Project S.I.T.W plotline. (still a WIP)

Started by R.A.V.S.O, December 25, 2013, 10:11:53 pm

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Well I am basically using this post for my project's plot, this is still the WIP, and has no sidequests included on it,
just the very core of the plot.

The game itself is split into 3 arcs, (Pre-Game, Day in our Life & Soldiers into the World.) as you might have noticed the game in development I'm
doing is based on the 3rd arc (the most extensive one) but the thing is, no matter how I start it off, people would still be at a loss as you're pretty
much tossed into the heart of a massive conflict from the start.

I figured in order to avoid this I might as well provide some form of guides somewhere
out there for players to browse, but if I did that ON the game it would be a massive wall of text and take my chances ruining the game by TL:DR
moments. so I took the liberty of nutshelling the first 2 arcs and including them on the game folder as a readable document.
(spoilers start from arc 2 and afterwards)

As always since I'm about to discuss a plotline in here, the mandatory "spoiler alert" is is effect read
this topic if you'd like to read in the plot in a nutshell or would like to discuss it.

BTW the text over here contains nutshelled game spoilers, the text document for the game files should hold SOME but not all of the info
mostly leaving important points obscure for the player to realize during the game, this is indeed the core of the plot.

as always since it's a WIP this is open for discussion.

First and foremost the "Pre-Game Arc" get something to snack on and get comfy, here comes the wall of text XD.
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PRE-GAME ARC:   "The start of the Dimensional Soldiers"

On a nameless planet somewhere on the Milky Way galaxy there were 2 continents which housed an academy of scientists with a passion for research, on this academy there was a man named Dr. Edwin Riplett who above all desired to explore and register astonishing finds all around the world, Dr. Riplett although old had successfully built a working dimension traveling device called the "Dimensional Arc" a satellite which allowed researchers to venture across the milky way and it's infinite iterations of alternate dimension of such galaxy,                                                                                                                                                                               

As Dr. Riplett began to understand more the fundamentals of dimension traveling, he realized he could not possibly accomplish his dream goal of researching the vast Milky Way galaxy by his own, so after persuading his peers he successfully won them over and created an organization whose purpose was to travel through the dimensions in order to create the most advanced open-source encyclopedia to exist up to date... the organization was named, "The Dimensional Soldiers" or D-SOLDIERS for short.
Edwin Riplett believed he strived for a noble goal, as he grew older the D-Soldiers began increasing in notoriety and became well known across the nameless planet, however, as their reputation grew, so did their numbers and soon the D-Soldiers was home to more than just scientists, but now had a full private military at their command, and therefore, more territory to cover, as the D-Soldiers began to cover around 55% of the designated multiverse, they started to realize that the only dimensions and planets left to explore were far too dangerous or harsh in climate for mere humans to survive on a prolonged exposure, so Dr. Riplett began to research and invent a fully portable head-quarter for D-Soldiers, he called it the "Portable HQ" (PHQ) this device when planted on a firm ground would generate a shelter that provided scouting D-Soldiers protection from the dangers of the planet's biosphere as well as providing them a laboratory for further research, the idea was rather promising until..... 
One of Dr. Riplett's commanding officers, the Lieutenant Merrick, both an accomplished scientist and a military prodigy got ahold of the PHQ's specs, and with some cunning experimenting discovered that the PHQ with some engineering was capable of siphoning from the host planet a small but constant amount of resources capable of being used to sustain D-Soldier operations, as he presented his discovery to Riplett, the doctor himself prohibited Lt. Merrick from using the PHQ for siphoning resources, as it would (according to Riplett) "Bring undesired consequences, every action has a reaction, taking energy from elsewhere, especially from foreign alternate dimensions would be catastrophic by itself as the reaction would be unpredictable".
Lt. Merrick was displeased at Riplett's remark and left his siphon schematics on hold, according to Merrick: "That idealistic fool, Riplett.... although his goals may be noble, the promise of a seemingly endless supply of resources is worth any risk possibly imaginable, the D-Soldiers are not eternal, if we keep on like this we MUST obtain more resources"   
And so, Lt. Merrick with the help of corrupt D-Soldiers managed to steal and replicate Riplett's PHQ's blueprints while keeping the whole thing in secret, these "new" PHQ's were capable now of constantly siphoning small amounts of resources from host planets on a monthly basis, and thus Merrick silently began to replace Riplett's PHQ's with his own without ever raising suspicion of the foul act.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
However just as Riplett had stated, taking resources from multiple alternate dimensions DID lead to a counter-action from the very fabric of the universe itself, chaotic energy began to manifest and materialize into sentient beings, these beings, above all had a strong sense of "hunting down" D-Soldiers in order to return balance to the multiverse for the lack of resources the D-Soldiers were secretly siphoning, these beings were nicknamed "Disrupters" and their main purpose was to eliminate all D-Soldiers at all costs. At first they only appeared in groups of 5 to 10 Disrupters, but the more resources were drained, the more Disrupters appeared.
Soon Dr. Riplett could no longer ignore the increasing threat of the Disrupters and he began to research their effects on the multiverse.... to Riplett's horror he discovered Disrupters had a secondary directive.... replication.

