (P-HQ's) already on that area, since the method of travel is not 100% accurate, you might end up
                                            in an area previously visited by another R-SERIES D-SOLDIER, each condition has a different set of
                                           priorities to follow, if your scanner a) did not pick up any HQ signals, go to branch A, if b) did pick up
                                           a HQ signal, go to branch B of the directive.

3.- Secure a base location:   If you did not detect any HQ signals nearby, it is your task to find a secluded location out of sight and
                                        use it as grounds to plant and use your portable headquarters, the portable headquarters serve as a
                                        true haven and research center for the exploring D-Soldier, inside one can replenish supplies, get the
                                        proper medical treatment if needed and most importantly gather and study samples to send back to
                                        the D-HQ located at the home planet, it is important for the base to be in a secure and out of sight
                                        location as the gateway to the HQ is sensitive and might be damaged by external hazards or
                                        discovered by unwanted company, by rule of thumb the more a D-Soldier conceals his or her 
                                        operations the higher the rates of a    smooth success might be. Once the D-Soldier has replenished
                                        his/her supplies and needs proceed with step 4.
3.- Safely reach the P-HQ:                If a portable HQ was already planted, make sure to reach it FIRST AND FOREMOST, it is not
                                               recommended for a D-Soldier to fully interact with the world or dimension without first checking
                                               the condition of the P-HQ and balance counter located inside, should the D-Soldier reach the
                                               P-HQ and find it in terrible condition it is imperative to take time to fix it to the minimum needed
                                               to operate and move to the next step.

4.- Check the Balance Counter:  The base itself gradually over time automatically gathers some samples and sends them to the
                                            C.R&D team to investigate, however your task is not yet over Soldier! another crucial function of
                                            the HQ is the balance counter, the counter is used to measure the 2 opposing forces of the planet
                                            and keeps them in check at all times, when one opposing force is noticeabley stronger than it's
                                            counterpart, it is the URGENT job of a D-Soldier to bring it back to balance, the counter itself
                                            shows a display of 50/50 when stabilized, and 70+/30- or 30-/70+ when unstable, if the counter
                                            were to reach 100/0 or 0/100 a world-ending cataclysm will be sure to follow ending all life
                                            (including that of the D-Soldier's) on that dimension's vicinity, (we'll cover the balance counter
                                            in a more extensive section later on this handbook)

5.- Counter-OPS:             When a D-Soldier reaches the base and checks the counter, he/she will have to take action according to
                                     the counter's status, should the counter be on 50/50 or not show any distortion higher than that of 60.
                                     skip this section, if not listen carefully and follow the directive as close as possible.
                                     the counter ALWAYS consists of 2 opposing forces, sometimes forced or natural phenomenoms may alter
                                     the balance counter so it begins to tip in one side's favor, when the counter begins to tip in gradual
                                     increments it's a clear sign the world is impending cesation of existence, a trained D-Soldier should be
                                     able to prevent this by taking the OPPOSITE side of the balance, if the balance is tipped 84/16, the
                                     D-Soldier has to side with the remaining 16 on the counter, a D-Soldier must take actions that will
                                     affect the counter toward 50/50, any method is permitted as long as it does not lead to the destruction
                                     of the biosphere and can reach out towards the balance of 50/50, some times a D-Soldier must use the
                                     manipulation of society and sometimes make it an inside job, you are free to proceed as seen fit as long
                                     as the primary directive of reaching 50/50 is reached.

6.- Wrapping up:             When the balance counter lies at 50/50 or the nearest accepted target, a D-Solder must cease any
                                    interactions with the planet and quietly head back into the HQ, once inside you will need to activate the
                                    beacon located in the upper floor of the P-HQ and await extraction, make sure the P-HQ is fully
                                    operation and set to do automatic research and sample gathering before leaving,

During the following week you will be given part 2 of the handbook determining the mentality of a D-Soldier, what to do and
what NOT to do during your time on the planet, until then, feel free to browse the first part of the handbook as many times as needed
to properly learn the methods the R-SERIES employ during the real operations.

Eventually I'll add images (or maybe draw some myself) to bring out an old-school feel to it.... hope you liked it, next on my list....
the mental training XD
Personality Test results
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"Life is unfair, so make it unfair in your favor" -Sesilou


I like it. It has some grammar and spelling errors, but it is otherwise very good. Gives you that feel of reading a briefing from in the game, which I believe is the goal you're going for =)
Quote from: Subsonic_Noise on July 01, 2011, 02:42:19 amNext off, how to create a first person shooter using microsoft excel.

Quote from: Zeriab on September 09, 2011, 02:58:58 pm<Remember when computers had turbo buttons?


