I'm so fucking done.

Started by Spaceman McConaughey, March 02, 2014, 03:08:49 am

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Spaceman McConaughey

March 02, 2014, 03:08:49 am Last Edit: March 02, 2014, 03:23:05 am by Colonel Blinx
My friend just left after acting like the biggest god damn cunt ever.

So, let's start from the beginning:
Me and him are both prepping to do a let's play of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (I wasn't forcing him to do it, it's something we both wanted to do), and I set up the mic to extend out between us, yeah? Well, I needed to make test audio recordings, to see if it picked our voices up okay, and he kept fucking around with me while I was trying to do it.

I was trying to make one recording, and he kept forcing me to stop doing it and just get to the actual thing.
At this point, I'm getting irritated. Now, for the last couple of tests, I say something, then ask him to, and he keeps being silent with a big fucking grin on his face as I'm progressively getting angrier, and angrier. I keep asking him to say something, then he finally says laughing (I'm kind of paraphrasing here), "Why do you gotta get so fucking mad? Quit taking it so seriously."

Well, ex-fucking-scuse me!
You wanted to do this with me! I'm not going to record 50+ minutes of fucking footage only to discover our goddamn voices were too faint or messed up by background noise to be fixed post production! I want to get it right before we take the time to record. That is perfectly fucking understandable. But no, him fucking with me over it is just fine, and me reacting like a goddamn human to his excessive bullshit is apparently uncalled for. I'm the one in the wrong! Anyways, we finally got around to it shortly after, and it was fun.
(don't think I'm putting these up now, though. ultimately a waste of time, considering the following events)

Anyways, fast-forward to shortly before he leaves...
I pick up his 3DS XL to play with (which he is a-okay with me doing, so no worries just yet).
I decided to enter his Pokémon Bank application to see what kind of cool Pokémon he has (last we battled, he had a nice party with some cool legendaries), basically so I can say "Niiiice, I'm jealous, man."

Well, his 3DS was not connected to my WiFi (he always connects his phone and every damn console he brings over to my house to the WiFi, so actually fucking connecting to it is no fucking issue at all with him), so I went into his settings to connect it, but it was password protected. I kindly asked if he could enter the pin so I can put in the WiFi password, then he starts getting fucking suspicious towards me!

"What do you want to do?"
"I just want to look at what you have in your Pokémon Bank."
"I just want to see what kind of Pokémon you have in there."

Then he proceeds to not say yes or fucking no, leaving me with no satisfactory answer, UNTIL:
I go into his parental controls to JOKE ABOUT RESETTING HIS PASSWORD.
The secret question was, "What was the name of your first pet?"

I was joking about reading the question, then I said the name of his first pet and how I'd put it in, and he flipped the fuck out.
He immediately told me to "stop looking through his shit" (oh, yeah, because the BARREN-AS-FUCK SETTINGS MENU OF THE 3DS HAS ANY OF "YOUR" SHIT IN IT, LOL TOTALLY), and then proceeded to open up YouTube and try to read everything in my inbox. He thought that since I was "invading his privacy", he had every god damn right to go and do it to me!

He also bitched about how I went through his PS3 inbox before right in front of him. Did I? Hell fucking no! I joked, AGAIN.

I pressed on the Inbox icon, which takes you to the options to select sent or received messages on the PS3. That is all. I didn't select anything at all after that. I backed out of the menu.
But of course, in his warped fucking mind, I did go beyond that, and now he uses that as an example of me invading his privacy every single time I fuck around with him about this kind of stuff. Wow!

Anyways, back to the 3DS thing: he was whining and bitching about me entering his pet's name to change the password, when I never even fucking did it.
So, yeah, it went from me not doing it to actually doing it, somehow. Weird. Anyways... he kept saying how he "doesn't like people trying to enter his information on anything to see his stuff", when in reality I never tapped one fucking button on the keypad for the password, or the keyboard for the pet's name. Didn't. Press. One. Button. So, really, I didn't even try. I was just fucking around like it'd be some friendly thing, and had no idea it'd blow up like it did.

You know what makes this so fucking pathetic?

He doesn't like people actually trying to force their way into his shit. Understandable! Neither do I. But, oh, wait...
He always does it to me. ALWAYS. He actually goes out of his way to try and unlock my phone to get into it (one time even fucking locking me out of it because the dipshit kept putting in the wrong pin), and when I leave it unlocked and on? He picks it right up, goes in my web browser to see my history, into my photos app to see pictures I've saved and taken, and tries to look at my goddamn text messages.

He also does this shit with my fucking computer.
He's also ACTUALLY done it with MY damn PS3 messages.
But do I get all pissy about it and throw an immature bitchfit? No. I just get irritated and tell him to stop.