The Disrupters had one dangerous ability up their sleeve.... they have the capability of traveling to different dimensions at will and selectively "plant" themselves by shapeshifting into the prominent species of the inhabited dimension (for example, if a Disrupter were to visit a planet where the most prominent species were monkeys... the Disrupter itself would assume an identical shape and successfully stay hidden among the real deal, a Disruptor can be detected by D-Soldiers with the use of a sound radar, as the sound would be blocked by static emanating from a Disrupter, the stronger the static the closer the Disruptor,)

Disruptors replicate themselves by destroying the invaded planet/alternate dimension. Riplett had this theory based on an old saying "Good cannot exist without Evil and vice versa" in which he determined that the foundation of an alternate dimension is ruled by a neutral balance of good and evil, should one side of the balance be disrupted to completely destroy good or evil, the alternate dimension by rule would cease to exist, meaning more fuel for Disruptor replication,

Riplett was fearing the worst for the whole galaxy.                                                                                                                                                                       

But one day on the verge of desperation, Riplett discovered a lethal mixture of chemicals which eliminated Disrupters with ease... he nicknamed it "Lilith's bane" if imbued into a weapon, such weapon no matter how rudimentary was now fully capable of  taking down Disrupters for good,
Riplett immediately ordered D-Soldiers to use the Lilith's bane on their weapons, and counter the Disrupter's attempts to take down alternate dimension WHILE using PHQ's for research. The D-Soldiers were now on a more elevated stance to counter Disrupter attacks, both sides were growing ever so large, as the D-Soldiers grew constantly, Disrupters grew exponentially, soon even with a supply of Lilith's bane Disruption still had a higher chance of eliminating the D-Soldiers, Lt. Merrick on a last-ditch attempt however urged Riplett to research more about Lilith's bane, Riplett then eventually discovered a new lead, a mineral, (which Riplett gave the codename: "Atlas") that when mixed with Lilith's bane would create a huge radial explosive barrier, anything caught on the barrier's wall range would instantly be destroyed apart molecule by molecule,
Riplett feared this new discovery and deleted all evidence of such experiment... or so he thought.

Merrick's undercover scientists managed to secure a copy of the plans, experiments and results, Merrick was thrilled by the idea of being able to eliminate all Disruption in one fell swoop, so he ordered his men to search across the multiverse for the greatest source of catalyst "Atlas" to be located under the galaxy, as the search went on rumors began to spread all over the home planet about the true allegiance of the D-Soldiers. Internal conflict was nearing for the D-Soldiers, scientists who stayed by Riplett's side and Soldiers who blindly obeyed Merrick.

Eventually Lt. Merrick now armed with an army of D-Soldiers at his command realized that good Dr. Edwin Riplett had outlived his usefulness, and to put an end to the rumors and possible opposition from the scientists, Merrick set up an elaborate scheme to effectively blame Riplett's Dimensional Arc for being the source of all this mess, Riplett instantly passed from the most respected member of the D-Soldiers to a Traitor in the eyes of the D-Soldiers.