It looks great! I can't wait to see the other parts! Definitely a good way to help people get accustomed to the game in a way that is fun and actually part of the setting. :)


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Quote from: DigitalSoul on October 29, 2013, 10:21:55 pm
I like it. It has some grammar and spelling errors, but it is otherwise very good. Gives you that feel of reading a briefing from in the game, which I believe is the goal you're going for =)

hence the v1.2... yeah I really gotta fix those typos. once I complete the handbook I'll probably merge the top post to contain the other parts
and yes... there IS some truth to the handbook's warnings...

- if you unequip the helmet while the condition "supports life" is set to false, yields an instant KO.

- reaching 100/0 or the latter yields either the "Forced Rapture" game over or
   the "Abandon all Hope" game over, (either way is a gruesome way to go)

- Just because there is a base, doesn't make the place any safer, enemies might cut access to it.. or the place significantly changed
   during visits.

and yeah most if not all of these have already been integrated as gameplay (or at least plot) mechanics XD

Quote from: WhiteRose on October 29, 2013, 11:10:16 pm
It looks great! I can't wait to see the other parts! Definitely a good way to help people get accustomed to the game in a way that is fun and actually part of the setting. :)

wait till I explain what the counter actually represents, (you gotta think outside the box) smart players can also sequence break
and take the counter to 50/50 in one fell swoop.... but other actions you might deem insignificant might alter the counter later on.
(I still gotta sprite it though)


The D-Soldier's Handbook part 2:
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CHAPTER 3: The mental preparation of a D-Soldier regarding the Balance Counter.

Any good Soldier out there will agree that there is a significant difference in laying
out plans to set a portable base and actually succeeding in the task at hand,
other soldiers might notice that as the conditions worsen the greatest enemy at hand
is the willpower of one's mind to the task at hand,

however before entering the mental preparation itself we'll discuss the balance counter
in a more detailed fashion...

What IS the balance counter? And what does it represent?

before properly determining what the balance counter is and represents, let us take a
closer look at the "workspace" of an R-SERIES "ELITE" D-SOLDIER,

Upon arriving to a new dimension or planet a D-Soldier is tasked into building a base
first and foremost, aside from providing proper shelter and replenishment the base
can also analyze the biosphere's condition, a D-Soldier may notice that very little
dimensions or planets are void of life, and the vast majority is capable of sustaining
active sentient life forms as good if not better than mankind.

If there is a sentient race, that has been properly developed 8 out of 10 times such
civilization has the notion of "good and evil" (if not those, similar notions might
apply here.) for you see "good AND evil" are indeed a set of paired opposing forces
encounter in most if not all dimensions, each of them relies on the other to exist
although fiercely repelling themselves it is to be said "good cannot exist without
evil and vice versa"

When a D-Soldier places a portable base on a well-concealed area successfully, one of
the base's primary functions is to analyze and generate a "balance counter" based on
good and evil's influence over the vast majority of the dimension's population,
as events and phenomenoms occur the counter may shift towards either good or evil
it is in the best interest of a D-Soldier to keep it as close to 50/50 as possible,

The balance counter should like this on one's interface at the base:

┌───────────────────────────── BALANCE COUNTER ─────────────────────────┐
│ GOOD 50% ░░░░░░░░░░▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓   CONDITION:  ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░░░░░░░░ EVIL 50%  │
└────────────────────────────┐   [APROPRIATE]  ┌──────────────────────────┘

Conditions go through [APPROPRIATE] to [UNBALANCED] and finally into [DANGER]
when the balance is set at Danger, a Soldier has to do as much as possible to
lower it back to 50/50

Why is the concept of Good and Evil so important?

An overall good question soldier, you see before the balance counter was properly
added as part of the equipment available, D-Soldiers focused mainly on gathering
data to analyze back at their portable bases barely taking in mind or completely
disregarding the other societies' takes on good an evil, as time went by phenomenons
occurred that began to shift the dimension's overall balance, sometimes into good
or sometimes into evil... as the balance became more and more broken, so did they
very foundations of the current dimension being researched, all of this went
for a major time alarmingly unnoticed by fellow D-Soldiers until it was far too late.

Soldiers assigned to dimensions that have reached either 100% good or evil, had
mysteriously dissappeared, this raised a serious alarm back at the main D-Soldier's
Headquarters, as the C.R&D team began to investigate, they stumbled upon a horrible
discovery as they gazed at the final minutes of video-logs detailing the grim fate
that befell on the unlucky Soldiers....