And at that point, he does the same fucking thing he did to me during the test recordings for Donkey Kong: "Why are you getting so fucking mad?"
Why am I getting so fucking mad? Because you're acting like an insufferable, hypocritical cunt!
Best of all: he can literally never see when he does wrong, at all. Ever.

He can also never be wrong. He always has to be right, everyone else fucking wrong.
(like this one time years ago when we had an argument over the appearance of animated red blood in Ocarina of Time: I said it only appeared in the Gandondorf/Ganon battle in the first version of the game, but he argued it did appear in all of them, which is SIMPLY NOT FUCKING TRUE. How does he look back at the argument!? With it being COMPLETELY FLIPPED! He apparently said it appeared in the first version only, I apparently said it appeared in all... WOW! And if I try to tell him that's not how it happened? "Uh, no, idiot, that's not how it happened." YEAH, NEVER MIND THE FACT I HAVE TIME AND FUCKING TIME AGAIN PROVEN TO HAVE A MUCH BETTER AND CLEARER MEMORY THAN YOU!)

Anyways, after all of that, how does he spend the rest of his time at MY HOUSE, after I've MADE HIM DINNER, and ORDERED me and HIM pizza earlier in the day?
Even fucking helping him and getting him every damn thing he asked for (getting him a glass of water time and time again, hooking up his Wii U for him, getting him snacks or whatever the fuck)?
Oh, well, he ignores every single word I say to him, of course!

I try to talk to him, start up conversation, ask what he wants to do, ask if he needs anything, ask him if he's alright.
It doesn't matter, he rudely fucking ignores me in my own god fucking damn house! After he stirred up a shitstorm with me like the fucking hypocrite he is!
And before he leaves, I ask, "Why are you ignoring me?" and he fucking says to me, "Why do you always have to talk?"

"Okay, you're clearly doing this because you think I went through your stuff."

"No, that's not it, Branden."

"Yeah, okay. You did the exact same thing at your house when you thought I was purposely trying to kill your character and make him lose money in GTA V."

"Uh, yeah, you fucking did do that on purpose."

"No, I didn't. The police were running after me, and I couldn't escape them."
(yeah, so, why the fuck did he even let me play on his god damn GTA V file, then? I don't understand, I mean, to walk around the fucking city and NOT shoot someone!? hell fucking no! and I DID try to get away from the cops, but they still killed me. Whoopdy-fucking-doo, anyways! Money is INSANELY easy to get in MASS QUANTITIES in GTA V! you whined and moaned like a little bitch, ignored me, and removed me from facebook over something as small as losing a couple hundred dollars on your fucking new file)

So, he finally leaves with a smart-ass "see you later".
Wow, you childish, immature fuck. Thanks! See you later, too!
Well, I'm debating whether or not I actually will.

I'm also going to be ignoring any texts or fucking phone calls he may make to me for a good while too, see how that fucking prick likes it.
Anyways, this isn't the first time he's gone full retard. There's something else he started at the anime convention we went to, as well, that I still really need to fucking vent about.
I'll type it up later.

Spaceman McConaughey

Also, double post because bleh bleh fucking angry cloudy mind bleh bleh:
Please, nobody try to form a god damn opinion unless you've FULLY read my post.


It sounds like there could have just been some misunderstanding, (I, for example, get a little on edge about people going through my stuff as well,) but the way that your friend was acting, particularly at the beginning of this whole mess with trying to get the mic set up right, was definitely not acceptable. It seems like what happened was he was teasing you a bit and things just kind of snowballed until they had gone far past what he had intended. Hopefully after a few days to cool off he'll give you the apology you deserve and everything can get back on track between the two of you.

Sorry that this all happened. It's good to blow off a little steam, so no worries about the rant. I do the same thing all the time.

Spaceman McConaughey

Quote from: WhiteRose on March 02, 2014, 03:18:21 am
Hopefully after a few days to cool off he'll give you the apology you deserve and everything can get back on track between the two of you.

This happens a lot.
He never does apologize, I do (even when more often than not, I've done no wrong in these things), and it still gets back on track.
Because of that, it is physically stressful on my mind when I try to let every occurrence go.

And I never can let them go, since he's too much of a little bitch to ever apologize.
Oh well.

Thanks for the support, though. I appreciate it.

Also fixed typos/added words I forgot to put in because anger in the original post.


Stop seeing this guy. I mean it. He obviously has some problems and this shit is gnawing at your friendship or whatever is left of it. You obviously don't go well together. You can see that by the mere fact that "he doesn't wanna talk". Sure, when you spend a lot of time together, you stop talking as much since you basically talked about everything and anything already. But if he can't get himself to have a little chit-chat out of nothing, then I don't think that you should spend any more time together. You'll just get pissed at each other (probably mostly for no good reason). I'm just using the talking thing as an example. Obviously you also have different views of what you consider "serious" and what not. You'll just keep getting mad at each other for not respecting each others' boundaries. Try finding more like-minded people to hang out with.

