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The BSOD Saga
« on: May 29, 2014, 11:34:51 AM »
Once, whilst strolling around YouTube today I figured why the hell not watch this guy's thing called the "BSOD Saga"? I had already been watching his other series "Feeding the Trolls". I had felt like I wanted more of his material but I had watched most of the latter series.

So now, the BSOD Saga, a (currently) 8-part series. Mostly just a narration of this guy's predicament with crappy service and overall madness while trying to fix his computer with an intentionally crappy slideshow to boot. I guess you could call it a modern day radio drama.

I think you guys might get a kick outta this.

Part 1: Restarting Issues
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Part 2: Don't Panic
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Part 3: Every Possible Solution
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Part 4: The Long Wait
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Part 5: My Computer is Haunted
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Part 6: The Real Culprit
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Part 7: It Won't Turn On
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Part 8: The Road to Hell
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Part 9 coming soon, probably