When a Dimension can no longer sustain both of their opposing forces or when an
opposing force takes down the other force, a cataclysmic series of events quickly
unfold to eliminate most if not all trace of such dimension, as Soldiers came and
went because of this ordeal, D-HQ managed to gather enough information to properly
categorize these Dimension-ending events,

[100% Evil Event: "Core Cataclysm"]
┌───────────────────────────── BALANCE COUNTER ─────────────────────────┐
│ GOOD  0% ░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░   CONDITION:  ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ EVIL 100% │
└────────────────────────────┐    [TERMINAL]   ┌───────────────────────────┘
According to the apocalyptic video-log footage that was sent to D-HQ before the
abrupt loss of contact, with the use of the zoom feature HQ managed to make out
what seems to be the very foundations of the earth violently opening up revealing
the very core of the planet, as the core arises from the very depths temperature has
begun to rapidly rise as a strong blaze of pure radiation begins to emanate from it
instantly and painfully inflicting terminal radiation to all living things on
it's destructive perimeter, as the core is now exposed the video reveals how
the earth itself begins to violently shake and collapse as it's very gravitational
force is being torn asunder... the screams of millions can be heard as they begin
succumbing to the fatal radiation, in a matter of minutes the planet self-collapses
and eventually ceases to exists.

as the D-Soldiers began working on a "beta" balance counter the C.R&D team got ahold
of yet another apocalyptic video-log as well with the sudden drop on the assigned
Soldier's vital signs, the video showed a rather different form of cataclysm as the
previous apocalyptic log, D-HQ was baffled at the horrifying footage:

[100% Good Event: "Forced Rapture"]
┌─────────────────────────────── BALANCE COUNTER ───────────────────────┐
│ GOOD  100% ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓   CONDITION:  ░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ EVIL 0% │
└────────────────────────────────┐  [TERMINAL] ┌─────────────────────────┘
                                                            └────────── ┘
As the "beta" counter began to sound an alarm, much to the D-Soldier's dismay it
was far too late to begin an evacuation... the planet itself began to lose all form
of noise and color... from the distance using the zoom feature a figure encased in
pure light can be seen... the figure possessed a humanoid form and holds what appears
to be a massive golden cup and and a sword in both of it's arms, as the humanoid
began to manifest it also began to increase more and more in size... soon the humanoid
form took the shape of a divine lady now the size of a sky-scraper and began to
raise the massive sword similar to that of a knight raising a sword before declaring
war, as the humanoid manifestation ended raising the sword an ear piercing blink
can be heard... soon millions of screams were heard while ghostly figures simultaneously
began floating towards the light embodiment's sword...

meanwhile camera B reveals Soldier Mack's position during the "forced rapture" event
moments before the fatal act... As he stood terror stricken at the appearance of the
gigantic lady before him, his vital signs were reaching critical conditions as his
heart rate began to scale quicly, soon D-Soldier Mack's body gives in and drops dead
on the floor as a semi-transparent "ghostly light" appears to leave from his body...

eventually in a matter of minutes the lady-like manifestation has completed her
sword ritual and appears to have absorbed all ghostly apparitions in all of the area
the, she proceeds to raise the golden goblet she carries on her other hand and proceeds
to summon what appear to be massive walls that can be seen gathering from the skies
themselves, soon the area itself appears to have been trapped inside an unbreakable
dome of sorts... as the lady finishes her task she begins to emit some form of
ominous chanting and ascends into the heavens... as she leaves the now life-void
land all that is left is a black and white lifeless panorama of the land,
surprisingly enough the camera is left intact however D-HQ lost all form of
communication moments after the dome was placed... almost as if the dome itself
cut all forms of connection with that dimension from others.

C.R&D Scientist William Riplett, began to investigate this most unnusual case and a
most thorough attempt to explain the phenomenom... as weeks went by Riplett had a
slight idea of why such effect happened on that dimension:

"It sort of makes sense now... you see, let us say for the sake of argument, that
Heaven indeed DOES exist, there is now way to verify if this is true or not, but for
a moment let us believe it does. Alright then now imagine the situation over that
specific dimension, as the counter stated, the balance was tilting towards good,
meaning that such a place was now a peaceful place to live... all perfect, utopia,
a paradise... if we could say it in another words... a second Heaven,

If indeed Heaven does exist, what would have happened if a second heaven existed
simultaneously? I believe that the fabric of all time and space cannot specifically
contain more than one single paradise at any given time, and when this occurs
the universe itself has this "forced rapture" event as a form of self-defense
mechanism triggered to indeed eliminate or permanently lock a second paradise
to mantain order all across the universe."

Riplett's fellow peers had a most agitated discussion afterwards with many
sides to the issue, but all in all, Riplett's theory seemed to be the most logical
statement of the event so far,

as the time went by and the video-logs got into more detailed and progressive
scans, the team made a shocking discovery... as they cleared out the noise
on the videos, the ominous chanting when sped up and slowed down in certain
intervals had the phrase "Peace has been reached, rest in the forsaken paradise"
uttered, such a discovery drived Riplett's theory as the most solid idea
that had been coined so far.

eventually both the apocalyptic logs and Riplett's discoveries were used to
create a far more reliable Balance Counter and is now currently placed in the
Portable HQ's

How is the Balance Counter affected?