I don't tolerate people going trough my shit at all. The only exception are a very few friends whom I deeply trust. I don't have that kind of trust even with my girlfriends.

I agree with Rose, it was unacceptable that he was joking around while you tried to get something serious done and things snowballed from there. But that snowballing happened just because it was the straw that broke the horse's back.
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He sounds like a person I do not want to deal with in general, but nevermind that.

I guess both answers here state the obvious allready. If you wanted both to do the LP, why doesn't he agree on testing it before? I mean, hell, you're absolutly correct. There are so many LPs (and other stuff) on YouTube, that toally suck, because no one can understand what they are talking about.
So first point for you.
Second point for you is being like one of the nicest friend imaginable. Like, cooking, fullfilling wishes and so on. It's not like everyone would do this. That should be thanked at some pint for sure, but as a result, he ignores you.
Third point for you is the thing with privacy. Yeah, it's so damn private to know about the first pets name, isn't it? If it was so important for him to keep his passwords save, why would he choose such an easy question with such an easy answer then?
Fourth points is, what would make me especially angry, the thing with Zelda and so on. I just hate it, when I am right/I was right and I can't fucking proof it, because my opponent keeps twisting things around just to fit the facts. But that aside.
Sheesh, why do you even meet him in the first place? "Why do you always have to talk?" - Like, dafuq? What's a friendship/relationship made off? Smiling, being happy but not saying a single word? Now that sounds like I'd like no have it. - Not. That can't work. And it won't for some obvious reasons.
I'd agree with Blizz and would stop seeing him (at least for some given time). If he, as you stated he probably won't, start appologizing that's another thing, but nothing really game changing.
Just keep calm (or at least try to), let this sink and most important, don't let this get you down. Not him. He sounds like "the biggest god damn cunt ever".
I may have a lot of ideas to use, but I have no idea how to use them.


OMG tug this is so HILARIOUS!!! Sorry for laughing, but it's just hilarious because this is the EXACT same type of shit I went through with my roommate. The whole flipping the argument, thinking he's always right, bitching for stuff I only said I was going to do. LMAO, it's so funny because it's like reading my thoughts out of your wall of text haha.

Let me just tell you something. Your friend, he's hiding something. He looks through your stuff because he thinks you are like him. At least, that's what I thought about my roommate. I can almost guarantee that if you went through his phone messages, history, pics, etc. You would find ALOT of wierd stuff. Reason being that I did that to my roommate, and let me just say, I almost regret it because i now know waaaaaaaaaay to much about him lmfao. In fact, he was probably scared that you would find porn or something on his 3ds if you so happened to go to the browser. LOL I laugh just thinking about it because yeah.... my roommate had porn on his laptop LOL. I just saw his history and closed the tab and pretended that I never saw anything in my life. (I only did it because he did the same to me but on my phone, and I had nothing, but still haha).

He's not going to apologize though. If he can't admit that he's wrong, then he will not apologize lol.


It doesn't matter if he's hiding something or not. As Zexion said, you probably don't even wanna know. xD

Quote from: Zexion on March 03, 2014, 05:01:57 am
He looks through your stuff because he thinks you are like him.

Yeah, most people do that. They just assume everyone is like them. Heck, even I make that mistake sometimes.
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Quote from: winkioI do not speak to bricks, either as individuals or in wall form.

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Cut contact to him for at least two weeks and then, if you think you should, allow only very little contact in any form at all. See how he reacts.

If you do ever contact him, or let him contact you, be your mature, usual self, but remember not to be a doormat.
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When me and my roommate got to this point, we ignored eachother completely for a few days, and then we both pretended everything was okay.


Quote from: Zexion on March 03, 2014, 05:13:26 pm
and then we both pretended everything was okay.

This is a very, very bad thing to do.
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Quote from: winkioI do not speak to bricks, either as individuals or in wall form.

Quote from: Barney StinsonWhen I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead. True story.


Well I kinda said it wrong, I meant that we both just stopped being pissed and got over it lol.

Spaceman McConaughey

Thanks for the advice, everybody.

I've thought about it, and:
I don't necessarily think I am going to stop seeing him (I really, honestly should, but meh), but will however just ignore him for a good while until I'm completely over it.
If he miraculously decides to apologize during that time, I'll be over it completely. All I really want here is an apology. He was out of line.

Anyways, as for the thing he did at the convention:
I'll try and type it up later today. I honestly hope I'm not crazy in thinking he bitched and moaned about the stupidest fucking thing ever (we were having a great time, too). Anyways, doing Branden stuff for now.


He sounds like an awful person. The type that I know of.

In fact, I have a friend like that too!
But rather than doing exactly what your friend has done, mine acts like he's the victim all the time. Well, the person I'm talking about is a bit of an idiot.

Just a question: is your friend here fat or odd looking in some way?
I picture him looking all fat and obnoxious.