Let's talk about: "God's not Dead (film)"

Started by Crasger, April 19, 2014, 08:22:08 am

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April 19, 2014, 08:22:08 am Last Edit: April 19, 2014, 11:51:08 pm by Crasger
So, let's discuss.
Let's discuss about this poorly-written christian drama about philosophy, debate and other things.

Just a little information about the thing we're about to discuss:

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Read the Plot Summary here:

To be frank, I've not much against the Catholic/Christian religion. I believe that sometimes the things they teach aren't so bad.

What I hate is some of the people who are a part of it. They twist and turn whatever was once written in their book in order to get what they want. This movie is an example of that. In fact, they twist and turn reality itself in order to favor them and make atheists and people of other religions look bad.

I mean really. If I was a Christian myself, I'd be disappointed by this film.  
They could've done better with the plot. I mean, really. Read the plot summary it sounds like a pathetic little propaganda film. They've managed to put everyone in the film under a stereotype. EVERYONE in the film.

I mean the ending is so freakin' predictable.
It's like the producers went around Facebook the whole day lookin' for those "Like for Jesus" image macros with those little stories about people trumping others with their "faith", and then decided: "THAT'S OUR MOVIE!".

They made it with 2 million dollars no less! Don't get me started with what how much was spent on the tickets.

What a waste of perfectly good faith and money.

I guess it's another case of movie producers exploiting faith in order to make a shoddy movie that rakes in millions in cash.

Please do remember that this is merely opinion. Why not speak your views about this film?