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Started by bigace, November 04, 2013, 12:52:58 pm

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November 04, 2013, 12:52:58 pm Last Edit: November 04, 2013, 01:00:36 pm by bigace
So a job recruiter called me today and saw that I had some skills in ruby and wanted to know if I would program in Ruby on Rails for their company that is a web-oriented environment.
QuoteOur client is looking for a well-rounded Quality Assurance Automation Engineer that is familiar with the growing technology landscape and desires to contribute in a fast-paced, web-oriented environment. This position requires a strong analytical sense combined with a dynamic, creative approach. You will be responsible for creating and executing plans and procedures used to ensure high levels of quality for complex, consumer-oriented, web-based applications.

The problem is I have no clue how Ruby on Rails looks. So my question is:

  • How similar is "ruby" to "ruby on rails." Reason I asked was because the questions they asked are more web-oriented than normal ruby language oriented.

  • Does anyone have any tutorials on Ruby on Rails, JSP, CSS, JavaScript, Struts, and/or Ajax.

Any help is appreciated.

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well, Ruby on Rails is the industry name for the Rail ruby libary

Rails is a MVC (Modal view Control) framework for Ruby used to build a web aplication / website

basically it's a set of libraries for working with databases (inserting and finding data) and templateing webpages while providing a way to routing url's to specific ruby functions.

if you want to jump into it Rails for Zombies (  is a great tutorial.

CSS = Cascading style sheets (uses to define laout properties on webpages)
JSP = Java server page (method to generate webpages with Java)
Javascript = arguable the most widely used programming language ever its teh language browsers use to script web pages
Struts = a MVC library for java
Ajax = a web programming method that lets a browser submit an async web request in the background on a page. it enables the webpage to update dynamically with new content with out the need to press the refresh button.

I hope this helps! and good luck. (To be honest I with job recruiters were phoning me, I'm a bit jealous )
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In other words: Imagine making web apps, but using Ruby instead of PHP. That's Ruby on Rails.
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