Dr. Edwin Riplett foresaw the possible scheme and had arranged a safe passage for him and both his sons Edward and Colin Riplett. Unfortunately for Dr. Edwin Riplett one of his most trusted scientists received an offer she could not refuse, Dr. Riplett's 2nd lead Scientist Marcia D. Mencia, was offered a leading title once Merrick would have taken over the D-Soldiers, she gladly accepted without thinking twice and betrayed Riplett by revealing his escape route,

As Riplett made it out of the clearing and began heading into the nearest town of the Old Continent he was ambushed by a platoon of Soldiers under Marcia's command, Dr. Riplett ordered his 2 sons to escape with the remaining researchers still loyal to him and hide from the D-Soldiers until the right time came.

Dr. Riplett desperately begged for Marcia not to follow Merrick's plans, as they would bring an unspeakable catastrophe to the multiverse, Marcia however responded by placing a bullet between his eyes, Riplett's 2 sons Edward and Colin managed to escape from the ambush alive however at the cost of their loving father's life,

Edward Riplett now left without a mother and a father took the job of looking out for his younger brother Colin Riplett and both managed to successfully hide with the remaining scientists across both of the planet's continents, slowly but surely regrouping as a small force under the name of the Virtuous Unit (V-Unit.) an idle force of scientists and few ex D-Soldiers under the management of the Riplett brothers.

Meanwhile back on the D-Soldier's Main Headquarters (D-HQ) Merrick now self-proclaimed himself the new leader of the D-Soldiers, along with his new right hand: Marcia D. Mencia, the terrible duo now with Dr. Riplett out of the way concentrated their efforts on harvesting dimensions planted with PHQ's as well as hunting down a significant source of catalyst "Atlas" to carry out an all-out purge of the Disruptors.

Eventually as time went by the Disrupters were beginning to become harder and harder to contain, but General Merrick, finally located a source of catalyst "Atlas" large enough to produce a barrier to contain and wipe out Disruption (and all other forms of life) across a vast distance of the Milky-Way galaxy, the source itself was located on the near-surface level of the crust of a small planet, the planet was called "Planet Earth"

Merrick now having located the source of the catalyst Atlas proceeded to begin to formulate a master plan which he dubbed with the codename "RE-GENESIS" this so-called project consisted on equipping the Dimensional Arc with mid-range armament powered with Lilith's bane, once properly armed, the D-ARC would slowly approach the solar system where planet Earth is located and fire a piercing beam of Lilith's bane into the source of the catalyst Atlas which in a chain reaction would generate an explosive barrier large enough to contain one third of the Milky-Way Galaxy, galaxies under the barrier's effect would be purged from Disruptors and only a selected few life-forms (humans among them) would be capable of surviving the aftermath of the Piercing Beam,
RE-GENESIS was designed to sacrifice life on one third of the Galaxy in order to provide the D-Soldiers 5 years of uninterrupted harvest, free to expand and grow while reducing if not downright eliminating all Disruptors on the vicinity, any disruption left would be taken down by the D-Soldiers themselves.

Edward Riplett meanwhile began to infiltrate soldiers of his own into General Merrick's ranks, these undercover scientists and soldiers would passively attempt to recollect as much info as possible on Merrick's newest scheme, but as time went by all attempts to find any key information by Edward Riplett were unsuccessful, Edward began to fear for whatever it was Merrick was up to.
Eventually Merrick had completed the final armaments of the Dimensional Arc, having set a course for planet earth, the Milky-Way Galaxy's end seemed at hand, as barely few hours remained before the D-ARC was in range to fire the fearful "Supreme Lilith Beam"


I've yet to finish editing the other 2, but this should do for now, if you'd like to discuss the plot, feel free to PM it,
if you wanna give some critique, feel free to do so here, talking about the plot's key events itself is reserved for PMs to avoid spoiling it for
people who avoided opening the tabs or read the in-game version of the arcs instead.
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