Since the balance counter is used to check on the balance of the influence
provided by good and evil, any changes that apply to both the mental and
physical states of the reigning society as a whole may alter the counter.
In theory, deeds that have major impacts over society drive the counter
to either side,
sometimes a seemingly hidden act done by something as insignificant as
a person or a D-Soldier for the matter can impact on the counter in
significant ways, one could say society itself amplifies the results of
such action, leading into a progressive domino effect, this is why
when a D-Soldier interacts with the environment and society of an alternate
dimension it is highly recommended that he/she attempts to predict the
outcomes and mantain the situation under control, remember soldier!
your main priorities are to mantain a stable research flow going WHILE
keeping your dimension alive.

Are D-Soldiers Good or Evil?

The D-Soldiers are not truly good nor evil, a D-Soldier's prime directive
states they must reach a balance of 50/50 meaning that when a situation
calls for it, a D-Soldier must take on the appropriate role in order
to counter the unbalanced force, therefore if evil had the upper hand
it is the duty of a D-Soldier to work under the guise of nobility
until such balance is returned to 50/50, and vice-versa if a dimension
were to house a good or benevolent force that outranks evil by
a significant amount, it is the job of a D-Soldier to work under the
guise of an evil entity until balance is restored,

in order the achieve this mentality on new recruits, the C.R&D team
has successfully generated virtual reality scenarios where one would
side with either good or evil in order to return balance.

Why is the Balance Counter affected?

In theory yet again, a society by itself keeps it's very self and
essence in check, meaning that most of the time actions performed by
residents of such society rarely impact the biosphere, however there is
a chaotic outer force that brings disruption to the balance,
this is a purely chaotic force in charge of keeping order at bay,
just as good needs evil, order needs chaos, although recently
such chaotic force began to manifest into physical forms under the
name of "disrupters" these chaotic entities have no true alliance
to the concept of "good and evil" and are always eager to take
the winning side of the scale in order to drive it even more

when a Disrupter takes one side, it will do all in it's power
to unstable it even more and more, as a rule of thumb a D-Soldier
must take the opposing losing side of the balance and take
out disrupters to restore balance.


These creatures made from pure materialized chaos are very
dangerous beings, capable of unwinding the very fabric of
space and time when altering the balance of a location, a
Disrupter has no "true" form, it rather houses a core
that dissipates when enough damage is taken, a Disruptor
as well as the D-Soldier has ways to blend in with the
surroundings of society... most if not all Disrupters have the
ability to morph into the dominating species of such a
dimension.... in theory if a dimension existed where 2 races
existed, Disrupters would morph into the race with the
upper hand while at the same time gaining invulnerability
to such species forms of attacks and defenses, since a D-Soldier
technically does not belong in that dimension as well as the
Disruptor they can freely take them down by any means needed.

As of today Disrupters have been evolving, taking more shapes,
forms and sizes to adapt more quickly to their surroundings
just as their physique has evolved, so has their overall
intelligence, Disrupters have not successfully targeted the
D-Soldiers as their main threat and will do all in their power
to take down a D-Soldier, ranging from doing assaults to the
portable-HQs and cutting down paths to Soldier objectives,
a Disrupter will kill any D-Soldier without any remorse it is
recommended that a D-Soldier shows no mercy in return as well.

A Disrupter might look like any other person or creature on
the outside, however each disrupter involuntarily emits a
strong frequency that jams the balance counter, if your
counter begins to act erratically, be on your guard Soldier
a Disrupter is nearby and will try to assault you the moment
you lower your guard!

In terms of priority to lower the balance counter back to
50/50 a D-Soldier should ALWAYS start by taking down the
Disrupters in order to prevent them from increasing it further
if the entire force of Disruptors has been taken out and the
counter has not lowered successfully, the next step would
be for the D-Soldier to improvise actions that will yield
effects that lowered the counter,

if all Disrupters in the area have been taken down and the
counter is not higher than 60% on any side, a D-Soldier
must NOT continue altering it in order to avoid possible
action misfires that end in the counter growing towards the
opposite side when already close to 50/50.

To summarize Soldier, you are to take the side of the counter that
is currently losing influence over the area, if Disrupters are
detected, you are to terminate them first before other attempts
to return balance, if all Disrupters are eliminated and the
counter is at 60% or lower, you are to leave the dimension as is.

next chapter: Strategizing beyond Good and Evil, how the puppetmaster works.

I could easily write a novel out of this if I had more time XD
also... for some reason the ASCII counter got screwed when posting over here.... oh well that's a shame
since it looked smooth on notepad.

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The ASCII looks fine to me. I think it's great! :D


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